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  • Bloomberg Harms Environment with Gift to Sierra Club

    Sometimes things don’t work out the way we expect. New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg today announced a $50 million gift to the Sierra Club. His motive? “Coal is a self-inflicted public health risk…and the leading cause of climate disruption.”

    But what will actually come out of the Bloomberg gift?

    1) The Sierra Club is likely to be more effective in attacking the U.S. coal industry;

    2) U.S. coal production will therefore not reach the level it might have without the gift;

    3) U.S. coal exports are then unlikely to reach the level they might have;

    4) Top importers, such as China and India, will have to mine more of their own coal or import more from non-American sources;

    5) Top exporters, such as Indonesia and Russia, are likely to export more.

    There are other important implications of American coal production, like job growth and cheaper electricity. But the environmental component is the one most often based on wish fulfillment. Just because you don’t like coal, Mr. Mayor, doesn’t mean it will go away.

    The punch line: Coal production in China, India, Indonesia, and Russia (as well as some other major producers) is dirtier than American production. Cut our output and raise theirs and you get more “climate disruption” and other environmental consequences.

    One result of the Bloomberg gift to the Sierra Club: greater ecological risk.

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    15 Responses to Bloomberg Harms Environment with Gift to Sierra Club

    1. Alan says:

      This is total non-sense, if we burn natural gas or nuclear or convert to solar, wind or what ever it will help air and water quality and lower our impact on global climate change. Other countries often follow our lead and if they don't the death of the planet will be at their hands not ours. The great irony here is that science has always been our scret weapon and central to our success, to deny global warming science just because coal and oil lobbyist plus the bubba right yell louder than anyone else will hasten our decline as a world power.

      • james farver says:

        IThe earth has been forever evolving just like science. The have found hydrocarbons on other plants like we have here in oil. So oil is being produced by the planet and not decaying plants and dinosaurs. Oil wells have been pumped dry and then years later new oil. The environmental movement is just the new world order and wealth distribution. Think about it were exporting coal to China that don't care about as much or have as many safe guards and environment protections. Were in debt with twO and liquid hold right in the ground. It is a currency collapse that will make a 2 party political systems seem unable to move and we will see the currency collapse and 3 empires with one world currency. Usa, China, and Europe. Check out the trilaterial commission. Bill Clinton. Signed baggage and cat. Free trade with China Mexico and Canada. Then the affordable housing act making government back mortgages with an unlimited amount if money. Then ended the steagall glass act. The law from 1933 to 1999. That let wall street in on the mortgages. This is to collapse the dollar. One world currency. Carter started it self of energy to take more control of are resources. To make us non dependant on foreign oil. It did the opposition. Then dept of education to sun down the youth and propaganda then with environmental concerns. We have mire oil then Saudi Arabia reserves. Check the USGS Gov web site. So why go broke. We have many environment safe guards certainly more than China. Where China is putting 50mw of new coal online.every week. We clean they pollute 10xs as more then we clean. Net negative effect in climate change. Why. Coal is the cheapest form if energy. Wealth redistribution. Plain and simple. Plus the world is over populated for the financiars that control the world. They are atheist and evil. Check out YouTube and gooogle it. This has happened before. The plan of world control of money and resources. They tried before Russia and China WWI and WWII. Russia went to communism and Germany to socialist. We are heEd down the road if more don't demand they follow the constitution.

    2. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Wow this article pushes the limit on stupidity! I think I've heard everything now . . Let's not do the right thing because if we do the rest of the world will compensate and do more of the wrong thing . . !! There's and absurd analogy here somewhere . . !!

      • Thomas says:

        CO2 levels are rising, but the planet is cooling. The AGW hoax has been revealed, but the true believers keep insisting it is true. The Flat Earth Society is now accepting applications for membership. Sign up, dummies.

        • eagle275 says:

          Right on! Don't ya just love it when a liberal tries to tell you it's raining when they are peeing on your leg?

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    4. Olivia says:

      When the cost of electricity skyrockets, those of us paying higher energy bills will probably also pay higher taxes to subsidize the poor so they can run their air conditioners.

    5. Ardath Blauvelt says:

      The argument isn't silly: there's NO viable alternative energy except nuclear and natural gas and the environmentalist lobby in the West decries and blocks both. Our economy will only suffer more as we wander down these mythical paths of doomsday destruction. We've been predicting our demise since we began. Not only will Russia, China and India continue mining, using and exporting carbon-based energy, but they are also growing their economies exponentially. Since they are not consigning their futures and success to ideological boogie-men, they will lead the world, not follow us into decline. He who laughs last, laughs best — my bet is on the practical, realistic, modern use of natural resources; not the over-wrought fear-mongering regressives trying to throw us back to the stone age.

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    7. RJ Griggs says:

      Thank God for Bloomberg and the EPA finally tightening the noose on coal- the dinosaur power industry. As a Texan, whose coal plants not only contaminate our air but those of neighboring states, its time coal plants clean up or close down. It’s time to embrace new technologies while those who’ve known for more than 15 years that they’ve needed to clean up be forced to use cleaner technology or be eliminated.

    8. Bob Schildgen says:

      The argument that reduced U.S. coal exports will harm the environment just does not stand up to the facts. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, China imports only a tiny amount of coal, and actually exports slightly more than it imports. So U.S. coal exports will obviously have no effect on China. The U.S. doesn't even export that much coal in the first place. In 2009 we exported a net amount of only 3.4% of our coal production, less than in 1960! Last year our net exports went up some, to 5.7%, but certainly not enough to have a major impact. One of the biggest problems with us Americans is our inflated sense of self-importance, of which this ballyhoo about coal is a good example. Also, as one commentator said, it is quite true that we set an example for the world, and if we do the right thing, the world will follow. In fact, the Europeans have done such a great job following us that some European nations have surpassed us environmentally, and are now beating us in developing alternative energy. Despite its dependence on coal, China is also rapidly developing wind and solar energy technologies, and, for an underdeveloped country is making some serious progress in cleaning up the environment. The true threat to the environment—and the economy—are not restrictions on gouging out more coal, but that we will be left behind, despite our technological genius, and stuck burning fossil fuel while the rest of the world goes to wind, solar, efficiency, and energy conservation. (We use twice as much energy as some European countries.) Sadly, our situation has been aggravated by the fossil fuel industry insofar as it opposes alternative energy and keeps us at the mercy of coal and oil.

    9. Jeff Crunk says:

      As impressed as I am by the energy illiteracy of Mr. Scissors, Ph. D., I'm even more impressed by the energy literacy and worldly sophistication of some comments in this thread, Mr. Schildgen in particular. I'll just echo some already great points.

      Coal's share of total U. S. electric production relative to other grid sources declines every year. This has been going on for decades. Mayor Bloomberg and the Sierra Club can only accelerate the trend. And, why is it a bad thing if U.S. coal's inevitable demise is hastened? Oh, well, of course. It's bad for the coal industry. Americans who have to live with the sulpher, ozone, lead, mercury, particulates, fly ash, and the carbon, really aren't going to mind getting their electricity from one of the many other options utilities are bringing online to replace coal. Mr. Scissors writes as if we're living in 1960s America, as if we couldn't afford better or know better.

      But, we all know coal makes our dirtiest electricity by far. To clean it up raises its price, hastening its irrelevance with respect to other sources, which is why coal heavily funds certain front groups to attempt to write disingenuous articles about "clean coal" while lobbying to delay abatement policies. But, I digress. As the intrinsically cleaner options have matured, high efficiency gas generation, wind generation, and recently, solar generation, they've caught up technologically. Utilities now look to shutter coal in favor of the alternatives not just because the alternatives don't make their customers sick, an admittedly nice perk, but also because they are price competitive options.

      Case in point, San Antonio Texas where CPS energy's initial large scale solar farm has been so successful that the municipally owned utility announced in August that it's upped its bid for the next solar plant, from 50 megawatts to 400 megawatts. Incidentally, as part of the bid, the city is interested in the jobs the solar industry can bring along with it. American job growth in a globally maturing industry. Think we could have some of that? Or does The Floundery think it's patriotic to go down with the coal ship?

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