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  • Verizon Strike, Day Five: More Reports of Illegal Activity, Violence

    Strikes continued Thursday against Verizon Communications by 45,000 members of the Communications Workers of America and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers unions. Tensions continue to run high, and yet more reports of potentially illegal activity have emerged – beyond the sabotage Verizon alleges it has endured.

    Under the National Labor Relations Act, it is illegal for a picketing union to prevent non-striking employees from entering company facilities. But in the last couple days, there have been numerous apparent instances of Verizon strikers doing just that.

    A judge in Allegheny County, PA, issued an order on Wednesday prohibiting picketing workers from blocking the entrances to Verizon stores, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported:

    The order, signed by Judge Michael E. McCarthy, specifies that the unionized workers with the Communications Workers of America, AFL-CIO, are enjoined from “picketing, other than peacefully, and by no more than six pickets spaced, at any entrance to any Verizon facilities . . . or at any worksite of any Verizon employee or contractor performing company work.”

    In addition, the order prohibits the strikers from “interfering with business, by threatening, obstructing, intimidating or harassing” customers or other employees.

    Meanwhile, video captured another picketing IBEW worker using his young daughter to prevent a Verizon truck from entering a company facility. In the video, the man instructs his daughter to stand in front of the vehicle, then verbally berates the two individuals inside (warning: extremely vulgar language).

    Striking workers have even taken to the street to prevent Verizon technicians from doing their jobs. One Boston woman claims that a group of union members prevented a Verizon employee from fixing her malfunctioning phone line.

    “I looked in the street and there are picketers, 10 of them or more, doing a circle around the Verizon truck,” said Karen Austin, 64, a mother of five who lives on Forest Avenue. “Every time (the repairmen) would walk up to my house they would follow them. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This is ridiculous. Why are they picketing my house?”…

    “I’m not on a main street … I’m not a business. I’m a person who needed a line fixed,” she said.

    A Verizon spokesperson in Pittsburgh said the situation is far worse than just these sorts of obstructions. Some non-striking employees, the spokesperson said, have been physically assaulted. “We have had some employees who have alleged that they have been kicked, been spit on, had things thrown at them, somebody’s been elbowed,” Verizon’s Lee Gierczynski told WTAE Pittsburgh.

    (H/T: Labor Union Report)

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    63 Responses to Verizon Strike, Day Five: More Reports of Illegal Activity, Violence

    1. Jim Z says:

      Just Chicago Thug Politics at work. Gee…I wonder where they got THAT from. 2012 can't come fast enough for me.

    2. Stirling says:

      "picketing IBEW worker using his young daughter to prevent a Verizon truck from entering a company facility". Common guys, show your children that your better then this… I have no sympathy for those who "use" others as props for an agenda… If you unhappy with your situation quit and find annother job. Stop trying to bring down those who are willling to work.

    3. CC Benjamin says:

      People who believe that those striking are desiring more have been misled! These men and women do want to work, they just don not understand why THEY must make the sacrifice of their benefits while the CEO and CFO are taking on extra bonuses of over $100 million. That increase could have been better spent for a company crying BROKE! Give me a break!

      • Guest says:

        Bottom line – If you don't think you are being paid enough or treated well enough, quit and go work where you will be better off. I would think if thousands of employees think they can do a better job of running things, they can all go buy stock and vote new people in to run the Co.

      • Matt says:

        They want to keep a benefits package that is better than 99.9%. I work for Verizon, just hired in May. The benefits I have are ridiculously good. They want them to accept MY benefits, instead of 100% free. They want to give them a 401(k) with 1.5 times matching up to 6%. So, you put in 6%, you get 14%. Oh, and the Wireline business they work for has LOST money, the other components are making money. They work in a division THAT DOESN'T MAKE MONEY!

      • wtobias says:

        so you believe the dish washer should get the same pay as the owner of the restaurant, . a man who spent years and hard work to build a successful business and he should be equal to the dish washer who work dropped out of school and did not contribute to the restaurants success. why dont you just say you envy successful people, you hate anyone who has more then you

    4. sandra lloyd says:

      Don't the striking workers know that the people who are now doing their jobs did NOT volunteer, they were assigned. They are just trying to keep their own jobs.

    5. MRM says:

      This is the entitlement mentality at its finest! As the wife of a Verizon employee who has been called from Georgia to do a pole climbing job in Albany, NY, I especially do not appreciate the thuggery, crassness, and generally disgusting behavior of these striking workers or the mentality behind this strike! It is one of the reasons our country is experiencing this huge economic mess; when large groups of people believe they are entitled to a laundry list of goodies that most of the population does not get, it eventually comes back to haunt everyone and we all have to pay for it. Thanks, Verizon strikers, for leaving our three children without a dad indefinitely. And by the way, the people doing your jobs get paid nothing extra and no overtime for their 72 hours a week on the job, and we certainly don't get free healthcare, unlimited sick days, and raises for sub-par performance!

      • Sick of the lies says:

        First that is untrue management employees are being paid overtime and shift differentials.And ,unlimited sick days?Union employees do not have sick days everything must be fmla approved , which for anyone in the know means it will not be approved unless you have a near terminal illness.And when it's not approved whether you have doctors approval or not becomes discipline.Raises?Union employees do not receive raises they receive cost of living increases which do not even come close to raises others receive.We work for a highly profitable company (record profits this year) why should we be the only ones taking concessions again.Sub par performance?Are you sure you know an employee of the company?Union members have objectives that must be met,if they are not met you receive discipline and loose your qualification to perform that job,followed by suspension and termination.Please get your facts straight or do not comment and spread propaganda like company is now!

        • wtobias says:

          you took the job, no one forced you to. and you agreed to the pay, now you blast about how unfair it is if you want go to college get a degree in business work your way up to CEO then i guess you would deserve equal pay or quit and find a new job but i dont think they will pay you 250.000.00 a year for a line repair man.

          • Sick of the lies says:

            Many of us do have college degrees why would you assume we didn't?The reason we are here is because there was to much instability in our previous professions,the union offers stability.I get my hands dirty every day but i also know i will have a job the next day,because the union protects that. And yes we did agree to the pay but now they want to take it away…….that is the problem.And ceo pay or executive pay for us absolutely ridiculous be realistic .But do i believe i should take a cut in pay and benefits to "save the company" if they don't? No way! At this point there are more managers than union members, there a 4 levels of management for every position,maybe they can start trimming the fat there!

        • SamSam says:

          Obviously you "Sick of the lies" do not have all your facts straight. Not all management employees are being paid overtime and none are getting shift differentials. Most Management employees don't even get cost of living increases, so be glad you get any kind of increase.

          • Sick of the lies says:

            Yes they do, i was offered the job.They receive a yearly performance review .And bonus pay when crew objectives are met. And yes they are paid overtime for strike coverage!Comp time when managing a crew after hours.

      • frustrated says:

        Amen…. The thuggery is stupid- the replacement workers have NOTHING to do with the strike negotiations, they are simply doing what they are assigned. And don't these striking workers realize that the Managers that are replacing them that they are giving such a hard time to are the same ones that will make decisions on their behalf when they do go back to work (and eventually they will go back to work), and that they will not forget the cruel, barbaric and childish acts that these strikers are doing. These Managers are the ones that decide their schedules and budgets and compensation– ever hear of don't bite the hand that feeds you??? And strikers are trying to scare away current customers by picketing outside the business and harassing customers even at their homes? Well guess what, when they do go back to work, the already shrinking business will need less overpaid, lazy union thugs to do those jobs, so expect a big layoff, guys. Verizon is not asking any more of the union than what they have offered to all of their nonunion employees already, to pay a few bucks a year toward healthcare and to be reasonable about the amount of sick time that they (ab)use. Even with these "sacrifices" that the company is asking for, ask the 20% of Americans that are unemployed or underemployed if they would change jobs with them in a heartbeat. Grow up guys, and get back to work. Unions have far outlasted their usefulness in America… just ask GM where unions have brought them in the last 30 years… better yet, ask the GM retirees that are left with only emergency healthcare and no pension after the company was forced into bankruptcy and all of there benefits that they fought so hard for for so many years disappeared.

      • luckyone4 says:

        Your Husbands a SCAB and you admit it freely? What has this world come to.

      • luckyone4 says:

        Hey MRM, Verizon want's to move 25,000 jobs overseas and you think the union is the reason for all our problems? We need to stop watching cable news, we have been Hypnotized and over advertised until we are numb at birth.

        • Matt says:

          Hey, luckyone4, you know why they want to move the jobs overseas? Because incompetent union workers cost too much and they can get other people to do a better job for half the price. The union members work for a division of the company that has LOST MONEY for years. Other sections make money, not yours.

      • New York-New York says:

        Verizon employee, Management?? His choice. Non-union craft?? His choice. We are to sacrifice what we have won over the years and go backwards for "most of the population"? Our raises are not for sub par performance but cost of living raises. If most of us got paid for performance we would be making tons more money! Management gets paid what their bosses decide they are worth. When the RIFs began and craft employees decided to move to the management side of the house they knew their protection was gone and have no one to blame but themselves. On our floor 6 former craft employees who moved into management positions have been fired in the last 3 years as well as managers with 25 plus years. Don't damn the working people who build and maintain the network for choosing a job with a decent wage and benefits.

    6. nonya says:

      I love the guy picketing surfing his 650 dollar iPad!!

    7. truedat says:

      Hope all you union haters like INDIA —– because thats where you will probably have to move in order to get a job after you get your wish of killing off the unions. Verizon and other big corporations are not gonna treat you well out of the goodness of their hearts. But dont just take my word for it, ask former Verizon employees that it's already happened to.

      The real kicker here is that somehow Verizon paid no federal income tax the past 2 years on billions of $$$ in profit.They also took 1.5 billion $$$ in bailout money from the government. So how do they repay the country ? They ship jobs to India and try to takeback everything the union members have.

      • Brad - Detroit says:

        truedat, what kind of car do you drive ?

      • Ron says:

        Your behind the times, everything went to india long ago, because of unions. No corporation ever treated anyone well because of unions. Unions are creating a mess the rest of us cannot possibly aford.

      • yoyoman says:

        I think the unions can blame themselves for that. Companies do have to compete. When you are sucking them dry in benefits and wages and have no care for the company that has to close or go bankrupt or out of business. Unions would rather ALL FOR US AND NOTHING FOR ANYONE ELSE.

    8. IdiotsAmoungUS says:

      That "Father" is setting a GREAT example for his daughter. My goodness, all of you should be happy to have a job. ALL OF YOU. This type of behavior is completely uncalled for. Do you realize how replaceable you are? Do you realize how many people would jump at the chance to take your job. And you are out there picketing and acting like a grade school student. Great example.

    9. Bobbie says:

      Look what his daughter is learning! poor little thing looked like she had a nervous smile! Hopefully she has the mind to say to herself "gee dad, your the one that CHOSE to walk off the job!" Look at what unions turn people into thinking so low to use their child!! Totally focused on union demand. NLRB= ongoing government controlled, incompetence overlooked, with no effort to correct. Unions= represent zero ethics, ongoing threats, violence, outrage, destruction because I will not believe these people would be like this if they weren't severely damaged by union influence and provocation.

    10. bob says:

      let me tell you at a facility in quakertown, pa the union members are harrasing, bulling, and threating people so don't tell me the union is not doiing this because they are

      • Sick of the lies says:

        There are police details at every picket location i'm sure if they felt it was illegal they would stop it.More propaganda !

    11. OregonGreg says:

      Right on Stirling! You know that if he were a non-union right-to-work guy he would be in trouble for child endangerment for using his daughter to block a truck. What if the driver, distracted by the fathers' verbal abuse, had hit the little girl? Would not the father bear some of the blame?

    12. shiitemuslim says:

      it is perfectly legal for striking workers to picket worksites.federal, state and local laws allow this.

      • Ron says:

        Now I suppose your going to tell us these same laws allow destruction of private property, harrasment, beatings and muggings. I have personally seen union members do such things while demanding my support for their cause.

      • SamSam says:

        To a certain extent. It is not legal to pound on cars and block entrances for 30 or 40 minutes.

      • DoubleA says:

        You didn't read the story, did you?

      • Bobbie says:

        state and local laws allow adults to use children as shields, like some religions do? That's beneath pathetic!!

      • yoyoman says:

        But it is NOT legal to Slander , harrass or interfere with non union crossing a line. It is especially not LEGAL OR MORAL. To make your kids stand in a lane of traffic. This dope should be made an example of and jailed immediately before his kid or someone gets hurt.

    13. ann says:

      My husband is a verizon mgmt employee now back in the field. get a life union members. I use to be one but you are ridiculous. Mgmt employees lost their pension years ago. The facts of life are that people now live longer and pension plans are no longer able to be funded and viable unless you are on the govt dole and sucking the life out of the rest of us. also it is not unreasonable for employees to kick in for their health insurance. thanks to our wonderful president insurance is going up and up. And yes, you union workers voted for him so pay up. mgmt employees have to kick in for health insurance. many of them make less than the union employees. get a grip. this is the new reality under our socialist driven society under obama. it is going to get worse so tighten your belt.

      • Sick of the lies says:

        Once again health insurance is the least of the problems with Verizons proposals.We are talking $20k pay and benefits per employee ! That's the problem. Obviously your husband doesn't like his job tell him to find another one ! Funny how upset people get when a manager has to perform manual labor . I can see why people on this site get upset it's the elitist attitudes ,all afraid to get your hands dirty. It's below you and no one that performs this work should make a respectable living.

      • Bobbie says:

        thank you for sharing your truth, ann!!

    14. catherine says:

      I work for a very large health insurance company that administers the insurance for verizon. They pay no premiums, fully paid while we at this large insurance co have to pay for ours, we also got our 401k taken away as well as no retirement health insurance for new hires, all the while the big wigs got huge bonuses. None of us went on strike, none of us quit our jobs because we are grateful to even have a job. We are paying huge montly bills for our verizon services while you get your benefits free so it's like you're slapping us in the face, who are paying your salary. Oh ya, we don't get MLK as a holiday..we get New years day then not another holiday for 6 months..if we want a day off we have to use a personal day, we get 2 per year.

      • Sick of the lies says:

        Just like everyone tells us ,"If you don't like it quit and find another job!".Buy the way, we are willing to take a concession on health insurance, if that was the only problem we would be back to work.People you do not have all the facts Verizon's proposal equals a $20k cut in pay and benefits per employee.And do you think your bill will go down no matter what the outcome is ? Be serious.

        • Steve says:

          Yes, we are serious. Welcome to the real world. You are not entitled to a pay raise or even a small pay cut. You are entitled to have a fair wage, and if that means that your overy bloated pay and benefits package now needs to be trimmed to what is appropriate for the marketplace all at one time, I feel sorry for you, but that is life. Just be grateful you aren't like so many others that were just cut out of a job completely.

    15. r wms says:

      As a former verizon employee and union member I think the cwa is a joke. Within the last couple of years thousand of union members have been laid off and the union did little to nothing. The union always always speaks on how much the ceo of verizon makes how much does the the national president of the union make I would say about the same. I left the company understanding that when the company hired me they did what was best for the company and when they let me and the others go they were doing what was best for the company. I could not believe the union members that would have been fired on any other job had it not been for the union keeping bad apples. I left the company started my own business and it was the best thing ever. Just pay for the insurance …..

    16. Corky W. says:

      Now, after watching this video does this mean that I can use the "F" word in front of my kids and Children services won't do anything? They need to FIRE all of them and hire people that are out of work. To hell with the money hungry unions….

    17. Gretch68 says:

      Thanks to Heritage for giving voice to this situation. It makes me feel proud to be a Heritage Patriot's Club member.

      My husband is a Verizon management employee. These people are not 'scabs'. They are heroes now working 12 hr days 7 days a week because these thuggish greedy union brats have thrown a fit when the company didn't just roll over and continue to overpay them for doing a crappy job.

      These stories are just the tip of the iceberg. My husband told me several stories that happened to friends of his of union thugs blocking trucks and threatening replacement workers to the point where they had to dial 911 and get a police escort because they could not get out.

      I for one hope Verizon fires all of these people or lets the strike go on so long that they are begging for work when their union bosses sell them out for their own power and sole concern which is collecting dues.

      Sorry to vent but this one is very personal for me.

      Please pray for the safety of these Verizon management employees and their families who are standing strong in the midst of a difficult situation.

    18. gayle says:

      Will customers remember lousy behavior when the strike is over and they are faced with choosing a communications company? I think not. Maybe it is time for consumers to push back and say, sorry, bad behavior has consequences and will not be rewarded. (Yes, I know not everyone has a choice when it comes to communications services. I hope people who do will remember this strike. I certainly will.)

      • Ann says:

        Isn't that punishing the working for the sins of the strikers? My husband is Verizon Management. As MRM stated, my husband also pays for his health care, does not have pension, doesn't get MLK or Veterans Day off and gets performance based (not cost of living) raises if he does his job well. And non-union workers are not getting overtime for their 12 hour days.

    19. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Why is that guy wearing a shirt saying "We're taking back America"? Should it not say "We're taking back our benefits"? For what are they fighting again? I contend that AFL-CIO got back their idea of America, their statist idea, in this President, and look at the failure he has wrought. If not for him, Verizon may not have had to cut back on their benefits.

      • Ron says:

        They are not taking back America, they are destroying it. I have seen enough union violence that I will never support a union. Somehow they think they are special, they are not.

    20. wtobias says:

      liberals always seem to view employers as welfare offices. like they need to care for them cradle to grave and they should have equal pay to the company's owners or somehow they should have a say on how profits are distributed without sacrifice without owning one share of stock , you deserve what you agreed on when you got hired and if you dont like it . do what millions other people do. quit find a new job if you think your worth 350.000.00 a year for installing phones good luck

    21. tom pgh pa says:

      if you people dont have pensions,401k,or health benefits why are you not fighting for them instead your on a msg board trying to tell people what they should be giving up

    22. Silver says:

      I feel your pain MRM. My 56 your old sister who has been in an office for over 30 years, is now out doing repairs. OH, and the training Verizon claims…what a joke. She is wearing steel toed work boots and driving 45 minutes to her assignment site as they fear giving her a vehicle could result in an attack at her home. In the meantime, her team is being expected to complete a 3 year project in 18 months. I work at a small hospital and 2 weeks before the strike, we lost all Verizon internet for SIX days. Our cables had been cut. Emmmm. I am encouraging everyone I know to drop Verizon. These workers need to get a slap of reality. My former workplace just had an 8% cut in salaries or they would have faced 600 layoffs!!!!

    23. Dave says:

      The polar opposite of Reagan's response to PATCO.

    24. geemann64 says:

      unions are dumb. move to texas where there are very few unions…and jobs. go figure.

    25. Gretch68 says:

      My husband is a Verizon management employee.

      These stories are just the tip of the iceberg. My husband told me several stories that happened to friends of his of union picketers blocking and trucks, slashing tires and threatening replacement workers to the point where they had to dial 911 and get a police escort because they could not get out. There are laws against that but too often the union police officers support the Verizon picketers at the expense of public safety and enforcing the law.

      Please pray for the safety of these Verizon management employees who are standing strong in the midst of a difficult situation as they work 12hrs a day 6 days a week in conditions where they never know if their personal safety will be threatened

    26. T. D. S. says:

      They need to realize the company is going to be fined next year for offering the union members "cadillac" insurance. These employees pay ZERO for health benefits, so when I see headlines where they are striking for better benefits, I get upset. How can you get better benefits than paying ZERO out of pocket? You can't get better than FREE. They have very low copays which are lower than middle management copays. I work in health care and have seen the difference between the management copays, verses the union copays, verses what the average American pays for healthcare. If my middle management Verizon husband lost his job, and we had to sign up for the insurance I have at my job, it would cost us $1,200 a month for horrible coverage where I would have to pay a huge, several thousand dollar deductible before the insurance would kick in. If most American's knew exactly what their copays were for their healthcare, they would be outraged. The company just wants the union to start paying what the managers have paid for years which is very small compared to what the majority of Americans pay.

    27. T.D.S. says:

      Also, the employee who placed his smirking daughter in front of the truck should realize that by his actions of refusing to do his job, he probably took the manager inside the truck states away from his family. The union wants the middle managers to not work the jobs they are striking from, but these managers are given no choice. Refusing is grounds for a permanent dismissal from their job. Why should my husband quit his job and harm his family financially by doing so to please the union? My husband is still working his normal job, but can at any minute be told to leave us and go to a different state to work.

    28. T.D.S. says:

      Furthermore, the union needs to consider the fact that "Obamacare" is one of the main reasons Verizon will probably not budge when it comes to benefits. Obama is suppose to be there for the unions, but it's his future tax on their "cadillac" insurance which will make Verizon not give in. They can't afford to do so. Even though they claim Verizon can afford it because of the great profit they have, in reality, the majority of the profit comes from wireless. Too many people are "cutting the cord" and going to only wireless phone coverage.

    29. Mark says:

      If you are disgusted with the behavior of the strikers, switch to a new provider wherever possible. AT&T, T-Mobile and others would love to have you

    30. snydrhrry says:

      One has to wonder if these thugs are thugs naturally, or are they being assigned and trained to bully and even assault workers. It's a sad thing to see when greedy union workers use thuggery to intimidate people who are just trying to maintain service for people who need their phones. They are not being underpaid.

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