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  • Morning Bell: The Obama EPA's Brave New Future

    Say goodbye to cars and trucks as you know them. Say hello to a brave new future ushered in by the Environmental Protection Agency. It’s one where the federal government reshapes a major U.S. industry by administrative fiat, all in pursuit of a policy goal that will cost money, jobs, and lives—all to satisfy the left’s environmentalist factions while dishing out taxpayer dollars to an Obama-favored unionized industry.

    That industry is the auto industry, and the Obama Administration is yet again using the mighty fist of the federal government to recast it in its own image. The Washington Post reports that the Obama Administration and the auto industry have reached agreement on new federal regulations that would raise fuel efficiency standards for cars and light trucks, hitting an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025—a 40 percent reduction in fuel consumption compared to today.

    Those new standards, though designed to reduce greenhouse gases, bring with them significant costs. Fourteen of Michigan’s 15 representatives in Congress—including Democrat Senators Debbie Stabenow and Carl Levin—wrote a letter to the President warning him of the consequences that draconian fuel efficiency standards could have for their state, the home of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, citing a report by The Center for Automotive Research which warned that overly stringent standards could add $10,000 to the cost of a new car. Heritage’s Nicolas Loris explains how those higher costs can lead to job loss:

    Higher prices reduce demand and force people to hold onto their older vehicles longer. Reduced demand means fewer cars produced, which means automakers have to shed jobs. The Michigan-based consulting firm Defour Group projected that a 56 mpg standard would destroy 220,000 jobs.

    In addition to lost jobs and costlier cars, forcing automakers to achieve those standards could result in a loss of life. In order to make cars more fuel-efficient, automakers reduce the weight of vehicles. As Reason reports, “a 2002 National Academy of Sciences study concluded that CAFE’s downsizing effect contributed to between 1,300 and 2,600 deaths in a single representative year, and to 10 times that many serious injuries.”

    All the costs of the new CAFE standards aside, can the auto industry even achieve the high-mileage goals? Not without massive government subsidies. Reason‘s Shikha Dalmia explains:

    [E]ven the Environmental Protection Agency admits that the market share made up by hybrids and electric plug-ins will have to touch 49 percent if the industry is to come anywhere near compliance. Given that these vehicles now occupy only 3 percent of the market despite hefty subsidies, it is a foregone conclusion that expanding their presence will mean massively expanding subsidies to them.

    Has the promise of government subsidies been enough to convince the automakers and the United Auto Workers (UAW) to get on board with the job-killing standards? It sure looks that way. Despite reports that the government has “reached an agreement” with automakers on the new standards, the auto industry initially lobbied against the new rules, going so far as to prepare TV ads against the regulations to run in seven states. Strangely, the ads were pulled a week ago, possibly out of fear of further antagonizing the Obama Administration. And don’t forget, the industry faced the prospect of a higher than 60 mpg standard, as reported last October. Given no other option, it looks like they took the lesser of two evils.

    The UAW, too, had a change of heart on the regulations. Autoline Daily reports that the UAW met with automakers over its concern that the rule would mean fewer jobs because of its impact on SUV and truck production. But then on July 18, the UAW joined with members of the BlueGreen Alliance—which includes labor unions and environmental activist groups like the Natural Resources Defense Council and the Sierra Club—in calling for increased fuel efficiency standards in a letter to President Obama.

    The change in the UAW’s position might seem puzzling, were it not for a significant point in the letter. In addition to supporting the fuel efficiency standards, the UAW and the BlueGreen Alliance wrote that they support “federal efforts to assist the industry retool to meet demand for cleaner, more efficient cars.” And there’s the rub. Going green will require more green from the federal government in the form of cash for retooling—more government subsidies from the Obama Administration. Not surprisingly, the UAW is all for it. A blue-green alliance, indeed.

    And there you have it. The Obama Administration is issuing rules—without congressional approval—to significantly change the way the auto industry is doing business, forcing it to make vehicles that few are buying today (only 2,745 Chevy Volts have been sold this year). And in order to achieve that compliance, the Administration will likely have to fund the retooling plants and subsidize consumers’ purchase of the high-mileage cars. Meanwhile, the cost of gasoline is going up, yet the President has restricted drilling in the Gulf, leaving the United States unable to tap its domestic oil reserves.

    The President’s environmental and energy policy is driving in circles. The costs are high, and the American people and businesses will pay the price.

    Quick Hits:

    • The House will vote today on Speaker John Boehner’s (R-OH) plan to raise the debt ceiling. Yesterday, Boehner demanded that GOP lawmakers fall in line and vote for the bill.
    • Federal and state governments will pay for almost half of all health-care spending by 2020, according to a new study released today. The added costs come from the expansion of Medicaid programs and subsidies of insurance exchanges.
    • Twelve are dead and 28 are wounded from two explosions that struck outside a bank in Tikrit, Iraq, as soldiers were lining up to cash their paychecks. No one has claimed responsibility, but the attacks appeared to be in the style of al-Qaeda in Iraq.
    • Rebels in western Libya have launched attacks against Muammar Qadhafi’s forces in Ghezaia, a town used to launch attacks on rebels.
    • Have you read the story of Harry Reid and the Chamber of No? It’s about a city boiling over in debt limit mayhem and a Senate that refuses to do anything about it. Read more at Foundry.org.
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    79 Responses to Morning Bell: The Obama EPA's Brave New Future

    1. ron hansing says:

      My wife drives a 30 year old Olds and me, a 12 year old lincoln… We will still be driving the same car in 2025. Why, safety trumps efficiency times over.

      The EPA reminds me of Robespierre's Department of Public Safety.

      Our country will look like Cuba today, people driving around in 60 year old chevies.

      Actually, I do not envision myself living in the USA by 2025…. My only value to the USA is that I am a source to pluck of dollars to pay for the slackers who are too lazy to work… I always wanted to be an expatriot. Looking at Canada… other places.

      Oh yeah, I will take my money with me… I earned it by working all my life beginning in the fourth grade. I will not make the mistake the "Good German Jews " made by beleiving and staying in Germany. I will leave with only the shirt on my back if need be.

      Ron Hansing

    2. KC - NM says:

      This is another example of a lack of enterprise leadership. A legal background just does not add up to the tallent needed to manage a country. We need business or engineering leadership that can provide a vision and big picture view. Then let Congress work on the implementation.

    3. ThomNJ says:

      I honestly believe that this is a sham agreement. The industry is only buying time until obama is ousted as dear leader. I am figuring they are playing along until he and his henchmen at the epa go away with the next presidency.

      Either that, or in 2025, maybe we will get to buy a chassis with wheels, seats, an engine and electric motor. We'll have a whole new line of wardrobe items made of kevlar and spectra fiber to protect us from wind, rain and crash.

    4. Jeanne Stotler says:

      As with other BHO ideas, there is no thought behind them, His health care is going to ppush cost so high more will be on Medicaid, now he is pushing for kiddiecars on the highway. I drove my sons car, a small Ford to work one night about 15 years ago, I was on I95 and I felt like a semi could run over me and not know it, when they pass you the car is hard to hold in line, Thanks but no thanks, I prefer steel protecting me not fibergalss.

    5. Aqualung says:

      You lament 55 MPG in 2025, but gas is $4/gallon in 2011. What will 14 years and the further depletion of a limited and controlled resource do to the prcie of a gallon? If it goes anything like the market price of the last 10 years where it went from $1/g to $4/g then we could be paying $16-$22/g. As far as i am concerned all this should have been established 40 years ago in the seventies. Then you wouldn't be lamenting new standards. I believe in the free market system, however maintaining the status quo in this energy based industry only weakens the US as a global force. It is time to lead America and set important goals, and attain those goals. Isn't that how a business is run Mr. republican?

    6. Plamela J says:

      How much more crap from this president and his goons do the people of this country want to take? When are the politicians who really love this country going to stand up and scream enough……When will these politicians find the balls to take charge and STOP giving into these morons. We are going backwards and sad that people don't see it. This president and the idiot democrats are DESTROYING this country.
      I'm 65 and so sick of these people and mainstream media STOP STOP this madness! Make jobs not break jobs

    7. Greg says:

      It is time that "regulations" be done away with. They aren't initiated by congress, and therefore do pass constitutional muster. ALL laws OR regulations MUST originate in the congress to be legitimate. The EPA, DEA, ATF, department of education, and many more of the ABC agencies could easily be eliminated saving the US taxpayer billions a year.

    8. banish says:

      When will congress take back its responsibility to over rule the EPA!? When will the States implement Nullification of Unconstitutional laws issued by an over reaching agency! All auto producing States should ban together and sue the EPA and Nullify their absurb policies!

    9. StillOutThere says:

      There is another consideration here. The goal is for 14 years in the future. We are going to toss this administration out on its ear and the EPA will likely not exist as we know it by 2025 because all of this eco-craziness continues to be debunked by cold hard facts and the people are mad as hell about their freedoms being usurped by bureaucrats. Or if Obama is re-elected and we see the end of the United States by 2016, it is all over anyway.

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Is their any doubt in anyone's mind that when Obama took over GM and Crystler, his long term plan was exactly this? Can't we understand that this entire socialist/communist movement to destroy this nation's capitalist system has been in play for decades and that Obama was hand picked to complete their final plans?

      • bbswag says:

        I kind of doubt that, myself. It sounds like a conspiracy theory hatched by talk radio hosts.

    11. Donald Greene, Goodyear, Arizona says:

      Under the Obama Administration’s edicts, we’re headed toward $60,000 “golf carts” with virtually zero protection for their occupants in even a “fender bender” crash, trillion dollar “high-speed” trains that cannot operate at high speed on our current rail system, $10 a gallon gasoline, and creation of even more new sources of taxation of everyone, not merely the $200,000 “rich.” Hello, 25% unemployment and raiding of garbage cans for food. We’ve left the American dream behind as we head for Mr. Obama’s American nightmare.

    12. Ron says:

      I wonder if anyone has asked the congress, senate or the president and his staff, that if the government has to choose what bills will paid, whose benefits will be paid. So far they have mentioned that the payment on the debt will not be paid, the Social Security payments, the military and the veterans will not be paid. How about the congress, senaters, president and his staff and retire pay for retired politicions. Will they be paid? And how about the goverment workers and Zzar on the presidants staff. Do you think they should be the first to be or not be paid? Can anyone interviewing these politicians any questions? It doesn't appear that will happen. All we get are statements made by the democrats with no questions asked. I would like to here other opinions regarding these concerns.

    13. Heywood Jablome says:

      NASA research ads to evidence of Global Warming fraud

    14. Mary......WI says:

      And this country continues to sink deeper and deeper into the abyss!

    15. Nikki says:

      Disband the EPA and the Obama Administration. This is the kind of help that "we the people" don't need and will refuse to tolerate!

    16. cejkn says:

      Can this man be stopped?

    17. RogCol says:

      Sure, I will commit to buy an electric car when the average CAFE standards are met at 54.5 MPG. Nothing to committing to something in 2025, after you have left the office with a huge pile of cash.

    18. Marie Grippy says:

      Here is another GOOD reason to end the EPA they are a worthless government agency that the government has to offer. Just another way of controling the masses. It's not about clean air or a clean planet it's about CONTROL, so when the Federal government can get out from under and out of the back pocket of the environmentalists and quit doing their bidding we will all be better off. BUT that will not happen so we have to take matters in our own hands and we will do just that in 2012, GOODBY OBAMA!!!!!

    19. Ron says:

      Military retiries were promised benifits including retirement pay and medical services if the served for 20 years or more. Now when they reach the age of 65 they are required to pay for the medical benifits and placed on medicare. There is a House Bill, H.B.238 in committee to correct these violations made by the polititions who are saying they are concerned about the "rug being pulled out from under" these retiries. Yet I see no mention in the media or our leaders whether they support this bill or not and if they do what are they doing to the bill out of committee and voted on. Am I the only one concerned?

    20. Dale says:

      I read an article like this and I marvel at how hard this government works at making the public "want" something we DON'T WANT!! I do not and will not ever want an electric car!! I drive an "American" made GM vehicle…a V8 gasoline powered pick up…and I am very proud of it! I knew when I bought it new in '05 that it was not, nor ever would be, a gas miser. My question on this hammering of the auto industry towards ridiculous MPG ratings is this…Has ANYONE done a study on the differences in how many jobs lost there will be making these demands as to the number of jobs gained ( ! ) by our going after the more than abundant supply of oil we have in our own nation?! I would bet we could make a lot of people happy with jobs and at the same time bring down the cost of our gasoline, as it should be! Then we would not have to be concerned with padding the pockets of the EPA and the politicians who back the EPA!!

    21. Rev Stubblefield says:

      I think it is clear that the obama administration is dead set on destroying our Nation by costly regulations that are passed on the consumer which is you and i. what is that saying your sins will find you out. well all you have to do is read what has been published already

    22. Mike Shaw says:

      The Leftists have gone into government and the environmentalist movement and are using both to attack and defeat our nation. Reagan used the same tactic to defeat the Soviet Union: force them to spend themselves into oblivion. The govt. is spending us to death, the environmental movement is strangling us with tighter and more rigid regulations. The Founders wrote the Constitution to provide a framework to protect us from this happening. Once we began deviating from that document, we opened the door to those who would push God out and ruin our country. Vote them out and vote Constitutional Conservatives into office next election. Just having an (R) after your name is not enough. Check into the candidates.

    23. Rick O says:

      This milage goal can only be met with electric or hydrogen fueled cars….why is no one talking about eventual battery disposal and pollution problems with that….that are probably worse than burning any fossil fuels…. and the high cost of switching out depleted batteries to the tune of $4000.00 per change which could be every 4-5 years of cars life??

    24. ed g says:

      The whole idea of the new regulations IS to destroy the automobile market in order to help accomplish the zero growth economy so dear to radical left. They seek to make private auto ownership so expensive and difficult so as to force a change in the American lifestyle to meet with their utopian dream of a redistributive top down economy where we have to raise our hand and say "please may I" to accomplish our daily lives.

    25. Juejue says:

      In light of:

      let’s rather DE-FUND THE EPA! Would make drill baby, drill a LOT more effective too!

    26. VC Geezer says:

      I have my doubts that we can achieve an average mileage for cars and light trucks of 54.5MPG by 2025, but then that's 14 years from now and nobody can predict what cars will be like that far ahead. What I find silly that they say that cars will cost $10,000 more so nobody will buy them – that is based upon current estimates, not 14 years from now. 14 years from now having a car cost up to $10,000 more is likely due to inflation and so forth.

    27. Frank says:

      “…a 2002 National Academy of Sciences study concluded that CAFE’s downsizing effect contributed to between 1,300 and 2,600 deaths in a single representative year, and to 10 times that many serious injuries.”

      Interesting how a terrorist attack on 9/11 killing also about 2,000 people evoked such a hostile response, but no response when our own government kills "legally".

      "And there you have it. The Obama Administration is issuing rules—without congressional approval—to significantly change the way the auto industry is doing business…"

      We have an out of control, Unconstitutional government run by politicians in both major parties that are just 2 kinds of the same "big government" mentality. Our only hope is for a majority of voters to wake up, replace one of the major parties with a "small government" party & then vote for real change, not make believe change… or change for the worse!

      Our nation continues to rapidly collapse & our freedoms are rapidly being lost to an out-of-control "warfare-wellfare" state.

    28. Bludog says:

      Higher mileage means fewer gallons of gas sold. Fewer gallons means less tax generated. Aha! Here's the solution: tax by miles driven. Uncle Sammy will now be the uninvited passenger on every trip you take.
      Another thought: Electric cars need to be charged regularly with, wait for it, electricity. Electricity generated by what? Coal? I think not. Nuclear? Not after Japan.
      Just how much is a Chevy Volt going to be worth[re-sale wise] after 5+ years when the batteries need to be replaced? And where are the depleted batteries going to be stored.
      To quote Oliver Hardy:" This is another fine kettle of fish you've gotten us into"

    29. Pete Houston says:

      I am suprised that they are going to force the poor and downtrodden to walk where ever the unemployment checks are given out. Maybe we will give the unemployed/poverty level % defined individual a government vehicle and a government gas/electric debit card.

      We could do the same thing by going to gas rationing. If you only get so many gallons then you will get a vehicle that maximizes the distance that you can go a month. This will also eventually concentrate our population around work centers and more easily contain the masses. In time we will be back to the horse and buggy.

      Does not sound like much freedom to me or even American.

    30. Al from Fl says:

      Like the Laffer curve that shows increasing tax rates, increases revenue to a point, after which increases in taxes causes a decrease in revenue, so too will the auto industry realize the cause and effect of Mankind as these unscientific standards are imposed. The Used car industry will take off and engine overhauls etc will increase. Who will buy a car that, at least with today's engineering capability, can achieve 50+ miles per gallon? Especially when you consider there are other ways than gasoline to reduce polution like natural gas and hydrogen. The environmentalists continue to hold sway while providing no data to show cost saved per regulation imposed nor can they provide an algorithm that shows a direct relationship between a man made action and a measurable improvement in the environment that all people could see and evaluate as worth it.

    31. Busapha says:

      All of this is just smoke and mirrors. Pay attention to Obama's statement pertaining to Dictatorship. Under everything there is the Plan to re-tool America, not just the auto industry. I was surprised that he came out and actually said the "word" in public. But, then, he has never concealed his hate for America and Capitalism. Everything he does to ruin the ecomony is by design.

    32. Bonnie says:

      I love it, the more he opens his mouth and enacts his agenda Obama is shooting himself in the foot. According to the EPA we need to have more people killed in these cracker box cars to clean the air for all our animal friends while China with other countries with smaller populations than the USA keep poluting the air, which the EPA doesn't think affects us. Let me see if I get this straight. Smaller unsafe cars using less fuel and costing at less $10,000 more per car. Sounds like a deal to me, not. What do the unions say about this plan which clearly reduces the number of precious labor union jobs. Union members, do you really think your union leaders care about you? What a farce. I can't wait until November 2012 so we can get rid of this idoit.

    33. MikeHebert says:

      O.K., gotta be quick, this thing is tempermental…..once again the government THINKS it can run the department of auto/truck industry! What do politicians know about making cars/trucks, motorcycles, etc.? What happened to GOVERNING – working on behalf of the interests of the Am. people vs. Big Industry? Listen, big business will thrive WITHOUT interference from Wash.,DC., especially WITHOUT taxpayers money. Come on, Am. There has to be a limit to EVERYBODY's 'hand in the cookie jar', when there are no cookies due to critical shortages of ingredients……It will aways amaze me how so educated men/women can fight, squabble, bicker, blame, power grab/abuse, TOTALLY CORRUPT/DEMORALIZE within, so great a nation as this ONCE WAS. Somebody please stand up, stand on the firm foundation of the Creator Who ENABLED them to do what they said they could/would do WHEN ELECTED, especially when they said, "….so help me God." Oh yeah, that firm foundation? It's that Book you placed your right hand on when you swore to represent/serve the people of the USA.! My time's up.

    34. Twilly says:

      Let me see. Fundamentally transforming America, picking winners and losers by executive fiat, unchecked iron-fisted boot on the throat agencies, bought and paid for union whores (I mean cronies) . Who could have ever seen this coming? I know I'm shocked. Heads up, more surprises are coming.

    35. toledofan says:

      I think we have lost sight of the future, and reality, by allowing the left to try and paint a picture for us that says this is the way it has to be. Just take the light bulb as an example, why does the government have to mandate a new light bulb that will force consumers to buy it and it'll be costlier, hazardous and potentially not as bright? Healthcare, is another example, and there are numerous others. I guess the point is that the more the government tinkers, the worst things become. I guess it's just hard to understand why Congress would cede so much power and authority, but, looking at the debt ceiling debate, it's obvious those that are there could care less.

    36. randydutton says:

      Ecopoliticians have pushed the EPA into approving E15, I believe with the goal of destroying the legacy vehicles, thus increasing demand from reluctant spenders.

      Half the cars tested by the auto industry were damaged by E15. This is well known in DC and the auto industry but not so much by the public.
      "Half of the engines tested so far have had some problems, said C. Coleman Jones, the biofuel implementation manager at General Motors, who spoke on behalf of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers. More ethanol will confuse exhaust control systems and make engines run too hot, destroying catalytic converters, automakers say. It can also damage engine cylinders, they say."

    37. Stirling says:

      Looks like the EPA v.s the Free Market System here. You can mandate all you want but if people don't want it, they wont buy it. I would ask the EPA to look at Apple's Business model (and success) before giving us any new rules that suck whats left of inovation (and tax dollars) from our economy.

    38. @NevynPA says:

      This is still based on the UN-adjusted raw "Corporate Average Fleet Economy" (CAFE) MPG test, which hasn't been changed/updated since the 70's. The 54.5 MPG he wants is only 42.1 MPG on the window sticker when you go to a car dealer.

      Sure, that's a LOT higher than today's numbers, but it's not out of the realm of possibility.

    39. Glen says:

      Now the POTUS is trying to destroy an industry that he said was to big to fail. Round and round we go. When is America going to wake up to the destuction this admistration is causing?

    40. @NevynPA says:

      This is still based on the UN-adjusted raw "Corporate Average Fleet Economy" (CAFE) MPG test, which hasn't been changed/updated since the 70's. The 54.5 MPG he wants is only 42.1 MPG on the window sticker when you go to a car dealer.

    41. Curt Krehbiel, Midland, TX says:

      Well, well, The EPA becomes the agent to usher us into the new economy. Will it be socialism or communism? The government will soon own all factors of production which, of course, will be maned by union employees. Subsidies will not be necessary in this case as the government will become the employer. The downsizing of cars will result in more deaths and injuries but Obama Care will take care of that. With the oil industry nationalized the government can set the price of gasoline at whatever it chooses as we will be importing from Muslim countries nearly all of our oil. The problem, though, is when the government becomes the sole employer and all jobs are union, who is left to pay their wages Hmmm?

    42. Ben C. says:

      The market place will dictate what is purchased – not the government. I have zero desire to drive a pretend puddle jumper that is unsafe at any speed. Clearly, I will maintain my Chrysler Pacifica for years to come and the most efficient vehicle will be when I am confined to a wheelchair because of old age. My sources tell me that this coming winter and next summer are to be colder than normal – can't wait to watch the Obama / Gore shuffle when this happens.

    43. doc-polymer says:

      America is changing as obama promised. It is now ran through executive orders and harasment. Our leader no longer needs congress or the courts, just his regulatory cronies. Be careful America, be very careful.

    44. This smacks of deliberate sedition. Manmade global warming theory is falling apart at the seams. What the Dems want is a stranglehold on the economy, thereby entrenching political power. What isn't fascistic about this?

    45. Amy says:

      Can congress ban the Federal EPA?

    46. Curt Krehbiel says:

      Well, well, The EPA becomes the agent to usher us into the new economy. Will it be socialism or communism? The government will soon own all factors of production which, of course, will be maned by union employees. Subsidies will not be necessary in this case as the government will become the employer. The downsizing of cars will result in more deaths and injuries but Obama Care will take care of that. With the oil industry nationalized the government can set the price of gasoline at whatever it chooses as we will be importing from Muslim countries nearly all of our oil. The problem, though, is when the government becomes the sole employer and all jobs are union, who is left to pay their wages, Hmmm?

    47. Bob Godwin says:

      The only end of this is election of a Conservative president in 2012, who will have to spend at least a year unraveling the morass of freedom and business killing edicts from the destroyer, Obama.

    48. Mike, North Carolina says:

      It's getting to be as if we're supposed to power and move ourselves and everything by bicycle, regardless of anything.

      Water vapor is the #1 so-called "greenhouse gas". As for carbon, both the earth and its' life forms cycle/present more than humans.

      As for any purely or partly electric cars, it's a glaring contradiction for Obama to make energy prices skyrocket, yet push electric cars. Henry Ford and others have proven that if a technology is made unexpensive and well enough, you can't stop people buying enough of it to replace others, all without government (politician) interference.

      Another "dirty little secret" is that as cars and trucks are shrunken, fatality rates grow, which shows a basic law of physics that, in a collision, the larger and heavier of two objects (such as cars) will prevail. No gallon or other unit of energy is worth a human life.

    49. Ardath Blauvelt says:

      It's not that hard to pay for all this: simply double or triple the prices on all cars with lower standards — call it a penalty — set a time frame for all cars with lower standards to be turned in/trashed/or whatever — call that a recall, all of which forces people to move to the cities or buy the government cars. Problem solved.

    50. C. Hyatt says:

      Fear not, this man will be out of office via the electorate come 2012. It's also about time to clean up the Senate. Break out your voter registration cards and cast your ballots!

    51. Bobbie says:

      corruption is not welcome. the epa has no merit and the government has no role in appeasing them with tax dollars and the EPA'S forced contentions put on the people, backed by government authority. Stop government overreach! Privatize the EPA!!! When the EPA is held accountable the EPA will obligate truth.

    52. Mary says:

      Nothing is going to Stop Obama from doing what he wants to do; Destroy America…… It seems to me that the New Media, should be smart enough to critisize President Obama, but only a few of the Media will. It is time for him to go, he has not done our Nation any good at all, and blames everything on George Bush. By the way, when the 2008 Baleout came under Bush's watch, Obama was a Senator and voted for it, and he also voted to keep the subprime mortgages for all the buyers who could not qualify for their higher prices home. He is as much to blame as all the others who voted for all these liberal bills. We must get our country back or we will be like most of Europe, and the middle east. ( And the Middle east brings more topics to condem him)…… Lets vote him out. I do not care if you are Black, White, Brown, green or whatever, he is not a good President…

    53. Whicket Williams says:

      When Life in the U.S. gets hard enough, the sheeple will start paying attention to whom the are electing.

      • Mike Sheahen, NC says:

        Exactly!…Which is something our Founding Fathers knew from repeated lessons throughout history, such as Thomas Jefferson who said that people tend "…to suffer evils as long as evils are sufferable".

        Unfortunately, as also repeated throughout history to this day, too many people tend to do so until it is too late, and there is a too late.

        And the kicker is that this time the risk is that it will be too late, permanently, as technology and government's tendancy to draw all control and power unto itself are such that politicians and their cronies can make it so, and the one incomperable exception of freedom in the history of the world, "the last, best hope of mankind" (as Ronald Reagan called the America we have known) will be gone.

    54. 1600 Watch says:

      Our Federal regulatory agencies have become insider controlled monopoly facilitators who now protect financially unfeasible conglomerates by price fixing through government mandate. This is disgusting and every single government regulator involved should be tried for corruption and put in prison.

      Anyone who thinks we have a free market economy does not understand what a free market is. Our government is so corrupt and "we the people" are so complacent and dumbed down that we are rapidly becoming a functional dictatorship. Congress is irrelevant. The Supreme Circus is a group of political hacks in girlie robes who facilitate the monopoly facilitators. The Rule of Law is stone cold dead and we're too dumb to even notice. We have become Sheeple.

    55. Tim in NV says:

      I have just re-read Article II of the Constitution and find absolutely no reference to an executive power that permits such actions as described in this post. As you state, these changes to the automobile industry will require yet another hemorrhage of taxpayer dollars. The president has no power to do this, and the silence by even the chest-beating so-called conservatives is an indication that there should be the creation of 535 vacancies in the wings of the Capitol. If the nation is to be saved we must institute a system whereby being reelected is not the primary objective of every member of Congress. It's time to start over!

    56. Bob says:

      Unless they create regulations that say you can't drive a car over a certain age, there will be a huge industry just for keeping old cars going. We will be more like Cuba. They are still driving 1948 Buicks. Just chain your hood down like they do.

    57. Jim Johnson says:

      Consider this a Federal regulation on our activity and removing us from cars that use gas. Presently the first level of electric cars have about 100 miles before recharge. This limits your activity to 50 miles out before you must turn around. The more advanced Electric car (Tesla) you can get 200 mile limit but at an added cost and then a 300 mile limit but at an added cost. No where in the 300 mile range can you charge you car. You may be required to drive 300 miles out, spend a night in a hotel and recharge (if available, so so long HD-TV) and then move on the next day for another 300 miles. You will need a card which most likely be government issued, so your travel is monitored. For long distance travel you most likely will not be able to afford the gas. So, you must use Government Trains or a Government Air Carrier. Sounds like Government Control to me.

    58. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The EPA should follow the law. NOT MAKE THE LAW!

    59. martha says:

      I they laid off most of these over-regulators at EPA, like they did at the FAA, perhaps we'd get less over-regulation, which is killing small businesses and forcing folks out of their homes who are not yet 'compliant' with their recent mish-mash of rules that aren't even coherant, let alone self-consistant. Repeal Obama-care, and there must be 4-6 trillion in savings right there.

    60. Tom Hendricksen says:

      Electric cars are "green". Unless you are talking about the Alpha saturated nuclear battery I worked on in the mid 80's as a power source, most electric cars may actually be more polluting than their gas counterparts. Why? They burn COAL. Another substance the Obama administration is trying to get rid of. They may also burn natural gas, which is much better, but again governments are hard at work demanding that this fuel is gone too. Unless you live near a river and receive power from hydroelectric generation your car is highly polluting. And that does not include the high pollution required to make and recycle the batteries. I will keep my 2002 Volvo and 1969 Datsun roadster (37 MPH) and drive them until the wheels fall off.

    61. Wes Evans says:

      What would any one expect this is a fascist administration. Big government, big unions and oligopoly business enterprise it fits the definition.

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    63. Larry Stewart says:

      The EPA and the present administration are totally out of touch with the American citizens. This government has a 14 trillion deficit, 9.1% unemployment, and governmental spending that is out the roof. They want to increase the CAFE standard by 100% in 14 years with expense programs and subsidies to produces vehicles that too expensive to buy and the public does not want. The US has a more major problem in fixing the federal budget and reduce the present spending levels in order ot get our "house in order".

    64. Denver says:

      The ship of state has become a ship of fools. Its fascinating to watch "the man for all factions "alienate groups of them simultaneously!! I wonder if it ever occurred to any of the Ivy league idiots to consult any of the many brilliant mechanical, industrial or automotive engineers available as to the rationality of the edict. I suppose they have nothing to contribute because it's going to require thinking way outside the box. It couldn't be that the bright group in the administration has oversold themselves on their own brilliance!!?? Or maybe the problem is none of them has ever had to produce anything more real than a chemically augmented brainstorm.

    65. charles killebrew says:

      Can't you just see the brownouts caused by all the electric cars arriving home at the same time and plugging in their batteries to be recharged. ZAP! No lights. No television. No airconditioning. PLUS, no transporftation the next morning. Are you nuts, Obama?

    66. Denver says:

      Vehicles are designed by Engineers and designers…not lawyers. The last time lawyers"contributed" to Automotive design was the seventies, resulting in the most forgetable cars ever built. And they pursued the premise that a car could be designed to be wrecked and that only contributed to vehicle weght and price. The current crop of geniuses in Washington are obsessed with appeasing the "enviroweenies" and their "Greenhouse Gas"obsessions, with a ulterior agenda for the whole thing.We need more than a financial overhaul.

    67. Beth says:

      This administration has to be stopped. The constitution supposedly provides checks and balances. Congress can only stop or slow this by not providing the cash to subsidize, etc. Gee. this is the same President whose "Jobs" czar is shipping jobs from Wisconsin to Beijing.

    68. Michael E Picray says:

      The auto industry is playing games and lying. They KNOW that these fuel standards are IMMEDIATELY achievable without making autos less safe. How? The key word is diesel. In 1979 I bought a new 4 cylinder VW diesel Rabbit. Right off the showroom floor it got 55 mpg on the highway and 45 mpg in the city. After the engine had 55,000 miles on it, the break-in period for the engine, those figures shot up to 65 mpg on the highway and 55 in town. With properly blended fuels, the car started in -30 F temperatures and performed fantastically! The engine had an expected service life of around 500,000 miles, which is perhaps one of Detroit's problems with it. Planned obsolescence would go right out the window.

    69. Southern Wolf says:

      So this is the reason for the Cash for Clunkers program. It removed thousands of affordable but 'environmentally incorrect' cars from the free market that lower income folks might have bought to get to jobs that no longer exist. Doubtless there will be other CforC programs to gradually rid the U.S. of cars the EPA deems unsuitable for we the people, until all that is available are high mileage and high priced cars made by an approved maker. Forget choice and price range.

    70. kaydell bowles says:

      Was there not a report out that the global warming is not true now was predicted? I believe the Creator gave us the resources in abundance to be good stewards over and use wisely–not foolishly. Great strides have been made to make energy more efficient. Should government pass laws to enforce or do whatever without due diligent and good science to benefit the whole country? This is certainly not the case but only to beholden to parties to support the power of the political parties. Hence all loose!

    71. pyeatte says:

      The only solution is to dump these bums in 2012 and then change the CAFE standards back to what they were or, better yet, do away with them altogether and let the market determine what people buy.

    72. dr lee says:

      the epa failed in it's initial task to encourage folks to protect water from being polluted etc…..epa failed in this task……..just where is the finish line for all the pretend programs to protect the environment that gets blasted by mother nature on a regular basis and the epa has zero power over mother nature, …how about next hurricane we sent the entire epa to make rules against the hurricane…..then next volcano we do the same…..they are a worthless / make believe governmt agency. giant mistake too

    73. Pingback: New Fuel Efficiency Standards Long Overdue, but Will They Create American Jobs?

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    75. Dutch Eric says:

      I drive an '03 Dodge diesel PU and average 24.7 mpg hwy. At 3.5 tons it is a lot more efficient than a 1.5 ton Suburu at 30 mpg. What folks really ought to do is figure what it costs per ton-mile. And especially, what is the cost per tom-mile for a Volt? With fuel prices the same for this example, it costs about 2/3 less per ton-mile to drive the Dodge.

    76. Obama should focus on more important things. This isn't the way to do it. Jobs being lost is not the way. Also, they'll just put on cheap metal to the cars.

    77. ThomNJ says:

      " always wanted to be an expatriot."

      I would rather not choose to give up on my country and stay to fight for what is right. But good luck to you in any event. If I were you and leaving, I'd apply for citizenship elsewhere.

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