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  • Obama's Plea to Flood Congress With Calls Backfires in One Member's Office

    Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) said his office is fielding significantly more phone calls today following President Obama’s prime-time plea last night. But many constituents are relaying the opposite message from what Obama asked them to deliver on the debt-limit debate.

    My phone started lighting up last night. Both Twitter, Facebook, texting, people calling me even last night during the speech. It was a reverse effect from what I think he assumed. They’ve been flooded with people contacting me, saying, ‘Stand your ground. Don’t do his plan.’

    Now, we’ve had plenty of contact the other way as well. But we’ve had plenty of folks who have seen that and said, ‘Oh, no, I’ll contact you. But I’ll contact you and say, work toward real solutions.’

    Earlier today Heritage Action asked its supporters to call Congress in opposition of Speaker John Boehner’s new plan. The White House is also facing a flood of phone calls, led in part by the American Action Network.

    Lankford, a freshman lawmaker who represents Oklahoma’s 5th District, spoke at Heritage today for The Bloggers Briefing. He echoed the call of many conservatives, saying he didn’t come to Washington to strike a deal, but rather find a solution to the debt crisis.

    “The frustration is there’s a whole group of people focused on Aug. 2,” Lankford said. “And quite frankly, Aug. 2 doesn’t solve it either way. Aug. 2 comes and goes and we move from $14.3 trillion in debt to a potential $17 trillion worth of debt. … That’s not solving the problem.”

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    22 Responses to Obama's Plea to Flood Congress With Calls Backfires in One Member's Office

    1. Thomas says:

      "One member's office" is the key to this thinly disguised piece of propaganda. Most have been inundated with calls for compromise.

      • Doc says:

        or not!

      • truthisliberty says:

        Obama is the problem…its foolish to compromise with such a wicked man. If people's hope is in him they are greatly deceived. True hope is from God alone who gives peace and comport despite the circumstances. Jesus is light, Obama is opaque.

    2. Bobbie says:

      that's right! America needs all problems within government control solved, not continue to be made…

      …crossing fingers to see if it makes it through deletion?

      • Donald R. Mcclure says:

        " Why doesn't O'Bama admit defeat ! " " This happened because " WE THE PEOPLE " of this great nation of ours are fet up with his dimagogary and repeated nonstop lies ! " " O'Bama———- "READ THE WRITING ON THE WALL ! " " YOU ARE ALL WASHED UP ! "

    3. cindy Spaulding says:

      Praise God! we need a real solution… stay at it Mr. Lankford!

    4. Larry A Schmitz says:

      I strongly urge all in Washington to stand their ground and find a real solution to the Debt and curb any further absolutely necessary spending. And necessary spending does NOT include killing our babies or supporting someone to draw pictures and place them in a museum. That also includes all the wasteful spending to ship a bolt and nut across the country. Yes I am for supporting the military but they also have their share of wasteful spending.

    5. Robin says:

      Backfires in "ONE" members office? Sheesh. Get back to us when a real tally is taken.

    6. Chris says:

      Can I speak my mind?

    7. Benjamin Johnson says:

      Don't back down Congressman Lankford. You and members like you have majority support. You not only have majority support your doing the right thing.

    8. queenofpersia says:

      No one I know wants a compromise! We want the problem solved and the August 2nd deadline means NOTHING! Obama has been talking to the banks behind the scenes telling them there will be no problem paying on our loans and that he has to use this "rhetoric" to force the Republicans to knuckle under!

    9. Delite Gaddie says:

      Stand your ground. 16 plus trillion is NOT acceptable. Vote for a Constiutional Amendment to Balance the Budget. Do cuts only, no raising taxes. We are TEA (Taxed Enough Already.)

    10. Singer says:

      Step one to getting out of debt….NO NEW DEBT! Stay the course.

    11. Terry Lynn Oneto says:

      I was able to listen in last night on the Town Hall conference call. Congressman Lankford explained things in a way that was not confusing. Hold your ground !!!! We need more Congressman like Mr Lankford.

    12. Nona says:

      I agree with Cindy, Praise God, we need more to stand their ground with Obama. I'm tired of see that so called halo around Obamas head.

      • truthisliberty says:

        Obama is a false guide …as Jesus said a wolf in sheep's clothing. He's good at acting like Mr Roger's when he's truly Freddy krugar exploiting people's fears. Jesus is light, Obama is opaque.

    13. David LaRue says:

      PLEASE speak your mind, and back up what you say with logical arguments, facts figures and sources

    14. Jose says:

      NO WAY!! Do not allow to take away the high commissions some Washington lobyists make on weapon sales, or even worse, do not attempt to disable the money train left to certain goverment officials from large pharmaceuticals and MR Ex-Presidents, MEDICAL-D plans. Please, it has cost several ball licking golf games to attain such recognition to be all thrown to trash by this extremist liberals. NO WAY… please vote YES to more weapon spending, who knows, maybe we will be under attack by 20 different planets and our weapons will only protect us from 14. AND of course we need to increase the dependance on PAXIL, and all other psyco psycodelic tranquilizers… and to think that some where thinking of reducing 4 trillion off the next ten years by legalizing marijuana. HA are you crazy…. government pays 1000, 2000 dollar dosage days for some that could only spend 10 dollars in POT… Please Think Yatchs and private planes are not getting any cheaper… survival of the fittest… hmmmm

    15. jpindorski says:

      The federal government is out of control and has been for a long long time.
      Cut the DAMN spending…what in the hell is so hard to underdstand about that.

    16. Bobbie says:

      hey spike, if you don't have the mentality to comprehend the accounts of reality, don't bother. Your comment reveals poor character and ignorance quite the same of the government we deal with on the unprincipled side of the democrat. America(ns) deserves principled and respectable leadership that only shows and speaks from members of the republican side with not enough from democrats to the point it's ruining this country.

      Don't let yourself feel inferior because Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Deb Schultz and the majority of the democrat party insists you do by holding your hand throughout your life. Rise above their mentality. America's principles and values will help you and are easy to comprehend. Take into account all sides and considerations. You'll find and accept the truth if you want to. Otherwise don't bother.

      Another reflection of poor character (in government) is someone who implements bills with other peoples money, that have safety nets for accountabilities to that money. The Harry bill from the democratic side, holding America back.

    17. Don says:

      Obama promised transparency,the first two years should have given us a clue that would not happen. The Tarp Bill#1 was basically a get the Dems re-elected scheme. His most recent "job plan" has necessary infrastructure projects,the problem is that he wants to rob Soc.Sec. along with taxes and begs the question "what did you& the VP do with your first allowance? The fact that seems to be ignored by the Senate& Presidency is that there is no longer enough money to support the government in the means to which they became accustomed.

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