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  • EPA's Mission Impossible: A Deadline to Destroy Domestic Energy

    Last week, Bloomberg reported that the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) regulatory push against the fossil fuel industry will cost America’s largest utility, the Southern Company, up to $18 billion in compliance costs. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    According to data in a filing by Southern last week, the EPA’s new emissions requirements cannot be met in the three years allowed by the agency. The results: more power plant closures, spikes in electricity prices, job losses, and increased power outages.

    Southern’s filing demonstrates that, based on company data from actual upgrade projects, the EPA’s compliance timetable in its proposed “Utility MACT” rule is simply impossible to achieve. Southern has undertaken more upgrade and compliance projects than any other power producer.

    Take scrubbers: Over the past seven years, it has installed 16 of them to capture emissions. The average time to complete each upgrade was 54 months—a full year-and-a-half longer than the EPA is now demanding for the entire industry to comply.

    The installation of filter systems, another emissions control technology, takes anywhere from 34 to 48 months from start to finish. And Southern’s figures show that, with most of the low-hanging fruit of easy upgrades already completed, the EPA-required installations would come in at the far end of that timeline.

    “Controlling the entire fleet by 2015 cannot be done at any cost,” the company concludes.

    As a result, plants that can’t be upgraded in time must be taken off line in 2015. With less power available on the grid, electricity prices are forecast to spike by 11.5 percent nationwide in 2016, causing hundreds of thousands of job losses across the economy, according to National Economic Research Associates.

    And according to Bernstein Research, the EPA’s rules will slash reserve capacity—i.e., the availability of electricity generating capacity to meet peak demand and plug power interruptions—resulting in increased power outages of longer duration. In a hot summer like this one, that means rolling blackouts, loss of air conditioning, and potentially heat-related deaths.

    The Obama EPA’s disdain for the most abundant domestic energy sources is well known, but the consequences of its regulatory onslaught are only now gaining public attention. Congress should, at the very least, extend the EPA’s impossible compliance deadline to avert some of the economic damage and job loss that are the inevitable result of the EPA’s war on domestic energy. Even better, Congress should consider whether regulation is called for at all—a question which the EPA has, prior to this Administration, answered in the negative.


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    40 Responses to EPA's Mission Impossible: A Deadline to Destroy Domestic Energy

    1. jeff says:

      The EPA should not have any authority to shut any thing down
      If any thing should be shut down it should be the EPA

    2. guest says:

      Reality never stopped this Machurian president.

      S and P downgrade because he more than tripled the already profligate Bush deficit spending rate? Pffft, call in S and P to rake them over the coals, blame the otherwise ridiculed as dumb Tea Party, insist we are a Triple A nation…Deny reality, deny, deny, deny…

    3. Bobbie says:

      That's too bad obama and the epa doesn't like domestic energy!!! We don't like being lied to, manipulated, coerced with matters out of our reach and in government's control and where unconstitutional government over steps their bounds! Mr. President and the EPA should stop working against America!!!!!! their abuse of power is killing her…

      There is no reason of significance for this government requirement out of government ignorance!

    4. Bobbie says:

      domestic energy is feasible, efficient, effective and WORKS CONSISTENTLY!!!! alternative energy can be paid by those who are "special" and "interested!"

    5. nancy says:

      OMG ~~ come on 2012 elections, we need a change

    6. Bob Devine says:

      Why are the Republicans not screaming about this all across the country? The USA will soon be a 3rd world country at this rate. Actually change that to really soon.

    7. jay says:

      I am starting to think he wants to destroy our quality of life, as if poor people dont have it hard enough

      • Ern says:

        That IS his purpose, Jay.
        He is out to destroy everything that has made this country great and if he is not stopped SOON he will succeed.

      • Roger says:

        Starting to think? You are right on track. That is exactly what he wants to do. The evidence is everywhere! Honestly if you were intentionally going about to destroy, not just our quality of life, but our way of life, what would you do differently from what Obama is already doing?

        • renee says:

          Obama disdains America and capitalism. And yes, he and his many progressive friends want to destroy our country, changing it to a socialist/marxist society. This been happening for 100 yrs altho Obama has taken it to lightening speed, which may not be so bad in that it has woken up a large part of the American people. But we must continue to educate others.
          Obama lied during his campaign; why expect him to become an honest president? Obama CANNOT serve another term or it WILL be the END of the country our brilliant forefathers founded.
          Great for you, Jay, that you are seeing this! Tell everyone you know!

    8. Carl Creed says:


    9. neenergyobserver says:

      Same story, new location. I'm seeing this same story from every generation company in the country. Hey Congress, do you ever listen? How many jobs and lives are you going to let occur before you stop this idiotic nonsense?

    10. springleaf7 says:

      This is just part of Obama's plan just as he has said more than once. He wants to bring down America to a 3rd world country with a one world leader. He's trying to conform to Agenda 21 by the United Nations that he and Bush both sighned. Look up Agenda 21 United Natiions and see it at work in your town. This explains Obama's attitude about everything.

    11. Blastus says:

      Ahhh..So this is hope and change. Somehow I thought it would be different.

    12. uwe says:

      Par for the Obama course. They want to take us back to the stone age.

    13. Jeff Crocket says:

      It is time to close down the EPA completely. This is a save energy program with the lights out, and then return the earth back to nature.

      Just look at the environmental impact of all the bureaucracy in D.C. and around the country.

    14. Bill says:

      Have you heard Al Gore latest comments on even discussing Global Warming concepts. He says there is no discussion as the other side is just wrong. Mr. Gore throws in many "cuss words" in his comments. Gore claims the other side is using "psudo" scientist posing as true scientists! Wow lots of Hate from Al Gore!

      • GDavis says:

        Al Gore is a typical lib, he can't argue facts rationally. When challenged his reaction is always anger, temper tantrums and personal attacks on those who don't agree with him.

    15. C Brown says:


    16. Jill Maine says:

      Al Gore is a lunatic. This jerk wanted to be president. How scarey.
      The EPA needs to be shut down.

    17. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      When do these EPA rules start affecting electric-generation in the D.C. area? Maybe after our esteemed Congressmen and Senators start experiencing brown-outs and higher light bills will they finally rein in the EPA, defund them or simply exclude CO2 as a pollutant from the CAA.

    18. Pete Houston says:

      Shut the power off in the DC area. The lights are on and nobody is home.

    19. John Baumhoefener says:

      The EPA has no standing from Science for these new rules … Not that facts bother them much… Take CO2 which makes up .03% of the atmosphere and has little if any ability to hold heat. By the way, the fractional value of CO2 in the atmosphere has not changed in over 100 years …. World Wide usage of all Fossil Fuels contributes only 14% of that …. The American Forest system (56million acres +/-) absorbs 11% of the CO2 produced in the U.S. …. The emissions the new EPA rules are wanting to remove will cause no harm unless they combine with other elements … Those elements are rarely if ever present in the atmosphere … Your Government at work …

    20. Kevin says:

      Yeah, shut down the EPA. Lets go back to polluted rivers and streams, and smog so thick we can't breathe. Cheap energy and a polluted planet. That is the America I want!

      • Don American says:

        Kevin I agree! What the epa should do is regulate Conservative white guys on golf courses! I've heard that these Conservative white guys eats foods that are not good for them (should be regulated by the dept of agriculture), and drink beer (should be regulated by the ATF), and then fart out on the course which causes methane gas (needs to be regulated by the EPA)! This methane gas as I've read on moveon.org, is floating to the Artic which is causing tears in the eyes of polar bears, thus the polar bears are having trouble finding fish so it's possible they might starve next winter!

        Anyone that believes the bs of obama and the epa should believe the bs in my message too – as both are totally ridiculous!!

      • Ridiculous Politics says:

        The EPA is one problem of many. Our government is getting to big and powerful for the good of the American people. Your thinking is just the kind the government feeds on to justify its actions. Have fun paying higher taxes. Have fun paying for people who suck the system dry and don't want to work.

    21. Bill says:

      Al Gore is heavily invested in the so-called green technology, and since things aren't going his way, he is losing money. Obama promised that electricity prices would go up under his energy agenda. This looks like one campaign promise he is going to be able to keep.

    22. Micheal says:

      I have discussed these patently illegal acts by the agencies and the equally illegal Executive Orders pouring out almost daily with a lawyer versed in Constitutional law, and we both think that perhaps one road to take would be to simply ignore them and have the administration sue and attempt to prove that their actions are legal in court. Meanwhile, the costs of meeting these illegal conditions would be at least delayed. I think that basically is what Texas is doing with the absurd CO2 regulations the EPA tried to impose here.

    23. Llolyd Scallan says:

      Once again, we must realize the problem is not the EPA acting on it's own. The EPA does not and will not make ANY policy decisions without direct instructions from the Obama administration. Again, it's not the EPA, It's Obama, demanding the distriction of our American way of life by crippling our economical system.

    24. Larry White says:

      More "Bureaucratic Despotism" (Dr. Arnn,Pres. Hillsdale College); Obama warned us"…under my cap-and-trade program, Electricity Prices Would Necessarily Skyrocket." Cap-and Trade failed in Congress but Obama RULES AGAIN by FIAT!
      This Republic may not last till the 2012 election!

    25. Turophile says:

      Where does the EPA get the power to regulate energy production?

      The Constitution lists the enumerated powers of the Federal government in Article 1, Section 8. There are only twenty (or so) well-defined powers listed. The power to regulate energy production is nowhere in that list nor anywhere else in the Constitution.

      Article 1, Section 10 enumerates the actions forbidden to the States under the Constitution. There are roughly 18 of these, mostly dealing with the States' interactions with each other and with foreign powers.

      The Tenth Amendment states that "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Therefore, everything not listed in Article 1, Section 8 nor in Section 10 is exclusively a State issue. The Federal government has no Constitutional authority to regulate energy production at all.

      Some argue that the Supremacy clause gives the Federal government supreme power over State powers. This is totally false! The Supremacy Clause (in Article VI) of the U.S. Constitution states: "This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made IN PURSUANCE THEREOF; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land…" It seems to me that the phrase "in pursuance thereof" restricts the Supremacy Clause to those powers explicitly delegated to the Federal government by the Constitution.

      The Supreme court is widely regarded as the final interpreter of the Constitution, this too, is false. Remember, the Supreme court is part of the Federal government, dependent on the other two branches for their salaries and benefits. Thomas Jefferson addressed this in the Kentucky Resolutions of 1798: "… the government created by this compact (the Constitution) was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the constitution, the measure of its powers …"

      • Joe Reimuller says:

        Turophile, your analysis is excellent and learned. You reprise the kind of honesty and responsibility of those who wrote the Constitution. Please keep talking to us, reminding us of the great truths and power of America as conceived by the Founders.

        • Joe Reimuller says:

          Turophile: I should have added that the Constitution, properly understood, is a (non-denominational and personal) Religious Experience of the highest order because it includes the mind (i.e. reason) along with the right destination(s) for Homo Sapiens.

    26. Bart says:

      This is the full tilt implementation of UN Agenda 21 which came out of the UN Earth Summit in '92. It was never approved by Congress yet implemented by Ex. Order in '94 (Clinton). Go to FedCenter.gov and do a search for Agenda21 there is a link to the 40 chapter document. UN Conferance Sec. Maurice Strong stated that because of un-sustainable consumption "…isen't it our responsibility to bring about the collapse of the industralized countries". Anybody think that he was kidding now?

    27. Jan says:

      I called the EPA in Washington DC. They had only 1 employee that went through committee all others were appointees of the President. I complained that Oklhoma was polluting the air in Kansas with their red dirt and why they were so powerful the should just sanction them like they do Kansas whne we burn our praire grass. Ultimately I spoke to EPA in KS City. There I heard from the 1st white guy, he wasn’t sure how he got there and recognize the EPA was not GOD.

    28. Sandra/Texas says:

      Time for EPA to experience Obama's "Shared Sacrifice" mantra and be forced to take two steps backwards. They have all together too much authority. Decisions are made that adversly affect the citizens without representation–Congress needs to step up and demand their authority back. Get the petroleum industry back up and running by allowing drilling and exploration. That will get folks back to work immediately and increase revenues (another funny word). Continue looking for new energy sources. The EPA is a job killer. We don't need that right now; if ever.

    29. cjmartel says:

      This is nothing more than another way of dismantling our infrastructure. Everything those idiots in washington dc do is destructive of our way of life and our posterity. Remember, the constitution does make allowances for dismantling the government and instituting a new one if necessary, well guess what Girls and Boys, it is becoming necessary. If we do not rein in the insanity, we will ALL be out of work and and our civil liberties will have been eradicated.

    30. Ridiculous Politics. says:

      Thanks Obama for the change you promised us. Thanks for turning America into a dump. Obama and the EPA are out of control. Our presidents thinking is very dangerous. The same goes for the EPA. The only thing going "green" here is the politicians pockets. Its hard enough to make ends meet these days. Obama and the EPA are only making our quality of life worse. What good is going green if it costs you your job?. What good is going green if you have a job and you can't afford your bills?. All this going green BS is costing us at the fuel pumps and in our electric/heating bills. Its forcing companies to outsource and its also forcing companies to produce products of lower quality to makeup for the increasing cost of "going green". The government is getting way to big. It would be greatly beneficial to the people of this once great nation if the government stopped trying to control everything. We are on a dangerous path here. The people in control only have power and money on there minds. We the people are going to loose our rights if we don't stop it. We can make this country great again.

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