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  • Lunch with Heritage Chat on the Budget Plans

    Click here to join our “Lunch with Heritage” online chat. We are joined by Heritage’s Senior Fellow in Government Studies Brian Darling. He is taking your questions about the “Gang of Six” plan, the Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan, and the August 2 deadline.

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    5 Responses to Lunch with Heritage Chat on the Budget Plans

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      Before we accept any of these 10 year plans, look at what the federal Congrssional Budget Office said this last May:

      "In January 2001, CBO's baseline projections showed a cumulative surplus of $5.6 trillion for the 2002-2011 period. The actual results have differed from those projections because of subsequent policy changes, economic developments that differed from CBO's forecast, and other factors. As a result, the federal government actually ran deficits from 2002 through 2010 and will incur a deficit in 2011 as well. The cumulative deficit over the 10-year period will amount to $6.2 trillion, CBO estimates—a swing of $11.8 trillion from the January 2001 projections."

      Do not accept any deal that raises the debt ceiling. We want a balanced budget for FY2012 and we want cuts to start TODAY. THe CBO was wrong by over $11 trillion in the last 10 year plan that went into place to pay for the last 10 years of massive spending.

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    3. Ralph Grant says:

      What's this about SHARED SACRIFICE when 47% of the tax returns pay zero to maybe 2.7% federal tax. And how about those who pay no tax and then get earned income credit refunds? When I first came into the work force in 1966 my partial years adj gross income was only $2788.03 but my tax was $351.05 or 12.595%. It carried on like that thru 1976 where my adjust gross income was $25513.00 and my tax was $4224.00 or 16.556%. Why is that there are so many people paying no taxes now. It seems through the tax laws we have created a large somewhat dependent group who can vote , but pay no taxes. Where is the SHARED SACRIFICE?

      Ralph G

    4. John A Salter says:

      The reason I have decided to enter the Presidential race is that I know how to cure the budget deficit, make States far less prone to bankruptcy, re-employ 10 million in good-paying jobs (no burger flipping), end illegal immigration without any fence, lower gas prices to near $1 per gallon, vastly increase production of wealth and a few other things that it seems no current candidate knows how to do nor has strength of character to do anything positive about these and other problems we Americans are now suffering. But I need help–Anyone able and willing please contact me. THANKS! –js

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