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  • Political Uniformity and Legal Radicalism at Obama's DOJ

    The resumes of the Obama administration’s hires at the Justice Department Civil Right Division’s Special Litigation Section read like a manual on professional advancement in the world of left wing legal practice. Every one of the 23 career civil service attorneys hired since Obama took office has stellar liberal credentials.

    That ideological uniformity, writes the Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, suggests that liberal politics are a “prerequisite for employment in the Division – there is no other explanation for this.”

    The Special Litigation Section enforces civil rights laws on the state and municipal level, where there has been a “pattern or practice” of institutionalized discrimination. Very often that means prosecuting or otherwise acting against local and state police departments perceived as acting in a discriminatory fashion.

    It is notable, then, that while numerous Obama hires at the Special Litigation Section have worked on behalf of criminal defendants or terrorist detainees, “not a single lawyer was hired with experience as a prosecutor or in law enforcement in a Section which has as one of its main jobs investigating the practices of local police.”

    The Obama administration’s skewed approach in that regard suggests an extreme bias against the police departments investigated for alleged discriminatory practices.

    Let’s review some of the highlights from the 23 attorneys’ backgrounds.

    Some of the legal positions taken by various hires demonstrate their radically liberal approach to the law. They have argued at various times that:

    • The law is “a social tool that can be used to advocate on behalf of minorities in our criminal justice system”;
    • Convicted felons should enjoy voting rights;
    • A municipal decision to open homeless shelters only during the winter violates the constitutional rights of the homeless;
    • Racial discrimination affects prosecutors’ decisions to seek the death penalty;
    • “[T]he enforcement of the drug laws tend to encourage racial profiling”;
    • Detention of illegal immigrants is not lawful since they have not actually committed a crime.

    Lawyers at the Special Litigation Section have cut their teeth at a host of left-wing legal organizations both prominent and obscure, including:

    • The American Civil Liberties Union;
    • The Southern Poverty Law Center;
    • The Public Justice Center, whose mission is “to enforce and expand the rights of people who suffer injustice because of their poverty or discrimination”;
    • The District of Columbia’s Prisoners’ Legal Services Project;
    • The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law, which supported the nomination of left-wing radical Goodwin Liu to the Supreme Court;
    • Casa de Maryland, which, as von Spakovsky has documented, “has encouraged illegal aliens not to speak with police officers or immigration agents; it has fought restrictions on illegal aliens’ receiving driver’s licenses; it has urged the Montgomery County (Md.) Police Department not to enforce federal fugitive warrants; it has advocated giving illegal aliens in-state tuition; and it has actively promulgated “day labor” sites, where illegal aliens and disreputable employers openly skirt federal prohibitions on hiring undocumented individuals”;
    • The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights, which bills itself as working “to spread understanding of liberal ideas and advance progressive values”;
    • Junta for Progressive Action, which works to “forbid police from asking about the legal status of immigrants who are crime victims or turning over any such information to federal immigration authorities.”

    In short, they are, on the whole, outright hostile to much of the work done by local and state police. Obama hires at the Section represent a radical and uniformly left-wing approach to civil rights law promoted by the Obama Justice Department.

    This is a trend at a number of offices in the Justice Department. Information on the Special Litigation section was released as part of Pajamas Media’s ongoing investigation into politicization at DOJ, and only after a drawn out Freedom of Information Act legal battle with Justice.

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    8 Responses to Political Uniformity and Legal Radicalism at Obama's DOJ

    1. Rich K says:

      It follows the other governmental agencies in which the President has appointed left wing activists. Maybe that's why we find ourselves in an economic slowdown because these ideologues have passed such stringent regulations that businesses don't want to deal with them. The EPA, NLRB, and DOJ all have controversial decisions which are business unfriendly.

    2. Aaron Cole says:

      I presume that Heritage wasn't complaining about how conservative credentials of the Bush Administration DOJ attorneys wasn't fair because they weren't politically balanced. Is it not the prerogative of an administration to hire the attorneys with the backgrounds on their side of the aisle?

      • Bobbie says:

        Is it not the prerogative of an administration to hire the attorneys with the backgrounds on their side of the aisle? sure, if they have a predetermined agenda of their own. most pick quality regardless. this one didn't.

    3. Bobbie says:

      The "law" of the left by all undue conflicts of the intentional misinterpretation of the American Constitution and the proposers needs address at every moment. The conduct of this administration is visibly destroying the concept of human equality America stands for. The following is in contrast of the perceived human weakness of this litigation:

      * No law but civil law is “a necessary tool that is respective to advocate on behalf of civility amongst citizens in America, where violations to humanity calls for criminal, personal or otherwise, justice. No law under the united states government, should be advantageous to ANY RACE CREED OR CULTURE OF ANY AMERICAN(s)!

      * Convicted felons chose to violate rights in society and therefore gave up their right to vote on matters and members that affect society!

      * The homeless has a "constitutional" right to shelter? Churches and charitable organizations are adequate if the governing of a state is! The churches and charities are the PEOPLE and no governing beyond their own is necessary or ETHICAL unless they're a threat to civility!!

      * What evidence is there to suggest racial discrimination affects prosecutors’ decisions to seek the death penalty? assumption?

      * What evidence is there to suggest the enforcement of drug laws tend to encourage racial profiling? If any laws are violated to the point of suspect or crime committed, arrests are necessary. Racial relevance may be part of investigation. In today's world it can't be ignored. Government is ignorant, their own laws regarding racial profiling are in fact, racial profiling! get rid of benefits offered by government that separates to recognize specific human race! This will ensure no governmental "discrimination," "racism," "bias" that tax payers shouldn't be obligated by government force, to fund.

      * If a person has the brains to ride a bike or drive a car lawfully he/she has the reasoning to conduct him/herself civilly. No excuses, no exceptions. Your human, your expected to follow civil suit! Race does not play an excuse nor should government degrade expectations by privilege and favor because of.

    4. Bobbie says:

      * If detaining illegal immigrants is not lawful, then personal expenses of their livelihoods including health, housing, children and education, stolen off the backs of the law abiding, is ALSO NOT LAWFUL!

      * The American Civil Liberties Union- promotes discrimination by special privileges and exceptions made to some that are foreign to the laws and American Constitution. People challenge the Constitution to the point of violating the Constitution, deranging the understanding of it's true principles, with the American civil liberties union, public government education and American government as their accomplice.

      * The Southern Poverty Law Center shows government discrimination with admittance of poor governing in the title alone.

      * The Public Justice Center, whose mission is “to enforce and expand the rights of people who suffer injustice because of poverty or discrimination?” what evidence is there to suggest? "because of poverty and discrimination unlawful behavior gets a pass?" To "expand" is to give more! To enforce is to compel! No income status should give credence to any illegal behavior. When people face the law they usually become inspired in ways that promote healthier lifestyles on their own. Government acts of demeaning humanity.

      * Legal services are available upon request, not a function the tax payers should be obligated to fund for The District of Columbia’s Prisoners’ Legal Services. All areas the prisoners can, work to cover their own costs! Prison is for justice, not accommodations.

      * The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law- No American law should ever be considered legislative to mental health. My Lord! This is America! We are Americans!! It demotes free thought and promotes unhealthy, unAmerican, inferiority complexes like Goodwin Lui whose weakness promotes his unwillingness to move on in promotion of this mental health law which is unethical and disturbing in it's consideration!

      * Casa de Maryland-promoting miscommunication at an expense of lives and income is egregious and has no purpose in the good of civil America! Misfits in leadership should be given reprimand!

      * The National Campaign to Restore Civil Rights- Civil rights comes with civil law and only proper education and enforcement is required, not restoration. Rights are inherent under civility! People only need the sense of reasoning to know what their rights are and a sense of tolerance to others. National campaign to restore civil rights isn't sincere to it's title as they confuse civil rights with self serving rights which gives recognition to distinctive rights of some and manipulates equal rights to all.

      Junta for Progressive Action, which works to “forbid police from asking about the legal status of immigrants who are crime victims or turning over any such information to federal immigration authorities?” If it's okay to be illegal then why isn't it okay to ask? get this corrupt, self pitied administration to some psychiatrists. This administration represents a brittle, pitiful society aiming to build resentment between people. What a painful waste of money!!!!!!! America isn't for the division of people under government authority. Learn the founding documents and get the acts of these false leaders out of the country. If any one skin color receives any privilege it would have specified in the founding documents, otherwise a damning personal pity perception and spreading.

    5. Redwood509 says:

      The most K O R R U P T collection of lawbreakers ever to make it to D.C. Making the ABSCAM scandal a minor affair! Watergate, pales in comparison.

    6. Kenan Walker says:

      @ Aaron Cole – did you get enough info to help you? Can you read – or did you make it all the way through Publik Screwall?

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