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  • Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is 'Principal Source of Legislation'

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    The dust has not yet settled over the Libyan capital of Tripoli since rebels took control over the weekend. But already, a draft constitutional charter for the transitional state has appeared online (embedded below). It is just a draft, mind you, and gauging its authenticity at this point is difficult. There is also no way to know whether this draft or something similar will emerge as the final governing document for a new Libyan regime.

    As both the Morning Bell and Washington in a Flash noted today, Heritage Fellow Jim Phillips recently pointed out that Islamist forces “appear to make up a small but not insignificant part of the opposition coalition,” and must be prevented “from hijacking Libya’s future.” Parts of the draft Constitution allay those fears, while others exacerbate them.

    Much of the document describes political institutions that will sound familiar to citizens of Western liberal democracies, including rule of law, freedom of speech and religious practice, and a multi-party electoral system.

    But despite the Lockean tenor of much of the constitution, the inescapable clause lies right in Part 1, Article 1: “Islam is the Religion of the State, and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).” Under this constitution, in other words, Islam is law. That makes other phrases such as “there shall be no crime or penalty except by virtue of the law” and “Judges shall be independent, subject to no other authority but law and conscience” a bit more ominous.

    Libya Draft Constitutional Charter for the Transitional Stage

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    418 Responses to Libyan Draft Constitution: Sharia is 'Principal Source of Legislation'

    1. irishalaman says:

      I say all Progressives/Democrats/Obamacrats are free to immediately move to Libya and join their Revolutionary Friends is an Islamic Spring that they may enjoy the fruits of the cult of hate all the days of their lives.

      • Sarcastic says:

        No no, we need to modify our constitution to be more 'Sharia friendly', I'm sure someone in our current government would sponsor sucha thing.

      • Chris says:

        The Tea Party/far rightwing typically demands more religion in government. I'd say this is a golden opportunity for them to see their theories in action. All Tea Baggers should immediately make a pilgrimage to Libya (or Iran) so they can enjoy theocracy first hand. Or, if it's truly less government that they want they could catch a flight to Somalia. They may want to pack their own lunch for that excursion though.

      • Meads says:

        Read the article numbskulls, the authenticity is unknown and it's a draft. You're being played as usual.

      • mac says:

        If that is how they want to live (because that is what they know) then so be it. Just like I would not want them coming here and tell me how to live, I won't go over there and tell them how to live. Ron Paul has the right idea. We are not the keepers of the globe. We are our own keepers. That includes those that want to come here to our great country MUST learn the language and assimilate! They can have their religions, just like we have ours, just don't think the religion gives them and special privileges.

      • dwilliams says:

        Don't we already have enough cults of hate to deal with over here?

      • mac says:

        If that is how they want to live (because that is what they know) then so be it. Just like I would not want them coming here and tell me how to live, I won't go over there and tell them how to live. Ron Paul has the right idea. We are not the keepers of the globe. We are ouor own keepers. That includes thos that want to come here to our great country MUST learn the language and assimilate! They can have their religions, just like we have ours, just don't think the religion gives them and special privileges.

      • chic says:

        I second that! The sooner the better for OUR great country.

      • Chris says:

        Please expand upon "Cult of Hate" in the progressive agenda. Where do you see evidence of this?

        • American says:

          Uh- let's see Chris. Progressives hate….
          1. Businesses
          2. Successful people who have made money
          3. Fat cats, CEOs
          4. Insurance Companies
          5. Bond Holders
          6. Oil Companies
          7. Israel
          8. Doctors (you know- they do surgery only for the money as per the ManChild Obama
          9. Anyone who makes a profit
          10. American Exceptionalism
          11. Anyone who disagrees with Obama
          12. Tea Party patriots (Maxine Waters "They can all go to H*ll" – nice display of civility btw
          13. Rush Limbaugh (a true American patriot)
          14. Christianity
          15 Gun Owners
          16. Small Businessmen and Women
          17. Fox News (The only true News source left standing)
          18. Republicans
          19. Any self-reliant non-dependent producer

          Shall I go on? As the ManChild has said- you need to get in their faces and not back down. If they bring a knife, we bring a gun. Put your boot on the neck of anyone who dares oppose you. Oh, and my favorite person is Mao (killer of MILLIONS). And who can forget "I don't know all the facts but the police acted stupidly". And finally, Eric Holder famously stating that he will "not prosecute MY people" when asked why he let Black Panthers who engaged in voter intimidation go free…

          Sadly the list just keeps getting longer…

          Vote Constitutional Conservative- Let's get our country back from this soft Marxist take-over!!

        • JCIll says:

          Ever listen to Maxine Waters???? She and many of her type define "cult of hate".

      • American Man says:

        They just ,hours ago, captured the capital, and they have a constitution already, and it just happens to have Sharia Law as the base. The State will care for all children, women, elderly, and disabled. So just the men have to work , and pay his own bills.
        So how long will this economy will last, when all the Nato allies ,who helped them take over the country, want their oil for nothing , right !!!

      • Anne Flint says:

        Their short lives! But this is so typically insane of the left! And what they don't realize is that they will be the first to be killed because those radical Shariaites rules pre-empt the liberals views, wants, etc and they will get rid of them! Hey we need to send them all there-to get rid of t hem all!

      • Bronwyn says:

        This is a great idea! thanks for posting this.

      • Pablo says:

        Before we rush to judgement, has anyone noticed the date at the beginning? If I am not mistaken, were this to be authentic, I would have imagined a date going by the Lunar calendar that Muslims use. This means that this draft would be dated somewhere in the 1400s, instead of 2011. Anyone not afraid reading will remember that Muslims correlate their calendar on the life of their main religious figure — as many Christians still do with theirs.

      • @tony012008 says:

        amen..but nobody thinks being Muslim is concerning right now because of the growing PC in this country. Fox News is the only TV media outlet exposing Sharia law for what it portends for this country

      • pixie1942 says:

        I would love to see female demoncrats adjust to sharia, they would probable die after the first smartass sentence lol

      • idealist707 says:

        As even Egyptian lawyers say they regret Sharia.
        Why´? Well Sharia is not codified. What's that mean?
        It means it all up to the judge to judge.
        There's no rules or precedent to constrain interpretation..
        That's what you get if you don't separate church and state.

      • El Stevo says:

        irishalaman – totally agree. I will give you money for their plane tickets!

      • Ronald Raygun says:

        can we take ignoramus' like you to point out where to start the hate??

      • harry feltersnatch says:

        well said!

      • Nancy says:

        We did the same in Iraq and Afghanistan. The US helped draft their Constitutions, both of which are based on Sharia law:

        And here I thought the Islamicists were the enemy! Yet here we are, handing nations over to them on silver platters.

    2. david cambre says:

      Congratulations NATO!

    3. Ben Dover says:

      Changing from bad to worse.

    4. Bfife48 says:

      Obama ia about to take credit for the Libya NATO action. He may want to wait on that one.

      • Dave-o says:

        NO. Let him own this as he does all the other ill-advised moveshe has made since he took office.

      • TheBigDog says:

        You see, the victory part is all about Obama and the messy reality is Bush's fault… obviously.

    5. gil says:

      This is something liberals never learn, Even the current POTUS: "Careful What You WIsh For"

    6. Sarah Flemming says:

      What is to be surprised about? That is a Muslim country and taking the dictator out for "democracy" is supposed to change the nature of the beast? Never has and never will.

      • paul fowler says:

        Sarah.. you have got it figured out… WHY is it so hard for SO many to see this! It has been the SAME THING throughout ALL of history there will NEVER be a peaceful Muslim country, as long as they follow the teachings of the Koran, and Sharia law. there WILL be death and misery.

    7. Rick says:

      These rebels, like the other rebels in Egypt, Syria, etc, are part of a planned movement. This will probably end with Turkey reestablishing an Ottoman Empire run by Sharia and against Israel and the US.

      • paktype says:

        "What was the deal with the Ottoman Empire anyway? An entire empire based on putting your feet up?" – Jerry Seinfeld

        • Jewel says:

          Very funny, I remember that episode. Even though this is a serious topic, nothing wrong with a little comic relief.

      • Growltiger says:

        Yep. This is the beginning of the Caliphate they've not kept secret except to the "intelligentsia" and the Academicians who live so high in their ivory towers that they think people don't mean what they say.

        • Snotty says:

          Oh they mean every word! They mean to kill every last one of us, Liberals first then the rest of us Infidels!

      • Yannick says:

        I don't think Turkey is going to reestablish the Ottoman Empire, especially under Sharia Law. They are a secular state and have been since the 1920s. The Arabs do not like the Turks that much. If these rebels are a planned movement, it certainly appears it could be.

        • Jewel says:

          The Bible says that a huge coalition with Turkey and Iran-Russia will form against Israel. Things can change overnight. They will all gang up against Israel and Israel will pummel them all. (And, no, I'm not Jewish). First, all the countries surrounding Israel will come up against her and she will get almost all the land back as laid out to Abraham. Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. The Bible states Damascus will be brought down to a ruinous heap in one day. These protests are all financed by Iran. Israel is about to become the wealthiest nation on earth. Not my words, God's… written 3000 years ago. Just read Psalm 83. It even says Israel's enemies want to wipe her off the face of the earth to be remembered no more. WoW! For being written 3000 or more years ago, that is almost verbatum Ahmadinejad.
          Fascinating stuff this Bible.
          So, Yannick, sorry for the long entry here, however, as you said, the Arabs and Turks don't like each other, remember they are first Islamists and this comes before anything else. They will put aside their differences to rid the world of Israel. Even Sunni and Shiite (sp?) will do that. (They can always kill each other after the job is done first).

      • ViewersCourt says:

        exactly right..just read about Turkey uprising last night..Muslim Brotherhood on the move across mid-east, getting billions of dollars from Obama. http://www.viewerscourt.com/blogs/2011/08/still-w

    8. Todd P. says:

      This is going to end up backfiring on Obama BEFORE the 2012 election (i.e.- LESS liberty/freedom under the "new" regime than under the previous one). Obama will BE BLAMED for helping to enslave the Libyan people under the yoke of Sharia law. Hard to see how that helps Urkel's re-election chances…..

      • snuff says:

        Could be an entire region he is blamed for enslaving before 2012…Egypt, possibly Syria, Tunisia

      • Chuck says:

        You can bet Obama's friends in the media will not report on the new government's atrocities, of which there are sure to be many. I weep for the honest civilians of Libya, who will soon be put to the sword in the name of religious tyranny. Jesus, for all of his proclamations about decency and reported omniscience, sure seems to stand by a lot while innocents are slaughtered in Allah's name. The non-extreme people of Libya need a miracle. They won't get one. Go figure. Damned shame.

      • JohnRingaux says:

        Well, Todd P, who will "blame" Obama, except us conservatives. You won't find the media wing of the Democrat party blaming him for anything other than having good intentions. Obama is facilitating the takeover of all the Mideast and North Africa by the Islamist jihadists and using our tax money to do it.

      • Joanie says:

        I hope you are right. But I find it scary how many people worship Obama and can t see how he is destroying our country. They still defend him. It seems to some people he can do no wrong. One polition said he works hard and deserves a vacation. No mention about all the vacations he and his wife have taken on tax payer dollars. The only work he has done is make changes we don t want.

      • Historyshowsus says:

        Nobody will "blame" Obama. He has the media in his back pocket. It will all be about "good intentions" while they are still calling Bush an imperialist for going into Iraq. And they'll still be saying Iraq was a war for oil but Obama was just trying to free enslaved people. Funny how the conservative talk show media has said from the beginning to be careful what you wish for but this administration is more interested in a soundbite now than actually looking down the road. Typical lib.

    9. mtnhermit says:

      Undoubtedly written by a Harvard scholar.

    10. snuff says:

      Of course. All of these countries in North Africa and the Middle East are going to end up with radical Islamic regimes, from Tunisia to Syria. That includes Afghanistan and Iraq included after we leave. All of this masterminded and overseen by Barack H. Obama. Israel has quite a fight on their hands.

      • Derp says:

        "That includes Afghanistan and Iraq included after we leave"

        "All of this masterminded and overseen by Barack H. Obama"

        Uh huh.

      • Growltiger says:

        Not Tunisia to Syria but rather Iran to Morocco.

      • Lanna says:

        The U.S. helped write the Afghan constitution in 2004. Includes Shariah law. These countries are overwhelmingly in support of Shariah, but it's wrong for the U.S. to aid and abet in constitutionalizing human rights inequalities.

    11. Mikey says:

      “Islam is the Religion of the State and the principal source of legislation is Islamic Jurisprudence (Sharia).”

      Oops. Looks like we just set up another Iran. Way to go NATO! All we were asking you to do was look into the backgrounds of these "rebels" to find out who they were and who they were being backed by. Now it seems we have just assisted Islamists in overthrowing a (relatively) stable government.

      Yeah, oops.

    12. laguna says:

      one would have been rather naive to think that the Muslim countries wouldn't go for Sharia law.

    13. nunya says:

      I wish the Libyan people all the luck they will need to form a good government. Realistically though, they will have a system based on Sharia law. This is not unexpected if you are a realist. Any thoughts of a western style democracy are more utopic dribble from the left. When the rebels say "all people" they mean men. Period. It is a completely different culture than our own and the US President needs to take a realistic look at the situation and stop trying to paint this as an "arab spring". This is not what has happened here or in Egypt. In 2 years they will decry the help we (nato) gave them, call for the destruction of Israel, and start supporting terrorist groups with joy.

      • Greg says:

        you are so right. Islam is all about men, equal rights would be the death of islam.

        • Guest says:

          umm islam is actually all about equal rights. More equal than europe and america has ever been for hundreds of years

          • waltc says:

            Just that some muslims are more equal than others. Islam oppresses women, classifies non-muslims as second class citizens (Dhimmi status), slavery is allowed, and a man can divorce a woman by saying I divorce you 3 times, take her kids and pretty every thing she din't bring with her when she was forced to marry him. Oh and pedophilia is not only condone but encouraged.

            Yeah, all about equal rights.

    14. Lee Cary says:

      Arab Spring – maybe. But what century?

    15. dede says:


    16. brainfart says:

      Why is it in English?????Who translated it????

      • Dan says:

        Because it was written by our president and he doesn't know how to write in arabic.

      • baffledguest says:

        See, someone that actually asked the right question of this whole piece. Why indeed do we have a scanned PDF version of Libya in English, while it is supposedly only days old? Quite the translating feat! This piece is only meant to drive this particular discussion, not reporting anything real. It's a plant. (Good luck getting this comment past their approval system.)

        • Bobbie says:

          it's a plant? it's a great potential! the exploitation of man's weakness behind sharia law is reality!! The Muslim brotherhood exemplifies it.

        • Ronald Raygun says:

          says Feb 2011…lots of time to translate…Sherlock

      • Jon Benedict says:

        The reason it is in English, is just like all of the overthrows of foreign governments (failed and successful) has been for the last 50 years. All at the behest and manipulation of our federal/international police force of ideology of the American public. The CIA, when I was a elementary school student I noticed that the protest signs in banana republics were in perfect English, with exact words matching the protest subject on a perfectly clean banner material. All for the telecast for the American Public. It is theater of the mind, this. This is what we have with the CIA… Theater of the Blind and Believing, .

    17. dede says:


    18. Bubba Gump says:

      Would an Islamic country use the date designation "AD" in the founding document of their new govenrment? Makes me wonder if this is legit. NATO has expended a lot of political capital in bringing down the current regime so it would be a tragedy if the world was rid of a one-man dictatorship only to be replaced by a theocratic dictatorship. But can we really hope for anything more than this? Perhaps the new Libya will denounce terrorism both in policy and in practice. If so, God bless their endeavors.

    19. TheBigDog says:

      Meet the new boss — same as the old boss.

      • Josh says:

        Great Line! I said the same thing out loud to the TV about an hour ago. Gotta love the Who!

        PS: Is it 2012 yet? Please?

    20. GeithnersHair says:

      really now, was there ever any doubt?

    21. american-american says:

      Tell me again the part about how our president isn't supportive of Islam.

    22. Kert says:

      Its always refreshing to replace one dictator with another – Fantastic!

    23. jemc50 says:

      Not a good sign, when there is no separation of church and state. Also, not a good sign that Sharia is being considered for their legal system.

    24. sleeve says:

      Sharia promotes pedophilia, hates woman and most living things, Islam is MURDER! This is not a religion of peace, rather of hatred and sickness… j

      • Exactly what religion is of peace?

      • Steve says:

        But it opposes homosexuality and therefore has a real chance of catching on in the West, especially when parents take a close look at what their kids are being taught in primary and middle school.

      • Guest says:

        Well actually islam promotes equal rights and justice to all humans. And islam doesnt accept killing or any of the hate listed in your comment. Please read more about the religion from appropriate sources, like their quran

        • waltc says:

          9.29] Fight those who do not believe in Allah, nor in the latter day, nor do they prohibit what Allah and His Apostle have prohibited, nor follow the religion of truth, out of those who have been given the Book, until they pay the tax in acknowledgment of superiority and they are in a state of subjection.

          Now THAT's equality you can believe in. Straight out of the quran/koran.

    25. whattheheck says:

      What do we expect when gaddifi's oppositition forces were of the same terrorist database usa fights against in the war on terror. Why are we there? Peace price obama lied to us several times and still hasn't told the truth as to why we are there. The nato mission did not include taking down gaddifi.

    26. Alan Peel says:

      So much for democracy and freedom in Libya after Qadaffi's gone.

    27. Fairness4Fathers.tk says:

      Do these journalists and the Obama administration think that we are that stupid that we do not know that the whole strategy is to create a unified Muslim Nation that is governed by Sharia and then crush them also to create a New World Order.

      The same garbage was said with Egypt – "a small fraction", a "minority", a "tiny fraction",…are extremists….

      How is that Egypt going?

      Oh, you meant the Egypt that is still protesting, raped a journalist, is composed of the Muslim Brotherhood, and also wants Sharia Law to govern the Country….

      Hey woman rights groups, where is your outrage?

      Where are your morals?

      How do you remain silent when a Country is condoning rape, beatings, and inequality of women?

      Where is your outrage that our government is helping this to happen?

      Hey Military members,

      You don't have a problem with the fact that the people who have just come to power have been shooting at and killed your fellow soldiers in other countries?

      What the hell is wrong with you?

      • Animals like the Code Pink activists are fighting for the revolution right beside islamic extremists. NOW only cares about the rights of women when they're associated with a progressive agenda. These people don't care about humanity, they care about the teachings of Marx. We can all see where that leads: millions dead in Red China, under Stalin, in Cambodia, etc. The womens rights groups are no longer an ally of women. They are an enemy of all people who desire to be free.

      • Christopher says:

        These people believe that things are happening in their pre-ordained favor. If someone steps forward as their Twelfth Imam, they will act as a single force and not for anyone's good who is not Muslim. And those Muslims that don't tow the line will also be targets.
        Christians Need to Pray.

      • Bobbie says:

        Most women's organizations are run by government!!!!! many are in denial and some came from the countries of sharia law in favor of it! No foreigner brings there laws to another country they choose to reside in! What's the purpose of their move if they didn't come to leave their 3rd world government countries of origin and live in America, under freedom and in control of their own without imposing themselves on everybody elses freedom? In America women are respected and honorable men are their protectors. In sharia law men are afraid of women and will punish women for not following the cave man rules that promote the human weakness of Muslim men.

    28. Trailerline says:

      Obama will be proud.

    29. HookedOnObonics says:

      Careful what you ask for.

    30. Jonny says:

      The new Iraqi constitution says EXACTLY the same thing. And the US seemed unperturbed about that, perhaps because the US-led Coalition Provisional Authority helped the Iraqis write it.

      The events in Libya look like a popular uprising not a narrow religious one. Just because someone writing for a think-tank in Washington says that Islamist forces "appear to make up a small but not insignificant part" of the rebels doesn't make it true! It's a big presumption that rests on very little evidence. So cheer up, the US used to enjoy seeing dictators being overthrown, and Gaddafi wasn't even a friend of the US! There is everything to play for. Stop being so fearful, it is embarrassing for the greatest country in the world to be so distrusting of popular government.

      • snuff says:

        What about the history of the Middle East makes you think people should be "confident" about a popular government finding its way to power there? I'm just curious.

    31. Non-Interventionist says:

      I wouldn't want any foreign nation telling us what laws we can and cannot pass, and as such, it's none of our business how the Libyan people decide to run their country.

      • snuff says:

        You will be singing a different tune when there is a block of radical regimes in this region that all hate America and are looking for ways to strike at us….militarily, economically etc…you simply can't ignore people who have a professed hate for you and have in the very recent past acted on that hate

      • Non-Interventionist2 says:

        Absolutely right, but is our business bombing Libyan people?

      • Stop It says:

        Nor would I weant a foreign military showing up to crush or help any rebellion in my country. Buzz off NATO and the U.S.!

    32. yogi says:

      Of course some "Libyans are more equal than others"

    33. Guest says:

      And this is surprising why?

    34. Virgil53 says:

      What a surprise!

    35. Zulu2 says:

      I don't know if any of our allies can trust us. Egypt, Syria, Jordan , were letting them blow in the wind. I would not trust any treaty made with the US. Kindest Regards Zulu2

    36. DrBobNM says:

      this seems like a fake, since Muslim is spelled Moslem in the text. (p2)

      if true, there is tremendous leeway in creating a totalitarian society, since all freedoms are granted of all cultures/peoples UNLESS it is in opposition to the law, which in this case is Sharia.

    37. Steve in AZ says:

      Sharia Law for Libya??!!! I'm SHOCKED, I tell 'ya!!!…….or, maybe not. What? Obama didn't anticipate this? …or,….maybe he did. Put that in your hookah and smoke it.

    38. Sir Been There says:

      Well, most Americans want some sort of Christian law here, so kettle, pot calling.

    39. Bawanna says:

      Oh goodie, from one whack to another. Is it just me or does all this at times seem like that B movie "Idiocracy" ?

    40. Matt Bramanti says:

      "Much of the document describes political institutions that will sound familiar to citizens of Western liberal democracies, including rule of law, freedom of speech and religious practice, and a multi-party electoral system."

      Where was freedom of religious practice in there? That looks like a gaping (and expected) hole in Article 13.

    41. Anita Fixx says:

      Big frickin suprise no?

    42. Angel says:

      My fear is that extremist may utilize the call for democracy as a ploy for the West to assist. What is really on their mind is to utilize us as a means to an end: Sharia Law. It is amazing how I saw christian egyptians banding around their Muslim brothers during the up rise there. Next I see how Islamic extremist are going after the christians in Egypt. Sadir layed in Iran while Sadamm held power. Once Sadamm was gone Sadir came in as if he were a liberator. He also wants Sharia.

      I think we as a nation need to back off and let them figure it out for themselves. It's not that we do not care about the people of the region. However, we cannot be used as a pawn to advance Sharia Law for the sake of democracy; we will lose every time.

    43. JOHNNE REDDING says:

      That's fantastic, obama should resign and move to Libia, as he spells it, and assume the role of chief judge of their supreme court since he is such a fan of islam

    44. No-Bama says:

      Wont be long before Barry thinks this idea should be implemented by the America Killing Czar. Ron Paul 2012!

    45. @dsspivak says:

      Wow! Arab Muslims, who live in an Arab Muslim country, are going to found an Arab Muslim constitution set with Arab Muslim laws! QUICK! Someone stop the presses for this HUGE non-story!

      • Helene Hagan says:

        Libya is peopled with a number of indigenous groups known as Berbers and Tuaregs who do not necessarily want to follow Sharia law, and expect their human rights to be respected. They have fought a good fight to liberate their country. I know. I am in touch with them on a daily basis. See on the internet "Imazighen of Libya"

    46. Alex Nowrasteh says:

      The Iraqi constitution, supported by the American government, says the same thing about Sharia.

      Chapter 1, Article 2.

    47. Observer says:

      Hilarius.. Where's all the Obama supporters saying how great this is? Yeah baby, thank goodness for women's rights! God, women… won't even frickin' step up to the plate to defend themselves. Go ahead…let the men run with it once again.

      • Bobbie says:

        we need the help of strong men that know and respect the difference between men and women and their respective places. we're outnumbered by women's groups, run by government, run by sharia law advocates!!!!!!!!!

    48. Twinspeedr says:

      Glad to see that the "Arab Spring" is nothing but democracy-loving downtrodden yearning to be free. Surely, anyone who loves freedom would LOVE to live under a regime that wields the brutality of Sharia law codified into the black-letter law of the land. WooHOO!!!!!

    49. clj124 says:

      No surprise a monster either way

    50. Yeeeech says:

      This is disgusting. Thank you Hillary Clinton and Obama Advisor Powers for putting women at risk. You supported these rebels without knowing ONE THING about their plans.

      • sjingleynot says:

        I wouldn't think that they were oblivious of their culture and way of life. This is exactly the way they want it for reasons we may never know, or do we? There is an elite class of people that are beyond the satisfaction of monetary rewards and are now in the realm of POWER or control and manipulation. To them we are just pawns and serfs to do their bidding. Just my opinion.

    51. Temujin says:

      No surprise here. The Obama REGIME and their Euro-Comrades have enabled the ACORN of the Afro-Arab Caliphate Tree.

      NATO has kept its acronym, but changed its underlying name to North African Terrorist Option.

      For the BILLION$, in arms and covert ops, that the Obama REGIME has already provided to Libya, the USA will not even get the LOCKERBIE BOMBER out of the unholy bargain.

    52. Mich Mike says:

      Another "reset" button pushed, great job guys.

    53. Markllar says:

      So, what did you expect? sheesh!

    54. Mich Mike says:

      Another reset button pushed, great job guys.

    55. Jim says:

      This has a pretty wide breadth of meaning in the arab world. It could mean anything from simply acknowledging the religion of the majority (similar to that of the United States constitution) or something more sinister, like what we see in Saudi Arabia.

      Libyan, Tunusian and Moroccan civil society is deeply intertwined with religion, but not the fanatic brand that we see elsewhere in the arab world. Individuals who seek a radical state government only represent a very small subsection of these societies.

    56. roughman says:

      Well, looks like they are going to trade a corrupt "Strong Man" for an Islamic theocracy.

      Some change!

    57. fedup says:

      Sigh. What could go wrong???

    58. Purchasing Manager says:

      Are our politicians really that stupid to expect Libya, Egypt and other middle eastern countries to embrace the kind of democracies we have in the west? What the people over there want is ISLAM period. That is what they call a democracy. I'm sorry but I think the Russians have this one correct. We have no business taking out these regimes that for the most part keep the peace between the inhabitants both Islamists and non Islamic people. The history books will soon show brutality of the worst sort once these dictators are exited. The countries of the middle east should be left to deal with their own issues and so should the United States and other western countries. If you are a tourist, I caution you to stay out of these countries if you want to keep your head on. If you live in these countries, may God be with you. I would get my family out now!

      • Hominid says:

        America has every bit of business in taking out dictators who support murderous attacks against Americans.

    59. historyinabar says:

      History being written this very moment. Very exciting stuff! Of course, a population must tread lightly during these times to make sure they're the ones actually doing the writing, not someone else. http://historyinabar.com/about/

      • Beenaround says:

        "History being written this very moment". WOW, the falling of the Berlin wall this ain't. Libya has been fairly unstable over the past 40 years, It was only 1969 when Col. Gadhafi took over to begin with.

    60. James from NC says:

      So What??? — The legally adopted national motto of the US is "In God We Trust." Your article seems to hint that everyone that follows Islam is bad. I don't think that is true any more than I believe someone who kills an abortion doctor in the name of Christianity it pious. Shame on you for perpetuating a negative Islam stereotype. Extremists are bad, no those that follow a religion!

      • atursix says:

        You might want to actually learn a bit about Islam and read the Koran before passing judgment yourself.

      • JackHammer says:

        Read the Koran and Sharia and get back to us!

      • Georgia Jeff says:

        While Jame's opinion may be very unpopular, I think he is correct from a foreign policy (and US Constitutional) perspective. Libya is a sovreign power, like it or not. They should be allowed to adopt any form of goernemtn they like. It is NOT up to the US to be involved in 'nation building' or 'making the world safe for democracy'. The United States is going broke trying to do so. IN addition to having no moral position fom which to operate.

      • Dan says:

        James you must be kidding me! Our founding was based upon "inalienable" rights, provided to us by God. Islam is a "religion/law" that requires believers to support war on non-believers and to enslave them. The founding of the US Navy was due to the founding fathers not wanting to pay ransoms to the Barbary Pirates and found they could not reason with them. No one in christianity advocates the death of abortion doctors, that isn't a tennent of any faith. You can no more blame a faith for the act of an individual than you can blame an entire race. Get a grip

      • Brad Jenkins says:

        Exactly wrong. We have a Constitution that mandates separation of church and state. The motto "In God We Trust" is just found in random places and has no practical effect. In fact, we have crazy lawsuits where people successfully get stuff like the Ten Commandments removed from courthouses and nativity scenes removed from town squares.

      • Christopher says:

        This is a silly childish statement, James. Liberal thinking never factors the human element; how people react to government influences. They think two dimensionally, as if: it works on paper and therefore is reality. When the Christian perpetrates his crime he gets the best representation money can buy if you have a source of it, in the U.S. < Still very imperfect. Worse now it seems. In those Muslim countries, when he kills someone for religious reasons, he is praised and he and his family for generations are heroes, especially if he kills himself in the process. For Muslims, dying in the process of attacking others for religious reasons is the only way for Muslims to ever be blessed with being taken to heaven and seeing God.
        Most modernized people parse their religion and stick it in a corner and don't fathom the intensity and zeal with which Muslims attend to their religion. And they absolutely don't understand that Islam is not a religion only. It is their court system too. It also is their way of governing and is their constitution as well, answering all questions from birth to death. And every subject in between often comes with contradictory answers, leaving the "judges" the option to do as he/they please. Women, children, these are property. Damage one and you must pay with goats or the equivalent. You can haggle. Men practice the religion women and children just obey.
        James, if you are not a Muslim then you are an infidel. Just because you are a Liberal doesn't mean they don't see you as an American enemy. Islam forbids a Muslim from taking an infidel as an actual friend. They can associate with you and interact but strict Muslims are forbidden from befriending non-believers.
        The one true mandate of our Federal Government is to provide for the common defense of these United States. The Muslim religion can call up an army.
        Islam, as a complete system of rule, is diametrically the opposite of our system. It provides a judiciary legislative branch with the power to execute promptly. Maybe that is why they don't have an executive branch. Nobody controls their system. It just kind of runs on some convoluted system of hierarchy of judges that settle disputes if the issue is brought before them, as far as I can tell.
        We separated government into branches to prevent the parts from ever taking too much power.

    61. stumpypete says:

      Billions spent to make Libya safe for Sharia Law. Can hatred of America, another dangerous Islamist state and violent retribution by the rebels be far behind?

    62. tpaine says:

      Alot of work ahead for Lybia
      http://www.RightsOfMan.org. Words from the man who first said the words "United States of America"

    63. Joe says:

      Al CIA Duh good, first responders bad.

      The first responders are not invited to this year's September 11 memorial ceremony at ground zero, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office confirmed Monday.

      • kbsue says:

        Incredulous! Those brave heros who put themselves into harm's way to rescue and assist others on and after 9/ll are now cast aside for the likes of Bloomberg and his cohorts. Follow the money. What has happened to this country? People should be protesting in the streets.

    64. Greg says:

      wish Washington DC had writers who could draft something like this that is easy to understand…

    65. Brad says:

      Shocker; another chance for a Islam-ruled Iran Jr. to spring up.

    66. blackHat says:

      This is much ado about nothing. The dominant religious tradition in Libya has long been Islam, and thus it makes sense that aspects of Islamic jurisprudence would find their way into the Libyan Constitution (assuming the document pictured is in any way authentic in the first place); in precisely the same way Western Judeo/Christian tradition permeates the U.S. Constitution. How is that 'ominous'?

      • Mikey says:

        Because Christians don't cut off the heads of infidels any more…

      • Hominid says:

        Really? Why is it ominous?? How dense can you be – or pretend to be??

        It's ominous because Sharia contains several elements that are mutually exclusive with the religious tolerance and women's rights articulated in other parts of this preliminary compact.

    67. martin says:

      Considering that democracy in the middle east and islamic world (and by Obama) is defined as "mob rule" nowadays it is no wonder this repressive base for the new Libya is being offered up.

    68. carlos says:

      This is pretty weird, why would they sign 2011 AD, if they are muslims? The very final line

      • sjingleynot says:

        They play along to get along and then they turn' you or chop your head off or they classify you as second class. Their religion even stipulates that they can lie to and even commit sin( ie. rape, murder pedophilia homosexual acts adultery etc.) against infidel without repercussion. Very convenient for them but it sucks to be us.

    69. eastsidehunky says:

      Text is written horribly with too many vague statements leading to future protracted litigation. It's obvious they didn't consult any legal scholars outside of their imams on this document.

    70. James says:

      Thanks POTUS. Another self made enemy of the US emerges.

    71. A. Levy says:

      Remember the Liar-in-Chief saying, "we'll be there for days. Not weeks, not months"? Also, he was warned that the Billions in cash, equipment, and military assistance we were giving to the "rebels" might in fact, be going to help Al Qaeda. But, as usual, the Marxist-in-Chief, the All-Knowing, All-Seeing, street corner agitator from Chicago, knew what was best. How did he know? By asking the radical communists he surrounds himself with. It was THEY who wanted Kaddafy out so their friends in the Muslim Brotherhood could take over. And now that's happening. It does not, nor did it ever have anything to do with the peoples frredom. Sharia law is the opposite of freedom.

    72. Binks007 says:

      Meet the new boss….

    73. And this would be a surprise?

    74. Travis Rath says:

      See.. Here is the problem with this. Americans are going to look at this and say "Oh my god they are using islamic (Sharia) law". No one will pay attention to the details, or for that matter will take the time to read the whole thing and become educated on the subject. We as americans want our system of ideology used as the basis worldwide, and if people dont agree with us we will simply destroy them, either through miltary means, or by destroying their reputation. It does after all say in there that, "The state shall gaurantee for all non-muslims the freedom of practising their religous rights, and shall gaurantee repect for their systems of status". I mean what more could you ask for, it seems to be a well thought out document that respects the rights and dignity of others, including women.

      • CCMartin says:

        Under Sharia Law, it is okay to lie.

      • Mikey says:

        The problem is this document also says that the state religion is Islam. Women's rights and the "dignity of others" is in complete contrast to Islam. Look at all the other Islamic run countries. You have women being subjegated and treated as property. You have homosexuals being stoned in the streets. You have forced mutilations of women's genitallia as well as "honor killings" if a woman is raped by a man.

        There is nothing modern or proper about Islam. It is a religion stuck in the dark ages.

    75. Ben Dover says:

      Sharia Law will solve all their problems. How could the religion of submission ever abuse power? A new utopia is born.

      • Mike Hernan says:

        Hey , did you take any time to read their new constitution? I did. It takes about ten minutes. Didn't see what you are railing against. Try reading it and come back here with Article and line where it says what you say it says. Or shut up!

        • Bobbie says:

          hey touchy man, no matter how the covers are pulled over, there are threats to women!! and if you don't think threats to women are enough to rally against, then you're just as pathetic as the law! Sharia law, that is!! So unconstitutional to have FOREIGN RELIGION with history in this country only to terrorism and corruption, being the law of America's land!!!!!!! If you're a real man, you'll fight against it!!!!!

    76. MR.M says:

      its interesting that they would use the roman calendar for their dates on the document, or that they would use "AD" for the year.

    77. A J Plank says:

      Just what in the world did Americans expect when we (Obama) decided to support the Libyan rebels who were sponsored by THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD. After all, Obama told us early on, "When things get ugly, I'll side with the Muslims!" We now have successfully supported a society who believe that if they kill all Infidels (most Americans) they can secure a place of honor in the hereafter (plus 72 Virgins). A famous cartoon character once said,"We have met the enemy and it is US!!!" God HELP America!!!!

    78. Brushjumper says:

      Not a surprise, the Middle East is Muslim, they are rioting to remove dictators and they ALL wish to install Sharia Law.

      I read a new book "Islam Antichrist" and is an excellent read about the Muslim faith. Did you know they want total dominance of the world and Sharia law ruling the earth. Their intention is to kill all Jews and enforce faith change upon Christians and IF they say no then BEHEAD them.

      They welcome Jesus Christ back on earth as a Muslim convert working for the Madhi, ruler of the Islam earth. The faith ALLOWS lying as required to protect their faith at all cost. They will be the largest religion on earth by 2025, and are aligned to rule the earth PRIOR to the return of the real messiah Jesus Christ. They have been planning this for 1425 years.

      • King-Obama says:

        This is the REAL truth behind what is going on. Most Americans refuse to believe this is actually what will happen. They are also such cowards, they will gladly give up all freedoms to save their lousy hollow heads. It's going to play out just like you said. Nothing in this world can stop it. Only Jesus can save us. We that know the truth better decide right now if we love the truth and freedom more than our life. We may have to choose one or the other. For me it's 'Give me liberty, or give me death'. They cannot touch my saved soul, and they cannot separate me from the love of God the Father.

    79. Frederick says:

      Is anyone really surprised? No movies, TV, gambling or entertainment of any kind; Women are to go home, have babies, and stay there; Christians, convert or die; Gays, you're to be thrown off the highest building. The same thing is about to happen in Egypt too.

    80. Mke says:

      This is what democracy looks like. Lol

    81. Mich Mike says:

      Another reset button pushed, good thing we have rookies in charge, or worse.

    82. Fishy says:

      This must be fake. The date in the first sentence cites "AD", which is Latin for "In the Year of Our Lord." Why would an Islamic party draft a constitution that says Islam is the religion of the state, but reference Jesus' birth? This smells fishy.

    83. Tim says:

      lol more CIA astroturfing fail….Mid east isn't going to wake up and value human rights. Idiots, it was more stable with Qadafi in power. The whole region will slide into chaos as this manufactured "series of uprisings" continues. That's why they've had strong man rule for 2000 years; it's the only thing the region understands.

    84. Guest says:

      So we go from bad to worse? Secular law to Sharia law? Of course, the secular law was a sham … just as the Constitution has become a sham under recent administrations.

    85. Brian says:

      James C-
      How many abortion doctors have been killed in the name of Christianity this year? Better yet, ever? Compare that to the number of "infidels" who have been killed by Muslims. I'm willing to bet more infidels have been killed by Muslims in the last 6 months than abortion doctors killed by Christians in ALL of history. Poor and ignorant comparrison. Try again.

    86. Promptjock says:

      Is nobody surprised? Islam was, and is, the predominant religion of the people and its' tenets ("radical" and non) are what the Libyan people are used taught to live by. Given that premise, if the "rebuilders" are able to successfully "marry" the teachings, etc. of Islam and materially/practically demonstrate to the non-Islamic world that Islam really is a "Religion of Peace", then more power to them. Otherwise, we'll see yet another failed attempt at making incompatible philosophies try to work together (aka "mixing oil and water – i.e., "Glasnost/Perestroika"). Time, and circumstances, will tell….

    87. wymck says:

      One wonders whether Obama will be remembered as the President who lost Libya as it moved from dictatorship to jihademocracy.

      Right now it may be possible to rescue Libya and keep the Arab Brotherhood out of politics. Very soon, it won't. It'll be 1979 Iran again — we will have ceded the moment.

      Thanks a bunch, Barack.

    88. Mikey says:

      That's odd. I posted a rational comment and it didn't clear the censor… er moderators. Heck I even quoted the article!

    89. JackKinch1uncle says:

      As expected. We brought and bought this . We have no end of money for this foolish ness. WE have been sending money to many of the terrorist nations. We have been so dumbed down that we are led by idiots into much waste.

    90. Kert says:

      "I mean what more could you ask for, it seems to be a well thought out document that respects the rights and dignity of others, including women. "


      "This is much ado about nothing. The dominant religious tradition in Libya has long been Islam, and thus it makes sense that aspects of Islamic jurisprudence would find their way into the Libyan Constitution (assuming the document pictured is in any way authentic in the first place); in precisely the same way Western Judeo/Christian tradition permeates the U.S. Constitution. How is that 'ominous'? "

      Seriously – Are you blind? Tell that to the women get stoned or suffer honor killings. Yeah Libya will be the land of sunshine and lollipops alright.

    91. PushHereToFlush says:

      They've changed the national anthem, too. It goes something like "Muh, muh, muh my Sharia"

      i gues this is a time to celebrate. John McCain and Lindsey Graham say so.

    92. Yoda says:

      After 7,000+ bombing missions causing untold civilian casualties, the USA’s incumbent administration is publicly supporting the oldest Muslim terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood ( and Al Qaeda ), in Libya. The USA is aiding and actively supporting instituting Sharia law and advancing Jihad throughout “ the Arab Spring” revolutions in Libya, Egypt, North Africa, the Arabian peninsula and elsewhere on the globe.

    93. numag says:

      Sharia law will be supreme. Whew! That's a relief. I thought they might impose some brutal medieval religious laws into their new constitution. Oh, wait…

    94. JackHammer says:

      Just as Carter will be forever know as the one who lost Iran, Obama will be known as the one who lost Egypt and Libya.

    95. Interesting times ahead for Libya and the world in general.

      Live in the trees. http://tree-house-pictures.blogspot.com

    96. King-Obama says:

      Ahhh… From the frying pan … right into the fire! Wow, are we smart.

    97. Bill Diller says:

      The fact that our country, through our Armed forces have helped to install this government in Libya should be a clear indication that we have lost any sort of moral compass and that we have no more ability to determine what is right or wrong.

    98. This must be what Obama wanted for Libya, to make Islam even more of an influence. What kind of foreign policy do we have now through this president?

    99. mucklucky says:

      Congratulations to the people of Lybia!

    100. Frank says:

      Why would a Libyan constitution be drafted in English. Perfect American English at that?

    101. Al Phresceaux says:

      What makes our government think that new regimes in these terrorist states will be any better/different than the current regimes?

      Old advertising slogan — All aspirin's alike.

    102. Pat says:

      My husband worked with a man who was from Libya. One day he made a startling statement while at work: "some day I hope to OWN a woman." My husband was incredulous at this and tried to explain that nobody owns another person. The co-worker just couldn't grasp the concept and insisted that men actually own their women. This is the mindset of Sharia law.

    103. Philip Perington says:

      Since the days of Thomas Jefferson we have been fighting the Islamic terrorists beginning with the Barbary Corsairs(Pirates). We've paid them bribes and tribute in the millions for over 230 years. So what exactly is going to change, and how much are we going to end up paying the new guys only to get sucker punched again?

    104. King-Obama says:

      What do you think we can possibly expect from this born-again lybian terrorist training camp supporting regime? I cannot imagine how we could have fast tracked the process any more. Why don't we just supply them with WMDs and Nerve Gas while we're at it.

      I cannot understand why the civilized world want to participate so wholeheartedly in it's own demise.

    105. ljheidel says:

      So, why would a legitimate draft of a new Libyan constitution rooted in Sharia law use the AD (anno Domini), the shortened form of "In the Year of Our Lord Jesus Christ." While I recognize it's a common term, I wouldn't expect to see it in this context.

    106. Dan says:

      Reading Article 8 & 9, I think the Obama administration wrote it!!!

    107. John says:

      Whats the big deal? Constitution is based on the Bible. Yeah sure, the punishments are a lot harsher, but that discourages the behavior. (Would YOU steal if you could lose a hand?)

      • sjingleynot says:

        Old Testament teachings very similar to Sharia Law. That's why we have a Saviour. You know LOVE not condemnation. Allah Achbad

    108. Alky says:

      The free world is in big doodoo!!!

    109. Ron says:

      Obama is such a wonderful President. It's no wonder that 80% of Muslim Americans approve of his performance. Globally, almost 93% of Muslims polled believe Obama is a Muslim. I would guess Muslims would be the experts on determining who is a Muslim. Did you ever wonder why Obama observes every Islamic holiday, but fails to note such Christian holidays as Easter? Why did Obama's church of 20 years name a Muslim man of the year? Why did Obama himself say that "the most beautiful sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer"????????? Keep on believing that Obama has a Free America's best interests at heart. He SAYS he does, but his actions speak otherwise.

      What hasn't Obama lied about?

    110. ReConUSMC0321 says:

      I have a sad and sick feeling Iran money and power will bring in Syria , Lebanon, Egypt and Libya .
      This will also put Saudi Arabia ,Kuwait and Iraq in a bad situation .
      That will form a hate America powerful religious and Military sec .
      Matched up with the Palestinians all being against Poor Israel/America .
      Sharia law for Women is about as fair Saddam's ruling court in Iraq .
      Women really have no fair rights while the courts are totally stacked against them .
      Other than OIL Money the middle east is as primitive today as it was 2000 years ago .

    111. Bernard says:

      That is exactly what I have been commenting all during the uprising in Libya. "it is better to deal with the devil we know than the devil we don't". These protestors who have won the day hate both Israel and the US and the Democratic principles in both nations. What these protesters consider "freedom" is an Islamic theocracy and not a western style Democracy. In addition under the new government dissident forces will arise demanding autonomy from the central government. With the exit of Qaddafi the proverbial Pandora's box has been opened. Oil prices will not go down but up and Europe will pay dearly for it. Iran will help the new regime thereby cementing Iran's growing influence in the Middle East and Libya under a Muslim theocracy will continue her terrorist camps.

    112. Helene Hagan says:

      Not a single comment here takes into consideration the fact that in Libya, there is an indigenous population of Berbers and Tuaregs, and that they do not necessarily wish to live under "sharia law." Berber and Tuareg women do not cover their faces, for instance, and are socially respected, single, married or divorced. Not the case under Sharia Law. Please see "Imazighen of Libya" on the internet for further information about these segments of libyan population.

    113. k962 says:

      No surprise here! They will now accept the new type of tyranny!

    114. P Thomas says:

      The problem with the Islamic world is just that ' Islam" It by its very nature cannot allow individual freedom. The ant colony mentality demands obedience or death. I do not think this bodes well for the west. The last thing we need is another Radical nation like Iran. In any event our president will be happy the the brotherhood has gained control of another country. His plans as far as I can tell is for them to take this nation as well.

    115. Reason says:

      Can you name one islamic state where sharia is the governing law where Christians, Jews, Buddhist, etc., aren't constantly discriminated against or where they actually have religious freedom? You think that non-muslim women will be allowed to walk around unaccompanied by a male or without wearing a hijab? Ignorance really is Bliss. I wish i could go put on some Birkenstocks, get in my hybrid with an O bumper sticker, and drive to a coffee shop to live in a utopian fantasy world.

    116. JungleCogs says:

      No wonder Obama likes these guys.

    117. Paul says:

      Can you say JIMMY CARTER, IRAN

    118. PushHereToFlush says:

      There is some good stuff in there, mixed with the hideous.

      it doesn't really matter though. The right to protect all other rights, i.e., the right to bear arms, was not included.

      I don't expect their regime will honor their Consitution any more than the Obama regime honors ours.

    119. Pete G says:

      awwwww crap

    120. setpoint says:

      When the Czhek republic fell, Libya bought thousands of tons of cemtex, the eastern blocks equivalent of plastic explosive. Where is that high explosive and will it go into land mines and other ordinance?

    121. skeptic says:

      Why would it be written in English? If it were authentic, wouldn't it be in Arabic?

    122. Bobbie says:

      how does sharia law trump civil law? sharia law only reflects the men behind it to be mentally weaker and intimidated by the mental strength of women!! a two year old can throw rocks! a two year old can kill, also! The mentality is dangerously juvenile! Why are these impostors of men so afraid of civil law? why are they so despondent to the mothers of children? sharia law isn't fitting in the 21st century and these pigs beneath humanity of this man-made piece of trash law has to be called out and this pathetic law has to be snuffed out FROM THE WORLD!!!!!!

    123. ghostsouls says:

      Soooo, the law of the land now is, more beheadings, no freedom for women, stoning of women is acceptable, grown men marrying of toddlers is the way, thighing is legal, honor killings are honorable, and the killing of Americans or anyone else who oppose Sharia is sanctioned….Nice Job Obama and the Liberals!!!

    124. Mike Weaver says:

      Here we go again. Another Islamic Republic, one which protects freedom of religion, but one in which Sharia (sworn to kill non believers) is the system of jurisprudence. What a tolerant, fair, and truly beneficent draft of an inspired, racist, socialist, fascist constutution we have here…. NOT!

    125. WhyAmINotSurprised says:

      There goes the neighborhood….

    126. hey there says:

      As One Commentator said:
      They Best we can hope for _ is that Libya Becomes another Iran.
      Jimmy Carter II and Jimmy Carter I make a Fine Team, ea ?

    127. Philip Damon says:

      um yeah, I saw this coming a mile away, as did everyone else whose head wasn't buried in the sand up to their neck. It happened in Egypt, its happening in libya – face it, America helped terrorists set up an islamic republic – just like Iran. Finally, Carter isn't alone anymore! WTG Obama!

    128. ArmDen says:

      Thanks to Carter we have IRAN to deal with

      Thanks to Obama we will have LIBYA to deal with

      History always repeat itself.

    129. LeSellers says:

      This seems highly unlikely. No self-respecting Muslim would use "7thof February, 2011 AD" in dating anything. Unless the date was "translated", too, I'd find it difficlult to accep tthis as being authentic.
      7 Feb 2011 AD is 4 Rahbi (I), 1432 in the Islamic calendar.

      • Pablo says:

        Good to see someone actually takes the time to inform themselves through reading — something we as a nation seem to loathe — and catches this little detail.

    130. Hedley Lamar says:

      Oh, this is a LOT better. I'm so glad we participated in this effort.

    131. Euben says:

      Obama is there for one reason, to weaken the USA. We are over there wasting military stuff (real technical term there). We dont make enough replacement stuff, and we do make lots of enemies when we go somewhere, we kick up a crap storm and then leave. As far as NATO goes, without the USA NATO couldnt maintain an air war for one week. Just keep BRACing our bases, we cant even protect our own borders, never mind borders half way around the world. Bring the troops home, secure the borders, round up and deport the wet backs, and then cancel all work visas until every American who can work has a job. Then, maybe let some folks in when we can assimilate them. And if the wont assimilate, throw them out.

    132. abc123 says:

      Then why do they say 2011 AD? Anno Domini, christian era? Wouldn't they say 1432 AH? Anno hegirae at least?

    133. Bill Dodson says:

      Too many American politicians want to think that "democracy" is a goal around which we should rally in these situations. Democracy is not a worthy goal. In and of itself, democracy is worthless, and only indicates a base level political process. The goal for this country should be the spread of Western Pluralism. The two are not to be confused. Democracy without pluralism leads to tyranny.

    134. Jerome McCollom says:

      Hmmm, sounds like the Iraqi Constitution, that states Sharia as a foundation. Frankly, those who are against intermingling of religion and the government over there are the same exact people who strongly advocate such intermingling here in the U.S. Just with Christianity instead of Islam.

    135. IMFROMMO says:

      Our AWOL POTUS is just like Joe (with the black cloud over his head). Everything he does
      causes our former Mid East policy to turn to ashes. I can hardly wait to see how fast Iraq, Afghanistan
      and Libya join Egypt under control of the Islamist Brotherhood. Pray for Israel!

    136. over 70 says:

      once the muslim law takes effect in the entire middle east you can kiss the $4.00 a gallon gas goodby and hello $10.00 and more a gallon for the US and western countrys

    137. DHA says:

      This is absurd. This document has no basis in reality and no connection to any part of the potentially new government. The only connection is Jim Phillips's statement and this document (written in English) that just appeared on the internet. Does the document also change the official language to English? Don't you think the rebel leaders would have issued this if it was real? If you want to overreact, overreact to actual news.

    138. Heartland Pilgrim says:

      Isn't this GREAT! Ghadaffi was a dictator but he was the only thing preventing the savages from tearing down the country. Within 6 months the new anti-American government in Libya will be established. It will adhere to Shiria law. Women WILL be second class persons. Christians will be killed and or tortured. Obama will propose sending them a couple of billion dollars.

    139. Charles says:

      All of you are FAILING to mention that it was BUSH that took out Saddam. HE started all of this. Love the revisionist history. Keep it up!!

    140. Mac says:

      Article 8: "The State shall … provide an appropriate standard of living. [...] The State shall further guarantee the fair distribution of national wealth among citizens, and among the different cities and districts thereof."

      That sounds pretty Communistic to me. (Subject to change since this is just a draft.)


    141. Tony says:

      Well, Saudi Arabia is 95% Sharia law, and its royal family owns a significant stake in FOX News, so ho hum.

    142. texrealist says:

      coming to a city near you…

    143. Hooray for Obama says:

      No wonder Reagan and Thatcher were too scared to do more than lob a few air-to-air missiles at Qadafi and look the other way when he blew a plane up. Oh well.

    144. Thank you President Obama.

    145. wymck says:

      Islam and its crazy attitudes about women, Jews, Christians, prohibitions against alcohol and movies and outrageous and unacceptable.

    146. Bethlehem says:

      What did you do before the war? "I digged holes." "Well now you are going to fill them."

    147. pnkearns says:

      Every "useful idiot" Western news reporter that ever used the word "Democratic" when describing the Libyan rebels should have their picture published under "I'm a fool" headline. Unfortunately, that would include 99% of the mainstream media.

    148. carl says:

      Have any of you read this constitution?
      It is a noble document with origins in the US constitution.
      Peace to Libya.

    149. johnmkelly1 says:

      Well, what did everyone think was going to happen? A highly Islamic country with zero democratic experience, was naturally going to chose Islam. So will Afghanistan. After the US leaves so will Iraq. Then again, so will Pakistan. But, why should the US care. We directly and absolutely support one of the few Kingdoms remaining, Saudi Arabia, which is also highly Islamic, and in fact is the defender of Mecca.
      Democratic principles based on the Rights of Man are not going to sprout from a 7th Century Islamic culture. You got your choice, Islam or Warlord. Me, it ain't my problem (except for the tremendous expense of having the fun of multiple wars).

    150. David2 says:

      Why is it that the West suddenly turned its back on it's loyal servants? For sure it can't be welfare of nations who spent their entire live under sword of dictator friends of the West. How about eventual creation of one united Islamic world or like the EU, a United Islamic Union. Latter well fit in their globalization scheme, for running the world.

    151. Holy Sharia Sheryl says:

      I would laugh, but I'm almost afraid to. We may find ourselves under Sharia law one day.

      Frightening prospect, no?

    152. TheUltraworld says:

      They'll be burning USA flags by the end of the week.

    153. Dog Style says:

      What, NATO, what did you THINK was gonna happen? Pro West democracy? Should have left well enough alone.

    154. InfidelHere says:

      Be careful what you wish for. First Eqypt and now Libya. Happy that the Muslim Brotherhood is taking over these armpits?? Remember…there is no such thing as "peace" with those that follow TRUE Islam unless you follow their allah, their rules (sharia) and their 7th century way of life…like their terrorist/pedophile prophet (cough-cough) muhammad!

    155. art says:

      it hard for islam followers to allow other freedom

    156. Gabe says:

      While dictators in western societies are the enemy of Democracy. But we need to learn that brutal dictators in Muslim majority countries could be the best option the west could have when faced with the other option: a 6th century Islamic theocracy like in Iran, Saudi Arabia and now spreading across north africa. way to go Ibama…

    157. Tim says:

      Big deal, how many times have we heard US Politicians say our Constitution is based on "The Ten Commandments?"

      These people were fighting for their freedom from a dictator who ruled them for 40 years. They're not al-Qaeda, and the West was right to help them.

    158. Doc Who says:

      It is just a draft, mind you, and gauging its authenticity at this point is difficult. There is also no way to know whether this draft or something similar will emerge as the final governing document for a new Libyan regime.

      Even if true at least 30,000 of our american soldiers did not have to die or get wounded for a LIE.

    159. Andrew says:

      Them wanting Islam to be the central theme in their system of government is no different than Christians wanting school prayer or Mormons in Utah restricting alcohol. Once upon a time this is how our country was supposed to be, a Republic. It was not meant to be a morally and culturally homogeneous land mass where an oppresive federal government forces its way on everybody else. This was the whole point of having different states, which had their own unique cultures and laws with respect to religion, voting rights, yada, yada. Why should you expect Muslims to want anything different? It's their country, their values. We here in the USA should be so lucky to be able to start fresh and have a chance to kick the money changers out of our temples.

    160. NowSwimBack says:

      Congrats Barack HUSSEIN Obama on installing an Islamic theocracy.

    161. Dave in Houston says:

      Time for another Obama victory lap!

      I don't know how may of these victory laps we can tolerate.

    162. Mike says:

      Stupid is as stupid does. The US never learned from the Brits how to divide and conquer, rather to conquer and gather them up together. When does the fence go up between Europe and the Muslims? Not too soon…..

    163. Jake says:

      Why is their draft constitution in English?

    164. wbonesteel says:

      Not much different from many people – left and right – in America, who erroneously claim that The Constitution is a Christian religion based document.

      That said, Christians haven't been in the habit of be-heading people…lately.

      • sjingleynot says:

        Most of the founding fathers of the Constitution were Christian. As for the Judeo-Christian moral values that helped formulate the freedoms we hold dear then we'll have to have faith that God's hand was involved
        with all that.

    165. GuyMacher says:

      Defendants are innocent until proven guilty. Not presumed innocent. It would be too kind to blame that on poor proof reading!

      Sharia and human rights are to be combined in one package! Women are half people under sharia yet their human rights, a Western concept , are said to be protected! Nothing illustrates more perfectly the dualism of the Muslim "mind" and why Muslims are irrational.

      Libyans have stepped into their Arab Spring! It will be a long time before they will be able to scrape it from their sandals.

    166. JoanieBaloney says:

      As a woman, I am disgusted that the US is fighting for these countries that are implementing sharia law. Apparently, it is "freedom" we are fighting for but only freedom for men. Shame on Hillary Clinton, our SOS and President Obama.

    167. MillerGD says:

      It's called Democracy folks.

      Just because it might not be in the best interests of our country doesn't mean we need to resist it. The more you resist it the more you build resentment.

      The reason the Islamic state of Iran is so resentful towards us is that we ousted their democratically elected leader and put the Shah in his place because he was friendly to Western oil interests.

      Let them do this as they wish. The less we try to control their future, the less likely they will want to control ours.

      • sjingleynot says:

        Not according to their faith. Read the Koran

        • blackHat says:

          i *have* read the Qur'an…and the Torah…and the Bible…and many other scriptures, ancient and contemporary. You want to know what they all have in common? All religions wish to dominate the world; to be the one faith. Islam is not unique in this respect. However, your fallacy is in assuming that all Muslims are hard-line fundamentalists; most are not.

    168. Raider says:

      When will freakin NATO,I mean America stop using its blood and treasure as the military might to help all the radicals throughout the world gain control of country after country.Anyone, remember Bosnia,Clinton took down that Dictator to play nice with the muslims, and what did the Dictators people get…" who saved are shot down pilots by the 100s in World War 2" … a destroyed country and Christian church after Christian church torched and looted by those peace loving radicals who needed us to protect them.And now this complete idiot who leads this once great country, believes like Clinton that he is saving the Libyan, Egyptian, Tunsian,Syrian and Yemini people from their brutal leaders. well like the Carter administration found out in the 70s You stick your nose back into 7th century politics and try to play nice with these LOONS, you are going to get burned.Like Iran, every one of these countries will soon" and most already are" chanting %&$%#^%^ To America.

    169. picomanning says:

      Any vacuum of power in Lybia will attract the most powerfully corrupt.
      The prize of Lybian oil and natural gas wealth is easily worth killing for.
      The most ruthless potential power bases will compete to control the area by strength of propaganda and corrutptive methodology until power is consolidated.
      The new nationalization of Lybian oil and natural gas resources, (in the name of 'the people') will concretize the 'people's' foothold of power.
      Power motivated promises to the people will be designed to persuade (hypnotize) a majority of Lybians towards objectives of the controlling 'leaders'.
      And the world will crawl closer towards the edge of the modern era.

    170. Joel says:

      If we get enough people to set up a tent city in Washington and protest our Current Leader for, say, 2 months.
      Will we have enough reason for Nato and England to remove him?

      i'm just sayin.

    171. Strays says:

      The World Caliphate in the making with Obama's support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

      First Kenya, then Marocco, then Egypt, now Libya.

      So, anyone really thrilled about:

      – dying if you don't convert to Islamofascism (regardless of prior religion)
      – dying if you're Muslim but believe in Freedom
      – dying if you're Muslim but don't believe in Islamofascism or religious fanaticism
      – dying if you are Jewish
      – becoming a naked slave if you do convert to Islamofascism from any other religion or non-religion
      – becoming chattel property without any rights if you are a woman
      – getting raped if you are a girl or a woman, Muslim or otherwise
      – getting maimed or killed if you are a girl or a woman but displease the male
      – living without freedom of speech or right to self-defense if you are male
      – living at the mercy of the unilateral dictates of the Caliphate

    172. YankeeI says:

      No! say it isn't so! Shocked? Nope! Not at all. In fact, if Obama had his way Sharia Law would be part of our Constitution as well!

    173. Jacoby Nixon says:

      I guess "good al-Qaeda" isn't so good after all….

    174. Kevin Stroup says:

      Oh come on! Like we did not see this one coming? You have to be a brain dead Berkely resident to have not seen this coming. DUH!

    175. JohnAGJ says:

      How is this any different than the Constitution adopted by Iraq during the Bush Administration?

      "Art. 2: Islam is the official religion of the State and is a foundation source of
      legislation: A. No law may be enacted that contradicts the established provisions of Islam"

      I don't expect an instant Jeffersonian democracy in predominantly Muslim countries, anyone who does is living in a fool's paradise. If they are to have what we in the West have enjoyed for many years, they are going to have develop it the hard way as we did. Of course a form of their own Reformation/Vatican II and Enlightenment within Islam first would certainly help…

    176. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Well, what did you think would happen?

      Idealists are just so lame.

    177. badjrsgord says:

      So they go from the typical MiddleEast/SouthAmerican Dictator to way of life that dates back to 700, which treats women like cattle, etc. Are these people nuts or what. If I was Europe or even us in the US I'd watch this one carefully. Reason: As this country goes so may the other dominos in the rulerless middle east.

    178. again12345 says:

      …and, we were so happy for the oppress people of Libya. That is the reason US should stay out of it, and let them(muslims) sort their on thing out.The laws of islam=stone people to death, pride killing of their own kind,etc… let them have it.In fact just white out the map on that region, i don't care.

    179. N.Florida Patriot says:

      Is this really a surprise? How could one ever expect it to be any different? These people have no tradtition of democracy. All they have ever known has been a series of despots, overladen with an oppressive system (Sharia). It is no different in any of the more "stable" regimes of the Arab world. Saudi Arabia, for instance, pays lip service to human rights, yet they live in one of the most oppressive regimes on earth. Women continue to be second class citizens, there is no free speech. No freedom of religion or of the press, etc., etc. It won't be any different in Libya. All we are seeing is replacing one worn out dictatorship with a new one.

    180. John Smith says:

      It still is a government is a Combination Religion and Government. No seperation……. Sharia Law will never be able to be fitted to the Constitution.

    181. greg kopp says:

      This is a good start. Forget about the term sharia. You have no idea what it means. Read the document before you critize. For people who have NO rights, to have any is a step in the right direction.

      • Bobbie says:

        what's wrong with promoting and conducting civil law for people who have NO rights? sharia is a control trap of uncivil liberties. So NO, sharia law isn't a step in the right direction for humanity!!

    182. Raj says:

      Article 8 is the most relevant if you feel this was written by a liberal Harvard hack.

      "The State shall guarantee for every citizen equal opportunities and shall provide an appropriate standard of living. The State shall also guarantee the right of work, education, medical care, and social security, the right of intellectual and private property. The State shall further guarantee the fair distribution of wealth among citizens, and among the different cities and districts thereof."

      Looks like Obama's and the Dems' utopia.

    183. @RCMillsJr says:

      So what you are saying is that if they set up law based upon their religion it will be a terrorist threat?

      Wow , most every one on this site would insist our country is a christian country and that is fine, but a Muslim country is automatically evil?. What do you suggest a country of Muslims should do? Set up a christian nation?

    184. PSALM 3:28 says:

      …well, well, well way to go NATO you are setting up WW III just beautifully . As in the ISLAMO JIHADI FASCISTS takes over the region one REGIME at a time( next SYRIA )and surround our main ally ISRAEL! When eventually ISRAEL will be attacked by these FASCISTS guess who has to come in and CLEAN OUT THESE SCUM BAGS , you got that right just like we did to the NAZI's and JAP'S .IT IS ONLY A MATTER OF TIME ,tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock … BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM !

    185. Marti says:

      May God watch over Israel and the USA, Sharia is coming soon to the town near you.
      Our child in Chief is going down in history for the destruction of our country and free people.

    186. John1966 says:

      From the frying pan to the fire. Didn't see that coming.

    187. Anonymous says:

      Funny how quick people are to believe this unsourced unverified tripe.

    188. kushintuchis says:

      It may be an Arab spring, but it sure feels like an American fall

    189. paolo says:

      So now Gaddafi is our friend and we should have been protecting him over the rebels? Anyone remember Lockerbie?

    190. koczani says:

      Why should anyone be surprised by this?

    191. Tim says:

      Big deal, how many times have we heard US Politicians say our Constitution is based on "The Ten Commandments?"

    192. Ellen says:

      Why are so many of you, so anxious for this to turn out badly? Just to score a point against Obama? I realize the Libyan people have a tough road ahead, and the odds are against them forming a truly free and democratic society, at least in the short term. But, that doesn't mean we should be gloating over it, just because it gives us another talking point to use against the president. Success, in Libya, success for this policy, is ultimately good for all of us, even if whats a democratic president who was in charge at the time. It's time we stop thinking of ourselves as Ds or R's and start thinking of ourselves as Americans…and work towards success for America, even if it means the guy "across the aisle" gets a little credit.

    193. CB3 says:

      Mission Accomplished – now the weapons we supplied the rebels with will go to killing Americans!!!

    194. TJP says:

      So we paid nearly a billion dollars to get rid of a dictator and replace him with radical Islam. I'm sure this will be a big step towards freedom.

    195. Big Ugly says:

      Maybe this will make you fools understand why Obama unlawfully, and in full violation of International Law, invaded the Nation of Libya.

    196. guest says:

      Islam, just another excuse for a dictatorship.

    197. BeeGee says:

      Qaddafi ruled with an iron hand these lunatics. Now the iron hand is gone…god help us all!

    198. Logical1 says:

      Success for obama and his anti American masters. Just another step towards a muslim brotherhood controlled middle east and north africa. Amazing how obama tries to destroy our defense yet funnels our money to boost that of our enemies.

    199. Jerry Irwin says:

      The revolution involved the muslim brotherhood did anyone doubt that the constitution would be based on
      Sharia law. I know Obama didn't. He was counting on it. I wonder how long he thinks it will take to get it here.

    200. mediaspork says:

      When you exercise "regime change" by dropping bombs, you don't get any control over the subsequent government (can anyone say Chile and Pinochet). In Iraq, we had to put LOTS of boots on the ground to have even a say in their new constitution. The majority of Muslims will always vote for a Sharia state, so democracy is always a bit more dicey in Islamic countries.

    201. Dennis L. says:

      Congratulations! Another win for Western style democracy just as "free" elections in Gaza have expanded human freedoms. Conservative Islam is once again on the march and will be banging on the doorsteps of the Christian nations. The UK has allowed Sharia law in civil matters. It is only a matter of time before such a policy is adopted in the U.S. Better go out now and buy a carpet.

    202. Warmblood says:

      Love that military industrial complex! They do a world of good, with the help of the President and Congress, don't they. They don't have anyone's best interests in mind except their own. 144 tons of gold being whisked away. Probably to make good on Hugo Chavez's demand last week.

    203. thesiege says:

      We better pray that the BIG O doesn't do this to us behind our backs… out with our original Constitution and IN with a piece of cr@p like this… stranger things have happened.

    204. ebystrom says:

      The document appears to be a fraud. Read it carefully, and you should see why.

    205. middle says:

      Why is it in English?

    206. Jeff says:

      Seriously, if this were REAL, why would it be in English? I understand English is wide-spoken in Libya, but its official language is Arabic. Seems highly suspect that this "draft" is an English document.

    207. IraqWarVet says:

      Well, if regime change is good enough for the people Ameri-Kan presidents don't like whereby they can act unilaterally without the approval CON-gress…then who is to say that the president cannot act unilaterally against the American people?
      There is no integrity in what we do now in the name of this endless war on terrorism…integrity requires some diginity, and the DHS/TSSA under the authority of the last and present presidents have stripped you of that.

    208. Keith Greene says:

      Chillax people, the boy Barry is only supporting and doing what he's told by his owner, unca Soros. Yall "aint" seen nothing yet.

    209. Neil B says:

      It's disappointing, but almost every Arab nation officially recognizes the role of Sharia law to various degrees, given their Islamic (even if not Islamist) perspective. IOW, it doesn't show that Libya is any worse than other Islam-dominant nations. Did you check Iraq for comparison? It was more secular before the invasion, and now – "worse" from our point of view – is sympathetic to Shiite Islam and Iran. Was *that* worth making happen?

    210. Dan says:

      I am surprised – except for the admittedly major exceptions of Islam being the state religion & the related phrase 'non-moslems' in section one – this is a fairly straight-forward, even-handed & just document. Omit the sentence (3rd?) about a state religion & change "non-moslems" to "all" in section 1 & i think it is a reasonable starting point for any democracy based upon the rule of law. I am sure people will disagree with me & there are some things I would not be happy about but with those two exceptions in section 1 I still think it is a surprisingly good constitution. read it with an open mind – skipping section one – and see what you think.

    211. joeamerican says:

      Obama and the Democrat party love Sharia Law. They would like us to submit in the USA as well……..because liberalism is a mental disorder!

    212. Ryan Mouk says:

      Sharia Law, what a joke. What an excellent way for a country to grow and prosper, by giving fanatics the ability to act like monsters in the name of religion.

    213. carrier P. says:

      These dominos have to fall, for one world gov. come

    214. Paul says:

      Just what we need another 6th century Islamic terror cult running their show of murder ,rape ,violence, and everyday mayhem.

    215. jonnyt says:

      So it's in English and using western calendar dates. How much anyone wants to bet that this silly document was written by some conservative person trying to create a scare about the bad bad arabs. So ridiculous.

    216. pjs says:

      There we go again sticking our nose where it does not belong,and ousting a leader we do not like for some islamic nuts who want to put in sharia law.Mohammed was a pervert,and a murderous false prophet who has passed down this religion of perversion and, hate.Obama that Kenyan racist,marxist muslim he needs to go over there with his muslim brethren,and go worship his false moon god.The US and Afgan’s have agreed to keep our troops there until 2024 we keep involving ourselves where we do not belong.We are losing lives,and spending billions that we do not have just fatten some wallets.

    217. Dave says:

      mr president, who's side are you on?
      why should mus lim bro hood or C A I R have any voice in the WH?

    218. Anonymous Cowherd says:

      Just so everyone knows, the Libyan constitution from 1951 (which you can look up) already contains language "Islam is the religion of the State". Referring to socialism, it says "Its inspiration is its Arabic and Islamic heritage". Finally, a passage reads "Inheritance is a right which will be governed by the Islamic Shari'a."

      So things aren't changing so much. It's like rearranging thefurniture on the Titanic.

    219. billbob says:

      I still don't get it how we can be fighting against Al Qaeda outside of Libya but fighting on their side in Libya. In the end, the Libyans will be wishing they had Ghadaffi ruling them instead of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. I wish the big bankers would hire their own mercenaries, instead of using our tax-payer-funded brave men and women, to fight their wars for them. Surely, this war wasn't fought to free the Libyans from a tyrannical ruler because what they're going to get will be far worse — just as in Egypt. And next we'll be seeing NATO (i.e., American) boots on the ground in Libya, again at US taxpayer expense. And for what???

    220. Mel says:

      Sharia is already here in the States. So lets worry about us instead of obutheads good buddy gadafi.
      Sharia is the plan for America. It's in financial institutions now. AIG, Barclays and there's another bank that are now sharia compliant.

    221. Joe says:

      Ok this is great the USA and NATO backed the Al Qaeda Islamic Fundamentalists who were killing US troops in Iraq and are now in process of overruning Libya to get rid of Gaddafis Liberal Islamic law which respected womens rights and the rights of other religions to practice in Libya to be replaced by primitive Sharia law where you stone women to death who get raped or beat them with sticks if they dont cover up. These Islamic Fundamentalists are a perversion of what the Moslem religion traditionally was. Women will no longer be able to get free education or live a very high quality of life that was enjoyed in Libya. Terrorists that killed our troops may soon be in control. The question is why did they get US and NATO backing unless they are just being used

    222. Steve Bennett says:

      Oh boy, a muslim nation that chooses to base its laws off of Islam and not Secular Humanism? thats going to make some folks very unhappy… I wonder how long it will take Israel to request that we re-bomb them to their senses?

    223. hueychief says:

      Our government doesn't know what it's doing…..or does it?

    224. scgoodwin says:

      As far as what a country chooses for a system of governance, I believe it should be left to the people who must live under the style of rule that they choose. But, I think there is going to be a frightening outcome to this upheaval in Libya. Supporters of Sharia will prevail and that 1500 year old, intolerant system of justice will be the new law of the land. I feel sorry for the Libyans. Sharia, like the Holy Qoran, is not clearly defined and left wide open for interpretation by a single person (who might have had a bad day, so you die). A very dangerous thing indeed. just my $.02

    225. Mike Anderson says:

      Article 15) we can buy your oil fields and then we own them period.

    226. Mr Caps says:

      The document is a fraud!

      look at the date..Do you see something wrong with it?

      Hint: AD- Anno Domini, it means the year of our Lord referring to the birth of Christ.
      You won't find that on a Sharia document.

    227. I don't believe that any Islamic government would use a Western (really, a Christian one) calendar system. The authenticity of the document is very questionable. In fact, it almost seems illogical.

    228. Obama must be jumping up and down in glee! Perhaps, this is why he chose his umpteen vacation to celebrate in [Muslim] privacy.

      Too bad that Heritage does not have the moral courage to report on Obama's unconstitutional bogus "presidency" and his felony forgery birth certificate crime – also, his Muslim bias and anti-Christian posture. Too bad, that birthers and Constitutional Conservatives will also, hold Heritage responsible for being complicit for Obama's crimes against America.

      Finally, too bad for Heritage and those [so-called] Conservatives who play the political correctness game. It may well come back to bite them, come the 2012 election:

      "Why some Conservatives will not vote for the 2012 GOP nominee:"

      Pastor emeritus Nathan Bickel

    229. MEC says:

      Obama, the great incompetent, and his fellow incompetents supported the rebel takeover without ever fully knowing just who they were supporting. It now appears that very soon many will silently wish that Moammar Gadhafi was back in control.

      The Libyan people will also long for the day when Gadhafi was in power. I am afraid that the Libyan people will now suffer more than they ever did.

    230. Reality says:

      I say all you Religious Fundamentalists are free to immediately move to Libya and join their Revolutionary Friends is an Islamic Spring that they may enjoy the fruits of the cult of hate all the days of their lives.

    231. boocatbutterbee says:

      Terrific; just what the world needs – another Islamist h*llhole. Yippee

    232. James says:

      People need to stop equating democratic governance with good governance. In many places in the world, what people need is a better despot than the one they have. Time and again we have seen what happens when people go from an autocratic or oligarchic system to a democratic one overnight–and from the French Revolution until the present day, it has never gone well.

      If you are reading this and think that America is an exception, you are wrong. England had grown gradually freer and more democratic over the course of centuries, a little bit at a time, and on top of that tradition, American colonists had been even more removed from the Crown than that–by an ocean–so our change to Republican self government was only the next step. That's why it worked so well.

      As for Libya, I say let's keep our expectations extremely low. We should have left the situation alone; we had absolutely nothing to gain and it's far from clear the situation will be improved for the average Libyan. Qaddafi had been more pro-West than in the past, and he was causing us no harm; more than likely a new Libya will be a greater threat for terrorism and such against the West than the Libya of 2010 was. And who knows, his Western educated son may have turned out to be a reformer when he took power. We'll never know now.

    233. TexasDebbie says:

      Thanks NATO & Obama…Things are about to get a whole lot worse. By getting rid of Gadhafi and Mubarek all in the name of "democracy" the "DO GOODERS" have made things worse.

      There are no good guys in either Egypt or Libya – just bad guys! Some are just more bad than the others. NATO & the US helped the wrong side because these rebels weren't fighting for democracy; they were fighting to install Sharia Law — not exactly a champion of human rights. Yet the idiot-in-chief was praising those who were anti-Gadhafi and Mubarek. He has ABSOLUTLEY NO QUALIFICATIONS for POTUS.

      Those of us who follow world events and understand history saw this coming. Why didn't Obama? He had the nerve to defy Congress when they took him to task regarding his authority to get us involved in Libya. Now what happens???

    234. Harley Harmon says:

      It's beginning to look like once again, we and our NATO allies are our own worst enemy. We jumped in to something happening in the Islam world and quickly took sides to replace one radical despot with another that may be even worse than the old one!

    235. Historyshowsus says:

      Funny how the conservative talk show media has said from the beginning to be careful what you wish for but this administration is more interested in a soundbite now than actually looking down the road. Typical lib.
      To make matters worse the main slime media will just talk about Obama's good intentions while they still blame Bush for a war of imperialism or a war for oil. Hypocrites

    236. Steve says:

      All according to Obama's plan.

    237. S T says:

      I think if I was a Berber in Libya, I would start shooting the rebels or look to move to a non-arab county. Sharia law will definitely get them killed.

    238. Mick says:

      All of you taking this document seriously need to step back and realize that this document is most likely not legit. First, to think that the rebel opposition is actually coherent enough (due to the multitude of differing tribal and cultural groups comprising the rebel forces) to form any sort of permanent/lasting document for governing the country is simply unrealistic. Second, to those who are still unsure why NATO got involved in Libya, one need only remember Saif al-Islam's statement about the rivers running red with the blood of all those who oppose Gadhafi. The realities of war allowed intervention in Libya — let's not make uneducated and absolutist comparisons with the ongoings in Syria. Third, from my readings on the Libyan rebels, only a small portion of the opposition actually label themselves "Islamist fighters" — whether or not they will have the power/influence to gain control over the rest of the opposition remains to be seen.

      People — making absolutist assertions regarding the certain future of the Libyan regime from a highly suspect source shows your ignorance. I am not willing to argue that future government of Libya will not contain portions of Sharia law. However, I am also not willing to fall into the whole of absurdity by making conclusions regarding inevitability of an idea so feared by many.

    239. wch66 says:

      This is the problem with political vacuums. You never know what's going to blow in behind. Recently, Egypt experienced this as well. I think that this might be the reason that Qadaffi was not bothered by the West for so long — we knew what we had in him and we didn't need to 'upset the apple-cart'. To a point, the same thing can be thought about regarding Iraq and Afghanistan.

      I know it sounds great that Ahmdenijad has such a bad reputation and that he might go as well — somewhere down the line but again, he might be replaced with something or someone even worse. Just consider that for a moment.

    240. clip says:

      It's all better than the Teavangelical take over we're seeing here. You don't have to live with their politics or their religions unless you let their or your religion take over here.

    241. Elle Lunette says:

      Facts? they are actually available. I'm honestly appalled that The Heritage Foundation publishes something with as little background check as they did on this piece. The National Transitional Council has outlined their vision and plans for transitioning to a fully democratic, participatory government. The NTC is recognized by our Dept. of State as well as the European Union and NATO. Anyone with a computer can get online and "draft a constitution," Here is the actual vision of the NTC, split into manageable messages. They have an excellent website in English, btw, with their leadership bios and proposals. Please look for yourself. Honestly, I think our founding fathers would heartily approve of their efforts.


      The interim national council hereby presents its vision for rebuilding the democratic state of Libya. This vision responds to the needs and aspirations of our people, while incorporating the historical changes brought about by the 17 February revolution.

      We have learnt from the struggles of our past during the dark days of dictatorship that there is no alternative to building a free and democratic society and ensuring the supremacy of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations. This can only be achieved through dialogue, tolerance, co-operation, national cohesiveness and the active participation of all citizens. As we are familiar with being ruled by the authoritarian dictatorship of one man, the political authority that we seek must represent the free will of the people, without exclusion or suppression of any voice.

      The lessons of our past will outline our social contract through the need to respect the interests of all groups and classes that comprise the fabric of our society and not compromise the interests of one at the expense of the other. It is this social contract that must lead us to a civil society that recognises intellectual and political pluralism and allows for the peaceful transfer of power through legal institutions and ballot boxes; in accordance with a national constitution crafted by the people and endorsed in a referendum.

      To that end, we will outline our aspirations for a modern, free and united state, following the defeat of the illegal Gaddafi regime. The interim national council will be guided by the following in our continuing march to freedom, through espousing the principles of political democracy. We recognise without reservation our obligation to:

    242. Elle Lunette says:

      Part 2:

      1. Draft a national constitution that clearly defines its nature, essence and purpose and establishes legal, political, civil, legislative, executive and judicial institutions. The constitution will also clarify the rights and obligations of citizens in a transparent manner, thus separating and balancing the three branches of legislative, executive and judicial powers.

      2. Form political organisations and civil institutions including the formation of political parties, popular organisations, unions, societies and other civil and peaceful associations.

      3. Maintain a constitutional civil and free state by upholding intellectual and political pluralism and the peaceful transfer of power, opening the way for genuine political participation, without discrimination.

      4. Guarantee every Libyan citizen, of statutory age, the right to vote in free and fair parliamentary and presidential elections, as well as the right to run for office.

      5. Guarantee and respect the freedom of expression through media, peaceful protests, demonstrations and sit-ins and other means of communication, in accordance with the constitution and its laws in a way that protects public security and social peace.

      6. A state that draws strength from our strong religious beliefs in peace, truth, justice and equality.

      7. Political democracy and the values of social justice, which include:

      a. The nation’s economy to be used for the benefit of the Libyan people by creating effective economic institutions in order to eradicate poverty and unemployment – working towards a healthy society, a green environment and a prosperous economy.

      b. The development of genuine economic partnerships between a strong and productive public sector, a free private sector and a supportive and effective civil society, which overstands corruption and waste.

      c. Support the use of science and technology for the betterment of society, through investments in education, research and development, thus enabling the encouragement of an innovative culture and enhancing the spirit of creativity. Focus on emphasising individual rights in a way that guarantees social freedoms that were denied to the Libyan people during the rule of dictatorship. In addition to building efficient public and private institutions and funds for social care, integration and solidarity, the state will guarantee the rights and empowerment of women in all legal, political, economic and cultural spheres.

      d. A constitutional civil state which respects the sanctity of religious doctrine and condemns intolerance, extremism and violence that are manufactured by certain political, social or economic interests. The state to which we aspire will denounce violence, terrorism, intolerance and cultural isolation; while respecting human rights, rules and principles of citizenship and the rights of minorities and those most vulnerable. Every individual will enjoy the full rights of citizenship, regardless of colour, gender, ethnicity or social status.

      8. Build a democratic Libya whose international and regional relationships will be based upon:

      a. The embodiment of democratic values and institutions which respects its neighbours, builds partnerships and recognises the independence and sovereignty of other nations. The state will also seek to enhance regional integration and international co-operation through its participation with members of the international community in achieving international peace and security.

      b. A state which will uphold the values of international justice, citizenship, the respect of international humanitarian law and human rights declarations, as well as condemning authoritarian and despotic regimes. The interests and rights of foreign nationals and companies will be protected. Immigration, residency and citizenship will be managed by government institutions, respecting the principles and rights of political asylum and public liberties.

      c. A state which will join the international community in rejecting and denouncing racism, discrimination and terrorism while strongly supporting peace, democracy and freedom.

    243. Elle Lunette says:

      Something is fishy here.
      The Libyan Revolution they speak of was on Feb 17, not the 7th.

    244. C Smith says:

      Seven Other Spirits
      When Admiral James Stavridis, NATO's supreme allied commander reported "flickers" of al Qaeda and Hezbollah involvement within ranks of the Libyan rebels, he was soundly reproved. National security officials quickly denied the affiliation, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton immediately mitigated the allegation. However, as the Western coalition continues to facilitate rebellion within the Arab League, a vacuum is undeniably being created. The obvious question: what is going to fill the vacuum? There is an obvious answer, but is won't be forthcoming from Obama or Clinton, or Cameron or Sarkozy:

      "When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so shall it be also unto this wicked generation" (Mathew 12:43-45).

    245. Moodybloo says:

      Obama lovers and Dem's…………."WELL DONE" Egypt and now Libya fall to Muslim terrorists.

    246. Mohamed says:

      hilarious to ask people around the globe to follow "Western Liberal Democracies" while we ALL know that model is a HUGRfailure. I lived there in the US and I can tell you I will never hope to see my country turning to a dumpster of addicts and my economy is a slavery machine based on Interest.

    247. NoMoreMrNiceGuy says:

      Bahahahahh idiots. Do you seriously still believe we are on the correct side?

    248. angel lasuma says:

      Evil Shariah is fast approaching and spreading unless we are pro active! Thanks to the Obama administration.

    249. Delroy says:

      Just WHO are the Libyan rebels? Is there a leader proposed who could actually unite the country? Where is the Fidel Castro, Ho Chi Minh or whomever the next despot is going to be?
      I see another 42 years of tribal warfare and continued killing, raping, looting and pillaging.

    250. Nane says:

      More media disinformation. What is with the U.S. media? 90% of what I'm seeing published about Libya is dead wrong.

    251. bogie7129 says:

      Obama is going about getting rid of every middle-eastern leader that has been “friendly” to the U.S. for the last fifty or so years, and making it possible for new leaders in those countries to come from the radical muslim brotherhood. You know what their agenda is, and you know what America will be facing in the near future.

    252. I predicted this as the outcome from the beginning.

      The world is going to reap the whirlwind with the Middle East and Africa moving to the shari'a end of the spectrum.

      In just 2.5 years, look what Obama has accomplished in the Middle East! Bad, bad news.

    253. gablau says:

      Hmmm…….at least Iraq was accused of WMDs. What was Libya accused with? Dictatorship? Yes. Any different from Cuba? Yet, we don't hear a word about that from the current western socialistic direction dominated politicians. Food for thought.

    254. Rodger Smith says:

      I think this is a stupid article. Clearly the person who wrote this article and the people commenting on it have never lived in that part of the world. I have!

      It is no surprise that these rebels are attempting to create an Islamic state with Sharia as their law. It isn't that different from what they had before. The real issue is about the how and why our government has helped fund all of this. We, America, have made all of this possible.

      I have not seen anyone on the news discuss how these rebels got all of their ammunition and weapons… Hmm… I wonder… Wake the up!!!

    255. TRAJAN2448 says:

      This is another disaster. We are supporting Al Qaeda and Taliban to power in Libya. This is NOT in our best interest.

    256. @tony012008 says:

      All this press coverage over Libya is a waste of time..and always has been. We got major problems here domestically, and Obama will take credit for democracy in these Arab countries falling. Their just changing hands to another Islamic regime with Sharia law as its foundation. But most folks dont know the danger it poses to us, just as they dont REALLY know the danger of a 16.4Trilliion national debt.

    257. ChairmanWiidong says:

      Apparently our entire glorious military adventure is suddenly threatened by the disappointing condition of the Libyan golf greens. Dear leader was noticeably downcast yesterday. This is just more proof of the savageness and cruelty of the Arab savages that Obama is currently pitted against

    258. KingJack says:

      I see the most common phrase in the new constitution is "the State"–as though the "state" is going to be mother for life. Can't wait to see how this will work out. Prediction: it won't.

    259. MockTheDummy says:

      A government based on fundamentalist religious tenets? I didn't even know that the Tea Party was in Libya!

    260. noobamavember2012 says:

      Urkel?! yeah, i can see that ..

    261. TLDR001 says:

      Besides the fact that it is in English for no apparent reason, In Arabic the names for the Gregorian "western" are supplemented by the names of the corresponding months from the Jewish calendar.

    262. Constitution_First says:

      Another example of "Change" being a whole lot more like cancer, than cure (and being careful what you wish for.)

    263. Article 8 changes it to a socialist state, way to go Obama you have a socialist state. Now it is clear why you went in you just gave this country to a few people that want to control the masses.

      What a joke Obama is, I never thought he was smart but I did think he is a danger to America and others.

    264. Nothing ever good come out of Islam. Nothing ever beautiful in Islam. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

    265. geo says:

      What is the surprise? Are the POLS and media shocked by this? If they are then they totally inept and blind.

    266. DanDDiver says:

      Perhaps we Americans should learn from this and stop trying to force our will and lifestyle on other countries.
      Bring our taxpayer's hard-earned, but easily develved out dollars home to help rebuild American's schools, health care system, infrastructure and economy.

      These Muslim countries and their people are not like us and we are not like them. Let them wallow in their own ignorance and archaic laws until their people figure it out for themselves.
      We did. We finally left an abusive European society and formed a new one.

      Stop sending American troops to fight in backward Muslim countries for a bunch of idiots that don't appreciate freedom nor education. Stop sending American taxpayer's money into countries to prop up corrupt government officials paid to make things better for American businesses, who skip out on paying their own share of taxes.

      Screw the Muslims. Let them have their oil.

      We have our oil. We have our goods and make them pay their oil for our goods. Or let them eat and drink their oil.
      But get the hell out of Muslim countries and get them the hell out of ours.

    267. BENDOR says:

      Do any of you liberals know what the women's rights are under a Sharia divorce? What about the sexual rights of underage girls and boys? Sharia is human rights abuse; codified.

    268. DanDDiver says:

      Obama is a loser.

      He's worse than Jimmy Carter — the biggest loser president the USA has ever had.

      It's apparent the Democrats and liberals know nothing about actually making an economy work. Nor do they know how to deal with Muslim countries.

      Jimmy Carter's whimpy dealings with Tehran when they overran our embassy and held our people captive for over a year was the beginning of the rise of Muslim terror. Had Carter dealt more swiftly and strongly, we probably wouldn't have this problem today.
      But he was a weakling. Same as Obama.

      Now we're faced with a new global threat — the Muslim world — a world that hates us, Israel and every other free thinking, breathing country.

    269. rachel says:

      why would a draft of a arab constituion be in english? shouldn't be! hoax!

    270. Sarah Hermanns says:

      Way to go, Obama! Since I had foreseen this potential outcome months ago and was therefore against our interference in Libya, why couldn't he? Now we have helped to give birth to a new nation of sharia law.

    271. nortonburgess says:

      Super. In our lame attempts to "democratize" these countries we're helping Islam spread. Of course it's not surprising that our Government would have a hand in screwing someone up so bad it's FUBAR…. it happens every time the Government passes legislation.

    272. guest says:

      "We the jihadist and sharaish of the United tribes of Lybia……"

    273. stevemaplewurst says:

      EXCELLENT !!! The USA just liberated Al Qaeda !!!!…. AWESOME work Prez !!!! …. KEEP IT UP !!!!

    274. Lapsed Pastafarian says:

      I'm shocked I tell you! Shocked!!!

    275. jimmy says:

      Sharia Law??? Whoduh thunk??

      Regressive Libtards refuse to accept the idea that Sharia law is incompatible with a modern democracy. Pluralism? Not in Sharia! Rights for women? Not in Sharia! Deviant sexual 'lifestyles"? HAHAHA. The unwashed masses – and in Arab countries, there are truly hundreds of millions of unwashed, uneducated, illiterate masses – tend to be very traditional, very conservative, and prefer to ruled by mad mullahs.

      Good luck, Obummer, you got what you asked for.

    276. F. Stephen Masek says:

      It is obvious that Islam was made up by warloards and trouble makers to counter the advance of Christianity and allow them to keep behaving as they wish. It is from the Devil, not God. The warloards who cooked-up Islam copied just enough of Christianity to fool many people, but the horrible Sharia stuff and the "kill the infadels" baloney show the true intent. Of course there are many good people who are Moslems, but they are essentially rejecting many of the key points in Islam, while still claiming to be Moslems.

      If we had put the money wasted on the Bush-Obama war towards building schools and otherwise educating Moslems and showing them the truth about the western world, many would would now be rejecting Sharia and converting to Christianity. Uttimately, we still need to find a way to educate them, or they will keep trying to destroy us.

    277. roman says:

      article 8…the state guarantees work and wealth redistribution….mm, what a novel idea…lets ignore the fact that it failed in every country its been tried. this goverment is finished before its formed.
      article14 ….no forming of rebelions or revolutionary groups like yourselfs?? very nice, and of course no right to bear arms.
      enjoy your up and comming dictatorship and lets hope that you are no more oppressed as under the one you are now.

    278. JSNYC says:

      Q. WAS THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO the second document relied on re the Libyan transitional charter?

    279. Hooray for Sharia Law! Beheadings and acid in the face for everyone!

    280. JSNYC says:

      Q. Are the 10 PILLARS OF THE COMMUNIST MANIFESTO the secondary source for the Libyan Transitional Charter – and if so what are the references?

    281. bungalow says:

      So what, isn't Christianity the Religion of the USA, and the principal source of legislation is the Bible”

    282. Red_Ruffansore says:

      When I drown rats, I like them to all be in one barrel. Sharia later alligator.

    283. snydrhrry says:

      I have theorized that a possible culmination of current events and trends will be that the planet will be controlled by Islam and the Chinese oligarchy. Europe is dieing through a low birth rate and a burgeoning Muslim minority population. Islam has taken over Egypt, is threatening Libya and Yemen. Is controlling Pakistan, Afghanistan, Indonesia. And is the religion of the Russian "—Stans." is Islam. China controls Tibet, Hong Kong, inner Mongolia. There are Chinese minority populations in Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore and other countries. They control both ends of the Panama Canal and have a long lease on the former Navy ship repair and maintenance facility at Long Beach, CA. And Islam is growing in numbers and influence in our country: Menus in schools and other institutions banning pork, courses in Islam (friendly and favorable) in schools and colleges. Arabic radio stations. And the projected and favored Mosque at Ground Zero. One (so far) Congressman who is a (converted) Muslim. To fantasize a little: Europe, Africa, Western Asia, America east of the Rockies, Canada, Latin America controlled by Islam, The rest of the planet controlled or dominated by China. The weakened state o the U.S., the catastrophic financial/fiscal situation in Europe contribute to this theory, as does the continued growth, financially and militarily of China. What do YOU think???

    284. Phil says:

      It looks like it will be sharia with some elements of religious freedom thrown in. This constitution looks like it is probably the best we can hope for. As printed it sounds pretty good, but don't hold your breath. A lot can happen in the interim.

    285. Guest says:

      Any fool knows that these countries will come under Sharia and they will hate Israel and the U.S. It exactly what the Muslim in the White House wants to see happen. This clown didn't sit in Wright's church listening to the diatribes against the U.S. for nothing!
      Lincoln, Kennedy, and Reagan…but why not Obama? It's hard to figure that out.

    286. June says:

      We need to outlaw sharia law in this country and pass legislation that we cannot have any thing to do with any sharia law country. It is time to stop catering to businesses that undermine our values for profit. We need to do it now.

    287. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Article 8 really drew my attention. Imagine finding the phrases "fair distribution of wealth", "right of medical care" and "appropriate standard of living" in our Constitution. What a minute! Liberal judges already do!

    288. deboss says:

      its all hogwash,,i love eating pork,,mmm mmmmmm

    289. George says:

      More disastrous and failed foreign policy by radical socialists. Very sad and dangerous.

    290. Pajimb says:

      Where is Carl Rove when you need him?

    291. Sean says:

      This is the strategy being used all across the Middle East, to topple a government ruled by a godless dictator and to replace it with another dictator. Islam despises freedom and rule by the people by imposing its Sharia "law" on the people. Islam does not submit to God or His law but to its own false god. May the true and living God and the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ break the reign of Islam over these nations and replace it with a free society who will bow down to the Lord Jesus Christ.

    292. MaoYing says:

      And there are still people in this world that think Islam is a religion. Not only that, these people think it is a religion of peace. Evil is as evil does.

    293. carl showalter says:

      israel,i hope will toast them all as in 'without warning',by john birmingham.
      the book is really good,but the part where israel takes care of business really cheered me up.

    294. Ju-on says:

      Know your enemy: if we can soilidify these governments and terrorists into a tangable, conventional body, (after they sort thier collective shit out) we can have total war, pragmatic and decicive, unlike the current sitrep. Knowing your enemy is key, give,aid and monitor. Keep him close. This is desireable, the only way to consolidate the enemies of our government (freedom lovers?), is to buy into their passions. A calulated risk is in play, perhaps justified perhaps not. I dont give a shit. The fall of the ussr can be cited as creating a condition of unpredictabillity, which is abhored by any General. It is better to annialate a democraticlly elected people then those under tyrany.

    295. WNYPlanner says:

      Hector Projector! Thou Hypocrite! Cast thy beam out of thine own eye! Extreme Fundementalist Islam = Extreme Fundementalist Christianity. Of course, this may be over your heads or you may stubbornly resist reproach which is typical of those who are in denial but would rather project their own aversive personal flaws onto others. Don't make me laugh!!!!

    296. the devil youknow is better then the devil you do not. so far this has cost the usa 1 billion dollars.

    297. RobTaylor says:

      We are witnessing the begins of WW III against a new Ottoman empire.

    298. Wosson says:

      What is the original source of this document? Why is it written in English? There seems to be no reference to this particular document on the TNC website or on Feb17 website which lists all official documents. This looks to me as if it might be a hoax, in which case it is highly irresponsible. The Libyan people have paid a very high price for freedom. Scaremongering and spreading fear of Islam is just plain spiteful.

      I would recommend some research on Sharia law by some of your readers.

    299. I have my eagle eye on LIBYA and feel very nervous about
      who will take over power and I had no idea this was their draft
      for their constitution and it states sharia right in it I am in shock!
      Will someone please explain why this is even being drafted?
      No one has even taken POWER!!!

      • Please reread the article.

        " It is just a draft, mind you, and gauging its authenticity at this point is difficult. There is also no way to know whether this draft or something similar will emerge as the final governing document for a new Libyan regime."

        It is NOT the draft of their constitution, necessarily. We don't know who wrote this or when. The National Transitional Council has been recognized, they have a good interim plan, and you can see it online.

        One of the few good things Gaddafi did was to educate a lot of professionals in western universities. There is a sizeable group of pro-democracy, forward thinking people in Libya. If you want to see what they actually say, check out Twitter, search Libya. Lots of them are very active there, and regularly interact with journalists from the major news networks live.

        Libya is not Iraq, it's very close to Europe with a long history of occupation by various regimes, a lot of them with western type thinking. In fact, they came to Islam only in the 1800s. Yes, there is an Islamist faction there. There are also Berbers and atheists. What they make of their country will be interesting, but to me, and I grew up there, not nearly as much cause for concern as Pakistan. We know what grows there, and it's truly a threat.

    300. Joel says:

      I suppose the Heritage Foundation would like to omit the fact that Senator Graham and Senator McCain wanted Obama to do MORE to liberate Libyans from their oppressive regime. You'd like to sit on the sidelines and play armchair quaterback and secondguess every decision our leaders make. How about you grow up and be more forward leaning. Sharia isn't good, but neither is suggesting the United States should watch a dictator kill his own people.

    301. David says:

      I wouldn't be too quick to jump on the "It'll just be another Iran" bandwagon. As the author of this article said, with the exception of "The principle source of legislation is Shria Law," the rest of the proposed constitution is very liberal (meaning, not left-wing, but enlightened and democratic). The author is right to point out that we should be wary of any mention of "law" if it is to be equated with Shria Law. However, I have to wonder exactly how much of this proposed constitution will be a copy of Shria, rather than simply inspired by it. This certainly doesn't read like a bunch of people who wish to kill you if you drink alcohol or become an apostate of Islam. I may just be a hopeless optomist, but it seems more logical to me to wait and see than assume at this moment that it's going to turn into a copy of Iran.

    302. manso says:

      why are you suprising and criticizing this is islamic country ,libyan are 100% muslims and they are comfortable what islamic sharia ,mind your on bussiness and leave these people to rule thier country what ever they want
      you are gonna to dictate thier constitution
      iam really happy and congratulating the brother of libya to include sharia law thier constitution

    303. guest says:

      It's 99% muslim country, sharia is the law – perfectly normal.

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