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  • Obama Administration Just Says 'No' to Abstinence

    Take a look at the Obama Administration’s newest grant announcement for marriage education. Everything looks okay until page 29. There, listed as one of the “Unallowable Activities,” is abstinence education.

    Wait a second. One would expect that with the name Healthy Marriage and Relationship Grants, these programs would aim to promote, well, healthy marriage and relationships. But then why ban educators from talking to youth about delaying sexual activity—a factor associated with stronger marriages—not to mention helping youth avoid a host of other social ills?

    As Valerie Huber of the National Abstinence Education Association stated:

    Preventing youth from receiving sexual abstinence skills…completely ignores the body of research that now links teen sex to future divorce in marriage.

    Considering such findings, it makes no sense that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) would strictly prohibit abstinence education in attempting to promote healthy marriage. Beyond this, however, the goal of these marriage programs is to decrease the number of children raised by a single parent and, by doing so, decrease poverty. (Marriage drops child poverty by 82 percent, and the lack of married fathers in the home is the greatest driver of child poverty today.)

    Abstinence education helps young adults avoid the path of single parenthood for a route more likely to lead to a stable marriage. Nobody is helped by failing to give young adults this message.

    In fact, as Heritage Foundation’s Robert Rector notes:

    On the issue of non-marital childbearing, a deliberate social silence has reigned for almost half a century. Low-income youth have never been told that marriage is beneficial; they have never been told that having a child outside of marriage is likely to have harmful consequences.

    Young people, especially those in low-income communities, need to understand the importance of marriage. And that message cannot simply disregard the important role of abstinence in helping youth achieve successful marriages. Doing so does a disservice to the very people these programs are designed to help.

    At a time when out-of-wedlock birthrates are at historic highs, the messages of abstinence and the benefits of marriage are crucial to promoting a bright future for youth and for the future of this nation.

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    8 Responses to Obama Administration Just Says 'No' to Abstinence

    1. West Texan says:

      Obama and gang mistakenly link abstinence to Christian values. And you know what big government social progressives think of America's faithful. These beltway demagogues' underlying prejudice blinds them to the actual science behind abstinence. As I've said before, arrogant elitists gone wild to the point of being stupid.

    2. seechampright says:


    3. Bobbie says:

      Obama Administration Just Says ‘No’ to Abstinence because if people took on their personal responsibilities there would be no need for socialized government. bad message by government…

      …ps, it's the yellow color around the frame of the box that gives me the hint it's going to immediate deletion? still wonder why?

    4. Daniel Gautschi says:

      Can’t allow abstinence! Planned Parenthood would not support Obama if he didn’t provide them with abortions the taxpayer-not Obama is paying for!

    5. Tracy Lester says:

      Sexual freedom is the only freedom for which the far left will fight.

      They will try to tell us all what to eat, wear, what kind of lightbulbs to use…

      For some reason, they will not make recommendations about any sexual behaviors.

    6. Whistler says:

      I'm curious. A number of students marry a couple of years after graduating from high school. So what do the teachers of the abstinence-only sexual education classes tell the high school students about how to prevent conception on their wedding night and honeymoon?

      • Kelvin Smith says:

        Whistler, I would say that learning about contraception should be part of the marirage preparation that any couple should undergo. It's what my wife and I did as we prepared for marriage. Most churches offer premarital counseling programs, which discuss sexuality, communication, finances, and other important issues for married couples to deal with. I would think that many secular counselors have similar programs available as well, or there are books available for learning on your own; they're not hard to find.

      • Ruth A Eccles says:

        Most Abstinence Educators teach about contraceptives to age appropriate audiences and always include the federal goverment's percentage of failure rate to prevent pregnancy and the fact that no contraceptive gives 100% safey from STDs and that there are no safe methods of avoiding contamination by viruses that are contracted through skin to skin contact even when there is no visible sign of the diseases.

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