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  • Only Days In, Verizon Strike Already Getting Ugly

    Verizon employees went on strike this week in protest of the company’s proposed changes to its employee benefits. The company’s collective bargaining agreement expired at midnight on Saturday. By Sunday, Verizon was already alleging a dozen instances of sabotage, and illegal attempts by strikers to block managers from entering Verizon facilities.

    According to a Verizon press release, the company endured:

    • Ten incidents of fiber-optic lines being deliberately cut in the Bronx, Pomona, Farmingdale and Guilderland in New York; two separate incidents in Tewksbury in Massachusetts; incidents in Bel Air in Maryland, and East Dover, Oakland and Plainfield in New Jersey.
    • An outage due to stolen electronic equipment in Cedar Grove, N.J., affecting a local police department, among other customers.
    • An incident due to tampering with a heating system at a central office in Manhattan.

    The Communications Workers of America union, the larger of the two groups conducting the strike, said that it did not condone any illegal actions.

    On Tuesday, Verizon filed a lawsuit in Delaware court against local chapters of the CWA and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers – the other union representing Verizon strikers. Verizon asked the judge “to issue injunctions to stop demonstrators from blocking entrances in Newark and Dover, shutting off power and using “crazy glue” to jam fence mechanisms and service-truck locks,” according to a report from Bloomberg News.

    Verizon insisted that the company “has suffered serious disruption and curtailment of its business” resulting from illegal activities by strikers.

    The strike, which involves 45,000 Verizon workers and managers, is a protest against proposed benefit changes that include employee contributions to health care plans (non-management employees currently pay nothing towards their health care premiums), cuts in disability benefits, and reductions in the numbers of paid holidays.

    Union officials insist that changes to health care benefits could cost workers as much as $6,500 apiece annually. Verizon claims the changes will only require monthly as low as $100 payments from workers.

    While there have been some reported incidents of illegality, this strike is thus far nowhere near as ugly as the 2000 one against Verizon, which saw a reported 455 incidents of vandalism, sabotage, and harassment of Verizon employees.

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    128 Responses to Only Days In, Verizon Strike Already Getting Ugly

    1. Missy Tocci says:

      I hope that CWA is successful in thier fight to stop Verizons attack on the middle class with thier corporate greed.Verizon needs to stop out sourcing jobs that are desperately needed here.Verizon is a multi BILLION dollar corporation and should share it's wealth with the people who built and maintain the network that makes them BILLIONS in profit every year.Shame on Verizon!

      • fred aims says:

        I hope that Verizon fires them all!

        • Tasha says:

          Be aware that some people are staying out of work simply because they are afraid of what their colleagues will do to them and/or their cars if they show up to work.

          • fed up says:

            I understand, and I really feel for them. No one should feel like that or be in that situation. I'd question what kind of organization I worked for that would be so two faced like that.

        • The Man says:

          Yes! There are plenty of people that are looking for work that will be happy to take their jobs.

        • GetaLife says:

          Go get a job, couch potato!

      • Bhaughey says:

        Maybe the greed of the CWA is causing our Verizon bill to be so high!

        • Chris the FiOS tech says:

          maybe its the greed of the top 5 execs. Over $240 mil in the past 5 years. Look it up.

        • Kerry says:

          Your Verizon bill is so high because of the greed of Verizon not its employees. Verizon wants its employees to take a 14k pay cut and contribute 6,500 towards healthcare annually. How would your family manage? It is people like you and your ignorance that hurts this country. I hope your family never feels the hand of big corporation around your neck.

          • Slick says:

            Kerry –
            Maybe the MORE important question is . . . what will YOUR family do if your job is gone!!!! Talk about union mentality – perhaps you should ask your union to reduce your dues so you can pay a portion of your health care expense. And if you are making so much that they are asking you to take a 14K paycut, I doubt they are asking you to work for less than minimum wage . . . and there are 14 million Americans who have NO JOB right now that would probably be glad to take your spot!!! Make a career change . . . . see how much money you make and what benefits you will get – welcome to OUR world!!!!!

            And by the way, perhaps it is way past time that unions were disbanded in this country because the way it looks to me, the only thing unions are good for is to enhance the "something for nothing mentality" of its members. AND if they don't get what they want, they create an environment of violence. And then people want to know what is wrong with our young people today? Look at the examples of appropriate behavior set by their union parents!!!!!

        • mike says:

          Thats funny Verizon has made billions in the last year is your bill lower

        • Doug says:

          Verizon's union payroll has little to do with cost. Consider this, in 2007 before the last contract ran up, there was over 80,000 CWA/IBEW employees; now there are only 45,000. With the staff (and thus their payroll figure) cut almost in half, was your bill reduced in any way? Of course not. Verizon has made almost $7 BILLION (profit, not revenues)this year already. While the wireless division can claim a large portion of that number, the wireline is responsible for close to a BILLION dollars (of profit not revenues again) and yet they are claiming they need to reduce worker salaries and benefits. This company is making money hand over fist despite the world economic recession, takes federal bailout money, pays literally zero in taxes, and yet still cries poor when it comes to paying employees.
          There is no excuse for sabotage, but none of the alleged sabotage incidents have been able to be connected to striking union employees. There is lots of anecdotal evidence though that the replacement workers canot fix these or routine troubles. These accusations could simply be covering up for that.
          I know unions are an easy target these days, but this looks more and more like a case of corporate greed when all the facts are presented.

        • jay says:

          research this fact. over the past 10 years the total employee workforce has be reduced while our bills have gone up and the exec bonuses have also gone up annually. Yes Verizon saved money but we didn't see it….the execs did. Now this is their company so they can do what they want with it but if this was about the customer we wouldn't even be on strike. In years past we always worked without a contract as the union and company bargained so no customers were affected. So we are clear the company said take it our leave it and no working without a contract.

        • FGHTNG4MDDLECLSS says:

          The greed of CWA…is fighting for middle class. Keeping those of us with good jobs and healthcare to keep it….The contract we have has been fought for for 50 yrs. D o you people really think we should just flush it because you have to pay for health care or becauseWA you people dont have decent paying jobs….This is a fight not only for CWA Memebers,but for all hard working American workers. If CWA loses this fight, cooperate America will control all jobs and the middle class hard working Americans will have nothing. People need to take a step back and read the facts…..Verizon CEO makes $55000 A DAY….A DAY….A DAY….WHY SHOULD THE MIDDLE CLASS HAVE TO GIVE UP ANYTHING…CWA IS NOT ASKING FOR ANYTHING MORE THAN WE ALREADY HAVE,,,WE JUST WANT THE SAME…NOTHING MORE,NOTHING LESS

      • Texan American says:

        Yeah, it's called a paycheck. You get paid what you earn. If you don't want to work for a "greedy corporation" you should leave.
        Last I heard Verizon doesn't have indentured servitude. I'm trying to figure out who's makIng these employees stay there. If you're unhappy and feel unappreciated you have every right to leave that employer and find another company that will pay you what you feel your worth.

      • Tash says:

        Everyone should pay something toward their health insurance. Those of us who pay the bills for verizon service can't afford to pay more while we pay for our own health insurance and have fewer paid holidays. Stop being selfish and start thinking of what will help all of us. If we stop buying from Verizon you will be out of a job.

        • talkum says:

          maybe you should cancel your entertainment service if it means making payment for other bills difficult – Verizon employees do not set the price for Verizon services, Verizon corporate does.

          it's too bad you feel that everyone should pay something just because you do – talk about selfish!

      • Tasha says:

        Do you think one person is getting that money? It's spread out among tens of thousands of shareholders, for pensions, for research and development–which doesn't come cheap. If Verizon can't improve its products nad services and develop new products, it will be on the ashheap of technology like DEC, Wang, Exxon (they used to make a very good memory typewriter) and other companies. IF they crash and burn, all that technology will be more expensive because there will be less competition and less tehniology development and cost saving innovation.

        You get a salary you firswt responsiblity is not to buy booze or expensive clothes or fancy cars, but to provide for your own health care, food and housing.

        If you don't accept your responsiblity–youre not even paying the full cost of the services, but only a part of the insurance coverage–what will ultimtely happen is that jobs will be cut.

      • Wilhelm says:

        The Union has to go it does nothing but propagate low worker “Work Ethic” and laziness. Basically Union workers feel they “Have made it” with their seniority which protects then from reprisal for setting around doing nothing yet drawing a pay check and building their pension. The work force is blotted with these workers causing the company to pay for employees who have lost their value to the company and are no longer an asset but a liability.

      • Wilhelm says:

        Why is the CWA and the IBEW condoning the illegal activities of property vandalism and the threatening a fellow humans’ safety? If I was a resident of the areas in which this was occurring with my law enforcement was turning a blind eye to it and failing to fulfill their responsibility of due diligence to track down and arrest the offenders I would be extremely concerned that they cannot function in their position since they cannot do their job because they may impact a “Union Brother/Sister”. Unions have lost their value and they are the reason that jobs are going over seas, companies are tired of being bullied (such as the current tactics the union is using) and throwing away money on people who are worthless. In my research I have discovered that the non-union works make a far better salary than the union contract workers, the health care is better and the non-union workers get compensated better in other areas out side of salary.

      • Country Cowgirl says:

        Missy . . . . do YOU want to be part of the problem or part of the solution??? Verizon, like ever other entity in America, must find ways to cover expenses like EMPLOYEE BENEFITS so that they can continue to keep everyone employed, continue benefits for ALL and still do business. Would you rather that they fire workers so that other workers continue to have FREE health care and 12+ paid holidays a year? Honey, I bet your mama is REALLY proud of you and your attitude!

        For the life of me, I don't understand the mentality of those in this country who either don't, or can't, understand what our economic bottom line really is . . . . if we ALL don't help solve the problems that are plaguing the business sector that EMPLOYS us, this country could very well end up like many European countries where dictatorships rule!!!! Boy, it saddens me that there are those who are so selfish they refuse to give an inch in order to not only save themselves but family members, friends and neighbors. I am sorry . . . I don't understand that kind of moral bankruptcy!

      • Ron says:

        The actions of CWA will not get any support from me. Union members seem to be violent thugs, nothing more, nothing less.

      • Bryan whitsell says:

        I am verizon worker in Texas and hope the best happens our contract is up next aug.This new ceo is the biggest cause of this issue. Yep they have made a ton of money and the higher up I guess need more money when middle class and others are hurting to live in this eco time. what a shame

    2. Shane says:

      This company made 10 billion last year and on a pace to make more this year. Their wireline service is not becoming obsolete but is being replaced by a fiberoptic or FIOS network which is being built by the very same workers in strike. The top 4 executives have been compensated for over 250 million over the past 4 years and DO NOT pay one cent for their own medical. Yet they can afford it more than the average worker. Verizon also did not pay one dollar in federal taxes for 2010.
      The striking workers just want the contract to remain the same without any increase in wages. I'm a major stockholder and my Verizon dividends yield 6% returns. Why mess with a good thing? Is 10 billion still not enough? Verizon is hiding the truth by saying that the landline sector is losing business- it is being replaced by FIOS and it's the investment into this network that is skewing the numbers and making it look like wireless is subsidizing the wireline. If the wireline sector were becoming obsolete- in 10 years those union contracts would be phased out through attrition and Verizon could care less about a status quo contract. They haven't hired workers under those contracts since 2003 and new hires are not brought in under those contracts. The truth is/ Verizon knows the FIOS network is growing very fast and wants to use non- union labor as it moves forward. Makes sense. But my stock has always yielded strong dividends with the way things have been operating. Ivan Seidenberg is no longer CEO and this stock is in serious trouble along with the company.

    3. Moha says:

      Verizon wants to freeze it's employee pension, ask for $100 a month towards health care cost, transfer work to contingent scabs in right to work states and overseas, and prevent Verizon Wireless employees from unionizing. The $100 a month health care cost is too much, and there is no reason to freeze their pensions since Verizon is making money hand over fist. And at a time when the unemployment rate in the country is over 9% shipping work overseas is heartless. Verizon's CEO Ivan Seidenberg makes $55,000.00 per day, plus bonuses etc. This is a simple case of corporate greed. Verizon landline employees built that company, and Verizon Wireless. This is another case where greedy corporate America is out to destroy unions and our middle class. Support those workers on the picket line and say NO to Verizon.

      • Jan says:

        Why is $100 a month too much? We pay $170 a WEEK for company furnished health insurance. Get out in the real world.

      • Bert says:

        YOu do understand that most Americans pay more than $100 per month for Health care (at least the ones that have healt care). There are many Educators that pay $200-$400 per month for family health care, and we all know how much teachers get paid. I'm not saying that Verizon is not over paying executives, but $100 per month is not much for family health care. It would be too much for an individual.

    4. Sarah says:

      Hi Missy, I agree! The unions are willing to negotiate. They know that benefits come at a cost and understand the need to compromise. What they don't want to fold on is job security and even more so, outsourcing. The office I am familiar with is 1/3 the size that it was 5, 6, 7 years ago. They want their jobs back – which isn't just a plea to help the union, but to decrease unemployment in the US!

    5. GoBack2Work says:

      Here's an example of that "middle class" your asking to defend. This is the real union in action, don't be fooled: http://tv.breitbart.com/striking-verizon-proteste

      • Rag says:

        These unions are lucky to have Jobs. Any other company seeing declining profits for last 10years would have had much deeper layoffs. Verizon is being too kind. Just get rid of all the union workers and hire the 10% unemployed people who will actually do the job with a lot more commitment.
        These Unions are taking jobs that many deserving Americans should get

      • Union forever! says:

        I like the spot. It speaks volumes against scabs! Don't be mad at people for working for their families. This is a highly profitable business that you and your kind don't understand. How about all the drunks and crackheads on welfare, not willing to work? They and their many generations have sucked the American dollar dry. Not upset with them? Instead you want to be mad for people standing up for their rights. You are an idiot, and probably couldn't pass a drug test to get a union job!

    6. Roger says:

      These pepole need to go back to work, do their job earn their pay and if they are un happy with their job go find another one, or stand in line at the food shelter. I've seen what these pepole have for homes, boats, cars and life style they are not middle class, they are over paid as it is.

      Go back to work or go home.

      • Middle Class Worker says:

        You have no idea what you are talking about and yes they are VERY middle class…My husband has worked for everything that we have and has worked for the company for 12 years…We do NOT have a boat or cars or a house that you would consider more then middle class. I teach special needs and am not compensated in anyway for all the things that go along with my job. I want to start a family but can not because of this strike and Verizon…check your facts before you speak. Its never the middle class that gets anything its the rich and the people on welfare.

    7. NobamaHealthCare says:

      Everyone's healthcare insurance has went up since the obama healthcare plan passed.
      my son's insurance which i buy as a separate policy because it was only $117/month, now went up
      this past January to $206/month. Still cheaper than adding him to my employer plan which would be $435/month.


    8. Lara Croft says:

      Here's the real truth folks: Around 75% of Verizon employees are non-union. They pay into medical plans, as does the company, and have 401K plans in which the company gives matching contributions. The non-union benefits Verizon offers are rated highly compared to othe Fortune 500 companies.

      Now the unions are being told truthfully that wireline is in decline, and that the savior FIOS has not made up for the amount of lines dropped by customers. They are being asked to pay into their own medical plan which they currently get for free, and to switch to the same 401K the other 75% of Verizon employees have in lieu of their free pension.

      Given the current state of the economy and unemployment rate, the union leadership chose to strike instead of working without a contract while negotiations continued or seeking arbitration. The fact that they wouldn't seek arbitration is a curious in and of itself…and speaks volumes: Is it because they fear what the arbitors would say?

    9. SickofLibWiners says:

      Missy Tocci
      Verizon is a company that provides jobs, pays taxes and offers a service. They have the right to run their company any way they please. The saying “Capital goes to where Capital is welcome” rings true with this current administration and their destruction of business in America. You want to take that right away from businesses and hand it over to government or a union which in the case of government control is called communism. As for the latter, unions, let’s look at how well that worked in Detroit. Please continue to force the communist agenda or now called social justice and all manufacturing jobs and well all jobs that can be exported out of the USA will be quickly. Yes, those evil corporations! have you noticed that your unions and this current government want you to hate the drug companies, hate the health care companies, hate the manufacturing companies, hate the investment companies, hate the banks, hate – hate- hate everyone except government and the unions. You are all dups-get a job, work hard and go out and get your part of the American dream and stop demanding that others do it for you.

      • canucanoe2 says:

        Do some research a-hole. Verizon paid zero taxes last year. They are making record profits yet they want to cut into the benefits that were EARNED by the workers by building a strong and successful business. I could understand verizons position if verizon was struggling to stay afloat, but that is not the case.

    10. brian says:

      HMMM… So does this mean if I don't pay my bill, they will not disconnect me?

    11. Fed up says:

      Lower level management does not have pensions anymore! Lower level management has to contribute to their health care. They have also no job securtiy and have had thousands of lay offs in the past three years. Why do union employees think they deserve more!

      • talkum says:

        if lower level management thinks they're getting a raw deal, perhaps they should unionize and fight to get what they feel they deserve…

      • fish doc says:

        because they were "smart" enough not to become a lower level manager!!! They all complain about how the company stuck it to them, but they fail to have the …….. to organize to fight back….

      • canucanoe2 says:

        It's not about comparing yourself to other workers. It's about standing up for yourself with the help of the solidarity of your co-workers. Yes…FIGHTING for what you deserve. If low level management won't fight for a fair deal thay have no-one to blame but themselves.

      • fitz says:

        when they took that job as lower management they knew the risk

    12. Angry says:

      And the employees/ managers who are not on strike are made to work 12 hours a day 6 days a week. People who have never worked these jobs before have to work in the heat.. absolutely unfair.. why can't they hire contractors to do this job if they are unwilling to compromise with CWA.

      • Themicslittlebuddy says:

        It takes about 5 years to train a tec to do this job this is not cable tv where you can get a convict off the street give him a 2 day crash course and call them a tec this is why vz managers can only fix 1 trouble pr 14 hrs and they hold us to 5 in 8hr shift most vz managers are children who just say yes to everything and have no clue. mine has a BS in hotel mgt and he has caused 240 troubles this week and hasen't fixed one so if you are having phone trouble call vz first then the PSC for your area and give them hell and rember cell phones work on copper and fiber from the tower to the co.

    13. Marie says:

      I have no sympathy for workers that don't pay a dime in medical when we all have to. Then because they are angry they are making innocent people pay by deliberately cutting lines and stealing equipment! Verizon should hire all new people and say the hell with these animals!!!
      For God's sake they even beat up a delivery man who was bringing food to a Verizon office!

      • jay says:

        Mark then you should be mad a Verizon and their public claim that "there has been very limited affect on service because of our trained replacement work staff". I am happy i have a job and i love what i do. they would not let us work without a contract while the company and union bargained. i am sorry you can not get phone service and hopefully this is per soon and maybe i will get your install. Just please try to understand none of wanted a strike. We are not getting paid so this is tough on all of us. Then why go on strike? Because with the health care plan the "demand". also just because the company made a statement about vandalism and stealing equipment now its true? what do you expect them to say? our management workforce doesn't know how to do the job? and where did a food guy get beat up? proof? link?

    14. BillVanLeer says:

      I wish we can come to a settlement of this contract that allows us to move forward, I support a wife and three children Matthew, Christopher and Michael. I do appreciate the great benefits and salary that Verizon provides , I have personally never worked so hard in my life. All that I ask is for a fair contract where they are not looking to replace us just to appease Wall street. With lower wage workers If no one has a good paying job then they cannot continue to buy the services that Verizon sells. APRU is up, so is the FIOS net adds. Lets keep America working for the Wire line. The revenues lost of POTS service are supplanted with FIOS video and Internet. At least 45000 of us could make a commitment to buy this service if the contract is settled fairly, that would be a help. But I wish we could come back to the barging table with all of this in mind. American Jobs, money spent on great products and services. With out the customer none of us would be here.

    15. Chris the FiOS tech says:

      As a member of the Communication Workers of America I denounce any and all acts of vandalism on the facilities to which I will eventually be returning to use and maintain. All direct and implied instruction on strike conduct from every union official I've heard from has insisted on non-violent and non-destructive tactics. We are in a fight against corporate greed that will be won by the strength of our unity, not the damaging of of our network. God knows the maintanance of our plant has not been an important priority at Verizon for years, why should it bother them now? Besides, our replacement "workers" will certainly make enough of a mess to the network on their own. Pity our customers.

    16. GPN says:

      While I sympathize with the workers, I think they should realize, at least in light of health care premiums, that they have been getting a major "deal" for years, and the premiums contribution being asked for are very reasonable. Workers in most companies pay part of their health plan premiums. In our own family, the primary provider is losing over a quarter of his take-home pay just to pay his portion of the health insurance; over $90/week. $100/month contribution is nothing, compared to what many people are paying, and there are plenty of families in the US today that have no health care at all because they cannot afford the rising premium costs.

      Verizon workers and the CWA should take stock of what others are going through, and adjust their sights just a bit before condemning the changes en masse.

      • jay says:

        i couldn't agree more GPN but although they claim there offered a tcp as low as $100 per month we never saw that offer. The one we received was much more than that and the health care wasn't even the same. it was paying a lot of money and getting less coverage.

      • canucanoe2 says:

        Why should the workers make concessions when the company is making record profits? If company A is struggling and needs concessions from the worker that is understandable. If company B is successful, why should the workers suffer just because company A employees are asked to suffer? It makes no sense.

    17. Frustrated says:

      What you are not hearing in the news, since Verizon executives are on the Board at most independent news sources (and BIG advertisers) is Customer Service rep jobs going from salary to commission only so they can force CS reps to sell customers stuff; $20k a year paycuts and the fact that they're profitting billions while they won't approve safety equipment for their employees who pay for it out of their own pockets. Oh, they gave that lousy health care package to managers years ago, are trying to force the union people to take it and the same five men in charge HAVE FREE HEALTH CARE FOR LIFE.

    18. Tasha says:

      Now, you all would be better if you went to work and let the negotiators work out the deal. There are plenty of people out there who need jobs and would be thankful to have any job, even if it had no benefits. You are denying income to people who don't agree with you, who need to feed their families and pay their rent or mortgages.

      Be thankful you have a job. Millions of people don't and would love to be working.

      • jay says:

        Trust me we all feel this way. Verizon told both of our unions (CWA and IBEW) via letter that there "will be no working without a contract or an extension on the current contract". No one wants to go on strike but this was unavoidable. When two parties are negotiating there are give and takes, thats how it works. What we were presented with was "take it or leave it, thats the offer". The health care is just the main issue, Verizon also made over 20 other demands including getting rid of our pensions, tying raises to performance (sounds reasonable from the outside looking in except their rating system is about quantity not quality. they would rather you do a half ass job and let the customer call back in for another tech visit), and many other issues without one single thing we were asking for.
        The vandalism I'm not buying totally. sure it might be happening, but none of us were there to see it. I would ask every reader/poster on here to ask themselves this…..is it vandalism that knocks your phone line out every time you have heavy rain or an outdated plant that Verizon refuses to repair?
        I can also tell you this. Here in new jersey we have followed a few managers and just watched from a far. only one of the six we watched even rang the bell to a customers home. The other five either went home or to breakfast, then to the main box (crossbox) then returned back to the work center. Two customers i actually rang the bell and spoke with them and said their phone was still out and no one ever showed up.
        You have good and bad people everywhere but the story the company is putting out is simply not the truth. I love my job, i love the customers i interact with everyday and i enjoy what i do. I also work very hard at it and at the end of each day i feel good about it. A lot of the guys you see on youtube riled up is not just a bunch of lazy, arrogant workers. they are acting this way because these managers are leaving the work center in air conditioned trucks, with a full set of tools and are working in a pair or sometimes 4 to a job. you can ask any verizon worker you know and ask if thats how our day goes. Trust me none of us have a full set of tools. Most of us end up buying tools from home depot or lowes just to get the job done. If we stop for a cup of coffee let alone breakfast as these managers are doing we get suspended. so there is a bit of hypocrites going on here…that why you see all the yelling.
        In the end this isn't about being ungrateful. Yes there are many people who have no jobs and i recognize that and realize that yet that doesn't mean you have to accept whatever the company "demands". we should be working together to meet in the middle, that is bargaining. I have many customers who have my personal cell number and have called me while we have been on strike. i have answered each and everyone of them to answer their questions because they couldn't get through to tech support. many of us realize the customers are caught in the middle of this and are helping out if we can.

        • Bobbie says:

          BOTH of our unions? can't stand on your own? how pathetic! one union for each leg? that's a show of personal employee weakness…

    19. cmeballin says:

      Bhaughey-If you are serious with that comment than you are clearly as naive and foolish as the verizon execs.

    20. joe matthews says:

      if they treat their employees any worse than their customers, verizon wouldnt possibly have enough money to keep them. it is my experience that verizon is run by circus monkeys. they suck, real bad

    21. guest says:

      maybe the greed of the top executives is causing your verizon bill to be so high..

    22. Fred says:

      My wife works for verizon, she has been there for over 15 years and would end up getting the same benefits she was getting when she first started. This arttical does not tell all of the cuts they will make. If they do what they want many people will have to find other jobs. We have 4 kids and she will not be able to afford to work there.

    23. Cubicle93 says:

      A tiny percentage of Americans like Ivan Seidenberg are compensated like Saudi Princes not because they are vastly more productive than their employees, but simply because they possess the power to take what they want. They employ two basic strategies to justify this behavior: They claim that their compensation is commensurate with other executives who, coincidentally also possess the power to take what they want. And they pander to the unemployed, the under employed, and vast numbers of grossly underpaid Americans in an effort to make them jealous and resentful of union workers. This second strategy is especially successful among non-union workers who behave like the characters in the movie "Sorority Wars." Non-union workers who criticize the CWA and the IBEW have no interest in making life better in America. They're simply displaying their petty jealousy and expressing their willingness to sell themselves cheap.

    24. fed up says:

      As the spouse of a Verizon employee who is working 84 hours a week or will be out of a job thanks to this strike – Shame on the Unions who think they deserve special treatment. Verizon is trying to treat all employees as equals. This has nothing to do with middle class workers – if you want to blame someone for the problems faced by middle class workers, look to your government to start pointing fingers at. There are too many people who's lives are 100% disrupted and completely inconvenienced because of this strike. Adults need to act like adults, learn to compromise and sign an agreement. End of story!

    25. Mark Peterson says:

      Seriously – they should be happy they have jobs. I tried to call today to get new phone service installed for my business and they literally told me they could do nothing until the strike was over.

      • jay says:

        Mark then you should be mad a Verizon and their public claim that "there has been very limited affect on service because of our trained replacement work staff". I am happy i have a job and i love what i do. they would not let us work without a contract while the company and union bargained. i am sorry you can not get phone service and hopefully this is per soon and maybe i will get your install. Just please try to understand none of wanted a strike. We are not getting paid so this is tough on all of us. Then why go on strike? Because with the health care plan the "demand", removal of the pension and the 20 other demands not being made public me and many others could not even pay our bills yet alone have a retirement fund. Many americans pay for health care so if we do too so be it. This is not the issue, its the plan they are "demanding" combined with everything else that has made this go sour. Did you know the unions did not ask for one single thing at bargaining? We all know these are tough times with the economy so we understood there was nothing to rightly ask for. As far as paying for health care? the Unions stance was "lets talk about it" but Verizon refused and gave us a take it or leave it stance.

    26. ken c says:

      you talk of greed . how about recent bonuses of 80 million for the top 9 executives at verizon. this assault on all workers in America has to stop.

    27. Bobbie says:

      Corporate greed? all unions do is lie and exaggerate to convince your mind. What makes YOU certain it's corporate greed? When I agree to take a job at a said pay, the last thing I worry about is "corporate greed." I'm thankful to have the job! Sounds like unions don't compromise they demand and then violate. Not good representation of America! I say get rid of the union and have Verizon run their company they way they can. Can they replace the strikers? I have 10 guys looking for work! I'm sure there's alot more that would take the job without union intrusion and their costs.

      • talkum says:

        All the employees want is to keep the status quo, they demand nothing other than fair compromise from a company that is thriving due to the workers' efforts – Verizon is proposing cuts that would amount to a 20-25% pay cut, this includes cutting both tangible and intangible benefits. AND Verizon negotiators have so far refused to back down, not even willing to talk about compromises. And yes, the current CEO awarded himself a 1.6 million dollar raise within his first week in office, so corporate greed is definitely worth talking about!

      • Chris the FiOS tech says:

        Bobbie, I'm very thankful to have a job at Verizon. Been there many years longer than my latest CEO as a matter of fact. If we all just bowed our heads and said okay as they strip our benefits and outsource our jobs there will never be economic recovery in America. If this was just a fight for my middle class job, its enough for me to give it my all, but I truly believe this is a line in the sand for more than just Verizon's work force. Oh, BTW, I have FiOS @ home and my VZ bill is cheaper. I recommend it to everyone, once this contract is settled anyway….

        • Bobbie says:

          where would you be without the union? working I bet or looking for another job, especially if your pay is cut! why have to deal with the costs of the middle man union? To punish professional business titles for making a professional wage? Why don't you guys become CEO's instead of wasting time feeling so cheated?

          I heard a terrible story about a union member putting his child in front of a truck he assumed were replacements. The truck stopped and the union member started yelling and screaming at them for taking his job? He's the one that walked off, but to put his child in harms way is a frightening display of a union member. Don't know if it's true but I wouldn't doubt it from the violent behavior coming from unions and their associates!

      • Chris says:

        They would not take "your 10 guys". They will continue to outsource like they have been. Ya know… cutting cost and all. Keep the middle class alive in the US.

      • lana says:

        When you apply for a job do not forget write in the resume that you are willing to work for as little as anybody else they can find! Ask them to cut your rate if they find cheapest workers! Remenber hundreds of millions of impoverished workers in the developing countries would be happy to take your non-union, underpaid job. Blink, ooops, sorry , you have ALREADY LOST your newfound job….

      • luckyone4 says:

        The union is not asking for any more, just what they had agreed on with the last contract. As far as your workers, are they fiber splice techs? Or are you just talking to hear yourself talk.

        • Bobbie says:

          well luckyone4, obviously it can't be afforded at this time. If the union didn't exist with their demands of the same, the company wouldn't be outsourcing. And my guys are clean, cut and connected. American principled, honest with regard to high work ethics, looking for a job to provide for their families. They are strong on their feet and work well with their hands. They need no union intrusion!!!!!

    28. Ddubbs says:

      Ask the CEO if he could spare some change, since he makes about $53,000 A DAY…………..Maybe that's why your bill is high buddy. The CWA is not asking for anything extra. Just asking to keep what we already have.
      It doesn't make sense to help a company grow, and in return they take things away from you.

    29. ladyduck says:

      unions have a faster tendency for destruction and violence ie Wisconsin so I have no sympathy when that happens . I also do not think they should be left out when its time to bite the bullet like everyone else.The unions should NOT be involved in politics if the people they represent are diverse because they are not truly taking care of ALL their people.

    30. SCG says:

      Ugly disruptive, bellicose, picketers disrupting the streets blowing whistles all day so noone in surrounding offices can work. Belligerant altercations with citizens. Doesn't engender any sympathy in my book, and while I am generally pro labor I am fed up. I agree with those who say no sympathy for the strikers. I have had dealing with the CWA in the past and this is characterisitc of an arrogant group that used intimidation rather than proof of their value to try to accomplish their aims.

      • talkum says:

        Remember, it wasn't that long ago that people worked 80 hours a week for $3.00 and NO benefits. Unions made it possible for ALL workers, even you today, to partake of the benefits and profit gained by the companies which they helped build. I know picket activity is disruptive but in the end everyone will benefit by seeing that corporations have not got all the power in America today, that we can fight back!

    31. Bren says:

      Verizon made 6 billion dollars in profit last year. Regardless of salaries or benefits. This fight by Verizon is GREED for more and more profit. Keeping the little guy down!

      • GetReal says:

        Greed? How about the greed of the verizon workers on strike… Verizon's profit is coming from the non-union wireless division…the people who pay for their benefits, make salaries not way out of proportion with their positions and are paid and given raises based on performance, not just being there for x number of years. Sure, the deal was good while it lasted…but welcome to the…90s! people pay for benefits now, they contribute to 401ks instead of having full pensions and they are grateful for what they have. I know many verizon employees…most of the rank and file are exploitive lazy losers with an overblown sense of entitlement. They CAN'T be paid for performance…they would all be fired! They get paid FMLA benefits and exploit that, too. This isnt a contract negotiation…it is a reality check!

    32. Hard working Mom says:

      Regardless of Veriszon's profits, they aren't being made the division that is on strike. Maybe some of these union members ought to come to work in private industry to see how the "real middle class" lives in these recessionary times.

      This isn't the turn of the century. It's a global economy where corporations compete with countries who have socialized medical and old age programs. If you want a free ride – move to one of them. Otherwise, stop crippling our corporations from competing in the global economy.

      Our employees pay HUNDREDS of dollars each week for their medical benefits and don't make even close to $65,000 to $80,000 per year these copper techs earn.

    33. Hard working Mom says:

      Most private companies can't afford to match 401K plans let alone fund fat pension programs for their employees.

      Sorry – but raises should be tied to performance – maybe then techs would actually check to assure our T1's are stable before we see their tail lights speeding away.

      And unlimited sick time – how many extra employees does verizon have to employ to assure they actually have a full work force each day?

      There are lots of hard working, hungry American workers who would love to be employed in their field and who are grossly under-employed these days. They would love the opportunity to work for Verizon. So step aside if you dare –

    34. Wakeup time. says:

      One thing you won't find being said by a Verizon striker. "I can do better elsewhere." They are very well paid and have the best benefits around. Times have changed and landline has been going south for years now. All the profits are from wireless. Management has given up a ton to stay afloat, but the union simply will not give an inch. Verizon is competing at a serious disadvantage as they are bogged down with employees that don't know the meaning of a days work for a days pay due to union protection. Do something thugs and help this side of the business get back to black.

    35. Bre says:

      Verizon is refusing to negotiate with CWA. It’s not a matter of going back to work while they negotiate. The workers wanted to work under the same contract during the process. Workers are well aware that the country has a great deal of people already unemployed. The strikers are fighting to keep their jobs. Or should 45,000 be added to the list and make verizon get their way and send more jobs to other countries.

      • Rag says:

        Why do you feel entitled to more benefits than the rest of the 75% of the VZ workforce. At least the remaining 75% are contributing to the profits of the company in the wireless division. If not for them VZ would be close to bankrupt now.
        So why should you get better health benefits than the group that is actually bringing in the money for the company. Read the company's 10k filings. Soon wireline is going to be dead. Most of the folks are moving towards wireless and it is a big liability to verizon to keep these 45K people employed.

    36. Stirling says:

      Welcome to "Big Labor" socialist society.. These guys (Unions) make me sick. The arguement is always the same for these Unions.. (Blame-Demonize business for profits..) Wake up Unions.. Profits are good, you probably have 401K's and yes 401K's are from Company profits.. No-Profits = No investment money in your 401K's… The Unions are "Useful Idiots," causing their own financial downfall. CEO'sand investors make money for taking risk. Risk should have a reward (in a free society.) If you don't like to make money please move to appropriate 3rd world country.. Thank you..

    37. vvvvv says:

      I agree. Get rid of the UNION ! Management must go to work and does not get any benefit from this and has to work double the time to make up for Union people striking. Managemnt emps do not get ANY overtime pay and pay out of pocket for their benefits ALREADY !

    38. ExVerizonSlave says:

      If Verizon fires the workers, they won't be hiring anybody new. And, your bill with not get any cheaper. But, management bonuses should become considerably more.

      If Verizon fires the workers, all the business, shops, stores… that these union employees shop at will go bankrupt too.

      If you are anti-Union, please tell us what company you work for. I want to make sure that I don't do any business there. I will make sure that everyone I know avoids that company/shop/store/place of business too. We'll see how you feel when you're boycotted.

      BTW, a couple of the small business in/around the Verizon offices and garages are feeling the pain already. Nobody grabbing breakfast before work, no-one grabbing lunch, no-one coming in for a drink after work…… is going to cause a lot of small mom/pop food/drink places to go under. The way the economy works is wonderful.

    39. Brad says:

      I think a lot of people are missing that the major portion of Verizon profits come from their share of Verizon Wireless, not from the wireline division. Wireless doesn't have pensions, and has to pay for healthcare. Given that Wireless is what has kept the wireline division afloat all these years.

      Everyone wants something for free these days without working for it. Perfect example here, they aren't going to work until you give them something for free, again.

      I say leave them out of work and hire some of the millions looking for work that will be respectful of the job they have and that will appreciate the benifits that are far above average for this day in age even with the changes.

      • jay says:

        incorrect brad. we aren't going to work because we said we want to talk about not keeping what we have. we were told take it or leave it and we will not be allowed to work without a contract. this is the one piece of info that is very important. we didn't just leave, we were locked out. i love my job, the work i do and the customers i get to meet and interact each and every day. also lets clarify "wireline". this doesn't not mean a phone line as is often misread. this also includes fios (internet and tv) which is VERY profitable. also wireless will always be more profitable because no one has to come out and "install" anything. you order a phone, call up and activate it. if you do need to visit a vz wireless store for repair you see a worker that is sitting inside all day in the AC or heat depending on the climate. Im not mad at them at all i chose to work outside so i deal with the elements. i work in the rain with our company provided rain gear because i just suck it up. i sweat in the heat and freeze in the cold because i chose the job and i still love it. Just please see both sides and realize not every worker is an a hole. I can also tell you this. while on strike i have visited two customers that i promised to check out a problem that was unrelated to when i did the install. even though i am on strike i made a promise and kept to it. we do appreciate our jobs and the people we work for (company and customers).

    40. Mark says:

      I hope they all go the way of the "Air Traffic Controllers", Bring in the new workers and let those union slackers realize what going on in the US today. You want to be mad, I agree – be mad at the government we are stuck with now – Oh wait, that's right, Obama was elected by all the union help! – Funny how that works!

    41. sickened says:

      I chose to join the union for this reason. So i have a say. i do not have to settle for a profitable company, in which i am a share holder, to pull my medical. I am an employee. I am a share holder. I and my fellow co workers make the company the billions of profits they sit on. So the landline business is declining..THE FIOS BUSINESS IS GROWING!!!! NO EXAGGERATION!! The CEO gets free medical for him and his family and free services.. Verizon is a terrible corporate citizen paying no taxes last year. Just because you settle for your job does not mean I have to settle at my job. @ fed up.. most of those lower level managers were union at one time and gave it up.. no sympathy there. @ peterson. sorry for your troubles, but that is our point. management does not know how to do the work.

    42. mary says:

      The unions are bully's. Verizon is a great place to work and they should be thankful they have a job. The jobs they want to eliminate need to be eliminated. I have seen union people assigned to dusting because there was no work. And the Techs parking at the beaches to extend their day because they refuse to do more than a few jobs a day has got to go. Ever hear of take a day take a week? It means if they are sick one day they stay out a week cause it means the same thing…who thinks like that???? THE UNION!

      • jay says:

        actually Mary i just want to clarify. You are right about taking 4 days (not a week) when you only feel sick for one day. Now the reason is because of the Verizon absence plan. We get zero sick days instead we have this plan which the union did not support. Its called a step plan. Each occurrence puts up on a higher step until you reach the 5th step and you are fired. Now i have not been sick or missed a day of work in 10 years so i am not a cry baby lazy worker. lets say you had a bad stomach ache on monday and called out sick, came back tuesday but called back out wednsday because your stomach was really hurting. that would be TWO occurrences whereas if you stayed out all three days it would just be one occurrence. doesn't make sense does it? Also to get an absence "approved" you must be out AT LEAST three days. so its very true about being out sick longer than needed but this is why. No one EVER calls out sick for one day because you can not get it approved. This alone drives up cost and is a plan, as someone that always reports to work, thinks needs to go. This is very true, ask anyone in verizon that yo know

    43. NKB says:

      Do you actually think that Verizon will pass on savings to us in lower bills? Profitable companies are only using high unemployment as a reason to stick it to their employees so that they can have higher profits. Wake up America, our corporate masters own the politicians and the supreme court and we should not be angry with some little people who have the guts to stand up to them.

      • Tim AZ says:

        Okay let me get this straight. It's the unemployed citizens that are purchasing the services and products of all these companies that are creating these higher profits that are being enjoyed by the Corporate masters. We have all now wasted two minutes that can never be recovered for having read your posting. Your understanding of economics matches that of the regime, which explains why you are in the situation you find yourself in.

    44. Go CWA says:

      You people are only getting a fraction of the story from an obvious corporate media source. In fact there are about 100 concessions verizon is demanding. Several of those are the ability to freely move jobs to a more cost effective location. In other words, they want to take all of the call center jobs, whether it's billing, service, or tech support and move them all to India or some other 3rd world country. Try talking to one of them to setup your service "Mark Peterson." Verizon is only making sure you, the public, hears what they want you to hear. So you hear 1 thing, health benefits, and think that's the only thing and the employees are being greedy. They are attacking just about every benefit the employees have. Holidays, sick days, differential for night or weekend tours to just name a few.

    45. scott says:

      Im sorry but I have never had a job where I didnt have to pay something for health insurance..it is a private company …they can do what they want…and if people want to work there still they will have to follow its policies…no one is holding anyone down…the 45000 people that have walked out on their jobs should consider the millions of unemployed people who would be glad to take their jobs and pay 100 bucks a month for health insurance…the reality check needs to go both ways but I don't think that the corporate decision to require people to pay for their health insurance is unfair…go get another job where they dont make you pay for it…I promise you will have a tough time finding one….there are well more than 45000 people ready to step into those spots….if you want to walk out on the job…do it all the way and quit walking around in circles in front of the building …hit the pavement…look for another job…and when that paycheck stops coming…you will be sorry amongst the other thousands of americans who are desperate for work right now….

    46. Go CWA says:

      These are good Americans fighting for their jobs and trying damn hard to keep the jobs here in America. Corporate America wants all of you to work for free or damn close, just so they can put your hard earned money in their pockets. Why? Do you think those CEO's "need" that 3rd or 4th house? If any you or someone you know lost your job in this economy, which was brought about by these same greedy corporate executives, I'm sorry. But, if you weren't willing to fight for your job because you agree that it's cheaper for your ex-employer to send it to some other country, don't take your un-willingness to fight out on the true patriotic Americans that are!

      • Tim AZ says:

        Good Americans don't force American companies over seas in an effort to fatten their Corporate union leaders bank accounts.

    47. BCC says:

      You people who say WE should be happy we jobs are the reason the country is in this shape, you ignorant idiots willing to except the crumbs corporate America wants to give u . Look at the separation in salaries between upper management and middle class workers since the mid 80s all this is due to the extinction of the Unions keep it up our dollar is going to be worthless.

    48. Blue says:

      Smile… There are cameras everywhere !!!

    49. vzguy says:

      As a 13 year employee, non-union, I can sat that my company is fair. The pay is good, plenty of holidays and personal days, excellent 401k matching, great healthcare (yes, I contribute), good pat raises, and most of all a great atmosphere. Well, excluding the union thugs…
      I want the company to be profitable… makes my 401company go up, and get better raises/bonuses!The other 70% of us (possibly more) are happy.

      Sure, nobody wants to pay extra, or have things taken away… but you don't see the big picture. Things would be better for you without that union machine that lies to you.

      If you dont like you job, and you really do have skills… go get a new one. Sorry no sympathy here.

    50. @eagle2758 says:

      Corporate greed! Unions are for the working man! Yeah, how much have the unions spent and wasted in Wisconsin over the past few months? When are the unions going to start paying taxes, and stop forcing workers to join their scam? Yeah, unions are for the people alright – they are all for the union LEADERS lining their pockets with our tax dollars and FORCED dues. Yeah, I get a check every month from the gobment – I am retired military and earned it. Didn't join a union either.

    51. @eagle2758 says:

      Union leaders are as big a scam and greed problem as corrupt politicians I'm all for a CEO who runs a company in the ground to go to prison, with no pension or golden parachute, but hey, let's hold the same standards to oour corrupt leaders who do the same. It's funny to hear all these union excuses. I bet if you ask most of them they will tell you that they are 'entitled' to that job, and corporations are there to give them a job, instead of making money. The poor in America are richer than the poor in other countries. BTW, if a company goes belly up, where does the money come from then? Fire all those workers who are not reporting to their jobs! Business does not provide jobs so YOU can have benefits,etc. They are there to make money, and if they don't, your ass is out the door! And people wonder why the hell the automotive industry is so far gone, and other companies go to other countries? Just read some of these posts. That's why. I hope Verizon goes belly up, their service sucks, and so do their employees. I did not renew my contract with verizon – I got somebody else.l

    52. @eagle2758 says:

      Yeah, corporate greed! Share the wealth! That CEO or owner didn't do anything to deserve that money! Except maybe spend most of his life working, sacrificing, going to school, etc. Screw these sorry employees!

    53. @eagle2758 says:

      if you don't like Verizon, get a new service or another job. How's that for a solution?

    54. FiOS says:

      It is difficult to have any empathy towards people who act in the manner that these picketers are doing. Threatening, swearing at the top of their lungs, and following and harassing people who are filling-in because they will be fired if they don't, quickly changes the opinion of those of us who initially wished them the best. They are on strike because they chose to be, management lost their pensions years ago and has been contributing to health care for years. Sad to say that many who were rooting for them now have no respect for them because of their actions. And I speak for many not just myself.

    55. JAAS says:

      The unions are asking to keep what they have — and I bet they would be willing to make some concessions if VZ management agreed to bargin in good faith. Instead they think it is reasonable to ask for 20k in pay cuts from every worker while making billions….while they are still installing the FIOS infastructure which will be pure profit in out years. Pure greed by Verizon Mgmt.

    56. truedat says:

      The top dogs are laughing their butts off as union and non union middle class people fight with each other on these boards and all across the country. I came across a little story on the web yesterday that really sums it up fantastically.

      A corporate executive , a union worker and a non union worker are sitting at a table about to have breakfast. On the table are a dozen doughnuts. The corporate executive puts 11 doughnuts on his own plate, points to the remaining doughnut and says to the non union worker "watch out I think think the union guy is going to take your doughnut!"

      The top few execs at a healthy, profitable company make 60 million a year and then want to take away every benefit their union workforce has.And then the non union workers are mad at the union workers for having those benefits in the first place. Unbelievable.

    57. Peter says:

      Things to Think about.

      About the strikers: Do they have to destroy working fiber connections to hundreds or thousands of users, residence and business?

      About the unemployed looking for work: They are not trained to work on fiber optic lines so nothing is being repaired.

      Union: Does the Union support the destruction and violence? Then they should be accountable by the law. Yes work for your Union employees, but do not support the destruction that affects innocents.

      Most affected: There are people who need their phones for life threatening reasons and this strike affects them the most. Who cares about them?

    58. Monica says:

      Sounds like alot of greed on all sides. All I know is if we continue to make villians of the corporations, who will give anyone a job? As far as I know, that's where they come from!

      • Guest says:

        Many corporations are making record profits, getting government subsidies and also tax rebates, do you really think they are hiring? Millions of Americans are out of work, unemployment above 9%, I don't think so.

    59. Eyes Wide Open says:

      Unions are the ball and chain of America. You are entitled to nothing other than going to work somewhere else if you dont like your pay an benefits! Execs bring in big salaries, but they have big jobs, big headaches (unions expecting entitlements for one, and employees that result to terrorist activities when they dont get their way!) and have worked for what they got. Work for what you get, change industries, companies, whatever is needed but understand nothing is owed to you!

    60. Gary says:

      What a shame we have come to the place where we are demanding socialism when we are actually free. Gorbachev confidentally told Reagan we would beg for communism some day; the communists would not have to take us over. I suggest you research or visit a communist country before you demand to have one.

      A sad heart comes to one who understands that OUR LIFE is our reward, nothing more (Jeremiah 45).

    61. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Why do you think CEOs make these "ridiculous" salaries? Could it be that they have more responsibility and have to answer to stockholders who consist of millions of people some of whom are retired and count on dividends to supplement their paltry SS check? To how many people does the lowly union employee have to give account? Do you think any one of these union employees could step right into the job of CEO and manage the company any better? If so, they can work their way up the ladder like these CEOs did and prove themselves.

      So these CEOs think that cutting benefits to employees versus their own salaries will improve their balance sheet. If they are wrong and these cuts are too drastic, those employees are free to work somewhere else if they can find work in this recession economy.

      Unlike government union fights, I can choose not to participate with my money in this fight. There are plenty other telecom providers.

    62. Llolyd Scallan says:

      Does anyone really think the CWA would admit they "condone any illigal actions". The only union that is stupid enough to wallow in the glory of their attacks is the SEIU. Regardless of which union is striking whomever, its the same old, worn-out BS. Weather it's "hurting the middle class" or "the greedy rich" it boils down the the same result. Forcefully take for the haves then give it to the have nots. Or as Obama likes to put it "spread the wealth". Isn't that exactly what communism is? Isn't this exactly what the
      union philosophy is?

    63. Ron says:

      Unions are destroying America!

    64. VZT Manager says:

      I'm working 72 hours a week to cover for this strike – I'm a management employee at Verizon that generally makes less money, pays into health benefits, has fewer days off and has less job security than the average union employee. With that said, Verizon is still a great place to work and still offers world class salary and benefits. It's very hard for me to feel sympathetic to the union workers' cause.

    65. Move Over says:

      There are millions unemployed in this country. People are unable to keep food on the table and are losing their homes. They are in desparate need of a job…any job. The strikers should move over and let someone who wants to work do their jobs. I call them ungrateful given the economy we face. Signed, One in Search of Work.

    66. Unionpower says:

      I'm a tech with at&t and I will standing with my brother and sister on the east coast, and will not dispatch on any verizon circuit, in honor of the virtual picket line!!! We are in this together!

    67. Ron K says:

      Get a GRIP ON REALITY. The world is changing and everyone has to change with it. Where do you get off asking others to pay for your benefits, it's 2011. Look around you, there are people who want to work and can''t find jobs. Here's a news flash for you. Your union leadership is getting paid while you are walking the streets. That's really fair isn't it. They ask you to strike and they eat cake. No sympathy here.

    68. John Murtha says:

      I think the management of Verizon should be ashamed of themselves. These corporations made all their money here in the USA now because of creed they have moved most of the jobs to the third world. Why? For more money in bonuses shame Ivan and this piss ant that is taking over for you. You are both un-American and you should feel horrible about your policies. Don't forget where you come from your creed has diluted your thinking.

    69. boxofteabags says:

      The problem here is that both Verizon and the Union are using the strikers and customers as pawns to do their bidding in this semi-war, if Verizon gets its way the strikers lose if the Union gets its way the customers lose either way there's no win for the customers or the strikers.

    70. federal consultant says:

      fire the leaches i used to be an aflcio rep the wages far exceed the employee worth

    71. If there was no unions says:

      I for one don’t like unions, but lets review what happens when there isn’t unions. Low pay, and no job security. Walmart fires people without good cause, and there is no union. My call center that just got Verizon about a year and a half ago has no union, pays $9 an hour, and has insane crazy metrics where you are penalized and fired if you don’t meet them, even if it was made physically impossible for you. Virtually all you employees in the call center would have been fired for performance if you didn’t have union.

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