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  • Morning Bell: Liberals Force Choice Between Economic and National Security

    Put the security of the nation at risk or raise taxes. This is the sour “deal” liberal lawmakers are offering in exchange for insufficient spending cuts, according to reports of this weekend’s debt negotiations in Washington.

    The framework that Republicans and Democrats are close to approving would raise the debt limit by at least $2.1 trillion and get Obama and congressional Democrats past their target date: Election Day 2012. In return for this generous political cover, Democrats would agree to a modest $1 trillion in supposed cuts spread out over 10 years; $350 billion of those “upfront” savings come from gutting national security resources.

    A trillion dollars over 10 years is not sufficient to impress credit rating agencies, which have threatened to downgrade America’s credit status unless Congress enacts real measures to reform spending and lower the deficit. In fact, on Friday, Moody’s announced that neither the Boehner plan nor the Reid plan had sufficient cuts, saying: “Reductions of the magnitude now being proposed, if adopted, would likely lead Moody’s to adopt a negative outlook on the AAA rating.” The current plan does not improve upon either of those earlier plans.

    In addition to the $1 trillion, the framework sets up a “special” congressional committee that would seek $1.4 trillion in “deficit reduction” by the end of 2011. Of course, for liberals, “deficit reduction” is synonymous with “higher taxes.”

    If the commission’s recommendations are not enacted, across-the-board spending cuts would be triggered, half of which (nearly $500 billion) would come from national security spending, and apparently none of which would come from the ever-growing, budget-busting entitlement programs. This provides Democrats on the committee a powerful bargaining position. Agree to their tax hikes or gut defense. It is a dangerous choice conservative lawmakers should not have to make. The defense cuts would compromise our nation’s security and the tax hikes would compromise our nation’s economy.

    Sadly, some liberals view our nation’s national security as a bargaining chip and fail to recognize that (1) defense spending is not the cause of the problem, and (2) these cuts put our troops and our national security at risk. Without adequate security, our nation will begin an avoidable decline and lose superpower status.

    Every honest observer knows the problem is entitlement spending, not the defense budget or a lack of revenue. Defense spending has been on the decline for decades, as a percentage of GDP, despite wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya. It is currently below its historical average of 5.2 percent of GDP. Meanwhile, entitlements (Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid) grew from 2.5 percent of GDP in 1965 to over 10 percent today and represent 60 percent of the total federal budget.

    If the country spent nothing on defense, we would still be headed towards an entitlement-driven spending crisis.

    On the revenue side, on ABC’s This Week yesterday, White House political advisor David Plouffe suggested that even “most Republicans in America” support raising taxes. Of course, his pronouncements of their popularity are undercut by him not being able to say the word tax and rather incorrectly calling them “revenue.”

    Equating tax hikes with revenue is simply incorrect. Government revenue will grow from increased economic growth and more people employed. Most people in America do in fact believe raising taxes on job creators is not the way to create employment or economic growth.

    Some Republicans are claiming that tax hikes are nearly impossible due to the structure of the debt reduction committee. Many disagree with that, including Red State’s Erick Erickson, The Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, and White House Advisor David Plouffe, who categorically said this morning that tax hikes are not only possible but likely.

    Other Republicans are claiming that defense funding is protected because the legislative category also includes the Departments of State, Homeland Security, Veterans Administration, and Foreign Aid. But the target of cuts will still be the Pentagon.

    There are thankfully some lawmakers resisting ending this debate on the backs of our troops. Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) released a statement on Sunday saying he is “very concerned about rumors that the debt agreement now being negotiated will disproportionately cut defense spending and result in unacceptably high risk to our national security.” In a press conference on Saturday, Congressman Allen West (R-FL) called potential defense cuts “incredible” and “unconscionable.”

    House Armed Services Committee Chairman Buck McKeon (R-CA) described the situation: “The Army and Marines are stretched dangerously thin, separated from their families, and using hardware that has been chewed up by a decade of fighting.” And Congressman Randy Forbes (R-VA) similarly said: “If they have to make these cuts it’ll have to come out of personnel, and they’ll have to reduce their force structure, and they’ll have to have a new strategy for how they defend the United States of America.”

    There is room for internal reform at the Pentagon, and savings can be found, but those savings need to be allocated for other pressing military needs. Our nation’s enemies will take advantage of this weakness, and in turn, we’ll have to spend more than necessary in the future to catch up, fight off threats, and lower our heightened risk.

    As Heritage expert James Carafano points out: “Defense cuts disconnected from reality and lacking in strategic foundation will only burden an already heavily taxed force and increase the risk confronting all Americans.”

    President Obama initially wanted a “clean” debt limit increase, and then he wanted more “stimulus” coupled with an increase. Now we are debating how best to make real cuts in our spending. Conservatives have gotten us to this point because public support is on our side. These last desperate gasps to gut resources for our troops or raise taxes on job creators are the final liberal attempts to appease a far left base.

    Congressional conservatives fought hard to drive down spending toward a balanced budget, while protecting our defenses, and without raising taxes. The Ryan budget plan and the Cut, Cap and Balance Act were good steps in that direction. But the final deal, driven by liberal leaders on Capitol Hill and in the White House, sets up America for the worst possible outcome later this year—both job-killing taxes and safety-risking defense cuts—while entitlement spending goes on and on.

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    99 Responses to Morning Bell: Liberals Force Choice Between Economic and National Security

    1. victor barney says:

      You KNOW that they(Marxists) must take away our RIGHT OT BARE ARMS before this long-running Marxist(Anti-Christ) Revolution can be offically enacted to overthrow our government as promised during the last presidential election! Believe it or not, it is all part of the Scriptural First-Born Blood-Covenant made 6,000 years earlier between Cain, who murdered his brother Able, Hawah(Eve) his mother(the Intellectualizing 1st sinner), and Lucifer, who still the spiritual charge over this world, unless you are called out of it! You guessed it; man is not otherwise revelant ! Watch!

    2. J. Jolene Atkins says:

      It is a very sad, heart-breaking day, to see what our Congress has accomplished. I agree with Rick. We the people have to pay for their frolic. It definitely seems that our rich president intends to destroy the hard-working middle class in this country. This great country – once a land of opportunity for all to work and earn according to their capabilities and to share when and where they please. …now, the Liberal dream – Wealth Redistribution is alive and well! How very sad!

      Many Thanks to the those Representatives who worked so hard for regaining our country, for job growth, fiscal responsiblity, for America! We must never give up! One day we will be free again!

      Jolene Atkins

    3. Judy says:

      We should not cut defense as it is constitutionally authorized to protect our nation. The only thing we should cut from defense is the un-godly, un-biblical Lame Duck Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We should also Repeal and not replace Obamacare. Cut tax-payer funding of abortions. Cut the inept Dept of Education, cut taxpayer subsidies for green energy, and many, many other things we can cut, as well as cut any subsidies for illegals. Do not raise the debt limit. Surveys have shown that 47% of voters approve of not raising the debt limit. We need to quit trying to over-compromise and realize and act like we won the elections in 2010 and the elections were a clear disapproval of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, against Obamacare and against all of the deliberate spending to bring down our Free Enterprise Capitalism that has been the envy of the world. I'm a life-long Republican and disapprove of the "deals" that have been no deal at all, except that which enables more spending for Obama and cohorts!

    4. Tucano Fulano says:

      Pin this tale on the Donkey. The Donkey-in-Chief (DIC, a.k.a. DIChead) wants only new taxes and a new credit card and brays a lot in front of the cameras, but contributes nothing useful toward anything positive for American citizen taxpayers. He has just got to go ASAP.

    5. Judy says:

      Why is my comment not posting?

    6. Bob W says:

      I see that you did not post my comment. Was it because it was critical of the Heritage Foundation and their continued stance for not cutting any spending on the military budget? Does the Heritage Foundation believe in the First Amendment and do they publish all civil comments?

    7. Krehbiel says:

      "Our nation's enemies will take advantage of this weakness, and in turn, we'll have to spend more than necessary in the future to catch up, fight off threats, and lower our heightened risk."

      But under Obama's plan we can just surrender to our enemies, adopt sharia, and all live unhappily ever after.

    8. clarence swinney says:

      My security. I shall vomit if i hear"our brave young men in Afghn protecting our security"

      7000 miles away–50% cnnot read or write-no planes-no misiles-no shipsl-nothing but poppy

      rated 3rd poorest nation.

      Are we dumb? Only benficiary manufcturers of military equipment

      Wall Street Kills for Profit

    9. Whicket Williams says:


    10. Bernard P. Giroux, D says:

      On December 7, 1941, there were 337,349 U.S. Navy personnel on active duty. On August 1, 2011, there are 329,221 U.S. Navy personnel on active duty. Does this tell you something?

    11. Jim Dunlap says:

      The security of our nation is in peril with the liberals even close to Congress. Those who fail to uphold their oath of office should be tried and publicly hung for their misdeeds and betrayal.

      • the old man says:

        what about tar and feather and a railroad tie

      • John Jaye says:

        Representatives of both parties are placing our country in peril. Members of both parties contributed to our nations' financial situation. What has happened, and what is going on right now is the strongest argument for term limits. Representatives that have been in office for multiple upon multiple terms are disconnected from reality. Further, their actions are indicative that they,firmly, believe that their job is to be reelected. As such, their decisions and/or votes reflect that belief, with total disregard as to what is best for our country and its citizens.

    12. Rick says:

      I am again saddened by washington. I love my country but watching washington these past few days only shows me how I hate goverment. The people that are there to see this country stays number one are more interested in trying to be re elected than doing what is best for the people. This only reinforces what the people know. Politians are only there for there personal greed and power. So with this deal we will see the sinking of our country. More debt. More taxes. Less jobs and soon mass faults in homes across this once free land. The kids burdened with the price of greed. The leader this so called president leading his people to poverty. So sad and we ther people have no say just pay for therte frolic

      • brassia says:

        This is just about Obama getting reelected…all he cares about! The destruction of our country is being done by design by this occupant of the WH who Despises capitalism (however doesn't mind to be one with 1.7 million income in 2010 alone and loopholes to lower his tax rate from 35 to23%).
        The spectacle in DC this past few weeks is the indication how completely out of touch all those career politicians are! Our rating status would be downgraded regardless of this fake agreement. Our economy is basically in free fall in site of billions of stimuli, bailout, cash for clunkers, finance reform, mortgage recasting/refinancing, etc.. with state interference in the housing market…
        All in all the problems have been created by Politicians to begin with- with Clinton repealing Glass Steagall act (put in effect after great depression to avoid the same mistakes!!!!) as well as Dodd-Frank bill enabling unqualified people to buy homes!!!..
        Now the same politicians are trying to make changes, sorry -it is like getting the fox into the hen house to revive the killed birds!!!
        We have to demand TERM LIMITS retroactively!!!!
        New people, new blood….they will have less time to loot out country…there isn't much left to loot….!

      • Tim says:

        You are so right! We live in a country where politicians have little or no regard for the good of the country. It's all about covering their "butts" with their biggest donors to get re-elected. I'm sick of it and I know that most "common sense" average Americans feel the same way! We need term limits for congress and they should only get 3 months to "run for re-election" or run for election when their term is up or for the current election cycle. That goes for the president as well!

    13. Laurie says:

      I am sursed that you want to take away social security from me….all the money I put in over the years…that was stolen. Dump Medicare it's useless, dump EPA, dump the freebies to illegals, dump dept of Education, dump the Feds printing their play money, stop giving money to people not to grow crops, dump the unions….they are a disaster, cut congress salaries and golden parachutes in half, put them on the same medical and social security the rest of us have, allow competition of health insurance across state lines, tort reform is needed…..and why are we in Libya and Iraq….do it right or get out.

      • brassia says:

        dump the homeland security- the defense department will do the job, eliminate all the agencies created by Obama, eliminate subsidies , take away ALL free money and benefits to illegals, STOP foods tamps and medicaid fro women with many children from various sperm donors, make the assistance limited to 2 years, young and able people receiving public assistance should be required to perform public service in exchange of free money. If a woman chooses to give birth again after being put on assistance she forfeits all benefits. Enforce contract with America that resulted in drastic reduction of public assistance recipients.

      • Diane008 says:

        Once again, Social Security and Medicare are not ENTITLEMENTS. These have been paid into through our wages. I paid into Social Security and it is my RETIREMENT. I paid into Medicare and still pay for it and it is my MEDICAL INSURANCE. Would those who pay into 401K's and Ira's like it if they decided these were entitlements and the money they pay into their medical insurance is an entitlement? I paid into Social Security and Medicare and still pay for my medicare Part B, which is taken from my Social Security payments. Medicaid, SSI, Welfare, Food Stamps etc. are entitlements. Stop using Social Security and Medicare as a pawn in this. I paid into it and it's mine. Get rid of the illegals and those lazy welfare families who thrive on it generationally. No more "free" handouts unless you are willing to work for it.

    14. Steve S. says:

      How sad, that our "representatives" in Washington, still don't get it! Or, should I say, the large majority of the Democrats who are "entitlement spend crazy", just don't get it! Either way you look at it, our Republican representatives are just as much to blame, if they can't remember why they were elected. My respect goes out to those freshmen GOP members, who remember why they are there…to be representing the voice of the citizens who want a change from the status quo. NO deals! Compromise is another word for capitulation!

      • Natalie says:

        They do GET it. We need to understand they are not our representatives, they represent the people who bought and paid for them.

    15. Bob W says:

      I don't understand why the Heritage Foundation and its writers/editors consider the military budget so sacrosanct? And I don't think that the liberals think it is a choice between national security and economic security. Let's get real. We should cut spending in Washington and this includes the military budget. We waste and spend way too much on our military and all the wars we are waging in the Middle East. Our national security is not at stake by cutting the bloated defense budget or bringing our men and women home from overseas and closing many of our outdated military bases. The Heritage Foundation really needs to reassess its skewed principles and stop scaring Americans about our national security. While we are at it we should reassess the unconstitutional use of the Patriot Act and disband the TSA which makes a mockery of our fourth amendment rights. While Ron Paul tends to be more of an isolationist, our country would be better off to follow a more libertarian approach as opposed to the liberals on the left and the right wing zealots (such as Sean Hannity) and the Heritage Foundation.

    16. Wayne, Florida says:

      What is so revealing about Washington is all the politicianspoint to all the past increases in the Debt Limit as justification to do it again and again. What they fail to acknowledge is that we are where we are today…insolvent; because of those past approvals. The politicians are so undisciplined and lacking common sense.

    17. Ben C, Ann Arbor says:

      Living in a "sea of blue" here in liberal Ann Arbor I see the biggest difference between liberals and conservagtives is that liberals are only concerned about today whereas consevatives are worried about tomorrow. Given people tend to vote with their pocket book liberals will say to their voter base: "here is what I will do for you today" whereas consevatives are far more cerebral and tell their voter base: "here is what will happen tomorrow if we follow the liberal agenda." Conservatives worry about their kids and grand kids. Liberals worry about getting re elected.

    18. RedBaker says:

      The problem is $10 trillion in projected borrowing in the next 10 years, but that projection is too low, based on assuming economic growth which is not happening. Cutting 25% of the $10 trillion is a joke, pathetically low. We must get to zero borrowing, and do it fast, like in 3-4 years.

      We must cut federal spending $350 billion or more per year, for four years. To offset the drastic decline in GDP, we must kill ethanol, roll back federal regulations a decade or two, unleash US domestic energy production, kill all subsidy programs, and institute genuine medical reform which restores marketplace functions.

    19. Aqualung says:

      aCome ON ! Lets get real! A problem of this magnitude needs to be looked at from every facet> the time for sacred cows is in the past. The budget crisis goes far beyond the figure $14 trillion which only represents past debt not future commitments. Each year that congress puts off delaing with this mess the mess gets bigger. I ask politicians form both parties to save our country not sink it. Is it possible to still be proud to be an American? From current events the only thing congress has done is give representative government a bad name.

    20. A. Scott says:

      I cannot help but think "the plan is coming together" for the progressive movement. I fear for my country and I am saddened that my grandchildren and their children will NEVER see or live in the wonderful country that I gew up in. I watch my parents struggle after WWII but I cannot remember at any time that they lost faith in their government to do right by them. Altho my grandchrildren do not realize it yet but they are already slaves to the government because their share of the debt will never be reached in any year that they work. How very sad. Their condition will just continue to disintrgrate over time and they will not understand why.

      • A. Smith says:

        you are absolutely wrong! What have the progressives achieved from this bill?! Progressives are angry at it! This bill ONLY has spending cuts and NO revenue increases. Progressives wanted a COMPROMISE, which means cutting spending AND increasing revenues, but the bill only includes the latter.

    21. James Michael says:

      How's this for a thought cut every department of the federal government by 1% for 5 years starting 10/1/11and then go to a flat tax of 10% on everybody and every company or corporation, no subsidies for anyone then go after social security and medicare reform, companies can expense all business cost immediately and everyone pays tax make a dollar pay a dime.

    22. Judy says:

      We should not cut defense as it is constitutionally authorized to protect our nation. The only thing we should cut from defense is the un-godly, un-biblical Lame Duck Repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. We should also Repeal and not replace Obamacare. Cut tax-payer funding of abortions. Cut the inept Dept of Education, cut taxpayer subsidies for green energy, and many, many other things we can cut, as well as cut any subsidies for illegals. Do not raise the debt limit. Surveys have shown that 47% of voters approve of not raising the debt limit. We need to quit trying to over-compromise and realize and act like we won the elections in 2010 and the elections were a clear disapproval of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, et al, against Obamacare and against all of the deliberate spending to bring down our Free Enterprise Capitalism that has been the envy of the world.

      • A. Smith says:

        you call Don't Ask, Don't Tell "un-biblical". Well I'm sorry but there is a separation of Church and State.
        As a non-Christian (I'm a Unitarian Universalist instead) I don't want my children and grandchildren growing up in a country with Christianity in it.

        • M. Moore says:

          There is NO separation of church and state as you understand it. You have it completely backwards. Do your homework. Our forefathers’ intention was that the state could not interfere with the church, not that the church could not interfere with the state. The day that Christians are removed from America is the day tbat your grandchildren’s freedoms will be lost forever. I pity you and your grandchildren and will pray for you because you’re being deceived. I pray you wake up before it’s too late!!!

    23. MNJ says:

      Thank goodness for the freshmen – but defense? If true, give me a break.

      What the left refuses to acknowledge and accept is that we may continue to have the best entitlements (funded by an ever decreasing producing workforce?) in the world but without defense, there won't be any US as we know it. The rich Dems and socialists think they'll be ok but humans don't work that way. Sooner or later the elites get targeted by the very people who put them in place. The bullies win.

      As for the isolationist fiscal hawks – no way can we survive as a nation with a gutted defense department. Cut the high paid consultants but not the troops on the ground. If you insist on fiscal at the expense of defense, your money will not be safe.

      • A. Smith says:

        ummmm…. No we do not have the best entitlements in the world. Europe has the best. Europeans get FREE medical aid.

    24. Earl, QUEENS, NY says:

      The best we can do is hope that the GOP House will not cave in too much. We really need to drastically cut spending. Of course, most of the blame should be placed where it belongs – on the reckless spending socialist Democraps. But so many ignorant voters will blame the GOP, and vote for more democraps in the future; oblivious to the fact that the Democraps only make bad situations worse. The elections of 1976, 1992, 2006 and 2008 prove this!! PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!! Again I must say: My understanding is that the $800+ billion stimulus/porkulus bill signed by BHO some 2 &frac12; years ago was added to the baseline of all future budgets. Since the porkulus bill has been a proven failure, why not take it out of all future FY budgets?? Eliminating porkulus alone would reduce annual deficits by nearly 50%, and reduce national debt by $8 trillion over a decade. To achieve this, it’s obvious that we need to take back the White House, and defeat a lot more democraps in Congress and the Senate next year. And of course, we should try to defeat RINOs and GOP wimps in the primaries. But in the general November election, think about this: “Friends don’t let friends vote for Democraps!!”

      • MMoore says:

        Yes if we want the America as we know it, the »land of the free and the home of the brave» to survive, we MUST vote the liberals out of office in the next élection. You are SO RIGHT Earl!!!!

    25. Lloyd Scallan says:

      From the beginning, we all should had known the way this would end. The gutless Repbs caving to the Dems and Obama taking credit for "saving the nation". Is their any more proof needed that we must have a third political party that stands for the conservatives that make up the majorty of the Amierican voters.

    26. Turner says:

      It is going to take something beyond a good, old fashioned disaster to wake us out of this stupor. This might have done it. As a country, we are seriously prodigal.

    27. John G says:

      Don't you realize how hypocritical it is to hold defense spending up as this sacred cow that must not be cut under any circumstances and yet lambast Dems for doing the same thing regarding SS and Medicare? I know the realities of the budget leave SS and Medicare the bigger budget busters, but there is no way we need to spend what we're currently spending to DEFEND ourselves. 1000 military bases around the world, troops stationed in God knows how many countries, and military ops going on in even more are not what our founders had in mind when they penned "providing for the common defence" in Article 1 section 8.

    28. Roy says:

      Very well written. Must continue to cut the spending. Cutting defense in today's world is foolish.

    29. Jerry Porter says:

      It doesn't take a Rhodes Scholar to recognize the Federal addition spending problem, but it does take a true patriot to honestly admit it. Too few Democrats and too many Republicans are unqualified to be engaging in a discussion much less voting on behalf of a majority of the American people. The Federal government has rotted from the inside out, and brings us dangerously close to the precipice of economic chaos and political tyranny.

    30. Anna T says:

      Am I the only one who thinks this was a done deal weeks ago….done on the Golf Course….We the people are being played for fools, drinking the cool aide. I really feel sorry for the few in Washington and the congress who get it, but are helpless to do anything about IT. When we are all living in grass huts, who are they going to get their money from then? Talk about a third world country. I am so sorry that we the people gave Washington the power to destroy us. So frustrated that I feel helpless to do anything about it. I was born in the depression and looks like I will likely die in a depression.

    31. Pete Kleff says:

      How does one express disgust at both sides of the aisle without profanity? I have feared for some time now that the future does not bode well for the survival of the U.S.

    32. Cris Wise says:

      This is so frustrating. There is no valid excuse for raising the debt. Stossel is right with his chainsaw on this one! There are entire departments that should be eliminated, and the healthcare bill should be tossed immediately.

    33. Bryan says:

      Sell Air Force One, that would be cost reduction and help reduce Oblama's spending.

    34. Jane S says:

      The more I hear and see of this debacle, the more I believe DON'T RAISE THE DEBT LIMIT. Our elected conservatives need to hold the line and say ENOUGH!! And don't threaten us! The American people need to know who the problem is……the ones who want to take all our money for their own use!

    35. Neil says:

      Social Security is not part of the federal budget as I understand it! It is funded by those of us who worked or are working and contributed to it. Medicare is funded again by workers contributions and as such should not be considered part of the federal budget.

      We have already been taxed to pay for these programs.

      • A. Smith says:

        yes but the increasing age and medical needs of an aging population mean that the SS and Medicare taxes we paid for these programs are not keeping up with the needs of the people. Thus the government borrows and spends $ on SS and Medicare

      • John Jaye says:

        I am curious if any body else has noticed that all the cuts in spending are "domestic." Why not cut the billions we give to the IMF? And why do we finance Chinas' EPA? Does it make sense that we give them money, and they LEND us money? Do they lend us back some or all of the money we give them? And why did we give Brazil all that money? Why do we give financial assistance for Brazil to drill for oil and refuse to allow drilling in our country? I say WE because it is OUR money and because it is supposed to have government for the people BY the people. Stop listening to what the politicians say and look at what they do. Vote them out of office, regardless of their political party. Insist on term limits and maybe we can get our country back and keep it.

    36. Lynn says:

      Laurie, I couldn't have said it better!

    37. Bad news if this forced through Congress, the Liberals favorite target of cuts continues to be Military/Defense. Why do they love to cripple our ability to defend ourselves and increase the threat to us by enabling our enemy's to grow, I think a great place to cut instead of defense would be get rid of the United Nations and our welfare support of other countries. How much would that save the American Tax payers?

    38. KC - NM says:

      I question the ethics and merits of the current plan. Again, this is the result of non-visionary leadership by Obama and a overall lack of leadership by the members of Congress. Raising the debt limit was not the real issue but cutting real spending is where the plan is lacking. Just having a bi-partisan group "suggest" where the cuts should come from will take too long and once Congress gets the suggestions, no one will want the cuts to come from their states. A good bet for the odds makers is that there will not be any agreed to savings after the group makes their suggestions. Even Stossel suggested over $400B in savings yesterday from basically wasted goverment funcitons – this is not rocket science!. At the same time, Obama has his debt ceiling raised until after the elections (a political move) and the liberals will continue to spend. The current plan is not the answer! The professional politicians have conlcuded their show in the circus ring. Americans will continue to suffer and watch our kids debt bill become bigger. Time for real change – yes we can and yes we must in 2012.

    39. Γρεεκ Βασταρδ says:

      I remember seeing something on Twitter recently that meant to show how Republicans were far worse than Democrats about raising the debt ceiling/debt limit/deficit in general/ad infinitum/ad nausea. Seemed to go something along the lines of Carter 30%, Reagan 129%, GHWBush 52%, Clinton 40%+, GWBush 78%, Obama 39%.

      Admittedly it looks horrible for said Republican administrations. But THEN, bear in mind, each Democratic administration brought that percentage increase so low because they kept CUTTING DEFENSE SPENDING. When a Republican came into office afterwards, they HAD TO INCREASE SPENDING to get our defense back on yrack!!!

    40. Natalie says:

      You are right, Jim. With liberals in charge, we are in danger. Unfortunately, on the other side, the military industrial complex is as out of control as the leeches. How about this. Let's pare down the military to essentials. Do we need 6000 bases in our borders. Nope! How about closing down 50% of them and 50% of our presence in other countries like Europe. Then let's bring jobs from oversees. There is no reason why seniors under a certain age who are still healthy could not do 10-20 hours of customer service per week.

      I have supplemented my income rather than going on disability. in the last 13 years I have dealt with severe acute onset figromyalgia and had ideopathic thromgocytapenia, two auto accidents (not at fault), broken arm, broken ankle, and morgellons. I has also sold health and senior insurance, served summons, and sold roofing….and I'm going back into a niche market in insurance. Do I have days I cannot work! YES! Do I work when I am exhausted and in pain. YES! None of that is as painful as the feeling of helplessness. We have to get back the CAN DO spirit of America. P.S. I also take zero medications.

    41. Mike says:

      democrats weaken our country economically and militarily.

    42. PeainaPod says:

      Current Bill being considered now.

    43. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I agree with Laurie, that is except for Medicare, There is one cut I haven't seen mentioned, BOTH houses taking a cut in pay, another is making BHO and MRO get rid of all the useless aides they have. If people having money bothers BHO so much why doesn't he give his Nobel prize and profits from his books to the US treas.??

    44. Elizabeth J Cox says:

      Looks like Congress leaders and the President are using the same tactics to get Obamacare and the stimulus packages through. Using scare tactics and wait untill the last minute to vote on the bills so there is no time to read them. They have to pass the bills to find out what is in them??.

    45. John says:

      I agree that we should cut the cost of military spending. We have a stock of 11 air craft carriers, fully equipped. This out numbers Great Britain, which only has 2 and China and Russia only have one each. We are far over-spending simply to ensure that we can fight on multiple fronts.

      The amount spent on military defense equals that of what we pay out in Social Security (both at 20%). This is insane as you expect senior citizens to live on an average of $1,200 per month. That is crap! You can sit here an say "Well, they should have saved for their retirement".

      No, the right answer is they should have never been taxed (automatic deduction for social security) to begin with. But what is done is done. Therefore they payout should be double that amount. Considering cost of food, gas, and other common living expenses.

      We are constantly building our military to be the world police. The mindset of The Heritage Foundation should be to adapt a more reasonable approach to defense spending. Not utilizing this moment to demonize Obama or any democrat as not being patriotic. The sensible thing is to cut back on military spending and start to force European nations to utilize their high tax rates towards their own military defense spending, and less on utopian social benefits.

    46. kaydell bowles says:

      This is a bad deal and the American people have been hoodwinked by both parties. It is more about the party and their power than about what is right for the American people. It is not the debt ceiling but the spending and regardless of how we meet the obligations our credit rating is going to be lowered. We have a debt problem. No tax increase is not so! Was the Bush tax cuts addressed that will expire at the end of this year? No tax increase–I doubt that. The Debt is only being addressed in future years and then there is another fight in Congress on the nation's budget for coming fiscal year. I beleive that the American people better prepare for a Nantucket sleigh ride of their life. We have our Media to blame for all their own adgenda and spin doctors.

    47. gi-gene says:

      David Wilkerson gave a prophecy that revealed America would not be attacked by terrorist but that America would have a finacial collapse such as never happened to any nation before or since. Cities would be burning, rioting widspread, a total collapse of american society. [and more]
      I see it coming just as he said, pray for us.

    48. Jones-Munoz says:

      I've never read auch an article full of misinformation and down right lies in my life….. This debt ceiling debate should have been put through as a clean vote. And delt with spending on a separate bill But instead the GOP and tea-Jahidists who want to take this country down want to do that to make a point…. Blame blame blame the Dems for the Bush era spending spree, then don't want to pay the credit card when it's due! Craziness Now if The GOP led house would get to work on a strong Jobs bill, instead of this continual avoidance of this primary issue of Getting Americans back to work, there would be less costs upon government and more revenues!

      • Bobbie says:

        Jones-Munoz, unless you write in regard of a strong Jobs bill of deregulation to promote the freedom of the people and their potential with intellect to create the jobs as it once was, it's not the role of government. The private sector is threatened daily! why? government control to regulate then control to"create jobs" with tax dollars!! Not their personal dollars! deregulation will bring in more revenue. Let the people sustain the American dream to have the freedom to improve and grow the economy without the overreach and intervention of the government that destroyed it in the first place!!!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!! don't sell your soul to government. You are much more worthy then that.

    49. Robert McAvoy says:

      Sorry, but it is time to reign in foreign aid and military misadventures where we have troops in too many places. It is tie that Japan and European countries take up the cost of their own defense.

    50. Eric Neubauer says:

      The headline is incorrect. The liberals are offering us neither economic or national security. It's that simple.

    51. cimiron says:

      there are so many ways to cut spending, get rid of all the lobbiests incorperate the fairtax recind the 16th amendment and get rid of all the actor lawyers in the senate and congress get us some real people interested in protecting our rights and our freedoms

    52. Ron W. Smith says:

      So much to respond to, so little space. Thus, I'll tackle one point only.

      The United States spends on National Security more than the rest of the world combined. Call it the price we've been willing, in flush times, to pay for being SuperPower on Call, for hegemony. The projection of our power everywhere (700+ military installations, large and small, worldwide) has been a very expensive proposition. Currently, more than a trillion dollars a year goes into supporting that projection and its corollary needs. It's not just National Defense, it's Nation Building, it's Foreign Aid designed to gain the cooperation of other countries, it's Homeland Security, it's an extensive Veterans Affairs system. No other country faces anything like the outlay we do for non-domestic spending.
      Now, having said that, let me offer some further facts for your consideration. We're $14.3 trillion in debt and are currently borrowing about $4 billion a day. Yet we spend more than $1 trillion a year on non-domestic needs, specifically on National Security. Don't conflate National Defense and National Security and say that if we cut defense spending we'll undermine our national security. If we seriously cut defense spending we'll still be FAR ahead of any other country anywhere in what we spend on it. What will happen if we cut defense spending is that we'll be forced to reexamine foreign policy decisions which one atop the other over the years have kept us in costly intervention after intervention, costlier war after war, and, currently, in the sights of terrorists at great expense..
      I'm all for cutting spending fairly. Domestic programs should be on the cutting board, including entitlements. I'm not, though, for hacking away at them while propping up our habit of too-long duration, an overblown concern for National Security without VERY close inspection of all those foreign policy decisions made over the years on the backs of hard-working Americans and, now, financed with borrowed money. It's time to look squarely into the eyes of our "enemies" and find out what's motivating them that we just might, upon closer inspection, want to change. These are lean times, not flush times.

    53. toledofan says:

      This is exactly why the Democrats can't be allowed to manage the government, the econmy or the military. At the end of the day, those on the left will do, only, what they know how to do is to spend other peoples money. I think that the HF has done one bang up job of detailing the problems and high lighting the solutions, it 's too bad those in Congress haven't been paying attention. I know it's going to take a couple of elections to purge the old ways of Washington, but, in the meantime I think we're all going to suffer. One thing I know for sure is this time around the Republicans really misplayed their hand and if they decide to give both Boehner and McConnel the boot that would be fine with me.

    54. Dwana Townsend says:

      Wow we cut a deal make a deal, but the deal is not done. A framework in order to negotiate further. All this does in my opinion is put the real work off again until 2013 (AFTER ELECTION). No real cuts this fiscal year, still no budget resolution completed for this year.

      No real work going on in Washington but yet they SAVED the DAY. I cannot believe anyone would fall for such a DEAL, or trust them to make a DEAL. This is unbelievable!!!!!

    55. palmharborguy43 says:

      Ok, they want to spend money, well let them write a check from their on checking accounts first before they spend the tax payers money and lets see how much they spend I think we the people should pass that law for them. Like lets say they want to spend 1 million, well all you guys and gals in both houses, write a 1 million dollar check from your accounts. Nancy is worth 100's of millions, its so funny to see her cry about the rich, well her and her husband are worth 100's of million's so please stop crying Nancy about rich people look in the mirror, my 2 cent's.

    56. Bobbie says:

      Ultimatums!! How dare they put compromise on our survival!!!! what little people an author of the wall street journal calls 'hobbits." It's CRAZY these people are in leadership roles in the first place!

      Stand tough tea party Republicans. As you know and are true to, the Constitution is the people's guide and America's, that everyone in government is required to respect, honor and vow to!!!!!

      Absolutely appalling. the only ones who can be trusted are the tea party Republicans. How dare the rest weaken to the mind control of the left. Now continued and more forceful mind control will be greater on the people of this country! How dare you overlook the freedom of this country that the actions of this president and his administration is focused on taking. what's wrong? there isn't going to be another election thanks to you taking part in the dismantle of the American Constitution. You let him trash it and you make exception to overlook his accountabilities. How dare you compromise our freedom and liberty to allow the president once again to get his way. 10 year plan? Just promotes further unconstitutional acts of this president who doesn't have respect or discipline for America or her principles and values of the people.

      People are getting away with their FALSE perceptions of other people through MIND CONTROL, forcing INNOCENT people to fight against narrow thinking to rescue controlled minds, but the support of the president and his administration is in support of MIND CONTROL to make him an imaginary hero? And because minds have been riddled with control, the president and his administration sides with the minds they control.

      you just gave this dishonest, racist man money to pay off his side kicks. Thanks. No sense in compromising our minds, this man doesn't live up to his words and won't be believed if there is any words from his mouth that promotes and respects America. You gave him and the dims too much room!

      We need immediate corrections or this bill is only in favor of the president's agenda…

      This induced mindset to say "the bill" is in favor of the tea party is absolutely horrific! the bill is nothing but grossly insufficient and grossly insubstantial! Immediate corrections are necessary today, not over a mirage of 10 years!!!!!!!

    57. Ricklin says:

      I'm upset that you folks keep harping on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid as if they are the only "entitlement" programs in the budget. We pay into these programs, willingly or not, only to watch as our elected reps. gut them to give our money away to a bunch of takers. True, there are many who need a helping hand, a temporary security net if you will, but I for one, am tired of funding a "hammock" for a whole sub-culture. If you want to see entitlement programs restructured, I strongly urge you to mention, not the "big 3", but all the other programs that take money from producers and hand it out to non-producers.

    58. Joan says:

      The silence from both parties regarding Obamacare is deafening. It seems clear that our representatives and senators of both parties are bought and paid for by the powerful Health Insurance lobby. Health Insurers have experienced enormous profits since the beginning of the healthcare "debate" and will be even more profitable when everyone is "required" to have health care insurance. Of course the "providers" reimbursements have continued to be cut. Medicare , as we know it, is already dead due to legislative ineptitude and corruption.

    59. Dean Braun says:

      Please remember: That had tbe congress not allowed the $800 billion stimulus, which did us absolutely no good, we would have that money in the treaury today. Which reminds me that I can't remember anybody in the congress ever follow up on where all this money went.

    60. Betty Huyssoon says:

      The replies up to date are correct. And Rush just awhile ago said that they are using the Tea Party as the winners and playing dirty games as usual. I just hope the Tea Party really gives it to them. We have been sold out by the Republican Leaders. Are they so naive as to believe they did a great job? Well, actually they have permitted the liberal government to raise taxes, and not have to justify the money they receive, etc. It is not worth the time spent, and our military and social security are still in jeopardy.

    61. and2therepublic says:

      The question is: do we want National security, or Social Security? We cannot afford both.

      • Bobbie says:

        sure you can. get rid of everything else on the basis of corruption, fraud and waste! Obamacare that's already helping itself off the backs of the self reliant! National security is their rightful duty and social security was government control that government stole from. If the leadership of this country had integrity, these priorities wouldn't EVER be sacrificed and there would be reprimand to those that corrupt the system with proper removal, IF THE LEADERSHIP OF THIS COUNTRY HAD INTEGRITY!!!!!! the more money lost through democrats the more democrats take to cover their deception and insubordination and void of dignified character… we don't trust people that lack principle.

      • Bobbie says:

        …sorry and2therepublic, I get a little passionate. I just mean if everything else was cleaned up and the government respected their duty to this country under defined limits and there was proper management with competence in all areas of government's accountabilities, these two wouldn't EVER have to be up for consideration. In fact, any infringements put on the governments rightful duties to the people by the incompetence of government themselves, should be highly unethical with severe reprimand.

    62. Carla says:

      Sorry, but I don't consider Social Security an entitlement!!!!!!! We paid into it. Let's cut the walfare and baby factories that just stay home eat off of us who work and make more babies to get freebies!!!!!!

      Tired of working and supporting the deadbeats!!!!!

    63. The Farmer says:


    64. mike says:

      smiles every one..smiles… and welcome to fantasy island

    65. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      This deal is a joke…just like all the lifer-politicians Heritage supports…Boehner & the boys

    66. Ted Stein says:

      The newly elected Tea Party members, and the "newer" neo-conservative carpetbaggers, are legitimate owners of the debt ceiling brinksmanship willing to derail the third rail. Not so fast. Many of those same folks call themselves Libertarians, maybe even Austrians. As I've written in earlier comments, be careful what you wish for. Those very same "patriots" have a very different view of defense spending. You can repackage it as security, but they may just see it as nation building. I've been waiting to see how the newly restructured right will frame the new defense spending debate. They'll support domestic security, not the purview of the DOD, but not invasions of sovereign nations, even dictators. Stay tuned.

    67. DaveK says:

      Realism needs to be applied at some point. When the ultra left controls both the senate and the oval office anything that the "hard left" hates can't be too bad. Anything that the republicans can do at this point has to be considered a holding action. Minimize the damage until the next election and make sure that we elect a majority in the senate and a conservative president. At that point, we can start fixing the problem. Before that, any major fixes are wishful thinking.

    68. Wayne, La says:

      It is important to consider cuts in all areas of Government. I believe in the security of our nation but there are limits. Unlimited spending for Defense is unrealistic and dangerous. There are corners in the world that would like to undo the United States. All we can do is judge what is possible and use our resources wisely. I am sure that a 2% reduction in all of Government except for the retirement resources which are contracts with the people should be considered.

    69. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Liberals think they have to do something.

    70. Judy says:

      Okay. I just thought maybe what I said was not appreciated, that's all

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    72. cathy says:

      the elder Bushes are being wheeled in wheelchairs and driven around Kennebunkport by a posse of secret service and luxury limos…at taxpayer expense. this is a non essential item that could be cut from the budget in Washington.

      • Wayne, La. says:


        I disagree with you on your statement. A current or past President's life is important. It is an essential expense to protect them. You may not agree with their policies but each man or woman is serving there country at the highest possible level. It is a security risk for any President past or present to be unprotected. They are also deserving of the country's support.

        Wayne, La.

    73. Winston says:

      Obama just ruined the USA

    74. Brad, Florida says:

      It is way past time for the country to implement term limitations for the House and the Senate. Just look at what is happening with the new blood that was elected just nine months ago. If not for them and our it would still be the same old same old. Though the newly elected are few they are listening to the people and are making a difference. Anymore than two terms and they have become just another puppet. Forgetting that they are to represent the voice of the people who put them in office in the first place. it is time to stop pointing fingers and placing blame. It is just time to change the SOP of government now. The deal on the table right now is a bad one period. Anyone that cannot see that is choosing to ignore the facts placed before them. Our national security is at risk right now for our generation and the generations to come. The beautiful thing about this country is we have the right to voice our opinion and make a difference. Weakening our ability to defend these freedoms could result in loosing them. Let us all give that some real thought.

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    76. fred says:

      Cost cutting ideas:
      (1)If you want to cut defense, bring our boys home from the middle east wars. Close a lot of the foreign bases, especially in countries we aren't welcome. (2)Tell the UN to take a hike. Give them 5 years to find a new home and replace our share of their budget. (3)Stop all foreign aid until things settle down in the USA. Hostile countries need not apply for aid, especially military hardware. (4)Drill baby drill! (5)Enact a flat income tax and VAT, with no exceptions. Only businesses are required to file tax forms so the IRS will be a fraction of what it is today. (6)Raise the retirement age. (7)War must be declared by Congress to engage our troops. Nation building is not allowed. If war is declared, let our troops do the job as quickly as possible. (8)Secure the US borders. (9)Meaningful Tort reform. (10)Term limits on all politicians and judges.

    77. Theresa says:

      Washington is truly out of whack! We need to get back to our constitution! Our founding fathers were very wise men who set up a great system to keep our human desire for power in check. The founding fathers never envisioned career politicians, but instead representatives of the "common" people. When favors cannot be bought and when the representatives have to spend most of their time back home with their constituents, then there will be accountability. Too many (if not most) of our senators and congresspeople think and act like they are an elite class who know what's best for us.

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