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  • Obama's Upside Down Press Conference

    President Barack Obama made two fundamental mistakes today in his press conference which was intended to calm the markets. First, he did not lead off with a moment of reflection on the loss of American military lives in Afghanistan over the weekend. Second, he completely missed the boat on why Standard & Poor’s (S&P) lowered the credit rating of the United States.

    The President should have led off his press conference with prayers and condolences for the families of the 30 members of the U.S. military who lost their lives in Afghanistan over the weekend. Instead, the President waited until the end of his statement to recognize the ultimate sacrifice of these heroic Americans. The lives of the men and women of the armed forces should not ever be relegated to “one last thing,” and doing so shows a lack of common sense and compassion on the part of the President:

    One last thing: there is no one who embodies the qualities I mentioned more than the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, and this weekend we lost 30 of them when their helicopter crashed during a mission in Afghanistan. Their loss is a stark reminder of the risks that our men and women in uniform take every single day on behalf of their country. Day after day, night after night, they carry out missions like this in the face of enemy fire and grave danger.

    Instead of condolences, the President began with the claim that S&P downgraded the United States from an AAA credit rating to AA+ because of political infighting over the debt ceiling:

    On Friday, we learned that the United States received a downgrade by one of the credit rating agencies. Not so much because they doubt our ability to pay our debt if we make good decisions, but because after witnessing a month of wrangling over raising the debt ceiling, they doubted our political system’s ability to act.

    However, S&P’s overview stated clearly that the plan attached to the debt ceiling increase is insufficient to stabilize America’s long-term debt problem:

    The downgrade reflects our opinion that the fiscal consolidation plan that Congress and the Administration recently agreed to falls short of what, in our view, would be necessary to stabilize the government’s medium-term debt dynamics.

    The President seemed to blame “gridlock” on the part of others, but you can’t have gridlock without two parties that are unwilling to negotiate. The President demanded tax increases as one condition of increasing the debt ceiling, and he further demanded that the size of the increase be more than $2 trillion.

    The President failed to release his own plan, yet he continues to claim that there are some “good” ideas in other plans without specifying the nature of these ideas.

    Republicans and Democrats on the bipartisan fiscal commission that I set up put forth good proposals. Republicans and Democrats in the Senate’s Gang of Six came up with some good proposals. [House Speaker] John Boehner and I came up with some good proposals when we came close to agreeing on a grand bargain.

    The President needs to admit that he is part of the problem. Obamanomics, the ugly child of Keynesian economics, has been an abysmal failure. At a time when credit ratings agencies want to see austerity programs, the President continued the call for more spending.

    We should also help companies that want to repair our roads and bridges and airports, so that thousands of construction workers that have been without a job for the past few years can get a paycheck again—that will also help to spur economic growth.

    Dumping another $1 trillion into the economy for make-work jobs will not create long-term jobs, will not magically create consumer demand, and will make the debt problem worse. The demotion of the United States’ credit rating is not an opportunity to push for more spending.



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    54 Responses to Obama's Upside Down Press Conference

    1. Wayne Hatch says:

      We owe our military members and their families a life-time. Our recent lost is tragic but they were the heroes; "They did and died", they did it for each and every one of us, as all who have given the most on our behalf that went before them. They are our fathers and mothers, our sons and daughters. They are our heroes. May they rest in peace.

    2. SERVative says:

      Bravo! Brian

    3. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Part A

      This article is completely assanine . .

      Anyone with a brain can see that the TEA Party made a crisis out of a typically standard action required by congress to raise the debt ceiling to pay for debts already voted and agreed on. The debt ceiling was not a request for new spending, which the TEA Party was incapabble / unwilling to understand. There were several quotes floating around from TEA Party legislators that they were willing let the nation go into default.

      • Brian_Darling says:

        The Tea Party didn't create $14.5 trillion in debt. The Tea Party didn't create ObamaCare and the failed stimulus. The Tea Party did not expand government. The Tea Party did not create $1.5 to $1.6 trillion in debt this year. In short, the Tea Party didn't create the problem and they are trying to craft a solution.
        As a proud member of the Tea Party, I say that you don't understand that the Tea Party is full of great Americans who would like to see the federal government stop spending money they don't have.

      • Bobbie says:

        anyone with a brain can see that the actions of government has caused all crisis' under this administration. the behavior has to change. the government needs discipline and we need principled solutions not more spending!! there was NO REQUIREMENT to raise the debt ceiling to pay for debts unpaid! That's incompetence! you need to open your mind, Jeff. the mind control you're under is cheating you.

      • Randall Holland says:

        It never occurs to you that this type of automatic increases in the debt limit is what's causing the economic woes we are suffering. Your attitude is to keep kicking the can down the road. Obama and Geithner were the ones that were threatening the default unless we passed a debt limit increase. Talk about irresponsible, how about the Democratic senate that hasn't passed a budget in over 800 days. Now the senate won't pass a budget because they have an increase in the governments credit card and will live off of that until after the 2012 elections.

      • Marcia, NH says:

        Jeff, the US cannot spend more money than it has. Period. So, raising the debt ceiling is nothing more than a pathetic lie. Think of it this way: your credit card is maxed out; would it make good fiscal sense for you to simply raise the ceiling on the amount you can borrow on and continue going into more debt? Hello?

      • Michael Gabel says:

        Even without the debt ceiling increase, we would have had more than enough money to pay our interest and principal as it becomes due. So, there would be no default. Wake up.

        Still, I am a Tea Party follower who would like to take borrowing and spending capability away from the government, just like you would take the bottle away from an alcoholic. As such, you may consider me a peaceful citizen who seeks to abolish our current government, especially the president, as it has proved itself to be profligate and the source of long term, grievous abuses.

      • Mike says:

        One gets the feeling from your comments that you work for Media Matters or directly for the Obama administration. To blame the Tea Party for the country's credit downgrade is like blaming our current president for the debt crisis in Greece. There is obviously little correlation. You do hit on an important point though, that being the lack of responsibility shown by previous Congresses (both DEM and Repub) in simply rubber stamping debt ceiling increases. The Tea Party identified that problem, and thank God (hopefully) put an end to that practice forever. Perhaps you should turn your own "brain cells" to analyzing the whole issue of default you injected into this discussion. No matter what had happened with the debt ceiling debate, the country would not have defaulted on its debt (we take in plenty of money monthly to service interest payments on the debt), unless this president specifically elected to create such a default. Asserting to the contrary is untruthful and unethical behavior. Unfortunately, it is exactly the untruthful and unethical behavior shown by the current administration and the MSM (is there really any difference?).

      • Mike says:

        TEA Party Congressmen were sent to Washington with a primary purpose, that being to stop the out of control Washington spending and taxing, which is exactly the principles they have held to throughout the debt debate. As a liberal from Illinois, I realize, politicians actually showing ethics and sticking to their campaign promises, while respecting the foundations of what has made this country great (much smaller and Constitutionally based government) is probably too much for you to grasp. Conversely, your president is finished, and the ironic part is, the GOP didn't close the door on his political future. He did it all himself.

      • Daver says:

        Your answer demonstrates a very shallow understanding of the issues, so I will try to make this simple for you.
        The House passed alternate bills earlier in the process–the senate refused to consider them, so who took whom hostage is only a reflection of press mis-statements, not reality.
        The S&P's primary business is to evaluate the credit worthiness of entities. How would the Tea Party's basic stance and insistence that spending needs to be restrained have a negative impact on that equation?

        Suggest you check your facts before bloviating on issues you don't understand.

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          Part A2

          That's a typically skewed understanding . . much like that of FAUX News . . The House offered plans that they knew would NEVER get bypartisan support . . So you've fallen into the trap of thinking they were the party of initiative . . It's like the Democrats offering a plan that includes some revenues . . that would never pass the House . . ESPECIALLY because the TEA Party and their constituents who signed the Grover Noorquist "No Tax Pledge" were never going to be willing to put everything on the table . . That put the House in general in a hostage taking position. I guess Grover Norquist (an unelected activist) and his pledge are more important than the branches of government and the constitution. Wake up . .

        • Jeff, Illinois says:

          Part B2

          The TEA Party constituency put the congress and the country in an untenable situation . . THAT"S WHY THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE . . !!! Amazingly the President mostly yielded to the "my way or the highway stance of the House Republicans. So how can anyone with a brain blame the mess on the President . . . . Let's be clear . . fiscal concerns are very important . . but not to be discussed while a gun is pointing at the country. Raise the debt ceiling as it had been customarily every time in the past . . and THEN bring up the debate of the long term debt . . Nooooo .. the TEA Party had to have their rubber ducky now .. and Wa La . . we a Credit downturn.

      • RME KRNL says:

        First, it's asinine, not assanine. Use a spell checker.

        Second, how can only a faction of the Republican majority in only one of the three power centers (the House, the Senate and the White House) hold anybody or anything "hostage"?

        Third, a "typically standard action required by Congress" is exactly part of what led us into the mess we're in right now. "Business as usual in Washington" is exactly what TEA Partiers were elected to change.

        Fourth, the August 2nd so-called drop dead date wasn't real but was arbitrarily and politically established to pressure conservatives and enhance Obama's re-election chances by getting the debt ceiling "crisis" out of the way long before the 2012 election. We could have had the vote on the debt ceiling in late August or even in September.

        Fifth, the debt celling "crisis" was not a real crisis, as the federal government, even is this downturned economy, which is Obama's fault, still has sufficient revenues coming in to pay and service our national debt. The Obama Administration's whole approach was right out of Rahm Emanuel's playbook of not letting a crisis got to waste, and if you don't really have one, manufacture it.

        Sixth, despite Obama's and other liberals' "the sky is falling" fear-mongering, to include those in the lamestream media echoing Democratic talking points instead of doing their own independent investigative homework, and Obama repeatedly threatening that our troops wouldn't get paid, Social security checks wouldn't go out, veterans' benefits might be delayed, Medicare payments would be reduced, and blah-blah, blah, the fact always was that even if the debt ceiling had NOT been increased, available revenues would have been prioritized and allocated by the president and his treasury secretary, and it would have been political suicide to not pay any of those categories of recipients Obama used as scare tactic examples of those who be injured if the debt ceiling wasn't raised, and raised a lot, and raised right away. Obama knew better than that. He just didn't tell those of you who still believe everything he says.

        Seventh, the debt ceiling was exactly a request for new spending and Obama unfortunately got what he wanted on that one by getting the largest debt ceiling increase in our nation's history, enough to carry him through the 2012 election, which he was also desperate to achieve.

        And, eighth, mainly because I do have a life and other things to do besides trying to educate a lamebrain liberal, instead of being the group to blame for the debt ceiling "crisis," instead of those who "held the nation hostage," the ones who "strapped bombs to their chests," the ones who "acted like terrorists," (whatever happened to the "civil discourse" the liberals talk about so much?),the TEA Party was actually more like the ones who called 911 and reported that the house was burning down. They, not any liberal, or Obama, or anybody in his administration, or even in the Established Republican ranks, are the ones who ran on being fiscal conservatives, were elected to be fiscal conservatives, came to Washington and, for the most part, acted like fiscal conservatives. Gee, what a concept — elected representatives trying to do what their constituents elected them to do. it's called REPRESENTATIVE government.

        Please stop drinking the Kool-Aid and get your head out of the sand, or wherever else you have it stuck where the sun don't shine, and quit believing the liberals who all think they know better than the rest of us, who want to keep classes of our citizenry warring against each other, who want more and more people dependent on more and more government, who will over-promise and under-deliver almost every time, who will stoop to almost any depth, use almost any political trick, make almost any threat, grant almost any payback to get elected and stay elected. They don't really care about you. They care about themselves. You are being played, big time.

      • Minuteman 55 says:

        Jeff: You need to go back to school. The tea party was not responsible only in that they should have asked for more cuts. Raising the debt ceiling did not help the problem. Look at what S&P said. They really did not reduce federal spending but increased it. The cuts are over ten years. The Federal Payroll is bloated and should be reduced to 2008 spending levels.

      • ROYSTOLL2 says:

        It was the media and the President that injected the vitriol and hype into the situation as they both subscibe to the theory of "never let a good crisis to go to waste. Let me point out to you that that The Tea Party Movement was not responsible for one penny of overspending either by the Bush Administration or the Obama Administration. The people in The Tea Party Movement were, however elected by the American people to put an end to corruption in public office and to reduce or stop the OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING by Washington. This is what we are doing so if you don't like it quit spending. It IS as simple as that. It is also funny to notice that the very ones who are complaining about the Tea Party Movement and calling us childish names, are the ones who are the very part of the obscene spending behavior and corrupt activities. WHAT A COINCIDENCE, don't you think. Whine on my liberal friends, you might be next.

      • Bobbie says:

        Oh brother, Jeff. The republicans are a much more honest and responsible party not looking for a crisis. republicans don’t steal money to pay people to travel round the country to protest in their favor. republicans take the job seriously while democrats take tax payer dollars to use on democrats “special interest” to slander even the same people they steal money from. Still crying about the Koch brothers? I still don’t know who they are? Democrat union thugs wasted time and who knows how much they were paid, to set Walker up and he didn’t fall for it!! republicans correct the problems they don’t create programs to hide behind. All violence, thuggery, fraud and corruption has the democratic logo behind it.

      • search4freedom says:

        Why is this a typically standard action? is it O.K. at your house to continue to spend more than you have, to either "open a new credit card", or go "over-limit", or go into overdraft in your checking account? Certainly not incapable of understanding. They understand that if our nations debt rises anymore, we will become unable to pay that debt…unable to pay the 'credit card bill', we will get to a point….very soon….where we will have a choice left to us of: a.) paying our debtors, or b.) paying our debtors, or c.) not being able to pay any unemployment, any "food stamps", any Hud housing assistance, any cash aid, any Social Security, any Medicare, any highway improvements, …..sir. The Tea Party is a group of people who have done their homework, and have looked at the charts and graphs of The Unfunded Liabilities of the United States, among others, and who realize that our nation needs help now. I take my hat off to these brave people, who stood in front of the "firing squad" and public ridicule and public misunderstanding, and the stress of having to stand there and stand firm in the wake of such comments as you have made here. My hat is off to those brave soldiers!! I thank them, and hope that I would do as well. You better start searching and learning.

    4. I'll take this article one step further and would hope our COMMANDER and CHIEF would show his respect for his troops at the beginning of his speech and again at the end of his speech. THANK YOU MEN and FAMILIES for your sacrifice!!!

    5. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Part B

      Now about taxes . .
      This article distorts the reality of what happened . .
      The President offered a charished item of the Democratic constituency . . i.e. healthcare reform / cuts as a trade for a cherished item from the Repblican Party. But .. Nooooooooooooo . . !!! It was their "" our way or the highway""" that created the mess. By the way taxes on the wealthiest are the lowest they've been in more than 50 years. But again . . Nooooooo . . the Republican hardball view is that they should not be asked to pay even one penny more to help our nation's debt. . . The present administration did not create the debt problem . . rather it has tried to dig out of the mess left from the previous administration. It's not about blaming . . It's simply a fact.

      • Brian_Darling says:

        The fact is the President's budget was rejected by every single Senator because it spent too much. If you look at President Obama's budget for the year, it expands debt, taxes and new spending. The problem with your argument Jeff is that you ignore the expensive elements of this Presidency — ObamaCare and the Stimulus. President Obama can't blame the Tea Party or President Bush for those two terrible pieces of legislation.

      • ROYSTOLL2 says:

        Well then let's get your facts right Sweetpea. The bottom 48 % of American "taxpayers" pay NO TAX! As in no Tax at all, in fact most of them got money back "making work pay" Cat got your tongue?… The "RICH" already pay 70% of the total income tax collected, except for the one's in Obama's Administration and in Congress, who feel they don't need to. We need to address tax reform and make everybody, and I do mean everybody, low income also, pay their fair share. All have agreed it is next on the agenda. It won't do a bit of good unless you stop the insane spending and union giveaways in every liberal bill. Name one that doesn't have a UNION GIVEAWAY OR BENEFIT. Name just one!!!! You are right the Obama Administration did not create the debt problem but they did triple the amount.

    6. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Part C
      Many economists have promoted spending out of a depression as FDR did . . and in fact other than the skewed GOP and FAUX News talking points . . the truth is that the economy had been eking back. The GOP, especially since taking back the House Of Rep's. has obstructed every measure the present administration has offered . . The goal of the GOP is to tank the economy so they can blame the President .. The GOP doesn't care about this country . . they only have a greed for power . . and promoting the agenda's of the wealthiest / large corporations . .

      • Todd says:

        Stop historical revisionism! FDR DID NOT spend us out of the Great Depression. World War II did that by putting America to work in factories to build war materials and in the military. At least get the history right. And as for the GOP not caring about this country, they are the only party that is putting forth plans? If you can honestly answer these questions (and I highly doubt you can), ask yourself – 1. Where is Obama's plan for fixing the debt? Has he ever put one forward for anyone to analyze, let alone vote on? 2. Why has the Democratically controlled Senate not passed a budget in almost two years? What are they afraid of? 3. Why did Reid not allow any debate or discussion in the House passed Cut, Cap and Balance bill? What are the Democrats afraid of? The Democrats are afraid of pushing their socialist agenda too far because true Americans will see them for what they really are – socialists!

      • Brian_Darling says:

        How is the GOP tanking the economy Jeff? You are using left wing talking points not based on any fact and you have no evidence to support this baseless allegation. You don't provide any evidence to support your cut and pasted talking points.
        I don't know how anybody could argue that unemployment over 9% is a great accomplishment of President Obama. Conservatives want to cut federal government spending to put our federal government on a pathway to balance. That is a good thing Jeff, not a bad thing.

      • Minuteman 55 says:

        So you want to blame the Republicans and Tea Party for a possible reverse conspiracy theory. There is only one problem with this is the Truth. I certainly hope you balance your check book better than you understand basic economics. We want the government to back off. We want the government to spend only what it brings in. We want the government to quit confiscating our rights guaranteed by the bill of rights. Every day I see a constant bombardment by the progressives against one or more of our rights wheher it be the 1st, 2nd or any of the other rights the founders saw that needed protected by such individuals such as your self and the progressives that you choose to defend. You really need to take a checkup from the neck up!

      • RMNE KRNL says:

        Okay, so it IS something in the water in Illinois, right, Jeff?

        FDR and his massive spending programs did put a lot of people to work temporarily (I know, because my dad was one of them, working for the CCC), but FDR and his massive government spending didn't get us out of the Great Depression. World War II did. Revisionist history doesn't work on those of us who studied the real stuff in school, much less on those of us who can do our own, independent research.

      • ROYSTOLL2 says:

        Wow, not again. Are you really that afraid of Fox News? As conservative as I am, I don't need to watch Fox News. It is already on the internet, much of it from overseas news organizations that haven't been bought and pair for by the Obama Administration and George Soros. If the Liberal Democrats really cared about the country they would have put so many people out of work by forcefully bankrupting GM and Chrysler, killing the private student loan industry, ending offshore oil drilling, killing NASA"s new shuttle program, stopping the Keystone Pipeline, Stopping Shell Oil's Arctic oil production, contributing to high gas prices which have raised the prices on virtually everything, putting power companies and refineries out of business with unconstitutional(nobody voted on these) EPA Regilations. raising healthcare and prescription costs through the roof so they could give free insurance to non-workers, like artists and activists, through bribery and kickbacks. Forcing unionism down every companies throat as well as the public sector. The GOP doesn't have to do anything, Obama has done all of this ON HIS OWN. This is YOUR HOPE AND CHANGE.

    7. Kay Lauber says:

      When I need the definitive answer, I turn to Heritage.

    8. Grumpa Joe says:

      The people of America are finally beginning to wake up to the idea that President Obama is a die hard socialist. (Normally, I'd call him a communist,). These people have banded together in a movement referred to as the TEA PARTY. We are ordinary folk, not a huge political faction with money to lobby politicians to our cause. We know that the government should run using good common sense in it's fiscal responsibilities. We see the effect of Obama's spending and we have reached our limit. Call us what ever you wish, but we are coming for you with the one weapon we have, that is our vote.

    9. Bruce Sigler says:

      This President gets more disappointing every time he opens his mouth! Our troops deserve better than this from their "Commander in Chief"! We deserve better from our President. The only plans he comes up with are ones that take affect after he leaves office! What's up with that!!

    10. Bobbie says:

      How dare you Mr. President, not give 1st recognition to the men and women killed in Afghanistan when you promised they'd be out by July! God Bless their hearts. God Bless their dedication to their fellow mankind. God Bless their courage and strength. And you Mr. President, God Bless those that find the strength to accept the truth and stand by it and hold you rightfully accountable to all that isn't truth you claim to be.

      Why should we help companies that want to repair roads and bridges when we already paid for that with stimulus? Why not let airports pay their own repair costs? We thought we employed thousands of construction workers for the past few years that left without getting the job done! Incompetent planning with OUR stimulus? MONEY taken out of the PRIVATE SECTOR to PAY for more GOVERNMENT IS NOT help to spur ECONOMIC GROWTH.

      This ADMITTED incompetence of the president is uncalled for, unwarranted and dangerous. If the President of America is incapable of fulfilling the job he is required responsibly and productively, it is necessary he step down.

    11. Chris says:

      I have stop counting this presidents "mistakes" the list is endless and I am exhausted from being surprised by this presidents incompetence. 2012 can not come soon enough to rid our country of this cancer.

    12. Chuck says:

      Is there any situation that King Obama doesn't see as an opportunity to expand government?

    13. Obama and the broken window fallacy. We are not creating wealth when we redistribute it. Get a clue we are being fleeced.

    14. It truly frightens me that this joker may get a second term and that anyone who tries to cross his flawed policies (regardless of the correctness of their argument) will be labelled a racist. We MUST get rid of this president as soon as possible. We cannot afford

    15. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Why is anyone surprised about Obama's teleprompter read? It the same old Obama, reading what one of his flunks writes. Obama is an socialist ideologue. He is not capable of change.

      Oh, I see Ken Jarvis and Kevin H. has change his name again to Jeff, Ilinois. Different name but the same old communist philosophy.

    16. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Remember this date Nov. 6th, 2012, this is the date to correct a BIG mistake. VOTE

    17. SG Guest says:

      One last thing: The men lost in the helicopter accident were elite Navy Seals part of the team sent on the Bin Laden mission all of whom have now lost their lives in the service of their country. The best and the brightest ARE always first! The military even though it will take years to train will replace this team, but the families of these men will live the remainder of their lives experiencing this loss. May we continue to honor our fallen, and pray for our military daily.

    18. SG Guest says:

      Let me see… "…thousands of "construction workers" that have been without a job for the past few years can get a paycheck again." Code for illegal immigrants and again, you are using taxpayer money trolling for votes! The jobs your administration has created in the past two years have been low-paying, manual labor jobs—stats 41%. Mr. Commander of Construction, someone must have posted the wrong speech on your teleprompter. Are you reading from the script written for your ARRA of 2009, Stimulus Plan? A bill “rammed through the 111th Congress by the Democrats responding to the 2000s recession which included direct spending in INFRASTRUCTURE, “green energy”; let me see, the estimated cost of the economic “stimulus” package was estimated to be $787 Billion at the time of passage! Let me see…August 02, 2011, increase in debt ceiling $2.4 TRILLION dollars in order for you to spur our economic growth with “shovel-ready jobs:” You have lost it…your job included and you need to get another ride home…

    19. DanJ1 says:

      Did anyone else notice that he never once looked at the camera. For ten minutes he spoke to the teleprompters not the American people. He looked evasive like he was either lying or didn't believe what he was saying.

      A true leader would have looked directly at the American people through the camera lense and assured us that he was in charge and he was going to find a solution.

    20. Jim says:

      HOw can one compare this event with FDR? We are part of a global economy. During the debate, we only heard that the Tea Party were the hardliners. They were voted in with a mandate to lower spending at the Federal Level. I would suggest the Obama backers look at him. He suggested no plan publicly except for rasing taxes. As for the millionaires and taxes, if you raise taxes for those above 250k, you are raising taxes on a very large group of small businesses. Obama came into this campaign with his slogan as: Yes We Can!. We know now that means out spend Bush in two years and blame Bush for everything along the way. His new slogan is: WTF. I guess that means what it stands for.

    21. Jim says:

      Part B: As Jeff put it. I have a Degree in Economics and what you dont understand is the fastest rise in jobs in the Public Sector: Government Jobs. The Private Sector (normally small business) pull the economy out of a recession. However this President being Anti-Business has prevented that from happening. Also, on the unemployment numbers. The 9% reported is not the true picture. The U-6 report (this includes those that have quit looking or that just dont want a job as the government will take care of them) is closer to 16%. In essence Jeff, about 1 in 5 are out of work. If you dont have a way to stimulate the small business group to create more jobs, this will continue. But as Obama's new campaign logo states: WTF

    22. Daver says:

      Barack "Debt Man Walking" Obama's plan for re-election is focused exclusively on attacking the Republican candidate instead of discussing his record. Yesterday it was "Tea Partier's", today it's S&P's fault, tomorrow it will be somebody else. When will the hating stop?

    23. Jill Maine says:

      Wasn't it just recently that he and jeffrey Emelt were laughing about the none existant shovel ready jobs that we poured stimulus money into. I think he thinks Americans are numb in the brain and I am afraid that an alful lot of Americans are numb in the brain.

    24. Scot - New Jersey says:

      He just doesn't get it. The real issue is…how can we get him out of office before it's too late to save the economy? Impeachment for fiscal malfeasance, outright law-breaking by circumventing the Congress via administrative directives? There seems to be no end to the number of charges that can be brought…if only the Justice Department wasn't also corrupt!

    25. Roger says:

      It seems to me that if President Obama would spend some time with school children in a classroom as former President Bush was doing when 9/11 occurred he would be on the right path. Our country is giving money to people for doing nothing. WPA projects built parks which our children enjoy to this day. Our cities should be litter free as people collecting welfare show their appreciation by caring for their neighborhood. We now are experiencing mobs attacking innocent guests at festivals, fairs & shopping malls. The pendulum swings & I know many will be missing the free lunch.

      • search4freedom says:

        Go to a library, and take out the documentary…Agenda…and then research what you see and hear in that documentary, and see if the shoe fits, regarding our current regime in Washington, and the Administration associated with that regime. Don't just say…no way…not true…research it, and you will need to be sitting.

    26. ROYSTOLL2 says:

      The Liberal Democrat Party needs to rethink that tactic of promoting class warfare by using statistics portraying the differences in income and net worth between the so call "RICH" and the low income people in society. . It is mainly the wealthy liberals that promote these findings and statistics to take the heat off of them. The second tactic that they are using is the proverbial race card which their leaders are blaming the white people for all of the failures of black people and also blaming successful black people for the same thing. . What this tactic of class warfare has caused is exemplified in Britain last night and it is going to happen all over the world if you people continue the practice.

    27. Marcia, NH says:

      Bottom line absolute necessity: in November 2012, Americans toss this so-called president and all like-minded cronies out on the street.

    28. xfactor says:

      20 JAN 09 to 3 JAN 11 obama and Dems had Super HOUSE, 60 vote SENATE to do whatever he wanted. Did obama and Dems raise Taxes on the rich then? Pass anything to let the Bush Tax Cuts expire?

      The obama Admin was told they had to cut $4 Trillion to keep AAA rating. Cut, Cap and Balance did just that.

      Where's the Budget?

    29. snydrhrry says:

      Obama has a political agenda, and it is not to advance the U.S. economy or military strength. Nothing he has done has improved the political or military status of the nation. A good example is the limits of aggressive pursuit of terrorists, which gives the terrorists a claim of victory since they are less endangered by U.S. action.

    30. ronifer says:

      Long past time for us to accept specific immutables: 1. Obama is a Muslim, 2. Obama is an avid SOCIALIST.

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