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  • VIDEO: Reid Goes Ballistic Over Cut, Cap and Balance


    Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) today unloaded on the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act recently passed by the House of Representatives. While announcing that the Senate would be voting on the legislation Friday rather than Saturday (as previously expected), Reid excoriated the bill:

    “If they [Senate Republicans] want to debate it tomorrow for a period of time, they can do that, but I’m going to — I think this piece of legislation is about as weak and senseless as anything that has ever come on this Senate floor … The American people should understand that this is a bad piece of legislation. Perhaps some of the worst legislation in the history of this country.”

    But for the “worst legislation in the history of this country,” as Reid described it, the bill is pretty darn popular. Conn Carroll at The Washington Examiner notes that a CNN poll shows 66% of Americans would support a debt reduction plan similar to Cut, Cap and Balance. And Townhall.com’s Guy Benson writes that those numbers show much more support than Obamacare currently enjoys. (A new Rasmussen poll this week found that a full 54% of Americans support repealing that legislation.)

    Then again, we shouldn’t be that surprised. Senator Reid is prone to extreme exaggeration whenever his big government agenda is threatened. Earlier this year, he railed against the House plan to cut $61 billion:

    Reid said the bill cutting $61 billion in spending this year is one of the worst ever drafted.

    This will go down in history as probably one of the worst pieces of legislation that we’ve drafted in the history of this Congress.” Reid said in a floor speech.

    Despite this hysteria, Gallup noted at the time that a “plurality of Americans, 37% … say Republicans’ proposals in Congress don’t go far enough.” Noticing a pattern? In Reid’s rhetoric, popular pieces of legislation designed to slow government’s growth are the worst bills in the history of the Republic. Unpopular, big government spending programs? Crickets.

    All this is just serves to highlight the critical importance of this current fight. Dr. Feulner wrote in today’s Morning Bell, “We find ourselves in the midst of an important battle, the outcome of which will be determined by decisions to be made in the immediate days ahead. We must win this fight.”

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    31 Responses to VIDEO: Reid Goes Ballistic Over Cut, Cap and Balance

    1. @ToBeRight says:

      The problem with CCB is that it gives the responsibility for crafting budgets to the executive branch, violating the separation of powers. The power of the purse should be left with the House. If it is included in CCB, which it is, it is BAD, BAD, BAD.

      • 475Linebaugh says:

        By CCB I assume you are referring to Cut, Cap, and Balance? If so, I think you have confused it with Senator McConnell's plan. But if you have proof to the contrary, let's have it! That is big and needs to be brought out into the sunshine.

    2. Colorado taxpayer says:

      Limiting govt. spending to a percentage of the GNP/GDP is a good idea. Then lower the percentage over time.

      • goldtracker says:

        Won't happen, I don't think. Seems to me that both sides of the isle, with the exception of a few, want the ability to print and spend without limits. Otherwise they might actually have to do some hard work and make a budget and stay in it.

        • Taum says:

          Absolutely correct.
          For MANY years I have said, (and especially during this last presidential campaign when Mc Cain was aying the exact things Obama was saying except in differebt terms) "There is no differance between a Democrat and a Republican except the route they are taking to that one common goal of BOTH parties".

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    4. Sanford Trado says:

      It is very frustrating and irritating to read comments from those big government Congressmen. The ridiculousness of their anger and comments is a direct indication of their ignorance and lack of sound judgement. Wasn't Harry Reid the one who rammed one of the largest and most unpopular bills down the peoples throat! I say, before the Librerals says anything about what bills are being passes they take a look into the mirror.

    5. Where's the Meat says:

      I'm sure glad he was specific in his objection to the bill, so us ordinary citizens can know why he doesn't like it. It exempts specifically exempts the following from spending limits: ‘‘(b) EXEMPT FROM DIRECT SPENDING LIMITS.—
      21 Direct spending for the following functions is exempt from
      22 the limits specified in subsection (c):
      23 ‘‘(1) Social Security, function 650.
      24 ‘‘(2) Medicare, function 570.
      ‘‘(3) Veterans Benefits and Services, function
      ‘‘(4) Net Interest, function 900.

    6. Don Kilby says:

      Harry Reid can not be as dumb as he comes across. He's seems to be addicted to lying to the same degree as he is to spending money that isn't his. I believe he's in so thick with Union Bosses that hes afraid to do whats right.

    7. Don Kilby says:

      Have you ever seen a baby throw a fit when his candy is taken away.

    8. George says:

      "Senator Harry Reid (R-NV)" I think that should be (D-NV)

    9. 475Linebaugh says:

      Can you say, "Demagogue?"

    10. @HadvisorR says:

      You could hear a pin drop. Take a breather Sen.Reid… And may a Xanax with that too. lol

    11. George Colgrove, VA says:

      I hope Reid does not act. This bill increases the debt ceiling and does not go far enough with cuts. We need a government shutdown. In this case inaction is the best option.

    12. Denny says:

      Please take the time needed to call your two Senators and DEMAND that they pass Cut, Cap and Balance to save America from bankrupcy. Thanks, 777denny

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    17. maggie in Indiana says:

      How much more Are the American people suppose to take from this heavy handed administration. Nither Reid nor Obama have the smarts to make this call,this came from Pelosi or Durbin. Two ole dogs with lots of motsey . Socialism at work.

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    19. C. Sense says:

      Be Careful what you wish for…I am a staunch fiscal Conservative but aggressively slashing the spending on Federal Agencies will result in an immediate spike in unemployment and private industry will not be able to absorb that influx in the labor market until those functions cut from the Government are privatized. That will set off a severe downturn in the markets and the housing industry will plummet again with a huge influx in inventory as default rates rise. This country has gotten itself into such a bad situation, it is hard to imagine what is going to happen domestically and what implications that will have internationally. One thing is for certain though: We are moving towards a catestrophic situation and we have some of the most spineless and least logically thinking people in the country (Republican AND Democrat) responsible for righting the ship…I for one, am not optimistic.

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    21. Pete Houston says:

      I am good with the Dems not going along with the Cut, Cap, and Balance and then let them be responsible for the gov't shut down. Leave it shut down until the next election. Less chance of them making anymore bad "Changes".

    22. Jim, CT says:

      The GDP is an easily manipulated number which renders limiting spending to a certain percentage of it meaningless. Exempting entitlement and military spending from cuts ensures that the only way to balance the budget is through massive tax hikes – tax hikes mandated by a Constitutional amendment if this passes. The rhetoric that this bill will limit government in even a minimal way is nonsense. The CCB bill is deceptively designed to rally those who want less government into supporting something which will deliver exactly the opposite.

    23. K Walter says:

      I say shut the government down. Don’t pay the Congressmen and woman. Stop the pork. Quit paying the unions with OUR tax money. If Reid wants to get mad maybe he should REALLY listen to the American People instead of his two bit socialist boss.

    24. steve h says:

      George, there would be no government shutdown – government passed it's funding bill for rest of FY2011 already – so they are sent for months.

      I'm still amazed people oppose raising the debt limit – it would make deficits and debts so much worse and destroy the country's credit. So mnay Reagan lovers are against raising the debt limit, buit Reagan raised it more than any other President in our history.

    25. Joe says:

      Who are the idiots that keep electing Reid? This is Washington's worst spender and one of the most corrupt! it's obvious Democrats don't want to Cut, Cap, and Balance? Democrats love taxing spending money on failed government programs such as medicare…

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