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  • Harry Reid and the Chamber of No

    Washington is boiling, and it’s not just the temperature. Dueling debt ceiling proposals, presidential veto threats, and heated rhetoric between and among parties have political tempers flaring, while the President’s rhetoric is seemingly designed to bring the markets to a full-throttle meltdown.

    House Speaker John Boehner’s (R–OH) debt-ceiling plan sparked a conservative revolt after the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) announced that his plan would not deliver the cuts he was shooting for. So now Boehner is racing to redo his debt ceiling package.

    Meanwhile, over in the Senate…zippo.

    Majority Leader Harry Reid (D–NV) has introduced a rival plan, which would, according to CBO, reduce the deficit by “about $2.2 trillion” if future Congresses adhere to all of its spending caps and other policy changes. That’s a mighty big if.

    This would be in exchange for increasing the debt ceiling by $2.7 trillion, which flies in the face of the widespread agreement that the nation’s borrowing should increase by only as much as Washington is willing to cut. His plan also relies extensively on gutting the military. Non-war discretionary spending cuts are puny over the next two years and don’t even reach $1 trillion 10 years out. The remainder of deficit reduction—$375 billion—comes from the interest savings arising from these projected cuts.

    In exchange for this $2.2 trillion in highly dubious cuts, Reid would immediately increase the debt ceiling by $2.7 trillion. The net effect: President Obama gets an extra half-trillion dollars of the people’s credit card to play with.

    Reid’s plan also calls for a joint select committee to deliver additional “deficit reduction” measures, and of course in the Senate, that would be even more likely to result in tax hikes than in the House. And Reid takes Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid—the real cause of medium- and longer-term deficits—off the table for the transformational reforms they so desperately require. But rather than put his plan up for a vote, Reid has opted instead to stir the cauldron of D.C. vitriol to new heights of excess. Senator Chuck Schumer (D–NY) said that if Republicans “refuse this offer, it simply means they want to default.” What did Harry Reid say about Boehner’s plan?” Democrats will not vote for it. Democrats will not vote for it. Democrats will not vote for it. It’s dead on arrival in the Senate, if they get it out of the House.”

    Yep, it’s hot ‘round here.

    This is a sad departure from the decorum this great chamber once stood for. James Madison is said to have described this august body as “the great anchor” of government. So let’s consider Harry Reid’s senatorial leadership moments on our nation’s appalling budget and debt predicament. The Senate:

    This summer’s hottest blockbuster? Harry Reid and his Chamber of No.

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    11 Responses to Harry Reid and the Chamber of No

    1. Josh says:

      1. Reid has agreed to continue revising his plan. 2. The big 'if' is the same for both plans. 3. Those cuts might not be where you want them, but they are legitimate, the cbo uses the same scoring for both sides. 4. The $1 for $1 demand is arbitrary and doesn't here amount to any extra money on America's 'credit card.' 5. Both plans call for the same joint committee. 6. It is not the senate's job to rubber stamp bills passed by the house, nor is it the house's job to rubber stamp senate bills (see the Connecticut Compromise o the 1780s). 7. Moody's and S&P have already said that Reid's plan would avoid a downgrade in credit, Boehner's would not. 8. Boehner's plan gives only the short term increase that will let us go through all this again in a few months. 9. Just a few years ago, all republicans voted for raising the ceiling and all democrats against.

      Stop playing politics with fire. Do what this country needs and avoid the impending default. It'll be catastrophic otherwise.

      -A True Conservative. Right before Might.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      40% of the money these people want us to spend in 2012 DOES NOT EXIST! It wont exist for another 40 to 50 years – if we are lucky. What gives our generation the right to strip clean the financial resources of people in the future? What then? If we do raise the debt ceiling one more time – and it is reached by the end of FY12, what do we do then? Raise it again and again and so on? At some point we will have to cut and every year we push those choices down the road it will get harder to do and will become more draconian. All the arguments will be the same, but the reality will be more and more stark. The federal government is certifiable insane.

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    4. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Harry Reid will not even allow any Repub bill to be debated in the Senate. Has this once great nations gone that far over the cliff to allow this two-bit want-to-be, that won reelection the Democrat way (bribery and intimidation by unions) to control the future of the American people. Yet the far left media continues to defend and protect Reid and the entire Dem party, knowing full well they are supporting the destruction of our American way of life.

    5. snydrhrry says:

      I ask myself "Where is Reid coming from?" His state is almost totally dependent on tourist/gambling dollars. A smaller economy means fewer dollars available to spend in "Vegas." and more poverty there.
      I come to the conclusion that he is a mere lackey or puppet for the real powers in the Senate,, e.g. Schumer, Durbin, the Clintons, maybe even Soros. So he has no interest in solving the nation's monetary ills, merely following the orders of Obama and the above cabal.

    6. Bludog says:

      Do you think repealing the 17th amendment would make a difference?

    7. Art Wilson says:

      Compromise is when there is a capability of reaching some common ground of reason. There is no effort , perhaps not even the capability of Progressives to understand that spending not revenue is the problem. Fiscal conservatives are talking to deaf people who refuse to even watch sign language. The house has passed a plan. The Progressive senate refused it. This does not mean they have to buy into smoke and mirrors of future promises that no one can guarantee. The Republicans must honor what they were elected to do and hold the line on spending and tax increases. Finding extra funds by discovering fraud in Medicare / Medicade is NOT part of additional revenue they should consider, this is just doing their job. Additional revenue by the lessening of spending in Afghanistan or Iraq is not what is meant by the American people in cutting spending. Cutting spending is going after the multiple government agencies and useless Cabinet Departments such as Education and Energy. Smaller government means less agencies and departments. Obama and Progressives have to learn that budget cuts mean less spending not an excuse to seek more revenue. The lesson must begin now and it is hard one for us all.

    8. Wayne Hatch says:

      Mr. Reid said "no" before the House Bill currently being debated was voted on and delivered to the Senate.
      It appears that the Speaker's Bill contains a two step process to get the nation's hands around it's debt load. Democrats want the limit with a two year sunset; the Republicans, a six month sunset. Democrats argue that they will be back in six months debating the same problem which begs the question, "What's the difference between six months or two years?" If the House Bill is passed today and by some outside chance, passed by the Senate and signed by the President, what are they going to do during the interim? Not talk to each other? Form another feckless commission? All in all, our leadership fails to recognize the truth. The President – and I have to give him credit – told the truth when he went before the nation and stated that " we didn't have the money to pay our bills." Rraising the debt limit to borrow funds to repay funds previously borrowed seems to be the prevailing course of action. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me and I'm sure, to others.

    9. Bobbie says:

      the 111th congress should return their pay as their dereliction led America where we're at today. Now refusing to correct the problems and their intrusions, caused by them.

      Why isn't harry reid publically questioned on everything he has against the bill in his words with specificity? His answers are childish and we deserve respect. What is "flawed" according to harry reid when he has nothing in comparison? Why does everyone in the democratic party single out Americans who live by American principles democrats call the tea party with disdain? Why do democrats promote angst amongst Americans? Why ultimatums regarding government's priorities before defunding government's overreach in studies on drunk prostitutes in china or the gay man's penus? Or nature's shrimp getting man's required exercise by humans when nature as human life, used to take care of itself all by itself, finding it's own resources throughout? those are a few of 1000s yet they'll take from the elderly without question! I don't like these types of people! What and who are democrats FUNDING with all this money? Where is MORE money going? Where is ALL the money going? How is paying the fair share coming out of pay checks that are tax exempt while others go without thousands a year paying more their share? misleadingly called equal pay?

      When it comes to responsibly solving problems that weren't caused by the problem solvers, no deal or compromise should ever be considered. THIS IS AN ISSUE OF THE CONDUCT OF unethical fraud, corruption, GOVERNMENT SPENDING!!
      Deceivers follow no rules they are not principled and cry childishly to get their way AND THEIR WAY will destroy this country! NOBODY GETS THEIR WAY THAT ISN'T AMERICA'S WAY!!!! DON'T GIVE INTO THESE DESTROYERS OF HUMAN DECENCY!!!!!! SPENDING CUTS OF SIGNIFICANCE IMMEDIATELY. DEMOCRATS NEED NO INCREASE!!!! DEMOCRATS NEED DISCIPLINE!!!! HOLD THESE BABIES ACCOUNTABLE AT EVERY GIVEN MOMENT THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE FROM THIS UGLY WEAK POLITICAL PARTY CALLED DEMOCRATIC!!!!! Forget about the blame, that's a childish democrat fear. The majority want America back and we know the truth and who stands to tell it.

      Why are people on the left influencing hatred that doesn't exist only displaying themselves as hatefilled and violent and grossly ignorant? Serves no positive purpose and greatly disrespectful to insist people can't perceive for themselves. 99% of a false perception does not equal reality.

      Why would any leader of America even consider a deal or compromise on problems caused within government's control and not hold suspect the ones that won't move without compromise or deals?

      Democrats need discipline and self control giving into them is the worst thing you can do for them and ALL AMERICANS and AMERICA!!!!!

    10. Art Wilson says:

      It is a time of trial for many of our Republican representatives. They are being pressured to do what they know is not the right thing to do. We are the people who elected them to take a stand on spendthrift government spending and we need to stand behind them. Write, call, e-mail your representative and tell them they are right. The house has passed a bill; it is now up to Harry Reid to bring it up in the senate for a vote. Let them know we do not want a watered down version by John Boehner nor Harry Reid. They have the house bill. Vote on it!

    11. Tim says:

      Harry Reid is an embarrassment to the Senate. He contradicts himself every 10 minutes. A perfect example of someone who needs to go away. If I lived in Nevada, I'd be ashamed of the way he makes Nevadans look by having elected him.

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