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  • New Push to Make 'Super Committee' Operate in the Open

    The newly formed Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction has its 12 members, but beyond that there’s little known about how exactly it will operate. Congressional leaders have promised transparency of its deliberations. And as of now, though, only the first meeting and final report are required to be publicly accessible.

    Two weeks ago a handful of Republican senators proposed legislation to make the so-called super committee’s work more transparent. The Sunlight Foundation offered a list of five recommendations. And today at Heritage, former Speaker Newt Gingrich outlined why putting the power in the hands of 12 people is bad for the legislative process.

    Sunlight is out with a new campaign calling attention to these concerns and reminding lawmakers of the steps they could take to ensure the committee’s work is done in the open. With the goal of reducing the deficit by at least $1.5 trillion between 2012 and 2021, the 12-member committee wields enormous power over federal spending.

    The five suggested transparency measures include:

    1. Live webcasts of all official meetings and hearings
    2. The committee’s report should be posted for 72 hours before a final committee vote
    3. Disclosure of every meeting held with lobbyists and other powerful interests
    4. Disclosure of campaign contributions as they are received (on their campaign websites)
    5. Financial disclosures of committee members and staffers
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    9 Responses to New Push to Make 'Super Committee' Operate in the Open

    1. Carol M Kite says:

      That there is a committee, yes, another one, made up of who with adequate knowledge on topic, is another example of the insanity in every area of our leaderless government. If another is forced down our collective throats, it's imperative that, for a welcome change, the promise of transparency be upheld instead of more of the usual–'behind closed doors in the dark of night'.
      What better not be considered acceptable is the outrageous rumor that lobbying these members that we all know leads to inappropriate swaying of decisions under discussio, NEVER A CORRECT ACTION!.

    2. Bobbie says:

      Super committee? More like sub committee of the already duty of congress. Only 12 people will have their names attached instead of all, seems like a set-up. Whose idea was this? It doesn't promote the separation of juveniles from the adults?

      Since government control caused this mess and refuse to follow their own protocol, no one should be paid (extra) unless those that are relieved of this duty, pay. Everything has to be transparent since liars aren't and way too much has been going on behind our backs in the claim of transparency. There should be NOTHING in the control of government to hide from the American people unless the government is working against us.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Do we really think these 6 radical leftist on the Dem side or the 4 of 6 Rinos on the Repbls side were picked to sit on this "committee" to agree on anything? Does anyone think they will "operate" in the open? If you do,then you either refuse to accept the truth about how Congress is working in conjuntion with the Obama administration to continue his assult on our American way of life, or you support their efforts.

    4. jweb says:

      Operate in the open? How about pretend to operate in prison? This super committee should not exist, and it's time for America to remove unConstitutional criminal activity from our government. Genocide happens in many forms and levels of severity, and justice is it's only antidote.

    5. Freeam Erican says:

      It bothers me that EVERYBODY is weighing in on how this "committee" should function… and not on the fact that it effectively eliminates checks and balances from our government. This small group of politically selected people will be able to hang a law around our neck with an up or down vote that had no discussion in the houses and no possibility for amendments. Can we expect cap and trade and gun bans and treaties that relinquish our sovereignty to foreign nations? Why is this being whitewashed and given any credibility at all?

    6. Ron Sylvester says:

      I would submit that the committees' recommendations are in fact already written in stone. How do you think the two sides will vote? More importantly, look who will cast the tie-breaking vote. Unfortunately, the future best military minds in America will probably seek a different career path. We seem to be a country destined to fail. If we do not use our built in term limit mechanism, voting, we will continue to see empty promises from both sides that are geared for one thing only – re-election. Our government is , sadly, broken.

    7. Leslie says:

      I don't even see how this "committee" is constitutional.

    8. one old dog says:

      we pay all those yahoos,big bucks and perks, to represent us and they shirk their duty so that their name isn't attached to the B.S. that will come out of the committee. If it isn't un-Constitutional, it is Immoral and should be rejected by both parties! Where are those, who will really represent the will of the people, instead of their own Idealogical views and special interests. As usual the working American citizen is shown to the back of the bus, and told to sit down and shutup!

    9. Another Leslie says:

      Adoption of the "Sunlight Foundation's" recommendations would go a long way toward lending some validity to this effort. I submit that with John Kerry being in the same room with the others it is a foregone conclusion that we taxpayers will lose again.

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