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  • Monthly Archives: July 2011

    'Fight Fight, Talk Talk': China's Model for Military-to-Military Relations

    General Chen Bingde (L), chief of the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, and US Admiral Mike Mullen (R), chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, review an honor guard in Beijing, China.

    On the same day, we have two arguments presented about whether to increase military-to-military engagement of the Chinese military, also known as the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). On the one hand, we have Admiral Mike Mullen, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, arguing that the very act … More

    Top 10 Reads: July 27, 2011


    Catching you up on clips, commentary and news of the day. Sign up for the daily email update from Scribe. 10 Reasons Each Side Thinks It Can Win the Debt Debate – Carl M. Cannon GOP leaders to conservatives: ‘How could you’? – Jonathan Strong Grab Your Pitchforks – Lucia Rafanelli … More

    PODCAST: Debt Deal or Not?

    In this week’s Heritage in Focus podcast, Heritage Action for America CEO Mike Needham discusses the latest on the debt negotiations. Listen to the full interview, here. With the shadows of default looming, what’s the likelihood that Congress strikes a deal? Are there any positive options? Furthermore, what’s the conservative … More

    Standing at the Precipice: U.S. Military Readiness Set to Go Off a Cliff


    Hoping to reverse the trend of “enormous [defense] cuts” ahead, House Armed Services Readiness Subcommittee chairman J. Randy Forbes (R–VA) held a hearing on the state of the military. Testifying before Congress were the vice chiefs of the four services: Army General Peter Chiarelli, Navy Admiral Jonathon Greenert, Marine Corps … More

    Making Obamacare Bureaucrats Play by the Rules


    In one of the most illuminating moments of the Obamacare debate, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”  Pelosi meant that we would learn the truth about the bill after the controversy had died down. However, her … More

    Foreign Aid: Coburn Focuses on Economic Growth, Corruption, and Results


    Senator Tom Coburn’s (R–OK) plan to reduce the federal deficit by $9 trillion over the next 10 years includes cuts to the State Department and Foreign Affairs budget of nearly $190 billion. Part of that calculus, in turn, adopts a strategy advocated by The Heritage Foundation to move away from … More

    Operation Fast and Furious Has Harmed U.S.-Mexican Relations

    ATF / Fast and Furious hearings on July 26, 2011

    On the night of December 15, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry joined with other agents in an effort to catch several bandits targeting illegal immigrants in Arizona near the border. In a firefight, Agent Terry was shot and killed. When law enforcement rushed to the scene, they discovered … More

    Oslo Massacre Underscores Need to Protect Against All Threats

    Memorial outside Parliament in Oslo, Norway, on July 25, 2011, following the massacre.

    The recent shooting in Oslo, Norway, which took dozens of lives and utterly shocked the foundations of Norwegian society, should serve as a stark reminder that the intrigues of deranged individuals possessive of extreme ideologies continues to prove a threat to the world community. Many within the domestic law enforcement … More

    Morning Bell: Tangled Up in Washington's Red Tape

    red tape rising

    For months, Washington has focused on solving its uncontrolled addiction to spending. But while Congress and the White House use one hand to reach into your back pocket to take and spend your hard-earned dollars, they’re using another hand to wreak a different kind of nefarious harm—the proliferation of regulations, … More

    Reid's Sleight-of-Hand Debt Ceiling Plan Guts Military


    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) introduced legislation to raise the debt ceiling this week. In evaluating his plans for future government spending, it becomes clear that budgeting for prudent defense is considered just another line item. While Americans intuitively know that national security is unlike any other category of … More