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  • Anatomy of An Obama Jobs Speech

    Aug. 17, 2011 - Atkinson, Iowa, U.S. - President Barack Obama speaks during a Town Hall Meeting at Wyffels Hybrids Inc. in Atkinson, Illinois Wednesday August 17, 2011

    Yesterday, the White House announced that President Obama would once again be giving a “major jobs speech” in September after his Martha’s Vineyard vacation. If spending three years delivering identical speeches created jobs, President Obama would be taking credit for 4% unemployment today. Alas, they do not.

    In fact, President Obama has given many “major“ speeches and addresses on jobs since taking office. While some news organizations treated this announcement as “breaking news” yesterday, it is unfortunately more of the same from a President who is long on speeches and short on leadership.

    His last major speech with new “proposals” was on April 13, 2011. In this speech, the President unveiled a budget plan that would supposedly save $4 trillion over twelve years from unidentified savings, defense cuts and tax hikes. No details were ever released, leading Congressional Budget Office (CBO) Director Douglas Elmendorf to tell the House Budget Committee: “We don’t estimate speeches…We need much more specificity than was provided in that speech for us to do our analysis.

    That speech negated Obama’s earlier budget proposal which, when scored by the CBO, added trillions to the debt and annual spending. That budget was unanimously rejected by the U.S. Senate 97-0.

    The White House is already floating ideas that may be included in this latest speech. They have suggested it will be akin to the “grand bargain“ Obama supposedly offered to Congressional Republicans in July. Of course, if that actually existed with any specificity, the President would not need to wait until September to share it with the American people. There is no word on whether any of this will be offered with the specificity necessary for the CBO to score it.

    So what will be in this speech? Well, looking back on his major jobs addresses of the last three years, we can predict it will contain these core elements:

    It’s the Last Guy’s Fault: Or “I inherited…” This is where President Obama tells you what economic conditions existed in January 2009, and ignores what happened over the next 32 months. In his December 8, 2009 jobs speech, Obama even promised to “halve the deficit [h]e inherited by the end of [his] first term.” Of course, Obama’s 2011 deficit will be nearly ten times larger than the 2007 deficit.

    Infrastructure Spending: This is an actual idea. However, after billions of “stimulus”dollars were “invested” in infrastructure projects, with no corresponding job growth, President Obama continues to keep drawing from this tired well of a subsidized construction-based recovery.

    On December 8, 2009, Obama said: “The last third of the Recovery Act is for investments to put Americans to work doing the work that America needs done… upgrading roads and railways as part of the largest investment in infrastructure since the creation of the Interstate Highway System half a century ago.”

    On Labor Day 2010, Obama told a union audience that high-speed rail and infrastructure would again be our salvation: “We’re talking roads.  We’re talking bridges.  We’re talking dams, levees.” And on April 13, 2011, Obama again encouraged spending on “infrastructure,” this time wishing the U.S. were more like Brazil.

    Bad Energy Policy: “Green jobs” are part of every Obama jobs speech. He wants to “double our capacity in renewable energy“ and build ”solar panels and wind turbines and electric cars.” The myth of “green jobs” has been busted. But furthermore, Obama’s de facto drilling moratorium in the Gulf is actually costing this nation over 230,000 jobs and needed economic growth.

    Raise Taxes: Whether Obama calls it a “balanced approach“ or an unidentified “fair share“ or “revenue increases“ it’s all tax hikes. As even the President admitted in December 2010, raising taxes in a recession is a bad economic idea, and it’s also unpopular, so he has to keep thinking of new ways to say it without the word “tax.” But alas, every major Obama jobs speech promotes taking more money away from job-creators as the answer to job-creation.

    Straw Men: Some folks say this speech will invent false arguments from his opponents that cannot be attributed to anyone in particular. Those people are right. As Obama said a year ago: “Some folks in Washington see things differently. You know what I’m talking about… If I said the sky was blue, they say no.  If I said fish live in the sea, they’d say no.”

    Blame Congress: On his recent campaign (sorry, “official”) bus swing throughout the Midwest, the President has had a lot of blame to dish out. He mostly has targeted Congress, which for two years of his administration was wholly controlled by his party with filibuster-proof majorities.

    The current Congress is half-controlled by Republicans, and their House has passed a detailed and scored budget plan while Majority Leader Harry Reid’s Senate is now well over 800 days without passing a budget. So in the battle of White House vs. Capitol Hill, President Obama is seemingly now campaigning against the party he leads.

    Red States and Blue States: Obama likes to portray himself as above the fray. While attacking opponents and Congress on one hand, the President will undoubtedly also say: “That’s not a Republican or a Democratic idea“ and cast himself as a non-partisan compromiser. (Note: It’s usually a liberal idea.) Politics do not influence this President’s decisions, according to him: “They just think it’s better to score political points before an election than to solve problems.”

    Blame Everything Else: Whether it is Tsunamis, Earthquakes, Oil Prices (that he could help lower), or the Arab Spring; something else is always to blame for our current economic conditions. Obama has lately reprised his attack on ATMs as roadblocks to job creation, as if efficiency and technology spontaneously exist without human intervention or employment.

    While the President talks, others are offering real and specific solutions. Heritage introduced “Saving the American Dream“ that balances the budget in ten years, creates the conditions for robust economic growth and responsibly reforms entitlements. Several Members of Congress have their own proposals. Will the President substantively join this debate, or rehash a speech America has heard dozens of times before?

    President Obama said in his December 2009 major address: “The storms of the past are receding.  The skies are brightening.” If only saying it made it so.

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    18 Responses to Anatomy of An Obama Jobs Speech

    1. Greg Glover says:

      Americas economy is in the tank as BO takes vacation….great timing BO ..just stay there & keep quite ..every time you make a speech the stock market takes a dump

    2. p0rkch0p says:

      Everything's someone else' fault. "European headwinds, Tsunamis in Japan, Price of tea in China. And that's about it, Mr. President. Must be nice and civil. Heritage won't allow true, unambiguous statements about your nature [that would be uncivil, don't you know; whereas, the destruction, er, transformation of our Nation is quite permissible.]

      Being civil to you is what has gotten us to the brink. Gee, maybe it's Heritage' policy that, no matter how much destruction is heaped on our country, our response should, nay, must be civil.

      Oh well, Twitter isn't quite as afflicted with furrowed-brow syndrome; guess I'll head over there.

      Parting quotation from Ayn Rand: "When the good compromise with Evil, Evil always wins."~Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal/The Art of Compromise."

    3. Roslyn says:

      Oh this is a concise and accurate portrayal of the pretender in chief's speeches/policies! Hot air nothing else, or as Gov. Perry said "Big hat, no cattle!"

    4. Kyle says:

      BO; he's delusional & incompetent, and far from being qualified for president of this country!

    5. Ray Reed says:

      You could speculate–as some already have–the following:

      The President will propose (much?) more government spending to "stimulate" the economy.

      This proposal will be opposed by both conservatives and the Republican Presidential candidates on the legitimate grounds that the government simply cannot afford to spend the kind of money the President wants.

      This opposition will then enable the President to "campaign" against the Republicans and the candidates by "claiming" they oppose the creation of jobs.

    6. ROYSTOLL2 says:

      The best way for Obama to really create more jobs would be for him to resign.

      • Jerold says:

        Obama's resignation would be a welcome event – BUT the best way to create new jobs is DRILL BABY DRILL! We could generate 300,000 new jobs almost overnight and millions of new jobs in 2 or 3 years if we'd just DRILL! We have more oil and natural gas than the entire Middle East combined – right here in U.S. owned/controlled areas. "Green" won't run a car – it still takes gasoline! An added bonus would be we'd save $500 billion in oil purchases from Middle Eastern despots who, for the most part, hate our guts anyway.

    7. allen says:

      Why do you keep repeating these lies? Show a Graph that indicates how many days the Senate has yet submit a BUDGET. " Picture is Worth a Million Words".?

      • Steve says:

        Lies? Really? Has the Senate submitted a budget since Obama took office? No. So it becomes simple math (and a graph will not help even the math-challenged) With 365 days in a year, that is 730 days from Jan 2009 to Jan 2011 under Harry Ried's direction. And since this year is well past half gone, that makes it WELL OVER 800 DAYS! How's that for a picture of Senate (lack of) leadership?

    8. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Obama's supporters tell us all of his vacations are "working" vacations, and I agree. I'll bet he and his people are working on new words and phrases to sell the same old liberal ideas. "Balanced approach", "fair share" and "revenue increases" are not fooling most people anymore, so look for new phrases.

    9. Bill says:

      Whatever came of the budget proposal the Heritage Foundation formulated. Was it presented to Obama ? If so it must have been rejected since nothing has changed.

      • Bill, we're still working to promote it and flesh it out in greater detail. You can take a look at savingthedream.org. Any help you can provide in spreading the word is appreciated.

    10. Hunter Alan Moore says:

      Listen everyone, Obama is going to do his homework and announce his big new master plan in the Fall, I"ll bet when the time comes, his excuse will be his dog ate his homework.

    11. Tim AZ says:

      The only people that are still listening to the POTUS' speeches are those that make up the old left media and his loyalists within the government. The rest of America is waiting to employ their own corrective measures after the 2012 purge has begun to take place.

    12. carol,az says:

      Star Wars Darth Vader and his black death mobile is touring American's heartland.
      His propaganda spin we.ve been told, "to listen to Americans and hear their concerns."
      Send a message America ,
      Don't Show UP!.

      • soulstraw says:

        Yeah! that's better show disrespect our president! compeletely disgusting. When Bush visited my state, We showed his the same time as respect and decency as any president! If nothing else, the level of disrespect shown to President Obama and his administration is obvious. I am neither Republican or Democrat. I can see that anytime either party has a point to make, they DO resort to inflammatory remarks to get folks' attention. Totally not necessary. Escpecially from the party of ten-year olds

    13. Robert says:

      Reynolds' Fifth Law: "Deficit Spending is Evil.
      Reynolds' Sixth Law: "Any liberal plan, if enacted, will eventually result in an unintended cock-up".


    14. William Middlemas says:

      Tax cuts promoted by the Rethugligans have not worked. FYI the Federal Deficit only started skyrocketing when Regan imposed his tax cuts and have continued ever since. At least the Democrats are realistic and try to pay for what they spend instead of living in a delusional world cut taxes and borrow to support the programs they refuse to cut. Regressives always want to go back to a time of the Cleavers when everything was cut and dried, Mom and Minorities knew her place, people went to church every Sunday to justify their injustice and hypocrisy.

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