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  • Morning Bell: Never Quit

    Next month, America will honor the anniversary of September 11, 2001, when terrorists  killed nearly 3,000 of our fellow citizens. In the days after 9/11, Americans stood together as one, setting aside partisan fervor and recognized a common enemy in Islamist terrorist groups, particularly al-Qaeda. National security was rightfully restored as our nation’s highest priority.

    Ten years later, Osama bin Laden is dead, delivering to victims’ families and the rest of America a bit of justice for the heinous acts we all witnessed. But one terrorist’s death does not justify returning to the national security mindset that existed prior to that day.

    As Thomas Paine said, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

    That notion is ever true. Thanks to important policies put into place after 9/11, America has been able to thwart at least 41 publicly known terrorist attacks. Such vigilance saved lives and will continue to do so moving forth. As Heritage’s Matt Mayer wrote days after bin Laden’s death:

    In terrorist hideouts across the globe, many men with similarly warped views are eager to become the next bin Laden. They know the path to that title [lies] in successfully attacking us domestically and causing substantial death and destruction.

    The global war on terror that began as a result of 9/11 continues, and brave men and women risk their lives daily to protect America and prevent future acts of terrorism. As soldiers return from Afghanistan and Iraq after third or fourth tours of duty, we’re reminded that a clear and present danger remains.

    Unfortunately, President Obama isn’t taking the threat seriously enough. The embattled debt ceiling policy outcome proved this, delivering a bitter pill of $500 billion in cuts to our national security.

    Heritage’s Baker Spring writes of the policy:

    …the policy established by the debt ceiling law will strip the military of its ability to secure the vital interests of the United States. The law, unless it is altered or repealed, will do irreparable harm to the United States military.

    … History has repeatedly shown that these kinds of reductions in defense are penny wise and pound foolish, because they often serve to increase the likelihood of conflict. And weakness that invites war is much more expensive than deterring our enemies by maintaining an adequate defense budget all along.

    Without the necessary security, America’s position as a world superpower will begin to decline. And still, President Obama and congressional liberals press on, putting our national security in jeopardy. Defense spending is far below its historical average, while money spent on unsustainable entitlement programs eats up two-thirds of the federal budget. America’s budgetary priorities are badly mismanaged, and our readiness suffers as a result.

    Heritage’s Mackenzie Eaglen writes:

    No military service has been immune from wear and tear over 10 years of constant combat and other operations. According to General Marine Corps General Joseph Dunford, Jr., two-thirds of non-deployed Marines are not at acceptable readiness levels. This means they’re unable to respond to unforeseen crises if needed.

    America’s military requires the ability to respond forcefully and effectively, and it relies on Congress and the President to provide the necessary resources.

    As Abraham Lincoln said in the Gettysburg Address, “It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced.”

    As the 10-year anniversary of 9/11 approaches, it’s important to honor the victims and the heroes of that day by not only remaining on guard, but promising we will never quit this important fight until the threat no longer exists.

    Leading up to September 11, The Heritage Foundation will be hosting a series of events and releasing critical research and analysis designed to educate America on the remaining threat and offer the right policy course to keep us safe.

    We will also be asking Americans to join us in a display of unity once again. On Sunday, September 11, 2011, we hope that every neighborhood across the nation is flooded with American flags celebrating the lives of those we lost in New York, Virginia and Pennsylvania and the heroism we witnessed, while also reminding each other that the fight to prevent another attack is not over.

    Please continue to check in with us here on The Foundry, at Heritage.org and on Facebook and Twitter over the next four weeks. On Twitter, send us pictures of your flag flying by using the hashtag #Flag911 in your tweet to offer your own remembrances and encourage others to join with us.

    We must remember how we stood as a nation with a shared purpose and intensity on September 12, 2001 and in the days following. That collective and eternal vigilance is still essential. Never quit.

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    48 Responses to Morning Bell: Never Quit

    1. Monte says:

      When Thomas Paine said this, “Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.”

      The support of the Defense Freedom was closer to 95% of the people, today it is less than 40%.

      Those sitting on their backsides watching TV and getting money from the Liberal Gov are not going to fight for freedom.

      With out an educated public the support of the Constitution and Freedom is at stake, it took the Libs just over 100 years to erode the educational system in the USA, how long will it take to get it back to pre Widrow Wilson times?

      "Those who give up Liberty for saftey will have or deserve neither"

    2. Pat from Texas says:

      Bravo Ericka Anderson and all who may have contributed to this piece. Beautiful!

    3. carolyn olson says:

      I appreciate all that is said in this piece, but I do wonder about, as some have pointed out to us, that the question is whether we need troups in some of the places we have around the world. Some say we do not need troups in South Korea, and Germany in particular. I question that, but they do not seem to question that at all. Also Ron Paul is so vocal in saying that ALL our troups should come home. That is no reasonable to me, but I would like to hear some rebutal, with facts to these ideas.

      • Frank says:

        I think it is very unwise for us to continue playing the world's policeman, and we can't afford it anyways! If other countries truly want us there, let them pay for our troops. Even then, we should be very, very careful where we place our troops as I agree with our Founding Fathers who warned us about "foreign entanglements". Let's close most of these bases we have in over 100 countries around the world, return our troops, ships & planes home. Mind our own business & guard our own borders. Upgrade our home-based planes, ships & troops… all for about half of what we now spend on defense. And no more fighting of undeclared wars with no clear objectives or enemies. Again, that's not what our Founding Fathers wanted & not what the Constitution permits.

      • Steve S. says:

        You are confusing policy with the instrument of policy. Though your point may be well taken, the status of the military must be seen as it is, a separate issue. Eaglen's math is wrong. It has been 20 years, since the inception of Operation Desert Shield, that we have been on a massive wartime ops tempo. Our people and our weapons are worn out. The human costs are staggering, and not just the numbers of maimed and killed. Families torn asunder from years of absence, parents missing ALL of the major events of their children growing up, and the financial strain as well. Instead of modernizing our weapon systems and infrastructure, we are hell bent for leather, shrinking an aging inventory.

      • joan says:

        Where are all these "troops" coming from? Whose Children are you sending, YOUR FAMILY? We can afford this? Really

        • Steve S. says:

          As a matter of fact, yes, my family. Could we "afford" to lose 400,000 during WWII? many thought not. 3,000 in 11 Sep? Thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan? We need to be very sure that spending the blood of our youth is warranted. Ask the vets. We will give you varied answers, I'm sure. But those answers will not spring from political rhetoric.

    4. Shirley says:

      I wish there was a way that people like me who don't subscribe to the "social networks" to show our patriotism with photos of our flags flying high (as it does every day 365).

    5. Frank says:

      I fully support a strong national defense and increased national security. But America is becoming a police state, our liberties are constantly being eroded away & I do not think fighting a vague "War of Terror" has increased our security after trillions of dollars & thousands of lives lost in Afghanistan & Iraq. We have become the world's policeman, which we can ill afford to do any more and our Founding Fathers would have advised against. Either Congress makes a clear declaration of war & we go all out with clear objectives, or we bring our troops home & protect our borders. No more Unconstitutional "police actions" & fighting of undeclared wars around the world. I also don't like being treated like a criminal every time I get on a plane. I noticed this last flight I was on most people now wear sandals instead of normal shoes as it makes it easier for them to take them on & off so the TSA can check them. In so many ways, the USA today is a far cry (for the worse) from the USA I was used to growing up in. We now live in a big government, police, welfare/warfare state. I grew up in a small government, low tax, low regulation, land of opportunity (not handouts), state where I could see freedom & justice. Somewhere along the way, things went drastically wrong. Frankly, I also am no longer proud of my nation. Good has become evil & evil has become good. America lost its greatness when we stopped being good.

      • David Creighton says:

        I agree with Frank about flying commercially. As a pilot for 46 years, I enjoyed flying both myself, and through the airlines. I don't any longer. With artificial knees, screws in my back and a pace maker, it is torture going through TSA's procedures. Without cause, we are looked upon and treated as suspects as we wait in massive lines and have our privacy wasted. Not to mention the billions of dollars TSA costs us and the airlines. Because of the concept of political correctness, TSA won't profile possible terrorists (all so far have been mid-easterners between the ages of 18 and 32) as Israel does. So we blithley go on feeling up children and grandmothers rather than pick out the likely ones. Israel doesn't even use the pat-down techniques we do. Since I retired, I've taken up creative writing, and have written three short stories showing how terrorists could easly side step TSA's security measures and get weapons, bombs, etc. on commercial airlines. The terrrorists who have been stopped to date, have been the passengers on planes themselves and bungled headed terrorist's, not TSA. Osama bin Laden won.

    6. Everyone should be ready to have a flag flying on Sept 11th.

      • joan says:

        Or lay on a casket of a young son or daughter being returned home from the theater, if they can find their body.

    7. Jeanne Stotler says:

      My flag flies 24/7 and I am proud to do so. I am a granddaughter of a US Army Lt. Col. who lost his life due to a disease he picked up in Cuba during the Spanish American war, he's buried in Arlington along with my Brother in law who lost his life in France WW II, I am also a decedent from the Mayflower and a French Hugenaut, a Scottman sent here by Cromwell, thru them there are 3 US Pres. on my family tree along with a lot of other names found in history books and I support the Tea Party and Conservative movement to bring back the values these people gave their lives for.

    8. Gary Beck says:

      Thank you for this article (and for each "Morning Bell" article that I receive on a daily basis).

      Yes, I remember the day, and the days and a (very) few weeks that followed 9/11 when there was a sudden, but welcome, absence of liberal vitriol and liberal faces in the news as they went into temporary hiding from the light of renewed patriotism. But it did not take long for them to begin crawling out and renewing their collective effort to destroy this country with every means at their disposal, especially in the media.

      Thank you for remaining vigilant in defense of this great and good nation and the principals upon which it was founded (and which have made it so great). Never quit.

      Gary Beck

    9. clarence swinney says:


      5% own 62% all Net Wealth
      80% own 15% 120,000,00 workers (62/15)

      2% own 50% all Financial Wealth
      20% own 93%
      80% 120,000,000 workers own 7% (93/7)

      25% take 67% all individual income
      80% 70,000,000 workers take 13% (67/13)

      10 Banks own 80% all deposits in 7600 Banks
      10 firms own military industrial
      10 firms own pharmaceutical industry
      10 firms own many of our industries—buy/sell/ship overseas by Wall Street


      No Safety Nets=BURN BABY BURN
      Ignites in all major cities
      clarenceswinneyolduglymeanhonest political historian Lifeaholics of America
      author Lifeaholic Success by working for a Life not just a Living
      madmadmad at Inequality In America
      cswinney2@triad.rr.com comments welcome

      • Del in Virginia says:

        A Republic, not a democracy. If you want wealth redistribution from those who earned it to those who won't work for it, move to a socialist country. I appreciate the opportunity to fail as well as to succeed. That;s what has made America great.

      • Ed Angelo says:

        Clarence, as your stats show, we are not burning in our greed, but rather in the greed of a small percentage of Americans. When you have wealth concentrated in so few people at a time when so many are suffering hunger(yes, hunger, right here in the USA, where over 46 million persons–and rising–and over 15 million children live below the poverty line), foreclosures, joblessness, aimlessness, deferral of dreams, destruction of hope…you get what the great African-American Poet, Langston Huges depicts in his powerful and hopefully not too prophetic poem, A Dream Deferred, presenting the idea that a dream deferred might just "explode"!

        You folks at Heritage love to talk about patriotism. Well, right now it seems to me that the most patriotic act that "them that's got" can do is to give up a small portion of their wealth so that the many have just enough. We need jobs for the dispossessed, not handouts! So take a chance Mr. Rich Man, risk a loss at your company by putting fellow Americans to work–that's the best way you can display and wave Old Glory!

        • Frank says:

          The most patriotic thing we can do is shrink the size & scope of our government, end the Income Tax/IRS, go to some sort of simple Fair Tax system, cut red tape & regulations, end the welfare/warfare state, end the Federal Reserve, return to sound money, balance the budget & start to pay down the debt. We can't do that if over 50% of the people who pay no taxes & demand more government & programs paid for by the rest of us (less than 50% now). With everything spinning out of control & unmeasurable risk factors in business, how can you expect "them that's got" to risk "all they've got" in new businesses with a high likelihood of failure? That would be unfair to the family members they are expected to support! Until the USA becomes business friendly once again, things will continue to degenerate in this once great nation. The good news is: if we just look back on our history & see the things that worked in the past & return to those basic ideas & principles, we can overcome all our problems. The longer we wait to do that, the more pain we will endure. Good ideas (small, Constitutional government, low taxes simple taxes, equal opportunities, sound money) succeed, but bad ideas (big, out-of-control government, high complicated taxes, income redistribution & favoritism, paper money) fail. We are failing.

        • RICK -California says:

          Hey Ed, I'm a Contractor in California (the second worst economy in the nation), I have had to lay off all our workers & my Partner & I are keeping our Company going by doing any and all the work ourselves. We are both in our late fifties and would love to bring back our workers, from lay off and let them do the work they were doing. Our problem is that the California State Assembly & THIS president and his group, in just the last two years,have killed all the jobs with all their NEW REGULATIONS & HIGHER COSTS to do business (higher fees for Business to hire people, etc.), The Banks not loaning moneys they got from Us (The Taxpayers), to people for construction loans and for Businesses to invest in New Equipment,ETC. We Have already lost a lot of our money keeping the Company going, investments we have, loosing money every day, and you want us to hand over more??? DO YOU REALIZE HOW MUCH THE U.S. DOLLAR HAS LOST IN VALUE SINCE THIS GUY IN THE WHITE HOUSE TOOK OVER??? HOW MUCH OF OUR (YOURS & MINE) MONEY HE HAS SPENT??? IF YOU DON'T– ITS MORE THAN ALL PAST PRESIDENTS COMBINED, HAVE SPENT. ALSO, this CRAP about it being BUSH'S fault GROW UP and get over IT. You have probably forgotten that -THE DEMOCRATS HAVE CONTROLLED CONGRESS SINCE 2006 and they were the ones that drove the bus over the cliff. Bush was trying to stop it ,But they kept telling him they wouldn't listen. Barnie Frank and Chris Dodd both told the President "that the housing market, Freddie and Fannie were fine". WHAT A JOKE THAT WAS ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!

          Until MR. OBAMA & HIS REGIME are out of office and the Socialists in Congress are thrown out, this situation WILL NOT CHANGE.

          OH, by the way—HOW HAS THAT "HOPE & CHANGE " – BEEN WORKIN" OUT FOR YOU??? It sure hasn't been working out for Us and the Families of our workers that are on lay off. Not to mention the other 25+million people out of work.

      • leftshot says:

        As pointed out, the United States was formed as a Constitutional Republic. But really, are going to try to tell us that those stats are markedly different in a communist country? A dictatorship? A socialist state?

        Of course they aren't. The difference is that in the United States we believe in equal opportunity. In countries with those other forms of government those who have the money almost wholly got there through corrupt means.

        Now in the United States historically that has not been the case by and large, but is getting more so as we move away from federalism and the rule of law. Those are values we need to restore.

      • snydrhrry says:

        You omitted that some families are working hard to support themselves and their children, like my son, and paying high taxes to support those who sit on their backsides, using dope (not "Drugs") and producing babies, more dependents for taxpaying families to support. And often enjoying a better standard of living than the taxpayers who work hard 5-6 days a week. You also somehow omitted that TEN percent of taxpayers pay 70% of all income taxes, and in socialist countries hardly anyone OWNS any real property whatsoever. You have a terrible lack of credibility. But the "First Amendment" gives you the right to speak, even to be wrong—or stupid.

    10. Del in Virginia says:

      Not only will I raise the Colors on our 18' flagpole, but I will fly the Rattlesnake Flag (Gadsden) under it. The Colors are our honor flag and the Gadsden, our attitude flag.

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      It took more than "Obama and congressional liberals to press on" who allowed this "back-door deal" to cut $500 billlion cut from our defense budget. Many Republicans had their arms twisted by Boehner and McConnell to voted yes. We must realize many others of the "old guard GOP" are just as liberal as the Dems. Members voting against this deal were the new wave of conservatives that repersent the "Tea Party" stance. Despite their crucifixion, those of us that want to save our way of life had better recognize who in Washington is our friends and who are our enemies. The Tea Party is our only friend.

    12. Carol M Kite says:

      How very unfortunate it is that our president has no respect for our American flag, in fact his wife hates it! As long as he became president, he said, he'd put those feelings aside for the time being but actually feels that we'd be better off assimilating Islam attributes—not verbatim, my interpretation of his statement. Take note that he has had the flags behind his desk in the oval office removed, still believes it necessary to apologize to our enemy countries for our failings. That gives me such a warm feeling that this fallacy is our president busily following Geo. Soros' directions to bring America down, good job. I confess I voted for him, soon learning his claim to change the gov't didn't mean clean up the corruption, waste & criminal abuse, MUCH to my regret.

    13. Luci D'Mari says:

      I fly the American Flay daily and have all my adult years
      I never take my freedom for granted and pray for our Country, our troops, our Vets and our people every day.
      2012 is 1776 all over again. We the people must prevail again and, with "firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence", we will!

    14. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      We should never forget that life is a game with less than 10% of the people intellectually equipped to play. In that 10% there are approximately 6 to 8% who have learned the magic of the tax-free organization to get money from the ignorant…the other 3 or 4% make millions and then tell the rest of us to pay more taxes.

      It's a game…play & die…

    15. Jerry Porter says:

      The Heritage Foundation stands as a steadfast hallmark for these United States of America. We are, most of the time, indeed, united states, but today there is a crying need for courage, guts and old fashioned fortitude to tackle the mountainous problems we face.

      Namely unsustainable social welfare benefit programs gestated in the 1930s, 1960s and propagated endlessly since then. We are now at that tipping point the Roman Empire faced so many eons ago.

      Paul Ryan and numerous faceless patriots are stepping up and must be supported if this nation is to survive. Name calling and class warfare is not only childish and nonsense, it is unpatriotic! If there were Medal of Honors for civilian courage, they should be minted pronto and in great numbers.

      The silliness of the riffraff in Congress, White House and governments at every level must cease and desist. Now! Many Medals will be need for ye civilian heroes who go forward and get the horrid task ahead deal with and disposed of!

    16. Wayne, La says:

      If we stay in Afghanistan and Irag, then we could end up with 2 Shaws. Look what we now face in Iran!

    17. leftshot says:

      I find it both noteworthy and disappointing that as this 10 Year Anniversary is upon us, we have our President going around the country complaining that he's been unable to get things done because of an unprecedented set of bad circumstances. While he's citing things like a level of unrest in Egypt, Libya and Saudi Arabia, he completely ignores the problems of his predecessor including: 9/11, the War on Terrorism, and not one but two recessions.

      It's sad, very sad.

    18. Jerry Bateman, FL says:

      The key to sustaining our country's greatness is to rely on a conservative approach to our problems. Over the last 75 years a more liberal approach has been taken and the results have been very disappointing. Everyone must make a contribution to our country's success. We must remember that all work is important and valuable. Your job is determined by how prepared you are to contribute. The more a person contributes the more reward. It is that simple. We have no need in our country for whiners and takers. We must all contribute. May God bless America!

    19. Ron W. Smith says:

      Lose our superpower status if we start tinkering with national defense spending? I should think that because we're borrowing $4 billion a day, in part to maintain that status, we'd start acting like the indebted nation we are, exercising thrift in every way possible and exercising common sense in our foreign policy decisions. But no, we should choose, instead, to go ever further in debt and at the expense of our seniors, our poor, our infrastructure too long deferred on needing updating and repair.
      We are internationally the biggest target of terrorists because we've put national interest ahead of all else.
      We're in neighborhoods where we're not wanted, we're extravagant in support of Israel regardless the outcomes to Palestinians of Zionist policies, and we're persisitent in accepting America's overuse of petroleum as the right of a free people regardless the way that puts us in fiscal jeopardy.
      And maybe most important and telling of all, there's confusion between what constitutes national defense and what constitutes national security. The latter includes defense AND nation building, foreign aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries, homeland security, and veterans affairs. Those five, all necessitated by foreign policy decisions in need of open discussion and debate–all the facts and ambitions on the table for all to see, come at very great expense. We outspend the rest of the world COMBINED on them because we apparently choose to. And in these lean times, we're being asked to worry about weakening our national defense?

    20. Paddy says:

      Saying Obama killed bin laden is like saying Harry Truman led us to Victory in Europe in WW two!

      He's the same guy who said it's not a war on terror and was playing golf the day bin laden was killed!

    21. joan says:

      Thank you Bush Administration for re-inforcing the nuclear programs of Pakistan and Iran by destroying the CIA recovery Team lead by Valerie Plame. They could have had them out and here in the United States, but no, you decimated that effort in order to sell your pak of lies to the United Nations. Now, the longest war in history still burning, mostly fought by young, poor, under-educated, under-insured, and under-paid Americans. I know of a young 25 yr old vet who is living in public housing, working a minimum wage job changing oil at a car dealership after the army destroyed both of his young knees carrying heavy paks for miles in the desert. He is owed over $40,000.00 of back pay from the army. Don't hear a damn word from the TEAPARTY about taking care of those kids fighting wars their own kids won't be sent to face.
      You can shove these evil wars in the same area as your religion. OBSTRUCTIONISTS, LIARS, EVIL CLOAKED IN RELIGION.

      • Ed Angelo says:

        I'm with you!

      • Clearhead says:

        Spoken like a true (if there IS such a thing) libertard. We Americans recommend that you embark upon a study of the historical facts concerning your 'Bush-burning'. Also, we take much exception to your toxic description of those people serving in our armed forces. As for the Tea Party, no one but YOU seems to think that that organization has anything to do with discharged veterans' back pay. Enlighten us, or shut up. Your last sentence is a classic: It's hard to tell if you are castigating all of us, the Tea Party, the "Bush Administration" or God himself. However, once you graduate from grammar school, you are cordially invited to come to The United States for an informative visit.

    22. Robert Herring says:

      Where did Matt Mayer go to school? The path to security "lays"?? How about the correct "lies"????

    23. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      "Never quit, never give up, never surrender! NEVER, NEVER, SURRENDER!" ___Sir Winston Leondard Spencer Churchill, 1874___1965.

    24. Joe says:

      I feel sorry for you Joan. God does love you and I hope that you will give your heart and soul to Him. Eternity is a long long time

    25. mike says:

      this may be moot…it is obvious that the present establishment wants us to quit….and play nice….the latest global warming tactic is that aliens seeing the scope of out destructiuon of the earth…har de har har har at that may take us out if we fail to submit our selves for judgement to those academics who know so much better than we do…you dont quit a fight when you start one until one side cant come up with it anymore and comes to the table….preferably in chains for the worst of them….reach across the asile and slap someone to get it done if thats what it takes

    26. toledofan says:

      911 was our wake up call and it is obviously clear that the dangers we face today are as great as they were then. It's too bad that we have such short memories or that for some in government who can't seem to understand the real threats we face and continue to try and downgrade the military or view the terrorists acts as ordinary criminals. Until we get serious and do whatever we need to do to secure our borders, treating terrorists for what they are and spending our money wisely on intelligence, we will alway face danger and be behind the 8 ball.

    27. Denver says:

      We are wasteing some of our best and brightest fighting on the enemie's terms. We should only fight as we do it best…all -out with our best weapons.It may not seem politically appropriate, but it is in our best interest and ultimately best for all of mankind. Our real enemies know that the pseudo-intellectual elitists lack the moral and intellectual clarity to demand the response that would destroy their will and force them to beg for peace. This is a tribal war and we'd better understand it as such and rid the govt. of those incapable of seeing it that way. Otherwise, they'll defeat us by destroying our will."Death by a thousand cuts" is their strategy. They kill 10 of our bright educated and dedicated 20 yr. olds with one poor ignorant lied-to 12 yr-old. We can't afford it, the math just doesn't come out in our favor. Think it over, can we afford another 9/11 to bring the elitists to the level of awareness to do the right thing?

    28. Perry Taylor says:

      Thanks for your great work in holding up our foundational values. I support our military with prayers and encouragement, but I also believe we've spent enough blood in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    29. C. Methodius says:

      We must never forget the real lessons of 9-11. Some people, such as president Obama just re-writes history to obfuscate. See http://downeastdooryard.blogspot.com/

    30. Andrew Soucek says:

      This may seem like a silly question but does anyone know or care why we were attacked on 9/11? Has anyone given thought to our foreign policy – that it may be flawed? Come to think of it, that is a silly question. We are the United States, the greatest country on earth. The world is our oyster. What's ours is ours and what's yours is ours and we have the military to prove it. God bless America!

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