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  • Global Public Opinion: Declining U.S., Rising China

    According to a recent global survey, opinion of the United States continues to be generally favorable in most regions of the world, but it appears that America may be on its way to lose its status as the dominant global superpower.

    The American image now faces several new and worrisome challenges: doubts about its superpower status, a decline in favorability among some of the closest allies, and giving more and more consideration to the People’s Republic of China as superpower.

    It seems that the hope and change represented by President Obama has disappeared by now, not only on the domestic but also on the international level. Besides the growing skepticism among American citizens, survey results show that the British, Germans, Turkish, and Indonesians are also becoming less favorable towards the U.S. than two years ago. The initial expectations of the international community and U.S. allies (backed by Obama’s receipt of the Nobel Peace Prize) may prove to have been exaggerated, as nations around the world begin to have doubts about the American leadership role.

    In 15 out of the 22 countries participating in the survey, public opinion is that China either will replace or has already replaced the U.S. as the world’s leading superpower. In Western Europe the percentage of those naming China as the number one economic power in the world has increased by double digits (18 percent on average) since 2009. Though this is a false perception for now, as the U.S. still outmatches China economically by a significant margin, European public opinion comes as no surprise, if we look at Chinese Prime Minister’s Wen Jiabao’s recent visit to Europe.

    During the last decade the European Union (EU) became China’s most important trading partner; therefore, China has a strong interest in supporting the stability of the region. The People’s Republic of China has invested substantially in government bonds of EU member states (such as Greece, Ireland, Portugal, and Spain) and announced huge investment projects in Central Eastern Europe, Germany, and the U.K. Though the transnational presence of Chinese companies is still not as strong as American companies’, it is rising fast.

    Besides this rapid growth in economic relationships, there has also been a sharp increase worldwide in the number of Chinese cultural centers, the Confucius Institutes, aimed at expanding and improving China’s image abroad. While the reaction to China’s economic rise is optimistic, global opinion is more consistently negative when it comes to the prospect of China equaling the U.S. in terms of military power.

    The most shocking data in the survey reveals that among American citizens, the percentage saying that China will eventually overshadow or has already overshadowed the U.S. increased from 33 percent in 2009 to 46 percent in 2011. The data clearly reflects that during the last two years, a growing number of American citizens started to view the future with skepticism and have lost faith in America as a superpower.

    After the Cold War, building on the results of the Reagan era, there was no doubt about American leadership—its superpower status was indisputable and China was still considered only a rising regional power. Seeing today’s trends, the U.S. needs leadership as we have seen in President Reagan. The U.S. needs a firm foreign policy based on American national interests, not one influenced by China’s sensitivities. While China has launched a worldwide economic, public diplomacy and media and PR campaign, the United States is looking at a greatly reduced international media presence due to cuts in the budget of Voice of America.

    The United States should strengthen its public diplomacy, reverse the current trends, and send a firm message of strong American leadership again. Without this, neither U.S. allies nor American citizens may see “the city on the hill” as the Founding Fathers imagined the United States 235 years ago.

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    7 Responses to Global Public Opinion: Declining U.S., Rising China

    1. Dr BearClayborn says:

      To equate America’s infinite complacency of being incapable of falling from the top of the world you must rehearse the phrase “Stupid is as Stupid does,” or “The Blind leading The Blind?” Today reality is beginning to set in very hard on the populous of the U.S. letting them know that they were blindly stupid in electing a “George Soros-Manchurian Candidate” as their leader. The forced implementation of socialistic values on America’s economic policies, military policies and foreign policies by America’s historical socialist president have destroyed America. China is standing by with a shovel ready to bury the ignorant driven fallacy of Obama’s “hope and change” as they hold back their burst of laughter at America. If America doesn’t believe in God now, they will after China buries them. Such is inevitable if Obama returns to the White House in 2013.
      Dr BearClayborn http://www.americancoloringbook.info http://www.glasslipstalking.info

    2. Bobbie says:

      I wouldn't worry about America being a superpower. We're not. I am hopeful the People''s Republic of China and all nations worldwide consider the basic fact, without wealth is without purchase is without employment is a collapse in the worldwide economy.

      In other words, wealth employees the people that make the things wealth buys! Like corporate jets for one of millions…

      The fair thing would be to have the tax exempt Americans, paying their share. Wealth is earned…

      • Byron Shutt says:

        Just remember this my dear friend, all the money in the world will not buy your freedoms once there lost. America as a super power, inspite of it's flaws, still offers the would it's best chance at equality and the freedoms of the individual to rise to his/her potential. Do you think China gives a flyin crap about that? I for one will fight to defend for my children their best chance at a future.

    3. Lloyd Scallan says:

      We all had better come to the realization that America's decline is the primary goal of Obama and his ilk. How many times has he insisted Americans become "citizens of the world". Obama's mentor and finanser Soros has stated "American is the last impediment to a one world government". Just yesterday, after signing the Debt Bill, Obama met with the leaders of the AFl/CIO then still demands "tax hikes" which will keep our ecomony in a downward spiral. Instantly, the stock markek crashes. How can anyone not recognize this is not just bad timing, It's delibert and calculated. Obama will continue the colllaspe our economy.

    4. EON59 says:

      We are the world superpower. Somewhat weeker, but the rest of the world cannot support itself without the US. China is already finding competition as their labor cost increase drastically. The low margin assembly jobs will slowly move to other markets. The poor quality of products from China are also a concern for many manufacturers. Obummer and his communist associates in congress on both sides of the isle are definately keeping our economy from growing, and in fact the US and world economies will continue to stall for the next two years. The US will then lead the world back to recovery. We still have more resources both natural and human than any other country in the world. Don't fret too much, just vote them out in 2012.

    5. James says:

      Why worry if this commonly believed fallacy that the US is the world's only superpower is coming to an end – the US is no more of a superpower than Europe – the EU is the world's largest market (considerably larger than trhe US), its culture is dominat (the world's dominat languages are European, European religions are dominant, European values, forms of governance and art is dominat – how many museums have I walked into in the US only to see the walls covered by European paintings etc etc etc. This rubbish about the world being unable to cope without the US!! What rubbish – the world exisited before the US was even thought of and will go on long after it is gone.

    6. Ames Tiedeman says:

      Lower taxes? Higher taxes? Does anyone actually think being plus or minus 5% on taxes will make a lick of difference for the U.S. economy at this stage in the game? The economy will never again work the way we all want it to work with the current account deficit at 6 or 7 percent of GDP. You cannot get unemployment even under 6% without a credit bubble, with a current account deficit as large as ours. We have not had a trade surplus since 1974. We have been in decline for 40 years and this decline has only accelerated in recent years. We closed 55,000 plants in the United States since 1980. Your politicians won't tell you this because some of them fed you the false promise of free trade. Others don't want to admit NAFTA has been a complete failure for America. Great for Mexico as that giant "sucking sound" Ross Perot predicted has materialized. Clinton and Gore promised the American people ever bigger trade surpluses with Mexico and ten's of thousands of new high paying jobs. Just pass NAFTA they exclaimed! Quite laughable, really. We have gone from a trade surplus of a few billion a year to a trade deficit nearing 100 billion per annum with Mexico. What is equally as laughable or insulting is the trade deal Obama has just signed with Columbia. Do we make anything they can afford? Of course not. Columbia will simply become a new launch pad to make textiles and sell them into America. How about the trade deal Obama signed with South Korea? This is an interesting one. Within the bill on the U.S. side is a provision to provide worker training for displaced Americans. So we are now so stupid that we are signing trade deals that we know will diminish the U.S. labor force. The insanity is just that! Does anyone think the South Koreans would agree to a trade deal if they were not sure to win? Does Obama understand that the South Koreans are fierce nationalists who will never let America win a trade contest? Did my ancestors lead pre-Revolutionary War skirmishes against the British at Lexington and Concord in 1775 and early 1776 only to have America end up how it is today? My blood has been on this land since 1635. How many of my ancestors ever dreamed that America would be so deep in debt and short in ideas? Would any of them ever have thought that such mediocre men would one day be leading this nation? America has done a terrific job of creating a low employment and low wage society, for millions. Quite sad indeed. No civilization has succeeded by consuming more than it produces. We must massively restructure. Until America decides to produce what it consumes you can forget about any long term economic recovery. The financial games all failed. The credit bubble is gone and now the U.S. economy is exposed as the biggest joke of all time. Credit bubbles have a way of masking the real issues. How do we fix the American economy? Start by making every American who has received a Nobel Prize in economics return the award. Why? because they were either 100% wrong or their work proved to be of no benefit to the American economy. Next, round up every economist who advised Nixon that if America left the gold standard and moved the world to a floating currency regime; that America would never, ever, run a current account deficit. And I am very sorry to inform everyone that this would include the late and great Milton Friedman. Sorry Milton, you were dead wrong too! Next, leave the WTO, end NAFTA, and go about setting up country-by-country trade deals that are realistic based on where America stands today. It is not 1955 anymore. The world has either matched us or surpassed us in industry after industry. We have literally become an emerging economy is some industries as we have faltered so badly. Next, move to a flat tax, and end all farm subsidies. Cancel most government social programs like food stamps and deport 100% of the people living in America illegally. Make it a high crime to employ anyone not here legally. Finally, for major industries such as steel and automobiles, move to a must-be-made-in-America policy. No longer allow imports of products in specific industries. They must all be made in America. We must employ our people. We can no longer employ the world via our consumption as so many Americans remain unemployed. We must use our 50 state union to our advantage. We must promote massive trade between the states. We must socialize CAPITALISM to avoid becoming a socialist state! We must reinvigorate the American people. We must manufacture. And who running for office can lead America on this grand and pious endeavor? Who running for office today has the passion of a General MacArthur or the skill of a Chester Nimitz? Who has the energy of a Teddy Roosevelt? The men who command the attention of the electorate in this age of mediocre ambition are all too small to make a difference…

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