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  • Scribecast: Gov. Scott Walker on Job Growth in Wisconsin

    Last month’s employment report from the Department of Labor offered more dismal news about the U.S. economy. And while many areas of the country continue to struggle, there are a few bright spots. Gov. Scott Walker happens to be presiding over one in Wisconsin, which added a net of 9,500 new jobs in June — more than half the 18,000 created nationwide.

    Wisconsin’s resurgence comes after three years of job losses — more than 150,000 jobs were lost in the three years before Walker became governor. Since he took office in January, the state has added 39,300 private-sector jobs. That puts Walker on pace to exceed his goal of 250,000 new jobs in four years.

    Walker spoke to Heritage about his pro-growth policies and how a friendly competition over job creation has emerged with fellow governors Rick Perry of Texas and Bob McDonnell of Virginia.

    Listen to our interview with Gov. Scott Walker on this week’s Scribecast

    Despite the progress, Walker’s policies are under assault. Six Republican state senators face recall elections next week and control of the chamber is at stake. Walker himself is a target of a potential recall election next year.

    It all stems from a controversial budget repair bill considered by the legislature earlier this year. Walker spoke to Heritage in February about the measure. Six months later, it appears to be having the opposite effect of what union leaders warned. The Weekly Standard recently reported the bill saved teachers’ jobs by shoring up money for school districts to avoid layoffs and reduce class sizes.

    Walker said the challenge is communicating this message in Wisconsin. With activists from President Obama’s Organizing for America on the ground in the Badger State, Walker acknowledged the stakes are high.

    The podcast runs about 10 minutes. It was produced by Hannah Sternberg. Listen to previous interviews on Scribecast or subscribe to future episodes.

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    28 Responses to Scribecast: Gov. Scott Walker on Job Growth in Wisconsin

    1. Texas Tea Party says:

      Texas created 34,000 jobs last month, almost double the jobs created nationwide. Minus Texas, the U.S. LOST jobs.

    2. Barbara H. Robbins says:

      Can we also see scripts of the oral interviews? I have family in WI and like to keep up on things there, too, tho I live just over the northern border in MI. Written scripts allow me and others with accurate-hearing limitations to understand as well as the rest of the general public. Thank you.

      • Great question, Barbara. We try to do that in a reasonable time period for many of our videos, but I'm not sure we've considered it for the podcasts. I'll look into it.

    3. HolyJonny says:

      um… no. Most of those jobs are seasonal, summer tourism related jobs in The Dells and at Summerfest. The FACT is that these jobs are temporary and don't pay jack. Meanwhile, GE's X-Ray division is moving its headquarters and executive pay scales out of WI to China. Does this look like victory?

      • Farbar says:

        Of those 9,500 jobs, how many of them are seasonal? You seem to be in the know so give us a number that can be verified. Surely, you know or you wouldn't have said anything.

        As to GE, you should look more to the federal government as to why they're moving than to Wisconsin.

      • Hawkins says:

        Well GE is firmly in the pocket of Obama, I'd ask him if it were a political move a la Boeing.

      • TimothyD says:

        Then talk to Jeff Immelt, the current CEO of GE, and Obama's "butt buddy". GE's plans were in the works for months, prior to their press release last week. You might want to think about the "Federal Corporate Tax Rates", if you want to point fingers. 2nd highest in the developed world. It's amazing that more companies don't leave the country. Reduce the Fed rates, and business will stay.

        Liberals would rather have 100% of NOTHING, than 25% of SOMETHING!!!!!

    4. Bobbie says:

      we so admire those strong states with their outstanding leadership and awesome people of good will. We visited Wisconsin over the weekend!!!!! the only thing that ruined it was a bad representative of Wisconsin scream "WE BREATH UNIONS!!!!" wow, what class! it's the same as saying "WE BREATH DICTATORSHIPS!!!!!!!!!" and the unAmerican sheep follow…
      I think her name was moore??
      They had some heart felt signs on the way, hand written! and beautifully!! This one "Smile, your mother was prolife…" breaks you to tears seeing what's going on today!!!

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        Yeah states like Wisconsin . . where Scott Walker thought he was in a phone conversation with the Koch brothers where he was asked if he might lace the union supporting crowds with thugs so that their cause is discredited. His answer . . " we thought of doing that " . .!! Now that's a true blue american. Scott Walker is going down in January along with his sycophants for bringing politics down to the level of gutter rats. His clan forced thru legistion by breaking the rules, running fake candidates in the senatorial recall elections, put out false voter information to distort the process . . started unmerited voting reform to discriminate against those who typically vote against the GOP. It goes on and on . . !!!!

        • Jim Bob says:

          Where's the job growth in Illinois? Oh, there isn't any…. my bad.

        • ORconservative says:

          You union types just don't get it. States have been run into the ground trying to satisfy union demands and now they are BROKE! This is unsustainable…time to get rid of the unions! We know they aren't about the workrrs…all about power! Thank heavens some of these new governors are fighting back to save their states. You guys don't like it when we play using your tactics.

          • Jeff, Illinois says:

            No you don’t get it . . when Unions are strong wages across the board are higher . . When Unions are dismantled or weakened . . corporations exploit their workers. Right to work states, institionalize lower wages. Thus we’re heading for third world status. The scam of the century is about making the working class fight amongst themselves. Wake up . . our nation can not compete with the low wage industry of third world nations . . and we never will. What we need are tariffs as we had in our history and which is successfully implemented in countries like Germany. Workers are our best resource, not greedy CEO’s and corporatists. When we strenghthen our working class, everyone gains. And states should not be competing with other states over taxes and lower wages . . That will be the legacy of GOP governors . . And their hypocritical tactics will ultimately fuel a ground swell . . Juat watch Wisconsin . .

            • Bobbie says:

              qualified workers paid according to their work are the best resources and those workers are ones who freely apply knowing their wage, who aren't looking to expect or need a union.

              Unions protect the unqualified which destroys business. Unions demand benefits the private business can't afford and I feel more comfortable having the business run itself not driven by a union who's only purpose is to overpower the owner.

              As long as the government provides the NLRB at tax payers expense, there is no reason for government unions or government support and promotion of them. Why are we paying the NLRB? Very suspicious! Definite favoritism with degradation of the employees ability to function without union. Let the employees decide without influence, especially when both government and union are corrupt and when the business has to follow government regulation, I'd say the business is least corrupt! what's fair to you, Jeff? Making sure platitudes are addressed for unnecessary attention and dumps on businesses? Unions are more trouble then their worth. Aid in the collapse of the economy. Union preachers could be productive in a field that is productive!

            • John says:

              I am assuming you never studied Economics. When you legislate higher wages you will force employers to seek lower wage alternatives. Last I checked this is still a free country, though you and your ilk may wish otherwise. Tariffs historically have only driven the cost of goods higher by limiting competition. Only one word to describe your aims and goals for government….socialism in which everyone is equal but unfortunately equally poor.

        • Bobbie says:

          "we thought about doing that" ooh coming from a principled man, that could be dangerous! You and the rest of the childish behaved are embarrassed because you thought he might slip up! He didn't and you can't accept that!!!!! Why won't you stop hearing and seeing one side, Jeff. The truth will do you good! Why don't you help people out of poverty instead of promoting government dependency?

        • Guest says:

          A) Governor Walker said they decided against doing it. that means that they didn't. The Dems and crony Unions otoh, did lace the crowd, performed a contract-breaking Sick-in, wrote phony doctor's excuses, intimidated others, and tried to unlawfully disrupt the legislative actions in the capitol. a Dem judge wrote up a phony ruling to impede law, and the DFL Chief Judge almost got away with delaying announcing a decision in order to unconstitutionally effect legislation.

          B) That call proved that Gov Walker wasn't nearly as familiar with the Koch's as the left would like you to belive.

          C) The GOP broke no rules. You're commisars at Huffington and MSNBC don'tt want you to know that the Open Meeting Law is superceeded by Legislative chamber rules, according to the open Meeting law itself.

          Did you know that That Judge Sumi of Dane county also should have recused herself of the case she hatcheted since her son was an organizer for the unions? Nice conflict-of-interest there.

    5. Alex says:

      Even if these are all tourism jobs… wouldn't that mean that tourism is doing well in Wisconsin? Many of the jobs created were actually in manufacturing, which are usually full-time jobs. Even if these are all part-time jobs, why isn't the rest of the nation on par with us? Why is Wisconsin just now ahead of the nation in terms of job growth? Why wasn't there a huge spike in employment numbers the last few years over June?

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    8. Rich Fallis says:

      Many of Mr. Walker's jobs are "Would you like fries with that?" occupations.

      Wisconsin suffers from a $6 thousand per year per capita wage gap with Minnesota. The reason? Minnesota has a strong hi-tech base.

      Mr. Walker, insists tourism, manufacturing, and agriculture are the future.

      It takes how many life-guards, bolt-turners and farmers to make up for a software engineer?

      Can I have ketchup with those fries please?

    9. Bobbie says:

      Minnesota has a government job for everyone that wants a job. Rich governor that hides his money then exploits anyone else that might have it to keep the poor resenting and poor as he favors government over people. An ugly, weak run state…

      For any state that provides public education at tax payers expense, is a failed education if the state has to provide "job training" services at the tax payers expense, a huge waste of money and intrusion when the best training is on the job where everyone gets their first experience no matter what their education.

    10. information assassin says:
    11. Walter says:

      Based on the latest bureau of labor and statistics:
      WI added 1,000 new nonfarm jobs per month in 2010. Since Walker took over the average job growth per month has increased to 6,200!

    12. Richard Lieffring says:

      The number of jobs 'created' in Wisconsin in the month of June is always inflated by seasonal tourism-based employment. When the thousands of nurses, teachers, social workers and others who were laid off or took early retirement are factored in the total number of jobs created by Walker will be in the minus numbers. Also, the public sector workers who remain on the job will have approximately $1 billion less in spendable income. Since our economy is driven 70% by consumer spending, it is doubtful that this will boost Wisconsin's economy.

    13. Tony Morin says:

      If you beleave Walker something is wrong with this State

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