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  • Obama Administration Takes Long-Overdue Action on Syria

    A Syrian living in Turkey shouts slogans during a protest against the government of Syria's President Bashar al-Assad after Friday prayers in front of the Syrian consulate in Istanbul August 19, 2011. REUTERS/Osman Orsal

    A Syrian living in Turkey shouts slogans during a protest against the government of Syria

    The Obama Administration, which has been tragically slow to condemn President Bashar al-Assad’s violent repression of peaceful demonstrators and call for his resignation, finally took action to do so yesterday. After muting its criticism of Assad’s serial mass murders of his own people for five months, the White House released a statement that ratcheted up sanctions on Syria’s dictatorship and called for Assad to step down.

    Since protests erupted in March, the Assad regime has killed more than 1,800 Syrians and jailed more than 10,000 in a brutal crackdown against peaceful demonstrators. But the Obama Administration was slow to respond, paralyzed by wishful thinking about Assad’s supposed credentials as a “reformer,” and it maintained a naïve engagement strategy, seeking to pull the Syrian regime into peace negotiations with Israel.

    In its unseemly rush to engage Damascus, the Obama Administration glossed over the fact that the Assad regime not only is a major state sponsor of terrorism, but also is Iran’s chief ally in the Middle East, has long interfered in Lebanon’s internal affairs, and was caught red-handed violating the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty in 2007 after Israel destroyed an illegal nuclear facility designed to produce fissile material for nuclear weapons.

    This engagement policy with Syria failed miserably, just as the Administration’s engagement policy with Iran also failed to produce any tangible results. Both of these failures are rooted in the naïve assumptions that underpin the Obama Doctrine, which has undermined U.S. national security interests.

    One of the counterproductive implications of the Obama Doctrine is that it leads the Administration to seek better relations with hostile regimes while neglecting to defend the interests of allies. For example, the ill-conceived diplomatic effort to engage Iran greatly discomforted Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and other allies, while the effort to engage Syria undermined pro-Western forces in Lebanon, which Syria long has sought to dominate.

    The Obama Administration’s timid Syria policy is especially grating when compared to its quick abandonment of Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak when his regime relied on much less repressive tactics to confront opposition demonstrators earlier this year. Although the Obama Administration pressed for Mubarak to resign in a matter of weeks despite the fact that he was a longtime ally, it took five months for it to reach a similar conclusion about the Assad regime, a longtime foe.

    A country that gains a reputation for quickly abandoning its allies while eagerly courting its enemies inevitably will find it has fewer friends and more enemies.

    For more on U.S. policy on Syria, see:

    Time for the Obama Administration to Support Freedom in Syria


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    2 Responses to Obama Administration Takes Long-Overdue Action on Syria

    1. Rene says:

      I think the author might be misreading the importance of, and the outcome to, BO's intervention in Syria.
      The following is a response to a misguided opinion piece in Reason but it addresses this one too:
      (Once you get to the numbered questions it'll get obvious).

      OK "YES" I normally agree with the articles carried in that outstanding publication "American Spectator". The left screams about them a but they don't dare check their track record.

      Having said that the author has utterly missed the boat here in his assessment of Obama's slide into what he interprets as neoconservatism; it isn't. He attributes BO's mid-east insanity to an impulse that there is no hint of in his history or verbiage.

      What he has done is to assess the acts of Obama and lend to them the cause he might have blamed if done by a GWB. I suspect this is because nothing else he conceives of fits.

      So let's view these acts from a distance and see if they fit into any other more logical pattern.

      1 – What are these wars and destabilization accomplishing in the mid-east?
      2 – Who stands to benefit from these acts?
      3 – What will fill the geo-political holes he is creating?
      4 – Is their a single entity in ALL of these places that might emerge the big winner?
      5 – And if so, what is it's goal?

      Q. 1:
      Whether it is a war against a dormant ex-threat or a public cheer leading and subversive support to remove an Arab ally, or the newest action calling for another much more evil strongman to step aside, EACH of these actions removes the old guard and throws the country in question into chaos and upheaval. This is Alinsky, Cloward & Piven, and Marx ta "T". Obama's hero, mentors, and their ideological master.

      I do not for a second believe that Obama is some spineless idiot who is stumbling through the job making all the wrong moves. He has the same "dream" ha he has always had and one we don't see unless we look at him a lot harder than our incurious media ever have.

      Q. 2-4:
      The short answer is "the muslim brotherhood". Due in no small part to the lamestream media the average American is incredibly ignorant of islam and esp it's most insidious elements. The media and our national fear of doing or saying anything that might appear intolerant has kept us stupid, vulnerable, and largely inactive in some very serious ways.
      I don't kn ow about you but I am really sick of people who never board a plane whining about profiling! Let's make spacial planes with no security available just for these simpletons, call it a proactive stance on natural selection. But I digress.

      The "brotherhood", and the most radical wing of islam (Wahabi's) have been doing some big work together. They have built over 80% of the mosques in the US. They control over 80% of the muslim prison chaplains. And they have m ore members across every muslim border than anything the world has ever seen before. As was accurately predicted by Beck in the first few days of the Egypt debacle, the brotherhood has swept in and begun it''s takeover of the country. With it will come sharia, oppression, calls to kill every jew , and (Answer to Q # 5) a muslim caliphate.
      THIS IS NOT SPECULATION! Numerous leaders of the MB have stated in the last few months that this is the goal.
      And we have a president who seems to be doing everything he can to throw the doors open for this other than going in and killing off then current leaders…not that he hasn't tried to kill at least one. He is effectively arousing every radical that was being held in check by strongmen who were allies, or little of no threat to us or Israel. And as they go the most likely replacement means severe oppression and insane militarism based on perverse and vicious cult beliefs whit a history of consistent evil deeds going back hundreds of years.

      WAIT! You say; "But isn't Obama a Christian?"

      For that we have only the word of a man so comfortable with lying he makes CLinton look like George Washington. There is not the slightest proof otherwise.

      Here is what we have that contradicts this:

      He has at least THREE (3) radical "muslim brother hood members" on his staff and not a single real Christian to anyone's knowledge….and we are supposed to believe that he is born again?
      ( – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBNeOan98Xw)

      One of Obama's MANY lies was his promise to find a home church over a year ago.
      Not only did he fail to do this he also "opted out" of almost every Christian event.

      He canceled numerous Christian events and stopped Air Force flyovers etc that had been traditions.

      Let's not forget his overtly marxist PRO-musilm "pastor" who had Farrakan come to their "church" and speak, any many like him.

      He has had regular muslim celebrations in the WH and he has bowed and scraped to islamic leaders.

      ****PLEASE SEE PART 2****

    2. Rene says:

      ****PART TWO****

      I think the birthers are goofs but no rational person can doubt he is a marxist.
      All 3 parents, both grandparents, his "pastor:" of 21 yrs, all the personal hero's he named in his books, the mentors he has named. many of the people working in the white house for him.ARE MARXISTS.

      There was that very interesting "slip of the tongue" admission on camera when he said "my muslim faith" and had to be corrected by one of our rotten leftist media types.
      Find me a born again Christian who has said "My ____ faith" and missed like this…I'll give you all the time you need.

      Let's not forget that islam and marxism/fascism are completely compatible.
      Throughout history these have worked together far more than they have fought.
      REAL Christianity is the most serious enemy of any strain of socialism despite the inane lies of the leftist pseudo-Christians who try and pervert scriptures to find 'social justice' in them.

      We also know that for at least the end of Ramadan he shed his wedding ring which is mandated by islam.

      This is the same president that spent the Christmas holidays in Hawaii
      to avoid religious obligations as PRESIDENT at the White House.

      His children do not receive Christmas presents…ever.

      What we have here is a pattern of personal behavior that strongly indicates an overt preference for islam and a nearly complete neglect of Christianity.

      ****BUT let's just ignore all of that; Dismiss it all if you like!****

      What we are then left with are the overt acts that add up to the HUGE boost for the biggest and most dangerous of all the forces at work in islam and the middle east.
      This is not a matter of speculation. Anyone who cares to check on who is ascending to power in these Obama created vacuums can see what Obama, the ever evil State Dept., and every "brother of the muslim hood" can see. What Obama and his muslim brotherhood white House staff are creating is so wicked it makes the work of Dr Frankenstein appear like a slight error with an Easy Bake Oven.

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