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  • Morning Bell: The Fight We're In

    Fellow conservatives,

    We find ourselves in the midst of an important battle, the outcome of which will be determined by decisions to be made in the immediate days ahead. We must win this fight. The debate over raising the debt limit seems complicated, but it is really very simple. Look beyond the myriad details of the awkward compromises, and you see an epic struggle between two opposing camps.

    On one side are those who have come to realize it would be madness to let the political class borrow more without imposing a serious check on government spending. They have produced budgets and now an actual legislative plan to get things under control.

    On the other, you find those who consider more spending, taxing, and borrowing a royal prerogative. They have produced nothing but rhetoric and empty promises and have pushed this debate to the brink.

    It is a fair fight—or would be, if those trying to bring sanity to the nation’s fiscal picture were not held back by confused allies. These allies say they still want to cut spending, but (temporarily, we hope) have put love of political maneuvering ahead of the principles that brought them to Washington in the first place.

    It would also help if the nation’s media clearly separated facts from opinion.

    Let’s be clear. As of this moment, only one plan in Congress attempts transformative change that puts America on the path to getting spending under control before raising the debt limit. That is the Cut, Cap and Balance Act passed by the House of Representatives on Monday night. It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.

    The act cuts federal spending immediately, caps it by statute going forward, and requires passage of a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution, which would then be sent to the states for ratification.

    If you haven’t heard about it, you’re not alone. The nation’s media all but ignored this historic vote or dismissed the Cut, Cap and Balance Act as an empty gesture. CBS’s Bob Schieffer once again spoke for the establishment when he called it “a total waste of time…part of this little Kabuki dance that we go through.”

    This media establishment took its cue from President Obama, who showered his trademark disdain on the House vote, not only threatening a veto but also announcing a so-called breakthrough in negotiations just hours before the House voted. In doing so, Mr. Obama refused to engage the arguments of Cut, Cap and Balance and signaled his fear of this serious proposal.

    Unfortunately, it was not just the media and President Obama who worked against Cut, Cap and Balance. By letting themselves be talked into agreeing to a compromise the very day of the House vote, a group of Senators called the “Gang of Six” played into the hands of those who wanted to kill Cut, Cap and Balance.

    The same can be said of the so-called McConnell–Reid Plan, a convoluted mousetrap of a compromise that would just authorize trillions more in borrowing with an empty promise that—maybe—Congress will cut spending one day.

    There is no more time left for political gamesmanship by the tax, spend, and borrow crowd. The Senate has an obligation to debate Cut, Cap and Balance, and the American people need to be given time to consider it. We agree with Senator Ron Johnson (R–WI), who told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough this week, “I know Washington is broken. I see business as usual here. But now we’re witnessing business as usual on steroids, and it’s bankrupting this nation.”

    Senator Johnson’s solution, which seems to us the only way forward, was the following:

    If we’re really going to prevent America from going bankrupt, it’s a two-step process. The first thing we have to do is instill that fiscal discipline: the hard spending caps. And I think honestly, in the end we need a Constitutional amendment to limit the size of government. Anything else—all these other negotiations, secret little things, commissions—that’s business as usual, and again, that has been bankrupting America. We’ve got to step back from that. We’ve got to instill fiscal discipline. That’s what Cut, Cap and Balance does.

    The men and women thinking of compromising at this point are not bad or unpatriotic; they simply have lost their way. Those of us who still watch old movies can compare the present situation to the 1957 classic “The Bridge on the River Kwai.”

    In the film, an upright British colonel who had become a prisoner of war forgets temporarily the principles he was sworn to uphold and—to show his Japanese captors the professionalism of British soldiers—puts his men to work building the best bridge possible.

    In the end, he recovers his sanity and realizes he is only helping the Japanese war effort, and he helps destroy the bridge.

    It isn’t too late for us yet. Government spending is currently at 24.3 percent of GDP, and U.S. debt held by the public stands at 69.1 percent of GDP. This bridge needs to be stopped.

    Congress should not raise the debt limit without getting spending under control. Debt limit legislation should put America on the path to driving down federal spending and borrowing, while preserving the ability to protect America without raising taxes.

    Edwin J. Feulner
    President, The Heritage Foundation

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    92 Responses to Morning Bell: The Fight We're In

    1. Glynnda says:

      Amen Heritage! Can we get easy access to read these bill proposals through Heritage website?

    2. toledofan says:

      Right on Ed, but, again, common sense will not prevail. I think the ideological divide is so great that if the left abates and goes along with the cut, tap and balance bill, they know their ideals are dead and gone forever. Up to this point it's lamost like the Republicans are negotiating against themselves, where's the Presdients plan, we know he doesn't have one, doesn't want one and basically wants a free hand to spend even more, so, the best move is for the Republicans, including the ones that are still trying to carve a deal, need to just walk away and let nature take it's course. Until this happens and the Democrats are against the wall nothing will change.

      • Frank says:

        Exactly! Either the Democrats come up with their own plan that the Americans won't like, or we just let nature take its course, not increase the debt limit and start to drastically cut back on Federal spending, like we should have a long time ago anyways! Defund ObamaCare, eliminate Unconstitutional Federal departments (like Dept. of Education), cut $200B in duplicate wasteful programs already identified by the OMB, etc, etc. We won't default on our debt payments or on Social Security. But we will have to make DRASTIC cuts (my financial advisor estimates $1 out of every $3 now spent) in the Federal Government & restructure, phase out, privatize or move back to the States multiple "entitlement" programs which were really not Constitutional for the Federal Government to do in the first place!

    3. Glynnda says:

      I disagree with the evaluation of those who have gone to Capital Hill and "forgotten" their true conservative values……I don't believe they ever had them. We have to assess these people. First they had the gumption to go through the process and get elected, that takes serious fortitude. I see these kind of people as strong willed. Therefore I don't think they would so easily go to C.H. and "forget" their value system because of pressure……look at the pressures one has to deal with to get into office.

      It's time to Clean House……one third of the Senate is up for re-election next year along with the entire House. If they compromise and allow this president powers not constitutionally granted, they MUST BE REPLACED. We can no longer allow this type of behavior and fool ourselves into thinking it's going to turn out okay…..our very freedom is now at stake….


      • Robert says:

        Glynnda, truer words have rarely been spoken (or written). But too many people think this is a game, and they want their "side" to win. But our side has been losing for 25 years. The republican party that Rush dreams about died 25 years ago, and we are wasting valuable time worshipping something that does not exist. There might be seven conservatives in the entire House of Representatives and one or two are democrats. The number is MUCH lower in the Senate.

      • wayne says:

        YOU, are exactly RIGHT

      • toledofan says:

        I think you're right on the money and it's clear; as an example look at what Obama said during his candicacy and look at what he has done and in most instances it's obvious that he said whatever he needed to say to get elected. I think that's true with the many who go to Wasington for the wrong reason, like the perks and benefits rather than making the country better. It's too bad that most Americans still aren't engaged in the debate; were going to hell in a hand basket and all you heard for about a month was the Casey Anthony trial.

      • William says:

        The high cost of oil, gas and food will be their undoing.

      • Kathleen says:

        Absolutely on target Glynnda. Not only do we hold Washington's feet to the fire, but we need to stand up against the media that constantly throw lies out to the public. They have contributed to much of the ignorance of the general public. I've written to ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc., sponsers, and let them know as well that the products won't be purchased by me or my family and friends. We can make a change in our country…it's takes a lot of effort, but it will be worth it…for us all.

    4. Paul Abelson says:

      The pundits and the media claim we are borrowing 40% of every dollar we spend. But if we have already spent what we have, I submit that we borrow — not 40% — but 100% of every incremental dollar this government spends.

      The media should all take courses in economics while they re-learn their Constitutional role in our system. They should be the watchdogs for abuses in the system, not advocated for the administration.

    5. @afghanmoon says:

      So raising the debt ceiling is a big negative, right? Not gonna go there; wouldn't be prudent. I'm willing to be convinced, but as yet, certainly am NOT, and I don't see time before 02AUG to get 'er done. No proposal will result in actual legislative language and be signed into law before then, even if it were to say everything I wanted to hear.

    6. Alex says:

      Dear Heritage Readers, I invite you to take the following quiz.

      1. Do you make more than $200k a year individually or $250k jointly with your spouse?
      Yes / No

      2. Do you pay into Social Security, Medicare, or are you a beneficiary of one of these programs?
      Yes / No

      A) No / Yes: You will be a huge loser in the GOP's plan.
      B) No / No: This plan has nothing to offer you. But on the plus side, it also has nothing that will harm you immediately and directly.
      C) Yes / Yes: You get a tax break and a loss of government services. Could come out as a net gain or net loss.
      D) Yes / No: Congratulations! You are a winner! That campaign contribution you made to those tea party House members sure paid off! Bring out the champagne and caviar.

      I suspect most of you fall under A. You do realize you are literally fighting against your own interests, right? Wake up, middle class America!

      • Frank says:

        Wake up Alex & stop playing Socialist class warfare & pushing ever bigger government!
        We need a simple tax system in which ALL participate, rather than a "tax the rich" mentality.
        We need lower taxes & smaller government, not higher taxes & bigger government with more "handouts".
        We need to phase out, privatize or defer back to the States to run the Unconstitutional Federal Socialistic programs like Social Security, Medicare, food stamps & welfare programs.
        People that want high tax, big government can move to those states that have it. Those that want to go to low tax, small government states can "vote with their feet" and move also.
        I wonder in which states the average citizen will wind up doing better & being happier in the long run?

      • mike says:

        first of all if you have earnings you pay into Social Security/ medicare, so option D can not exist.
        Many of us in answer A are worried about the future of our country. There are not enough rich to bail out the debt. If we keep borrowing to pay daily expenses we will go bankrupt. Look at Greece, this is where we are heading, it has been coming for a long time, long before Obama, redundancy, entitlements, and over-benefited employees are a part of the problem and the easiest to fix, but with Capitol Hill like it is, the only way to cut spending for all the special interests are by refusing to increase the debt limit without accompanying cuts. More money means more spending and always has.

        • Alex says:

          I agree Mike – the country is headed down a path to bankruptcy. But the reason for that is as much a revenue problem as it is a spending problem, something which Conservatives vehemently deny to suit their ideological worldview. It will not hurt economic growth to raise the income tax – the INCOME tax, which has no correlation to job creation – on people making over $200k. A combination of spending cuts and revenue increases is needed to solve this problem. But instead, the Tea Party is set on selling out the people who depend on these programs over a miniscule income tax increase. The ratio of cuts to revenue increases in Obama's plan is 3 : 1 for crying out loud! He has bent over backwards!

          • Oat says:


            Have to disagree with you on this. This is a huge spending problem, not a revenue problem. Did you know that for years The government takes the excess money out of SS (after paying out benefits) and can use it anywhere they please? They put T-bills in the SS treasury and state they have a 2.6 trillion dollar surplus! We have 2.6 trillion of T-bills. T-bills are debt for our government, they issue those to people who will give them money, knowing that they will get that money back with interest! President Clinton and that Republican Congress didn't balance anything, and NO surplus. When the government takes money out of SS it is called intragovernmental debt. Public debt is all the T bills that the public and China and everyone else buys. You add intragovernmental debt and Public Debt and you get the National debt! It is funny, even this article states they state that Public debt is 69.1% of GDP, let's be clear Public debt is only part of the National debt, around 10 trillion. The Intragovernmental debt (the debt that the government borrows from itself, from trusts like SS, Medicare) is the other 4.5 trillion.

            Alex we have already been a nation with higher income tax rates that didn't really bring a bunch more money in. The historical range for Tax revenue as a % of GDP has been between 18-22%. That includes all years, even when the top income tax bracket was 70% in the 1970's, or with Reagan with 28% top rate, Clinton 39% top rate, The 50's 90% top rate. After looking at it I don't think it really matters if the tax rate today is raised or lowered a tad bit. We have a budget deficit that is 1.6 trillion dollars! And this is just taking the word of the government and how they do accounting. Like Clinton and that Republican Congress that borrowed from themselves to show a surplus of over 260 billion from 98-00! Ask yourself Alex, why did the National debt go up every year during that time? In actual dollars the national debt went up every year, in 2000 it increased 17 billion! Yet Clinton claimed an almost 170 billion dollar surplus! I love government accounting. And it is not just Clinton, All 8 years of President Bush's DEFICITS would have been a lot bigger if intragovernmental debt was included, but it makes all those politicians look better than they are. Republican or Democrat…..not much difference.

      • mjalton says:

        Alex, you're wrong on every count here. Our country's problem stems from government spending and interferring with the free market. Confiscating all the wages of American workers wouldn't put a dent in our debt.

    7. Jim Patterson says:

      You mentioned commissions. I don't know how many commissions the big boys in DC have had but I could say a ton of them. All these reports sitting on a shelf somewhere gathering dust and all the money expended in producing them wasted .but it made someone feel good and said "see we are tackling the problem" when they really weren't.

    8. Robert says:

      Great analogy, sir. If you do a remake, I would like the William Holden part. 24.3% doesn't sound so bad, unless you add in state and local spending which brings our total government to 43% of GDP – compared to 24% in 1950. Federal mandates account for over 85% of our states' budgets (education, medicaid, welfare, unemployment, transportation, corrections). When Boehner folds like a cheap suit, it will be our Pearl Harbor – but will we trade all of those days for just one chance to tell these lying RINO's that you may take our lives, but you will never take our freedom!!! America, Go Bragh!!!

    9. Robert says:

      It would be wise to let the government default. Until we have leaders that understand that "deficit spending is evil", we will be digging our way closer to complete collapse as a nation. It is time to quit imitating European nations and whimpering about "the US is the only modern nation without universal healthcare" etc. etc. We do need to assist our elderly to some extent; especially those that paid into a Ponzi system all their lives and have a right to expect some help. We need to be rid of this mathematically challenged pack including Obama and his Princeton mis-educated economists. Then we can have some 'hope'.

      • wmba dams says:

        yes and no
        the govt will not default
        plenty of income to pay the interest
        and social security and the military
        nothing else is a valid federal function
        shut down most of the rest and the country would be better off

    10. Steve Cafaro says:

      The deficit and the debt are a smokescreen. The real issue is jobs, personal income, National Income our ability to produce as a Nation.

      • Robert says:

        Spending (printing) money we don't have and creating a $ 14.3 trillion debt is THE problem. Our economy can no longer produce meaningful jobs; or raise personal income, national income or any income (other than inside the beltway income) under the weight of this government. We borrow money today to pay last week's benefits (average $36,000 per household) of over 125 million bums. If we lose this fight, that number will increase by 10-20% and so on … and so on … and so on. They are connected.

      • wmba dams says:

        the ONLY issue is the DEBT which is driven by the deficit
        rinos and neocons need to get with the green tea party prescription and start saving the country

    11. Lloyd Scallan says:

      At the heart of all of this madness and deceptions is a Balanced Budget Amendment. Every American should be asking the question why, both Dems and some RINOs, are so dead set against balancing this nations budget. The answer is this bunch now in Washington want absolutely no controls. They are committed to the Obama agenda to destroy our capitalist economic system to replace it with full government controlled system, i.e. Socialism!

      • Norm says:

        That is so true – I am told George Bush made a law that allowed the American citizens to do business with Iraq. He also brought home to the US treasuries over a trillion dinar. Right now Obama is trying to position himself political so he can reap the political benefit of finding several trillion dollars all of a sudden. The Iraq government has now paid back debts with other countries and is no longer in bankruptcy. Iraq's money is being RV (re evaluated) in the international community. Obama and his people are holding back and not allowing the money to be re valued until he is in the political position he wants. Iraq and the international community held a meeting and are going to by pass USA and move on. USA is going to be put in a position of loosing trillions of dollars because of Politics of the Socials Obama.This money could be put into the USA Banks in a couple of days and almost eliminate the national debt. Obama does not want us to be back on track to be a democracy . He wants to be king…

    12. Lynda Schultz says:

      I'm from North Carolina and just contacted Senator Richard Burr's office. I was told by one of his staffers that the Senator is leaning towards compromise. My response? If Senator Burr were a true conservative, the word "compromise" would not even be in his vocabulary.
      Cut, Cap and Balance is the only way we are going to begin to get ourselves out of this fiscal mess, or else, we are going down the path of Greece.
      I encourage ALL Heritage members to contact their congressional representatives and voice their support of Cut, Cap and Balance.
      The American people are yelling at the top of their lungs, STOP THE SPENDING!!!!!!
      If they cannot hear us, we're not yelling loud enough. Take a few minutes today and contact D.C.!!!!!!
      Let's make our voices heard!

    13. Dale says:

      In a strange way the nation is where it is financially because of our, shall we say, greed! Not only is our government "upside down" in it's debt but American citizens are as well. But, hopefully we are seeing that the common sense citizens of this land are eliminating their personal debt as they can see it is a dead end road to carry that debt. We can only hope and pray that the common sense thinking politicians…now there is an oxymoron…will realize that they in Washington MUST do the same. Cut-Cap & Balance is the ONLY way this can go. I do hope they will see that in the Senate and shock this non-common sense president by passing the cut,cap & balance bill.

    14. George Colgrove, VA says:

      "On one side are those who have come to realize it would be madness to let the political class borrow more without imposing a serious check on government spending. "
      I think the political punditry and politicians are not hearing. The American people do not want to add to the debt period! Raising the debt ceiling with conditions HAS PROVEN to be the same thing as raising the debt ceiling without conditions. We the people know that the only thing that happens is the debt ceiling is raised. Each annual congress can completely ignore past congresses plans. This is why these 3 year, 5 year or 10 year plans do not work. We want cuts today, tomorrow, next week, next month and next fiscal year. We want a balanced 2012 budget. We need 40% cuts in the size and scope of the federal government to achieve that. We have thus far wasted over 200 days since the GOP took over the house. Each day we waste we LOOSE another $4 billion. How much longer are we going to allow this madness to continue? Regardless of the debt ceiling level, the federal government is 40% UNFUNDED!

    15. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Cut, Cap, and Balance is the only way to deal with the debt.

    16. DEAN says:

      It is time for McConnell and Reid to retire. They are apparently both senile.

    17. Whicket Williams says:

      You are just as Bad-your Idea of helping is sending you money-WRONG!!! Bomboarding congress and the whitehouse with E-mails and phone calls is WAY more effective than sending money to people who have to be slapped back into line by a judge when caught trying to steal from children!

    18. Sam Lieberman says:

      It would also help if liberal democrats and the Obama re-election team were not aware of the powerful advantage they have because the media is on their side. For the record the ratio of liberal to conservative
      TV media is 7 to 1. The Republican leadership, the RNC and the rank and file create and use strategy and
      tactics that pretends this imbalance does not exist. As soon as Obama said there might not be enough money
      to pay social security checks the public's opinion on the debt ceiling shifted toward him. The liberal democrats are winning using the only tool they have in surplus, the sizzle of vivid misinformation because they do not have substance and 80% of the public do not get your email letters, read the WSJ or watch the news during the day. However the debt ceiling debate resolves it better be a lesson to the Republicans and conservatives
      better devise a strategy that deals with and uses the media to it's advantage rather than complain about it.
      The priority mandate of November 2010 was to elect a conservative republican President in 2012.

    19. KC - NM says:

      Spending must get under control and this must include how we provide billions of dollars around the globe. We must take care of America first – the rest of the world can wait. The spending issue is not just the internal spending but external as well. The debt ceiling is high enough and immediate control of excessive spending will slow down or stop the amount of debt being added. Revenue amounts can be improved by killing the current tax system and invoking a flat tax where everyone pays something, no deductions, no exceptions. Once we get this liberal beast under control, we need to focus on the infrastructure of America. We have many who are out of work who can contribute to the rebuilding of America. No longer can we continue to provide for 50% of this country who do not pay taxes and have the ability to work or contribute to their communities. It is time for real change. It is not time for Obama's "yes we can" but it is time for America's "yes we can and we must change now and in 2012".

    20. Stanishr says:

      The painful part is that a common sense solution that fixes the economic black hole this administration has constructed might rescue this fool in the whitehouse for a second term. May be best that we let them keep their self destructive ways so they can be voted out in bulk in 2012. Damage control for now.

    21. H. McKay says:

      Hidden in the rhetoric and not fully explained is the elimination or reduction of many tax preferences, notably home interest reduction. Depending on the extent of this it could have a chilling effect on the already depressed housing market if it includes primary residences. If it 'only' extends to second home, entire communities could be in for a catatropic hit. Many folks buy boats and , RVs because the interest on them qualifies for the deduction The folks who build those things would be put out of work and the small towns they live in would be decimated.

    22. West Texan says:

      Well said Ed. Personally, A balanced budget amendment doesn't amount to anything as DC will always be out of control no matter what rules are in place. That's why our country must return to federalism as designed by its founders. This means ALL domestic items, like entitlements, returned to the individual states where these concerns rightfully belong. Conservatives should be working toward this goal without compromise. It's definitely a fight as the nation is currently headed down the same destructive path as ancient Rome, et al. Our republic is slowly disintegrating to anarcho-socialism. This is the ultimate goal of big government social progressives. Where is Zapata when you least need him?

    23. @afghanmoon says:

      We could call it "Dam the River Kwai!"

    24. As usual, Heritage and its' founder call the right shot.

      Memo to GOP establishment hacks: No deal is better than a bad deal. Any deal that (1) fails to cut spending by at least as much as the debt ceiling is raised, and (2) introduces one new red cent in taxes is a bad deal.

      Side notes for the Gang of Defeatist Hacks in the Senate: Giving *any* legislative discretion to Senate Democrats or Barry's Progressive gang is a bad deal. And btw – "comprehensive" tax reform has three parts: lower rates, flatten the base, and simplify the code. I only hear you talking about two so far. Bad deal.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

      • LibertyAtStake says:

        Reports of Boehner's supposed deal in the works obligate me to make this clarification …

        Condition (1) *MUST* be met by current year *real* cuts – no outyear promises count anymore.

        d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
        "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    25. Carl Viens says:

      Your “Bridge Over The River Kwai” analogy is apt, but you got it wrong. The British Colonel did NOT help destroy the bridge. In fact, up to the last moment, he tried to stop its destruction; he had to be SHOT by one of his own before the bridge fell. I believe that although you got the plot wrong, the actual ending of the movie is much more appropriate for the situation at hand. The members of the Gang of Six need to be figuratively, I repeat figuratively SHOT by our Republican Party for betraying our cause. It is this kind of Rockefeller-Blue-Blood arrogance which prevents me from donating a nickel to the Repubilcan Party. We need another Reagan.

    26. Norm LA says:

      A half of one trillion seems like, not much, compared to 14 trillion and growing. But it has to be implemented the day after the bill is signed and not Reagan part II or Bush 41 part II, where the cuts never happened, but the spending did. With more Republican governors and state legislators, the opportunity is now to amend the Constitution. Who is standing in the way ? The same Democrats that won in 2006 saying the Republicans spent too much money. However Obama does not have the guts to sign this if Filthy Harry allows a vote that wins the day. Because Obama is more interested in Obama now than the American people, more so that normal and would not go against the grain of his remaining supporters who want more job killing tax increases. Obama wants the break down of America to continue. It is his plan. Stand pat, Mr. Boehner [and not because your caucus will not go for it], but because we all need to win this battle

    27. Jim Reinarz says:

      I don't understand why there is no discussion about reducing the size of the federal government? Why not reduce the federal budget by 30% – freeze hiring? This would go along why to help reduce the budget. The size of the government has grown out of sight the last 10years. We the taxpayer need help. We are not a continual source of money. Just raise taxes the lemmings will go along with it…enough………..

      • Robert says:

        Carter and Reagan both tried across the board cuts and they did not work. Like a school district the bureaucrats always cut the most sensitive programs (laying off teachers), so people will scream that they want the services restored. The end result is more taxes and none of the fat gets cut. Defense, transportation, criminal justice, and homeland security could not survive 30% cuts. The only place to cut is welfare, social security and medicare. For people that do not want to "touch" social security or medicare, that means we really have to cut welfare programs. Everyone screams about foreign aid, which is less than 1% of the total federal budget.

      • ba dams says:

        dont be a wimp like heritage
        we need to cut federal pay by 50%
        and fire at least 40% of the worthless "workers"

    28. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Where are the cuts?? I keep hearing about "THe rich" I forgot how many in Both houses, including Nancy, crybaby, Pelosi, and Harry, you don't get it, Reid, are millionaires, If these "FAT CATS" want so much to tax middle class (that's the ones earning about 150,000 to 250,000) WHY DON"T THEY cut their pay and pare back all the goverment spending up to Medicare and Social secuirty and pay to military. The last three should be the last things to be cut, not including fraud that is there. Social Security and Medicare are not intitlements, we were given no choice as to joining either or not. Medicaid is different it's not funded other than federal and local goverment and is full of fraud both in suppliers and users, same with food stamps and housing allowances, all should be available ONLY to citizens and those here LEGALLY, soc. sec. and meicare only if they paid in to the fund. WE, the USA, needs to stop bailing other countries out of their problems while we sink in debt.

    29. authorblanton says:

      Cut, Cap and Balance is the way out of our financial crisis. The problem: it will take away the control over our money that the members of congress and the president so enjoy. More importantly it will force legislators to debate the issues rather than spending most of their time planting earmarks to enrich themselves and their friends. All people who care about our country MUST unite to vote them out of office. http://theheartofislam.wordpress.com

    30. Pete Houston says:

      The republicans should not back down from the House Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan. If Harry and Obama let it go into the ditch when they are the wheel, then they will get the fall out at the next election. The republicans know what is right and they need to stick to it. Leave your TV's and monitors off until after Aug 2nd and don't get swayed by biased polls and junk journalism.

    31. Bill says:

      You are correct in your analysis. To get this done however what's wrong with Tax reform as part of the immediate solution. We need to encourage corporations to bring funds held in foreign countries home. Why not provide a tax incentive to allow this to happen? Why not close some of the obvious loop holes, obtain bipartisan support and move forward? There is no doubt we must reduce spending and pass a balance budget admendment. This won't happen if we conservatives keep pushing and advocating for a one party (conservatives principals only) political system. As much as we would like this to happen it won't. Liberals are not going away. We all need to get real.

    32. Frank says:

      "Let’s be clear. As of this moment, only one plan in Congress attempts transformative change that puts America on the path to getting spending under control before raising the debt limit. That is the Cut, Cap and Balance Act passed by the House of Representatives on Monday night. It isn’t perfect, but it is definitely a step in the right direction."

      That is partly true. There is another plan: refuse to raise the debt ceiling, PERIOD! No, we won't default on the debt or Social Security payments, but we will then be forced to make DRASTIC cuts in everything else. We also can throw in payments for Medicare & checks to our troops. Everything else is "on the table" for cuts or elimination… especially DEFUND OBAMACARE!! The fear that drastic cuts in Federal spending will worsen the recession is overblown. In fact, many economists predict that without the Federal Government monopolizing all the borrowing, more money will be available for investment by private businesses & for creation of more jobs. Couple that with elimination of many government rules, regulations & permanently fixing (better yet, LOWERING) the tax rates, the economy would probably BOOM!! Tax receipts would increase, not decrease with more certainty in the system for businesses to bet on, and with elimination of the burdensome specter of ObamaCare.

      We simply cannot afford to continue to add a $Trillion or more debt to our deficit each year over the next 10 years with some vague promise of somehow "growing" our way out of debt with promises of future cuts, caps & spending. We will end up with "smoke & mirrors", more debt & a bigger eventual financial collapse!!

    33. bill says:

      Ed, Thank you for an excellent article. You speak with the voice of sanity for all conservatives. But, will the GOP in both Houses cave-in or hold fast. IMPORTANT: Let us your readers know what happens in today's WH meeting with GOP and dems before the media bias sets the tone and content of that discussion. Surely you have eyes and ears in that meeting who can tell us what was really said by whom at this crucial meeting!

    34. Jim Delaney says:

      LIke nothing else I've seen in my lifetime, this budget battle is a pivotal ideological struggle over the very soul and character of our Republic. Lose this battle, and it's all downhill going forward. Lose this battle, and the neo-Marxists will prevail. And if Obama wins another term by way of the ballot box, I foresee the union's dissolution. Responsible patriots and free enterprise proponents will simply NOT submit. Hyperbole? I really don't think so.

    35. Bob DeBiase says:

      Ed I called up Senator Feinstein's office and encouraged her to vote for Cut Cap and Balance and make changes she thought appropriate and send it back to the House Hope other readers call their Senator today and do the same
      Bob DeBiase
      Marina Del Rey Ca

    36. carol,az says:

      I 'm also a Conservative. We have been in this fight for 14 months.
      The enemy, not the "allies " IS our own Executive Branch of government.
      Yet we continue to state the obvious. No hope, no change no economic recovery package because it has been and will continues to be, smashed by our Commander and Chief.
      The right decision, for America's future is to hold the pig's feet to the fire until it squeals for, Cut, Cap, Defund, and Balance.
      This inaction to do so, is felt on my street, your street, every avenue and back road in America.
      The posturing and pandering for discussion over this issue continues missing the primary issue which is, NO leadership from the Executive Branch.
      The solution is to recall the Executive Branch of government and allow the democratic due process within the check and balances, to allow the Speaker of the House to lead . Millions of us are saying this.

      • Ben C., Ann Arbor, MI says:

        So, John, what happened the LAST time we defaulted? I don’t recall Western civilization coming to an end. I don’t recall government closing down (although the notion is tempting). I do recall a ton of political rhetoric, nothing accomplished, and now the revisitation of the previous problem. Enough is enough. History will repeat itself and we will implode under the weight of the debt unless we make serious changes today. Greece is a nice place to visit – wouldn’t want to live there.

    37. John Nail says:

      This talk is lunacy. Raising the ceiling pays for money already spent and committed to over many years. Not paying the bills is like any of us defaulting on mortgage or car loan.

      of course we have to get revenues and spending in order and get the debt and deficit down but that is a separate debate than paying our bills.

      Default will cost everyone on this post money in higher rates and destroy 235 years of "full faith and credit" and if our borrowing rates go up .5% over 10 years due to this this nonsense will add a TRILLION to the deficit that is pure waste.

      • West Texan says:

        There's enough revenue to pay the bills. The left-wing demagogues, however, want to continue spending to suit their favored overreaching agendas. Sort of like a spoiled rotten kid who has to have the latest mindless contraption at the bereft of others. Conservatives are simply trying to stop such irresponsible madness.

      • Frank says:

        We will NOT default on our debt if we refuse to raise the debt ceiling!
        But what we will do is be forced to slash our spending now & begin to live within our means! That will mean a lot of painful cuts and loss of government jobs as the Federal Government shrinks down. But we have a choice: pain now, or more pain later.
        Best estimate: we will have to cut $1 out of every $3 now spent by the Federal Government. That would allow us to balance our budget, pay interest on the debt & start to pay down the debt a bit each year. Debt that matures will have to be mostly "rolled over" into new debt, except for the part that is paid off & retired. Rolled over debt would still keep us under the present debt ceiling.
        There's no avoiding the pain and we are now technically ALREADY IN DEFAULT by "printing up money out of thin air" & devaluing our currency so as to pay back our debt with increasingly worthless money. People did not lend us money expecting us to be paid back in worthless dollars. All those people should already be very, very angry with us. They would be happier if we hold our debt level where it is now & we pay them back with whatever the US Dollar is now worth today, rather than increase our debt & try to pay them back later with worthless dollars!

      • carol,az says:

        John: You know they will raise it anyway, meanwhile we are paying millions in interest rates. How your Chinese John ? That will press #3 in the near and present future.

    38. @tmman1957 says:

      I continue to read the news articles, comments and opinions and the hours of the days go by without real action being taken, this saddens me as I am an American who is ready and willing to fight for our constution. As long as Americans continue to allow the media and elected officials to play games with our lively hood they will continue to do so. It's time for someone to make it possible for those like me who are ready and willing to act in the best interest for this Country to be able to do so- if only someone would hear!!!

    39. Jim Buzzell says:

      Cut-Cap-Balance: In my opinion there if one glaring flaw in this bill; we should not capitulate on the debt ceiling increase; there should be no increase now or ever in the future. We have enough money to pay our constitutional obligations, with some funds left over which means congress needs to determine which agencies, and department to defund during the march to a balanced budget, since there is not enough money in the current revenues to the government to continue to support those agencies and department, this includes the congressional, and executive branch operating funds which will need to be cut also. Fiscal responsibility starts in the House of Representatives, moves on to the Senate, and ultimately the white house for implementation of what congress has authorized; I know Obama will veto anything that reaches him that scores his socialist dreams, but that is where congress, collectively, needs to step up to the plate and exercise their authority and responsibilities given to them by “We the People”; their authorization comes from no other source. Compromise is a dirty word!

    40. Carolyn Charlton says:

      I want to help but can't monetarily. You see, I am in the mortgage business and Barney decided all mortgage brokers are crooked. My income has been capped, and my business is hanging on my a shoe string. What else can I do? I want to make a difference. We need to have term limits and secure our borders. Most of all we need to impeach Obama and all those who vetted him. Our government is so full of con men and women it is embarrassing!

    41. Bobbie says:

      it's so sad that we even call it a 'fight." Kind of hardens the heart when the "fight" is for freedom from government overreach and a stop to government corruption, abuse and dictate in AMERICA!!!!! There shouldn't be any reason for compromise if Obama is working to avoid bankruptcy?

      Can someone ask Obama what his goal is? Please? Specifically?…just to humor us!? or just so all America will know?

      CUT, CAP AND BALANCE PLEASE! Stick to the American Constitution. AND THE FACT OBAMA IS ONLY A SCHOLAR TO UNDERMINE IT! but let him play dumb and put him on the spot to explain it to him step by step so he can understand the worth it is to all man's freedom and why it's important he respect and conduct his governance accordingly. Be careful when Obama agrees with something!! Stand focused you guys! America(ns) need truth and strength that only you stand to give …

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    43. Ron W. Smith says:

      Yes, Mr. Feulner, instilling fiscal discipline is key. Cut, cap and balance, as presently designed though, leaves lots to be desired. Thorough analysis of spending on domestic programs and areas of concern and spending on National Security–money in, money out for EVERYTHING involved–is required.
      With Medicare and Social Security, earmarked premiums and taxes give both programs substantial incoming revenue–if not enough to cover all present needs, substantial amounts. With Medicaid and other social welfare programs, just as with National Security, there are no incoming revenues of the kinds Medicare and Social Security enjoy. All is outgo, which raises the issue of how each can be justified and on what grounds. The present debt ceiling deadline is squarely in the way of what should be national discussion and debate of matters of concern to every American now and in the future. The fact that gridlock in Washington, D.C., is the result of politicians unable to confront and collectively solve big problems makes the necessity of such discussion and debate ever more important, for the hijacking of America's future in the name of political agendas is not at all acceptable. We elect politicians with the idea they'll do what is best for us all–every one of us. Their behavior, however, creates doubt that they can.
      I recommend temporary extension of the debt ceiling, raising it as necessary, followed immediately by open discussion and debate in which all of us can participate. Boggy to say the least. Better that than the quagmire our elected officials have, by default, created.

    44. David Bess says:

      "We have to pass it to know what's in it" were proncess Nancy's exact words about obamacare. Now the same dems are trying to pick apart the minor detals of the only sensible solution to our country's debt problem. If we could have read the obamacare bill we would have realized it was "control the American people bill", nothing to do improving health care.
      Our constitution was written to protect the people from the government. An amendment to have a balanced budget fits perfectly and should be given a chance. Let the American people decide through the ratification process.
      We already owe our kids and grand kids $14 ,000,000,000,000 that we have squandered. Not getting control of our debt problems says we just don't care as long as we get what we want. Not much of a legacy for our generation.

    45. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      Boehner and the boys will cave. Boehner is much more interested in playing golf with Barry than he is with saving a Country. You underestimate the thinking of the Republican lifers. All they care about is sustainability of their job. The media will go after them as racist if they stick to a position and embarrass Obama and public opinion will go against them.

      • Robert says:

        Another great post by Dr. Sinopoli. Yes, Boehner will cave – and the 240 republicans that voted for him as Speaker EXPECT him to cave – that is what they voted for. Obama is the Premier; Boehner, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer and McConnell are the Central Committee, and Congress is the Politburo. Voting republican is like going to Ruth Chris and ordering the filet mignon – but they give you a dry hot dog.

      • ba dams says:

        we need to purge the rinos and neocons and take back the GOP by building it on a base of responsible GREEN TEA party people

    46. Dannie Woodard says:

      Many years ago, the highly respected editor of US News and World Report (I think) wroth his editoral on debt and predicted that we were approaching the point where interest payments would surpass our means of payment. In the years since, what kind of math have our leaders been using?

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    48. Donald DaCosta says:

      Where is Heritage's footprint in this seemingly endless debate? How does any proposal emanating from the Republican led House, no matter the efficacy, ever get past the democratic attack machine or have any chance of passage in the Senate or past this Presidents veto pen?

      The Democrats have one goal and it does not include America's best interests; it's pull out all the unethical political stops to heap sufficient condemnation and blame on the Republicans for the economic disaster sure to follow, to ensure Obama's reelection, retention of the Senate and a reversal of the 2010 landslide that gave the House to what they consider their vile enemy.

      Until the back of the enormous Democratic political machine is broken, America is going to continue down this road of "transformation" into a 2nd rate, impoverished nation of victims waiting for the government goose to lay the golden egg they're perpetually promised but have yet to be given.

      With the ease with which this machine executed the most disastrous con in American political history in 2008, America's future looks dim.

    49. Jill Maine says:

      The liberal media can only succeed in shoving BHO down our throats because we have a glut of idiots in the country who are totally misinformed but still go out to vote. I blame the America voter. I recently saw a former colleage at the store and I was going to say high but he was wearing an anti-Bush tee shirt and I said to myself, don't even bother. When the hell are the anti OBama shirts gonna come out?

    50. Dean says:

      McConnell and Reid need to retire.

    51. goldtracker says:

      While I agree with you the reality it seems anymore is that no one but a few in DC cares to do anything to cut their spending and special projects. That goes for both sides of the isle. Power and greed are at the core of this mess and until some men and women with integrity are willing to cut the limb on which they hang, nothing will be accomplished.

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    53. RedBaker says:

      Make Cut, Cap and Balance the one and only take-it-or-leave-it deal. Adjourn the House until normal resumption of business in September. Don't play games with the professional cheats who run DC.

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    55. Andrew Pike says:

      Perhaps I read the wrong book version of "The Bridge on the River Kwai" and saw the wrong version of the film, too. From what I remember, the British colonel didn't get his patriotic wits about him soon enough and, as a result, the British commandos had to pull off a frantic Plan B to blow up the bridge. A commando had made the mistake of killing the Japanese officer who was walking the riverside with the British colonel, assuming that when he introduced himself to the colonel all would be well. Instead, when the colonel learned of the plan to blow the bridge his men had built for the Japanese, he fought his own countryman in order to keep him from "pushing the button." In the end, one of the commandos remarked, "It appears that we killed the wrong officer."

    56. Steven Cohen says:

      Other than spending limits tied to the GDP and a host of waivers that make that spending limit seem rather meaningless..where are the specifics of how to cut. The GOP asks the president specifics but supplies none of their own in a bill they all voted to pass. Its more posturing by more corrupt politicians..just like the old joke how do you know when a politician is lying….his lips are moving.

      In a fundamental way the Cut, Cap and Balance is a good idea but so was the 1985 deficit limit plan..which was ignored so we could cut taxes to fight two wars and fund it by selling treasuries to the rest of the world….maybe we caouls just ask the rest of the world to forgive our debt just as we have forgiven so much of the debt to so many countries when they were in a bind.

      • wmba dams says:

        cut cap and balnce is too little too slow
        we need to balance the budget now and have no deficit spending at all

    57. George says:

      The people spoke last September and will not tolerate any more of the business as usual in Washington. The cut, cap and balance amendment is a great start and the Republicans have to be strong and not waiver at all. They don't have too as the democrates have yet to come up with any plan that makes any sense or stops the run-away debt train. And, I'm sick and tired of them referring to Social Security as an entitlement. We pay 15% of our income and that's matched by our employer to the government to be held in an escrow account until the day we start collecting…so it's not a governemnt handout, it's all OURS! And, if you never paid into it then you should not be entitled to collect it as our politicians do. Let's stop the madness and get down to real ideas that will save our country please.

    58. John Sellers says:

      How will the Cut, Cap, and Balance bill reduce the debt since as I read it, it specifically excludes Medicare and Social Security from the cuts and caps? I thought that Medicare and Social Security are the two largest components of the debt.

    59. MikeHebert says:

      Good stuff f/t country economics. I actually understood most of it. Now, can we put action to ideas? Nevermind partiism. Let’s fix this mess BEFORE it’s not fixable. I’ve asked before, so say I again, WHERE is the Solomon of our day? The David who sought God’s heart(even when he messed up), WHERE is the Hezekiah(terminal,yet Knew from whence came his help), yeah – WHERE is the wholehearted public servant who stands on the rocks of the foundations on which this nation firmly was established???I’m surviving day by day, KNOWING HE REIGNS/CONTROLS

    60. Fred McFarlin says:

      It's time to get vociferously specific on just WHERE the unconstitutional spending is killing our Constituional America: Dept of Ed – 20..2B Pell grants & Spec Ed programs; Food/Nutrition – 9.3 B; DO Energt – 3.5 B; EPA – 0.9B; HHS – 8.1 B; Fed Transportaion Admin – 1.3B; HUD – 6.7. SHUT THEM ALL DOWN, RETURN THE RESPONSIBILITY TO THE STATES, LET THEM DECIDE!

    61. Bobalu says:

      The movie "Bridge on the River Kwai" as a parable for the author's point of view? Turns out it is inadvertently apt. It's a great story but just a story, you know … fantasy.

    62. R. Lynn Darnell says:

      I'm intotal agreement that needless waste of tax dollars must be stopped. We need to stop sending American tax dollars to those countries that kill their own people,blow up their buildings,for the American tax payers to foot the bill.
      There has been fighting since time began,but there should be no fighting at all.
      People should work together,the world would be a much better place.
      We have a perfect world,but sad to say, MESSED UP people in it.
      I possibly could get into some serious trouble with the things that I say,but I have the same rights as anyone on this earth.
      We need to STOP THE GREED.
      Yes the same as anyone I have rights, and I will by God execise my rights.
      I as many others have done paid taxes for many years,so old age wouldn't be too hard, they're trying to make it hard by stopping our means of living.
      I'm quite certain that many others feel the same way I do, we do not like it !

    63. chris B. says:

      Let's draw the line. Let's stand firm on our belief and our principle that a smaller government is a better government. The reason why obama wants to raise the debt ceiling, first and foremost is to pay back all his contibutors with what they call stimulus package. His goal is to raise 1 billion dollars for his re-election campaign. If this guy wins re-election believe me, he will say he has the mandate of the American people and he will raise taxes, give more money to his contributors, through another stimulus package and we will owe more money than anybody could imagine. Always have this in mind comes election time. Defeat obama.

    64. Faith911 says:

      The American people do not want compromise they want the spending to stop and the debt paid off ASAP…… What is about that the people in Washington don't understand????????????? Do your job or we will replace you with someone who will!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    65. JSNYC says:

      of anything, and therefore do not rally behind necessary legislation and against bad legislation.
      Q. Who will MAP LEGISLATION and identify controversial provisions with references, poll constituents, and identify support, refuse or rep;eal legislation…and then poll constituents?
      Q. Is there a need for READ THE BILL TIME on talk shows, TV and town halls, and photo fingerprint proof of citizenship to vote if the US is ever to have fair elections again?

    66. Linda Manes says:

      I can not stress enough my disgust with the Washington D.C. establishment. Our Founding Fathers wanted us to work for what we received. I know receive Social Security Disability after working for 40 years for the State of Illinois. That was while I was in a power wheelchair as the result of polio as a child. So, for those healthy individuals who "make" so much off of Medicaid, Aid to Dependent Children, etc. try flipping a burger and get thee sterilized so you dont compound your problems!

      Basically work through the entitlements and make sure what is needed, otherwise rid the bloat!!

    67. cindi says:

      Ed you rock!!! Thank God for a great mind like yours!

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