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  • More Terror at Fort Hood?

    Media reports claim that three soldiers at Fort Hood have been arrested in alleged terror plot.

    The very first thing that ought to be said about this is that we ought to learn a lesson from the recent terrorist act in Oslo, Norway, and wait for the facts before pontificating. If it is an actual terror plot, that would make it (at least) the 41st plot aimed at the U.S. since 9/11 that was foiled before it came to fruition.

    If indeed, U.S. soldiers were involved—well, that is not unprecedented. In addition to the 2009 shooting at Fort Hood perpetrated by Major Nidal Hasan, a U.S. Army officer, there have been other acts of U.S. military personal against their brothers in arms as well.

    In one noteworthy 2004 case, Shannen Rossmiller, posing as an al-Qaeda operative, grew suspicious when an individual calling himself Amir Abdul Rashid posted in English on an Arabic-language site seeking to link up with the mujahideen (“freedom fighters” a term most closely associated with the groups with the Taliban, a group ousted from Afghanistan by U.S.-led operations after 9/11). She tracked his IP address to Seattle, Washington. Then, through their exchanges, she decided he must be a member of the U.S. military. Rossmiller contacted the newly established Department of Homeland Security, which in turn put her in contact with the FBI. The FBI monitored the exchanges with Anderson. In February 2004, undercover investigators met with Anderson at a parking lot near the Space Needle in Seattle just days before he was to leave for Iraq with his unit. Anderson was arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of five counts of attempting to aid and provide intelligence to the enemy.

    On the eve of the Iraq War in 2003, a U.S. soldier, Hasan Karim Akbar, killed two Army officers and wounded others at a U.S. base camp in Kuwait. Akbar wrote prior to the attack, “I may not have killed any Muslims, but being in the army is the same thing. I may have to make a choice very soon on who to kill.”

    It is also worth remembering that there are millions of men and women in the armed forces of all creed, color, religion, and background. Overwhelmingly, they are the best of us, and our freedom and security rests on their shoulders. Protecting them and the rest of us from the scourge of terrorism is a 24/7/365 job that our government must take seriously—without compromise. That imperative will hold true regardless of what future facts come to light.

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    6 Responses to More Terror at Fort Hood?

    1. Lloyd Scallan says:

      If you think this Obama lead government will ever admit the Muslim threat to every American citizen, you're a fool. Despite the evidence, any rational thinking human should realize the Muslim nation is attempting to change America through the use of force. These facts stands in stark contrast to what Obama and the
      media will admit too.

    2. chatmandu002 says:

      Because the military is now Politically Correct (PC). Our military have to be on guard both from with-out and from with-in. Kind of makes the job of being in the military harder.

    3. John B. WIlliams says:

      This President has presented the nation with a Clear and Present Danger with his wreckless policies. His failure to allow the military to screen soldiers before placing them in positions of authority, such as over other soldiers, which may result in the harm of other soldiers is nothing short of treason. His closing of NASA places the U.S. at the mercy of anyone who has a missile system capable of being electronically controlled from remote locations. Joe Biden promised the American people that if Obama attacked Libia he would file for impeachment of the President. But as it turns out, Obama did attack Libia but only silence has come from Mr. Biden. I guess he is all talk and no action. Maybe it is time to vote them out.

    4. Rod says:

      At one time, at Post and Division level (and others) , CIC Detachments were, among other duties, charged with checking out signs of "disaffection" among the ranks.. What happened to them – or weren`t they "High Tech" enough to suit today`s Army?

    5. Bobbie says:

      doesn't matter what country terrorists are born in, the profile still fits.

    6. carol,az says:

      NO one will say it loud and clear accept Loyd Scallan above in his comments.


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