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  • Our Big Government Addiction Must End

    As soon as the U.S. Treasury was cleared to start borrowing again, it
    quickly borrowed $238 billion more and reached a milestone.  Our
    national debt is now more than $14.5 trillion, which means that it has
    surpassed the size of our total annual economy.

    The federal government now owes more than is being produced by the entire
    USA-every person, every company, every business, all in combination.

    Financial markets figured out immediately just how disastrous it is to have
    that level of debt-especially because it’s still growing and the budget plan
    won’t stop that cancerous growth.  The stock market reaction is just another
    symptom reminding us that Washington’s latest budget deal didn’t solve
    anything.  Instead, it perpetuated an oversized government that spends too

    We now have a clear line drawn between two opposing philosophies.  There are
    those who claim government isn’t doing enough, and that’s why our economy is
    stalled out with millions out of work.

    But the other side knows the real problem:  It’s that we’ve become addicted
    to big government.  It’s that addiction that is making our economy sick and
    is destroying the ability to get people back to work.

    To fix our economy, we’ve got to break the big government habit.

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    8 Responses to Our Big Government Addiction Must End

    1. Stirling says:

      What those who are currently dependent on the Government to survive (good or bad) should understand is that when our dollar is finally worth nothing, the government will at some point stop paying.. Therefore those who prepare for the eventual financial bust will be rewarded with financial freedom, while those who do not will truely become slaves of the system that they have leached on. Claiming ignorance to the situation this country is in will be of little consequence in the end.

    2. Rodney says:

      That includes allowing our military to retire with a pension after 20 years of service. At the ripe old age of 38 years old. They will get paid for the rest of their life. Make them wait, just like everyone else, till they are at retirement age. They volunteered to serve, it is not like they were drafted and forced.

      • schrunchman says:

        You were obviously too selfish and too much of a coward to volunteer to serve for your country. If you had, you would have realized you serve 24/7 throughout the 20 year commitment at substandard pay levels, not to mention the risk to life and limb so that fatheads like you have the freedom to spiel your stupid venom…. while probably working as some government bureaucrat slug (if your pea brain was capable of passing the entry level clerk title). I served in the USN for 4 years and I am happy to report that they figured out how to identify and weed out bottom dwellers like you so that real men will not get tainted by the losers of the world..

    3. Rodney says:

      Since all of the corporations are doing so well and have 2 and 1/2 trillion dollars sitting on the sidelines and do not want to create any new jobs, we should sell our stock in all of them and invest in Government bonds. Let them see that we can do the same thing they are doing to the american people. They don't want to invest, so we should also refuse to let them sit on our money in the form of stock in their companies. Let them see how it feels to be abandoned.

    4. Bobbie says:

      Under the principles of the true interpretation of the American Constitution, big government is highly unethical and extremely improper, should be unlawful! This is America where people are free and shouldn't even THINK to look to government to convince them they are FREE! America is the challenge to establish personal abilities where the influence of government is a threat! Why let government interfere into what you can do on your own? Especially immigrants who took refuge from their communist, socialist countries of origin. why would you want to hold hands with the government in America?? There's practical resources at a cost of kindness of family, good will fellow Americans. Why not see what you can do on your own that your country of origin didn't give you the opportunity?

      Why would anyone principled American give up the FREE market to pay for big government? Why? It's ridiculous to have big government and their baby rules for power and money to interfere with the FREE market!! What sense does THAT make to add the COST of government to the FREE market?? Whoever favors big government certainly doesn't have the sense of a free America and shows no worth to be a part of America.


    5. Bobbie says:

      Correction: America is the challenge to establish personal abilities were the influence of government is NOT A THREAT!!!!! and a step OVER THEIR LINE interfering or influencing personal abilities. and freedom!!!!!!!

      "protected class"(es) in America? if anyone needs protection it's the female class as we are the physically weaker sex. Anyone based on anything else in a government "protected class" is by government degradation of humanity! Remove the American degradation of humanity and all the money supporting it.

      This is America where no man should be recognized or deemed by government as "protected" unless there is observed weakness!!!!! what a pompous, degrading government!!!! there is no "personal dignity' if you have to be "protected." What shameful embarrassment leading America?

      I'd like to suggest the white men interpret the Constitution with all sincerity and because it was written by white men and if people who immigrated here don't appreciate it's true meaning they can choose to reside somewhere else as some with designed authority have misled a false and dangerous interpretation creating this mindset of self pity and entitlement throughout America.

      Any man included in this "protected class" is government appointed and observed weak. like gay people for one example. At one time Americans in general were considered people of inner strength to which limited government respects!! Today, the majority of the example setters in the democratic party and all who follow show no such thing as inner strength and rather attack it…

    6. Dawn says:

      Fractalism is the way to break big government. http://fractalism2012.com/2011/08/16/america%e2%8

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