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  • Morning Bell: Obama's Tour of Denial and Blame

    It’s being billed as a listening tour—a three-state journey across the Midwest where President Barack Obama will hear directly from Americans about the economy and talk about his ideas for job growth. Instead, though, it has the characteristics of a political campaign swing, and the rhetoric the President has brought along for the ride is marked by a desperate effort to blame someone other than himself for America’s economic woes.

    The President’s tour began yesterday in Cannon Falls, Minnesota, where in one breath he pointed his finger at Washington’s broken politics and in the next he blamed “a string of bad luck … a bunch of things taking place over the last six months that were not within our control.”

    You had an Arab Spring in the Middle East that promises more democracy and more human rights for people, but it also drove up gas prices — tough for the economy, a lot of uncertainty.  And then you have the situation in Europe, where they’re dealing with all sorts of debt challenges, and that washes up on our shores.  And you had a tsunami in Japan, and that broke supply chains and created difficulties for the economy all across the globe.

    As much as the President would like to bill his three-state tour as an exhibition in listening or leadership, it’s more of an exercise in cognitive dissonance—of blaming everything but his own policies for the reality of America’s dire economic straits, rather than taking responsibility for his presidency.

    That reality has manifested itself in a big way. In every state, a vast majority of Americans see the economy as getting worse, according to a new Gallup poll. The only exception is in Washington, D.C., where taxpayer spending has feathered the nest of the federal government, creating a cushion from the harsh existence of 9.1 percent unemployment, an average duration of unemployment hitting a record high of 40 weeks, and a tepid pace of economic growth that could leave joblessness at permanently high levels. Contrast Obama’s results with the promise of his presidency, as articulated in his inaugural address:

    The state of our economy calls for action, bold and swift.  And we will act, not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.  We will build the roads and bridges, the electric grids and digital lines that feed our commerce and bind us together.

    Lest America forget, President Obama had two years of a Democrat-controlled Congress to effect that bold and swift action. And boy, did he take action. He and his liberal allies in the House and Senate gave America a $780 billion stimulus that the President promised would save or create 3.5 million jobs by the end of 2010. (He came up 7.3 million jobs shy.) And then there was the 2,700-page behemoth known as Obamacare, the 9,000-Earmark Omnibus Bill, $3.22 trillion in new debt, a $26.1 billion government union bailout in the summer of 2010, the $3 billion Cash for Clunkers program, and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform bill.

    Somehow, though, all that action was not enough. So in January, the President used his State of the Union Address to convey to America that he was singularly focused on job creation. And here America sits, seven months later, watching President Obama tour the Midwest delivering that same message, this time calling for piecemeal job creation policies including more stimulus and infrastructure spending, a renewal of the payroll tax cut that was initially passed in December last year, tax credits for companies who hire veterans, a trade deal that he fails to send to Congress yet blames them for not passing, and tax increases on job creators. Though the President calls his ideas new and bold, he’s only delivering more of the same tired thinking that has left America in an economic rut.

    On top of the spending and debt, the President has promulgated stifling regulation while calling for job-killing tax increases. Meanwhile, his Administration is going out of its way to work against job creation—the National Labor Relations Board has taken action against the Boeing Company for creating jobs in right-to-work South Carolina while also pushing for pro-union policies that harm employers and workers.

    Fortunately, the President’s way is not the only way. Rather than going back to the Keynesian well and relying on the hand of government, the President and Congress should restrain government and allow entrepreneurs to thrive. That doesn’t require a listening tour and placing blame. That requires being a leader and recognizing that the policies of the past two and a half years have not worked—that it’s time for a new way, and a new speech.

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    90 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's Tour of Denial and Blame

    1. cathy says:

      nobody in Washington is listening to the cries of no more debt, cut spending, stop The Fed.

      • Al Connelly says:

        I agree. It is even more serious in that the President and his party have not even fully explored what the results of their funding to stimulate the economy has really done. For instance there was an "investment" of $45M in federal funds in EverGreen. This was a company involved in making equipment for Wind farms. They just declared bankruptcy and laid off 800 workers because they can not compete with the Chinese for those products. Obama is blind to what is needed to make America competitive and get our economy going. Al

    2. Coy860 says:

      How can Obama be on a "listening tour" when he refused to listen to a Tea Party member yesterday?
      His speech in Cannon Falls was a disaster.
      He used every excuse except that the dog ate his homework.
      Very UNpresidential showing.
      I fear for my Country.

      • OhioHistorian says:

        It is really simple. Obama the Narcissist is listening to himself. Everyone else is tired of his idiocy.

      • Pat from Texas says:

        His "listening tour" is not working because he forgot to take out his earplugs. To cover the silence, he has to talk continously…..and WE are paying for this "listening tour"???

    3. Lawrence Burnham says:

      I have become firmly convinced that any, and all democrats cannot, and will not accept responsibility for failure. It is never their fault. Someone must be blamed. If a leader cannot, will not accept the consequences of his/hers actions or decissions, then they are not responsible enough to lead!

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        What failure ? . . look at where jobs were trending before this administration and where they are now . .
        It's not about blaming but reality. FACT . . the economy was in a free fall at the end of the last administration . . Now jobs are "trending up" . . Yes (not fast enough), but the TREND has REVERSED. Anyone who understands the economy knew / knows that it would take many years to fix the economic collapse left from the past. It was NEVER going to be possible to be fixed quickly! Also almost every effort the present administration has put forth to help has been fillibustered by the GOP. In reality we haven't even seen all that was intended because of GOP obstructionism. Quit believing everything FAUX News tells you!!

    4. hotnike says:

      Same old, same old. Listening tour?? You can't hear what people are saying when you are constantly talking.

    5. Walter says:

      Listening tour?
      It should be called the "throw America under the bus tour".

    6. John Stewart says:

      This is one president who has such a degrading agenda that in such a short time, he has done more damage than would be expected from an enemy.
      As a community organizer he may have proven himself to a small elite circle as a positive leader. To the Country as a whole he has emitted such a negative aura that I find it hard to believe he could continue attracting supporters.
      As a so called "Constitutional scholar" he has failed miserably, almost to the point, one would find it hard to comprehend his interpretation of the Document.

      • peggy says:

        he is now known as the whiner and chief commander he needsto call 1-800wahhhhh tell someone who gives a crap!! your done obama step down before we throw you out and take pelosi and reid and dodd and frank and freddie mac and most of all take george soros out to with you, all of you are not welcomed in our country anymore leave all of you dictators. we americans have the power now not government we pay them they do not pay us and they are all fired

    7. JFHlion says:

      I've always thought it was problematic to attempt to 'listen' while doing all the talking

    8. Pat Foster says:

      He does not know how to listen. It is the same old speech over and over again! He blames everyone and everything for his failed policies! And we, the American tax payers, paid 1.1 mil on that bus!!!

    9. Alice Harper says:

      Does President Obama just make these things up or does he have a writer of 'excuses'? He really needs a panel of middle school students….they can really be creative in the excuse department!

    10. ThomNJ says:

      My grandchildren are more mature than this person, and they are just 9-10 years old range.

      With obama it is simply like this: If it is bad – not my fault. And when I can blame someone else directly, I will. If it is a good thing, I did it personally or I caused the person who did it to do it. So there.

    11. Alan says:

      Very well written and right on the money. We need to keep reminding voters every day that the progressives had a super majority, and could have done anything they wanted.

    12. Malone says:

      Obama seems to conveniently forget that the economy took a HUGE hit during the Bush presidency as a result of terrorism on our own shores!!! Coming up on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, we are still feeling the effects of that horrendous day. Don't forget Katrina either. "Stuff happens", but an American president should not stoop to playing the "blame game."

    13. Remarkable how Obama's message remains constant,… America's problems are a result of everything beyond of his control. He holds no ownership on our current crisis and continues to castigate in the direction of the four winds with anticipation that it will fertalize his base to increase an echo of misdirection……Sorry Obama the lies don't resonate with America, your lies are the only thing that is transparent about your Administration.

    14. JonChris says:

      If he is so concerned about jobs, why doesn't he stay in Washington and work on that problem.

    15. Gregory Godek says:

      The dysfunctional two-party system is history! Democracy is slowly creeping back into the American government and there's no room for the Pelosi's, Reid's, and Obamas in a nation of honesty and integrity, where a man's word is the measure of his worth. If you want to understand America's exceptionalism, Mr. President, just take pause to look at the Navy SEALS. Perhaps the greatest soldiers on the planet, whose courage and dedication to God and country are second to none! Our military is the greatest in the world, not because of our strength in the obvious sense, but because of the strength of the commitment of our military people and their willingness to make the ultimate sacrifice! Their love of country and respect for what our nation means to the American people and those who aspire to be free everywhere in the world, speaks to all the world. To the families of all our KIA's and all our WIA's, my heartfelt sympathy for your losses, and eternal gratitude for your sacrifices! America is most exceptional nation in the universe! May God return to bless us again in 2012, and bring our country back to it's people ! Thank you troops!

    16. This guy is such a loser. I hear he will have a plan to create new jobs in Sep. What a deal. What has he been doing for the las 3 years? Picking his nose? When we had the budget crisis, no plan! Then blamed the terrorist (the tea party) for ruining his party. And the story goes on and on. What a guy!

    17. toledofan says:

      Talk about a pathetic waste of money, resources and time; this bus tour takes the cake. I mean, what is Obama trying to promote other than he wants to be re-elected and to blame everybody but himself. The sad part of all of this is the number of people who are actually suffering because of his failed policies and the lack of any positive forward changes to help the economy grow. There are several, right now, things that can be done; like, suspend Sarbain Oxley, lift the drilling ban, close up shop at the EPA and disolve all regulations they imposed in the last two years, and cut the capital gains tax and repeal Dodd Frank Wall Street reform bill and implement controls that work. But, again, there are lots of ideas, the problem is the Democrats and Obama don't share any of them.

    18. voteright2012 says:

      It is time for a new President who is not a narcissist enamored by his/her own rhetoric.

    19. Dave says:

      The president did a remarkable job of "listening" yesterday in Iowa when a couple of Tea Party folks asked him about those in his party characterizing the Tea Party as terrorists. Instead of admitting that it was inexcusable, he defended his party and attacked the Tea Party as having "held the process hostage."

      This is not a listening tour, it's a campaign tour that we, the taxpayers, are funding.

    20. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      Section 8 housing, public paid food & health care, free vacations and now free campaigning….Obama and Michelle exemplify the picture of U.S. welfare reciepients….that's the way Democrats live…God…this is a great country

    21. The Farmer says:

      If you are a real American you need to get used to the fact that our President- IS NOT ONE OF US!!!!!
      He lives and breathes distain and contempt, just like his teachers and friends do, for America!!!!
      The simple and or foolish can't seem to see that he is a master of DECEPTION!!!!!!
      If his mouth is speaking it without a doubt is lying about something!!!!!

    22. Mary......WI says:

      If you repeat a lie enough times people will start believing you. Clearly this is Obama's strategy.

      I would also like to add how much I resent Obama STEALING taxpayer money to buy two million dollar buses as he supposedly travels around the midwest this week to hold "town hall meetings". The American people are NOT stupid! He's campaigning!

    23. Terry Stone says:

      It's evident that he hears only what he wants to hear, did not listen when the people came to him in Washington, and is talking rather than listening now. This is just a campaign tour on the taxpayer's dime.

    24. Bob Ward says:

      Did we really expect any different individual than an Obama type to ascend to power from the votes of a general population of under educated brain dead morons? The general populous blindly and without inquiry bought into the 'Imposture-in-Chief's proclamations of "Hope & Change" delivered on a silvery tongue all the while ignoring his rearing, who he associated with, his core beliefs, and a blank accomplishment roster short of a skill set of his adept ability to staple community organizing notices on telephone poles?? We as a society will survive this Obama nightmare, but the larger question remains as to whether we will survive ourselves.

    25. robert english says:

      as we get into this campaign I would love to see Heritage how a new administration would address the byzantine world of agencies, czars, and all other non-elected officials (including activist judges) who, by their power of regulation, have made this once great country a chained giant.

    26. Wow, what deep insight into our economy, “a string of bad luck … a bunch of things taking place over the last six months that were not within our control.” Has no one to blame but himself now so we can all just write it off to "bad luck." What an economic genius!

    27. clarence swinney says:


      5% own 62% all Net Wealth
      80% own 15% 120,000,00 workers

      2% own 50% all Financial Wealth
      20% own 93%
      80% or 120,000,000 workers own 7% Yes! 7% Banana anyone?

      25% take 67% all individul income
      50% take 13% 70,000,000 workers

      10 Banks own 80% of all Deposits in 7600 Banks
      10 Firms own Pharmaceutical Industry
      10 firms own Militry Industrial Manufacturing
      10 firms own major media


      olduglymeanhonEst political historian lifeaholics of america
      author Lifeaholic-Success by working for a Life not just a Living
      cswinney2@triad.rr.com comments welcome

      • Bobbie says:

        government is tied to all, what's your point Clarence?

      • mike says:

        What are you getting at? That workers, and owners and savers do better than those who don't? Or is it inheritance? This Country offers equal opportunity, not equal outcomes. I wish I had inherited money like a Kennedy, but alas my Dad taught High School, so I get nothing but opportunity.

    28. Akaky says:

      "It’s being billed as a listening tour…"

      Whatever it's being billed as, there will be precious little listening on the President's part. He is not taking this "tour" to listen to the people, but to tell them why he is right and they are wrong.

    29. Wayne Peterkin says:

      Obama is a con man as well as an ideologue. He says one thing while doing another, all while blaming others for bad results. Many people think he is an incompetent fool. I think he is dedicated to destroying a nation he fundamentally dislikes. Since he was raised in a decidedly socialist environment while later attending universities that can best be described as left-wing, during the Vietnam era with professors like Cloward and Pivens teaching America's destruction via economic collapse, it seems to me that it is likely we are seeing the fruits of that upbringing in his "fundamental transformation" of America.

    30. Larry Stone says:

      Since Obama has for the umpteenth time now promised to "focus on jobs", I suggest that this tour be coded the "3D Tour", denoting his oft repeated pattern of, Denial, Delusion, and Deception!

    31. rojas says:

      I have until recently viewed Obama as a man on a mission equipped with reasonable intelligence and a highly destructive to the US ideology While never buying into the near genius intellectual giant facade advanced by media/political elite, the 'man of reasonable intelligence' part has come into question. Obama is either becoming more desparate and sloppy in his deceptions or just maybe he is not smart at all. Obama's endless blathering of sweet nothings is becoming more detached from reality with each passing day. Isn't the first step toward recovery admitting the problem. Here is a hint Mr. President: the destruction of all things carbon is a larger drag on American prosperity than Arab Spring and the tsunami. Of course if American prosperity is not really a goal, then blaming whatever works just fine.

    32. Bonnie says:

      Denial Tour? This is a blame tour. As usual, Obama is pointing his finger at everyone but himself. This tour is putting the American taxpayer, (50%) of the country, in further debt. Yes, you the taxpayer is paying for the buses and other services estimated to be in the millions. This is a campaign tour and should be paid for out of Obama's personal campaign budget. Why is the taxpayer footing this bill?

      • KC - NM says:

        I agree – this is why we need a flat tax so that the other 50% will have some skin in the game! Obama must go in 2012!

    33. Speaker8 says:

      With the Republicans committed to insure we have a 1 term President it is being forgotten the responsibility the Republican led Congress has in holding back the economy by blocking reasonable recommendations to turn the economy around. No matter what is coming out of Congress, the top 2% of the income earners are paying less than 19% taxes…while many of my peers are paying upwards of 33% in taxes. States and local governments are increasing fees for services which have the same effect as a tax increase. These increases are necessary because the Federal Government is pulling back spending which would support state and local governments.
      When will the Republican led Congress get a grip and step up and offer sound Congressional Leadership. As I understand the "seperation of powers" it is not the President but Congress that has fallen asleep at the switch and is passing the blame.

    34. Conrad2010 says:

      When will if ever is this fool going to run out of options to place the blame.

    35. charli coon says:

      As I recall, sometime ago Obama told the press that he told one of his daughters that creating jobs was the first thing he thought about in the morning and the last thing he thought about at night, or that he thought about all night, or something like that. Vintage Obama — say something that plays well with the public and the press. Then turn around and do what he does best: issues more and more Executive Orders that call for more and more regulations and actions that stifle growth in the economy and the creation of jobs. Is it no wonder that, although highly educated, I remain one of the 9.1 unemployed searching day and night for a job, but to no avail? Mr. Obama, I bid you adieu in 2012!

    36. Greg Davidson says:

      While BHO travels seasoned citizens,disabled veterans,those in uniform who keep us free GET NO COST OF LIVING INCREASE.WAY TO GO BARRY…..

    37. RightReasonable says:

      For a "listening tour" BO is sure doing a lot of talking. I wonder what it's costing taxpayers per day for this damage control bus tour. Armouring the bus alone must represent a staggering amount, particularly in view of our tight budget situation, but oh, yes…spending is of no concern to him. I'm not suggesting the bus not be armoured, but I am suggesting that BO use the standard presidential limo or better yet, just stay at the WH and use this time to plan which country he'd like to live in after 1/20/13. Venezuela would be a good choice. Has friends there.

    38. Gerold says:

      It seems the people need a lexicon to interpret Obama's language…

      1 – I inherited this mess — I have no idea what to do about it from day one.
      2 – bad luck, etc, out of our control – I still have no idea of what to do
      3 – Medical research – develop a list of treatments, ranked by race and age, and decide who gets what treatment
      4 – Tea Party's fault – If it wasn't for the pesky outspoken people, I could spend and tax my way to the destruction of America
      5 – My healthcare plan can save 1.5 billion dollars – I will not say how it works, but you can bet doctors will answer to me, and the people get the treatments I decide they deserve
      6 – level the playing field – includes underdeveloped countries, there is no limit to the 'nned' in the world that the rich can be taxed (rich includes middle-class eventually, then the field is really level

    39. Gerold says:

      The Republicans do NOT control congress. The Democrats control the Senate — but have not submitted a budget for 2 years….how about that for taking responsibility. And, oh, we can't freeze the budget if we don't have one….and we had a 'budget crisis this year which was completely avoidable if the Dems would take responsibility.
      Obama is very clear: his plan is spend and tax, while we are in a recession.

    40. Vadim says:

      Unfortunately you are correct, but our (president?) is to busy campaigning and not interested in the truth!

    41. DaveWisconsin says:

      More liberal talking poits…tiresome.

    42. Lloyd Scallan says:

      I hope everyone had a chance to see the video showing Obama lying to two people who ask about Biden calling the Tea Party terrorist. After Obama lied by denying the fact, the two rightfully would not accept Obama denial, so Obama cut them off and ending the converation stating he could not continue to have that conversation. Another example of if you don't agree with Obama, you have no voice.

      As an aside about the tour, the two buses being used, were purchased at $1.3 million per bus. Because Obama claims this is not a campaign tour, we, the tax payers, are on the hook for $2.6 million for a 3 day tour, because the normally leased or rented buses "were not good enough" for Obama.

    43. J Miller says:

      When will we realize that Obama and company have one purpose–destroy America. That's the change he has been talking about. He reminds me of the overnight rich guy–spends like a drunken sailor and wonders why he woke up broke. We must put an end to Obama and his socialist cronies' reign in 2012.

    44. kaydellc says:

      The Globalists have led the way to destroy America by shifting jobs overseas. The government has been bought and paid for through their regulations and taxation in accomodating the Globalists. We as Americans now reap the reward of the policies. We have not been diligent in selecting those in Congress.

    45. TimG says:

      "Listening Tour"? Please. This President listens to no one. He talks, and talks, and talks, and talks some more, all the while saying nothing substantive.

    46. leftshot says:

      President Harry Truman: "The buck stops here!"
      President Barack Obama: "The buck stops anywhere but here!"

    47. Bobbie says:

      what a scary looking bus, Mr. President! Looks like some type of missile??!! sure doesn't look like "i love America" bus! what coded message are you sending?

      We thought these were like town hall meetings? It was neat to see the president have to answer the American patriots who questioned why his administration publicizes falsities of who the American patriot tea party is. It's so demeaning of MR. President, to look so lowly upon anyone under his leadership and ALLOW threatening words to coerce fear of true and principled people! and then turn around and say "well when you consider what's been said about me?" it's just wrong to be so weak to let words hurt to the point of a leader supporting words of deceit, unwilling to manage honest concerns and truth, only arising division between Americans because of honest opinions regarding "him?"

    48. Joe says:

      It may be helpful to note that Obama's growing regulation by rulemaking is led by Lisa Jackson (EPA), the same person that helped drive New Jersey into a deep hole that is almost impossible to climb out of. Gov Christie's doing a good job at trying, but once the regulations are in place, it's almost impossible to undo the cumulative impacts, even after the ravaging effects to the economy AND environment from this "layering" become apparent.

    49. Emily Armstrong says:

      He always comes across as the Whiner in Chief

    50. Wayne says:

      Items missed to name a couple
      1, The banking reform. already causing problems Bust
      2. The housing mortgage bailout that was suppose to stop foreclosure. Bust
      3. Continuous bailout of Freddie and Fanny. holding down the housing market. Bust
      4….. Well I could go on but theirs not enough room.
      As in the the TV show Mythbusters Keynesian Economics and Socialism Myth ITS BUSTED

    51. 1ConservativeUSA says:

      If I said I jumped out of my window and was flying for a momemnt, until gravity took me down, I'd be viewed as a nut. Obama complains about world events being "bad luck" and he's viewed as a viable presidential candidate? Go figure.

      When Obama speaks, he sounds like, at best, a 12 year old. I take that back as it is an insult to 12 year olds. Obama is the most sad and pathetic excuse of an elected president in the history of the USA.

    52. G-Man says:

      Let us only hope that the guilt factor and the color factor are NOT in play next November. Okay, we've had our "historic" president. Unfortunately, it has been a disaster. We need to revert to electing a president based on actual qualifications. The current one hasn't got any, because he hasn't ever done anything. He's never even had a real job – not even a paper route – where he was responsible for profit/loss so of course he can't understand big concepts like "economy" or "budget".

      More importantly, BarryO can't learn from his mistakes – he is still parroting the same tired drivel about big spending (read: government wealth redistribution) and that old favorite, big government creating jobs. He doesn't know that governments leech all their revenue off a free economy – the free economy that creates jobs. It isn't real job creation when you need taxes to pay for it! Besides, it hasn't worked no matter how it is measured.

    53. KC - NM says:

      These are the same old excuses being used. May be the President needs to look hard into a mirror. It is hard for anyone to admit that their actions have failed and that change is needed. But when you are arrogant and only believe that the issues are caused by someone else, you cannot change. So we the voters need to help the President out and vote him the heck out of office in 2012. We need subtantial change in both the spending actions and how we gain revenue. Spending reduction will hurt but we also spend and waste money in many programs where no one will feel the pain. We need to get tough with the world and demand payment for services rendered – starting with Iraq and the other middle east countries that sucked the money and American lives from us. Flat tax is needed. Warren Buffet wants to pay more tax – good for him, so a 10% flat tax on his overall income would be more than what he is paying today plus the 50% of Americans who do not pay taxes today would now have some skin in the game.

    54. G-Man says:

      We need a leader, a man (or woman) of conviction and strength. We need a president who recognizes that the rare, wonderful and unique form of government in America functions best when it governs least. We need a president who actually loves this country and believes in the strength and ingenuity of its people, and turns that incredible engine of commerce and enterprise loose instead of strangling it by ever-tightening restrictions and higher taxes. We need a leader who, upon getting the job he seeks, spends his time working instead of blaming the "other guy".

      In short, we need a President, not a poseur.

    55. Claims1 says:

      When he gets back to Washington, he is going to put forth all sorts of plans to get this country back on track. Please, barack, just show the American people "one" such plan. He is always going to present something to congress, put something in writing. He is never going to do any of that; to do so, would leave tracks everywhere. As it stands now, he can articulate, blame George Bush, the Tea party and, best of all, the Japanese sunami.

    56. Chris in N.Va. says:

      Ah, the annual flooding of denial…

      …wherein the taxpayer once again gets soaked…

    57. Bonnie says:

      Just an aside. Why is this bus black? Very depressing showing the mood of this country. Why not Red, White and Blue?

    58. Joseph C. Beck says:

      There was a great cautionary tale in th WSJ this morning (8/!6) about a 682 mile pipeline being built by El Paso gas pipeline firm. After jumping through all the regulatory hoops and environmental concerns, the pipe line was finally completed after 3 years, 23% over budget. It has to be read to believe but it has apparently become the normal rather than the exception. This is part of the Regulatory moras that Obama has requested his czars and agencies to clean up. Lots of luck!!!.

    59. Frank Viscomi says:

      I believe Obama’s “Magical Misery Tour Bus” is the best slogan I’ve heard so far. Heard it first on Rush’s show today. I'm thinking about have a T-shirt made up with that slogan.

    60. Duncan Campbell says:

      Folks, think Cloward / Piven strategy of economic terrorism in all you see in this Obama regime. Under(paid for) orders from George Soros! if you wan't truth, look these things up on Google.

    61. Clearbrook says:

      Pretty much this entire Presidency can be summed up as: "Obama Blames" It is a broken record, but he hasn't really got anything else. Somehow, this train of *excuses* is supposed to be "Hope and Change" but I would not let my teenage daughter indulge in this as much as he has, and frankly, I love her enough (even though she can *really* punch my buttons better than he usually can) to cut her just a little bit of slack. I am not sure how many people he expects to still be buying this same old same old that he is trying to sell as some sort of new, repackaged and ready to go "Hope and Change" at the polls. If the economy still stinks, he is dead meat at the polls, no matter who is running against him. So his "listening" is full of "blame" and that is really not a big surprise.

    62. JKT says:

      I have the pleasure of working with many private companies across this great land. The founders and owners of these businesses take the financial risks and make the personal sacrifices to build successful job creating companies serving their customers, employees and communities. I recently have seen a significant increase in over zealous government employees and regulation from the EPA and the FDA that is overwhelming these small businesses ability to maintain profitability and compete in a global economy. There is a lot more coming with Obamacare, Dodd Frank, etc. This is the greatest damage this Administration has done to our economy. Regulation and taxes are stifling these job creating businesses and destroying capitalism, the system that has created the greatest quality of life in the history of mankind.

    63. Bill Sailer says:

      It is a welcome sight to find a lot of the people enamored by the great change artist when he said he would change everything for the better have come to realize this is a cardboard cutout of a man. Noone loves him more than himself, and He could not listen to anyone.. The great orator wants to drown out everyone with any sense, and it will take more than 4 years to bail ourselves out of the mess he has created.

    64. Stirling says:

      Listening???? Nope… It's just annother lecture to the masses that we still don't understand the policies.. Sorry Mr. President your talking points are identical to the past 2 1/2 years of Teleprompter and State of the Union Speaches.. The over-exposure is like a top 40 record that people turn off after the 200 play. The more you talk, the more your popularity has fallen.. You have done more to damage your credibility then the GOP has done to you in the past 2 years, keep it up.. thank you.

    65. Advocatus Diaboli says:

      Democrats are the spoiled children of politics. It's always someone else's fault, they never listen, they never learn.

    66. Rrussell3358 says:

      It is virtually impossible to fire a federal employee after he/she has been in employment for a year. The legacy of O will be the horrendous number of those bureaucrats he leaves in place. The policies and regulations that he has implanted will poison the government for decades.

      Anyone who has worked in the Fed knows that a bureaucrat's only objective is to keep his job and gain two more subordinates.

    67. Mike Cox says:

      Obama "listening" is like a tired dad reading the newspaper after work and "listening" to his kids or wife talking about their day. The ears are there, but they are not open. Narcissism exudes from Obama at every turn, and I believe he is at a loss to understand why everyone doesn't agree with him. I also believe that the House of Representatives MUST curtail the legislation by executive order. Don't fund these misadventures and de-fund what he has already decreed. This tour is a waste of taxpayer's money, and should be funded by the billion dollar Obama 2012 campaign funds.

    68. Mark Davis says:

      Work diligently to defeat them. Do not compromise, which is accepting and encouraging their choices/behavior. Simply defeat them then govern constitutionaly. Simple.

    69. sandcanyongal says:

      I voted for Obama and sorry I did. His campaign and what he has done as President are at opposite ends. It's time to "burn the house down & build a new house." It's over for Obama. I won't vote for him again.

    70. Grace says:

      Obama makes to many excusses for pass President , yes Bush put this country in the situation with two wars, but Obama is the President of the United States and what has he done Healthcare , Unemployment. 2 Wars were still in and climate situation, What is he good for , time for another President that will help this country back on track,

    71. anna says:

      really scared for my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    72. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Is it me or does Barack Obama remind me, and everyone else old enough to remember The Brady Bunch, of
      the episode where Jan Brady was running for class president, and making promises she couldn't keep just to
      get elected? Wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE, WAIT A MINUTE! It's NOT just Obama who's doing a perfect imitation of Jan Brady____IT'S ALL POLITICIANS who are doing that. On the bright side, 52 percent of all our
      Presidents have been middle children.

    73. gary sheldon says:

      This "presidents" and all his buds make me sick. They complained about a rotten econemy all during the Bush administration and now the idiots got what they wanted. Make the most of your "crisis" children because you are done in 2012 and the TEA PARTY will gladly take the blame as they did in BOSTON HARBOR (you ship of fools/ not of state). What is up with people in the east of our nation and in Ca. as well? Why do they continue to send people like Kerry, Frank, Watters, Lee, Lee,Reid, back to the beltway? Why McCain in my state of Az.? What is going on here?

    74. gary sheldon says:

      2 trillion in cuts over 10 years and in one day the ceiling is raised (immediately) to 2.4 trillion/???!!! Who is kidding who "????!!!!!!

    75. Denver says:

      We can only hope that with everything else this "listening tour" will finally convince the minorities that the only thing they can expect from the Dumbocrats is more empty gestures and empty rhetoric. The Dumbocrats have a fuselage fire at 40,000 ft in their parachute locker and can only fantacize that they have wings….but it's OUR airplane!!! At least he's out of town for awhile.

    76. CJM says:

      Isn't anyone sick enough of this do nothing congress to yell at them as well? I don't see people challenging these congressional members along with obama–they go hand in hand, especially the Senate. I hear obama calling the Republicans the *party of NO*, but the truth is, no matter what the Republicans present–even before the 2010 election–democrats and obama are against it because it doesn't sut their communistic agenda. And someone should remind the Republicans that they are not saving face by caving in to the demands of the opposition—that makes the Republican members look like they are afraid of their own shadow. I recently emailed my representatives/senators the message: either clean up the damn economical mess or you will be voted out in 2012…they have dutifully replied with an outline of their agendas–and I will hold them to it. As for obama's continuous denials, what else is new? He has never been held accountable and he has never made himself accontble for his poor juidgement. Congress needs to get rid of the problem and impeach the criminal before anymore damage to the US is done.

    77. @dboyerdr says:

      Mid West essentially a campaign tour paid for by we the taxpayers!! I can't find out how many made the tour but 2 huge buses were bought in Canada to carry his highness and everbody else in style. Also I can't find out how many teleprompters and speech writers were on the tour. I'm certain we will never know what the total cost was. I bet they didn't stay at cheap motels at night and didn't eat at "greasy spoons" diners.
      The unmitigated gall of Obama blows my mind. I'm so sick and tired of BHO I get nauseated when I hear his voice!!!

    78. @dboyerdr says:

      Mid West essentially a campaign tour paid for by we the taxpayers!! I can't find out how many made the tour but 2 huge buses were bought in Canada to carry his highness and everbody else in style. Also I can't find out how many teleprompters and speech writers were on the tour. I'm certain we will never know what the total cost was. I bet they didn't stay at cheap motels at night and didn't eat at "greasy spoons" diners.
      The unmitigated gall of Obama blows my mind.

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