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  • Radical Environmentalists' Continuing Campaign Against Economic Freedom

    Recently, radical environmentalists have waged a campaign to stifle free enterprise and economic freedom. Here are some of their recent skirmishes, ranging from crop destruction in Australia to attacks on toy companies like Lego and Disney:

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    18 Responses to Radical Environmentalists' Continuing Campaign Against Economic Freedom

    1. Bobbie says:

      Greenpeace must be a religion. When anyone is using the word "green" today with the support of government, while conduct is destroying anywhere that makes capital, their god is money or destroying it.
      The purpose of greenpeace is shown none but progress in counter productivity based only on deception. These areas of dangerous hindrances that trickle to crisis, have to be removed from the world.

      The name is camouflage for money destruction. When is America going to get order involving those "special interest groups" whose proven claims are false yet ignored and still given power OVER the people?

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Yeah . . Why should anyone care about our dwindling rainforest . . which is what Greenpeace monitors i.e. the source of manufacturing product packaging materials used. We should be making all the money we can until the rainforest is gone . . And we should never report that the manufacturers in question seem to be willing to comply to such environmental standards. Instead we should skew all reporting to demonize any agency that's far-sighted. I just wonder how the notion of Conservativism within the Republican agenda came to mean make money first and don't worry about the environment?

      • Bobbie says:

        just like a lefty, always misinterpreting and soundly proud to spout what you hear that isn't thoroughly thought through. What's the government doing to prevent human life from being struck by lightening? Children are so brainwashed into thinking someday weather will be controlled by mankind, commercial implying there will only be blue skies and everybody will have the same air to breath. Just a total ignorance of reality…

        be a hoot, don't pollute!!!

    3. Lesliej says:

      They (environmenalists) are unbalanced, we need to take a balanced approach to life. Just sayin…

    4. Jim says:

      What is it with you people? As far as you people are concerned the simple act of making money is somehow an indication of guilt. You environmentalist whack jobs are very good at one thing. Destroying the lives of the average working person in the areas in which you decide ply your evil trade. Why don't you collectively go get yourselves some real jobs and stop taking them away decent hard working people who are just trying to get by.

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        Jim, you sound very ignorant . . It appears FOX News is your parish!

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        Jim, your slander says a lot about you!

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        What is it with YOU people . . who are quick to label someone who is offering another perspective as somehow not also a hard working American who also is concerned about the environment. You narrow minded WHACK JOBS who think that the point being made is that it's evil to make money. It's not a zero sum game. It is possible . . we are creative . . and intelligent . . and enterprising of a nation to lead economically and have some conscience about the environment. Why don't you COLLECTIVELY take your ignorant responses and take the time to read a little more about both sides of a discussion and perhaps offer a thoughtful statement that helps everyone who is hard working and trying to get by.

        • Bobbie says:

          I agree with Jim, YOU people and your controlled thinking! You and the like minded think nothing through and your ideas are based on false claims at a cost just to establish senseless, meaningless, inefficient make work. If the environment concerns you then invest YOUR money into it. I DO my part without a second thought and without controlled influence…

          Makes perfect sense to me! Try not to be easily offended! That's another mind control issue, YOU people!!!! Have a BEAUTIFUL day!!!!!

    5. justintempler says:

      These anti-fracking idiots don't realize that fracking is a necessary component of: wind power, geothermal, and carbon sequestration for clean coal, it's not just used for gas.

      There was an excellent presentation given at a seminar at the University of Buffalo that covers all forms of energy and the positives and negatives of each alternative.

      YouTube video: The Marcellus Shale Lecture Series: John Martin on Energy and the Environment (May 19) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vQkuafeB12Q

      • Jeff, Illinois says:

        Please help me to understand how fracking is a necessary component of wind power, and maybe we will be less of an anti-fracking idiot(s).

        • Carbonicus says:

          Jeff, your question simply demonstrates that you, like most other utopian leftist environmentalists, don't understand the laws of physics or thermodynamics. But alas, this is par for the course for people like you who decry "conservatives" as "haters/destroyers of the environment".

          The answer to your question is that wind power, due to its intermittence and uneven power supply requires an alternative power supply source to even out the uneveness of the power curve and the intermittence of wind velocity. As such, wind will NEVER do anything more than augment electricity supply, it will NEVER "replace" coal, gas, or nuclear power generation. Natural gas is the only realistic alternative because coal and nuclear cannot be switched on and off on a moment's notice but gas-fired power plants can be switched on and off on a moment's notice.

          Facts matter, Jeff.

    6. Tom says:

      This is one of many examples of Govt. vs. the private sector. We need a massive push-back from the latter; e.g. replace all politicians who support such environmental projects or other statist agenda.

    7. Roy S. Mallmann II says:

      Democrat Liberals will always call people or groups names if they disagree with any of their policies or agenda items. These Professional Environmental "Nazis" have less to do with environment and more to do with advancing a socialist agenda. They have been so indoctrinated by the Mainstream Media (Obama Administrations propaganda arm) that they are totally against business. These people are trying to make this country into a third world communist dictatorship under Obama and his crroked followers. They are not far from creating a global food shortage and then what? This is exactly why "green" is the new word for "trust me". It is so sad that between Obama's policies and the environmental policies and the unions, the unemployed people in this country don't have a chance. People are to ignorant to see it. I hope they wake up before it is too late.

    8. carol,az says:

      Per discussion on topic and some excellent points made , the bottom line that no one addresses over this issue regarding pollution is this:
      We have crawl across the borders here in American and established numerous industrial complexes around the world , the obvious reasons is the availability for cheap labor._ But the dirty secret that no one want to address is the obvious negating of environmental laws in other countries, that have no restrictions. This keeps America ( pure, untainted, pollution free) and the with the spin of " good well", we pat ourselves on the back saying how, " altruist we American are," in third world counties.
      Remember Dow Chemical and India?

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