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  • Morning Bell: Conservative Solutions, White House Attacks

    With the nation staring down $14 trillion in debt, a Senate that has failed to pass a budget in 811 days, and a government that can’t decide how to raise the debt ceiling, you might think that a plan to get spending under control and solve the debt ceiling impasse would be a welcome breath of fresh air in Washington. Well, it might be, unless you’re President Barack Obama or liberals on Capitol Hill.

    Today, the U.S. House is set to vote on a Republican-sponsored plan known as “Cut, Cap, and Balance” that “would cut spending by $5.8 trillion over 10 years, cap future spending and require Congress to approve a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget before raising the debt ceiling by $2.4 trillion,” as The Wall Street Journal reports.

    Our sister advocacy organization, Heritage Action for America, announced yesterday that it supports Cut, Cap, and Balance as a step in the right direction, but it’s a plan that the President has given short shrift. White House press secretary Jay Carney described the plan as “duck, dodge and dismantle,” and the White House blog warns that the spending cuts it requires would burden “seniors and the most vulnerable” and would be “harmful to the economic recovery in the short-term.” (Point of fact: Obama’s trillions of dollars in spending have led to 9.2 percent unemployment and anemic job growth.)

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) office hysterically warned it would “end Medicare” and called the only proposed plan in Washington a “political stunt.”

    These liberal scare tactics echoed the President’s press conference last week in which he struggled to even utter the plan’s name, warned that the measures in the legislation are drastic and that a balanced budget amendment is unnecessary:

    This cap — or cut, cap and balance, for example, when you look at the numbers, what you’re looking at is cuts of half-a-trillion dollars below the Ryan budget in any given year. I mean, it would require cutting Social Security or Medicare substantially.

    I think it’s important for everybody to understand that all of us believe that we need to get to a point where eventually we can balance the budget.  We don’t need a constitutional amendment to do that; what we need to do is to do our jobs.

    It appears that a constitutional amendment is necessary for Congress and the President to do its job, given the continually soaring debt and the Senate’s shocking inability to pass a budget for more than two and a half years. And while the President discounts it out of hand as a crazy idea and “unnecessary”, he might want to talk to his Vice President: Joe Biden voted for the balanced budget amendment in 1997. It’s an idea that Thomas Jefferson expressed support for and is one that has come before Congress regularly since 1936. And it’s an idea that $14 trillion in debt and no balanced budgets proves is indeed necessary.

    Rather than a balanced budget amendment, the President talks often of a “balanced approach” and “shared sacrifice” (code words for raising taxes), demagogues oil companies and the rich, and insists on his own willingness to compromise. But in the President’s lexicon, compromise is a one-way street, he’s driving the car, the country has to come along for the ride, and those who aren’t in his privileged class are left on the curb, along with the economic growth he’s leaving behind.

    The President has threatened to veto Cut, Cap and Balance, a move that House Speaker John Boehner (R–OH) says makes clear “that the issue is not congressional inaction, but rather the president’s unwillingness to cut spending and restrain the future growth of our government.” Obama, instead, would like Congress to go along with his plans for America — and that includes more and more spending. He paints those who oppose him as obstructionist and insists that Congress meet the August 2 deadline for raising the debt ceiling. (Never mind that in 2006, every Democrat, including President Obama, voted against raising the debt ceiling. Was that vote “merely symbolic” or “risking default”?)

    Jason Furman, the deputy director of the National Economic Council called the Cut, Cap and Balance plan “extreme, radical,” and “unprecedented.” Those words could also apply to a White House and Senate that has failed to pass a budget while spending skyrockets to dangerous levels. Rather than threaten vetoes and condemn proposals that seriously tackle America’s serious spending problems, the White House ought to consider that there might be value in a plan that gets government under control.

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    77 Responses to Morning Bell: Conservative Solutions, White House Attacks

    1. toledofan says:

      So, at the end of the day it becomes business as usual for the majority in Congress. Rather than doing what is best for America, it's full speed ahead, damn the torpedoes and do more of the same. Your article pinpoints exactly where the problem lies and clearly shows how the Democrats and especiallay Obama are walking away from their responsibilites and their obligations to their oaths of office. In this entire debacle it's, also, very pathetic, that there are actually people who think Obama is doing a good job or that the real problem lies with the Republicans. Each and every obne of these Democrats is a hypocrite and in the days of the Revolution many would be considered traitors.

    2. Bruce Bonner says:

      Tell Nancy to read the bill this time…..so she knows what is in it……

    3. @SnoBurd says:

      The president is just being a crybaby, as usual. He may know that spending is over the top, but that's why he got the job. He and Michelle only wanted the perks, not the responsibilities. The only way we're going to get spending under control is to pass the Cut, Cap and Balance act, but it will get vetoed for sure. I guess we'll either have to impeach him, or vote him out in 2012.

    4. Alex says:

      BBA isn't flexible enough. Say what you will about TARP and the other stimulus programs, which are obviously highly unpopular in Heritage circles, but TARP at least maintained solvency in the financial sector and the stimulus at least reversed the tsunami of job losses during the recession, even if we haven't seen much job creation lately. Sometimes government investment is needed for job and wealth creation; if you tie spending to revenues then as a recession hits and revenues go down government has no mechanism to help stimulate the economy. Thus the recession gets worse. And imagine what would happen if the US were fighting a war during a recession with the BBA in effect! Although I imagine that would is being taken into consideration by the people writing the proposals for this amendment.

    5. Gayle Marjaniemi says:

      In 2008 our President won over so many with his “charisma” and well chosen words. He has not delivered on jobs, economic recovery, protecting our boarders, strengthening our economic place in the World, but given apologies for us, when not needed. Clearly, I have learned that I have to vote for the man or woman who will deliver more than promises with hidden agendas. Our Nation is at a critical turning point and turning back to the Constitution as the Key document for Governing the Nations concerns and needs of less Government control is vital. Our President and this administration have been great in creating many a big crisis and using manipulation of time restraints, so they can force the opponents into a corner (Republicans or the will of the general public). Then they act as RESCUERS for the Nation and morally right, as they try to spend their way back to prosperity. This plan has failed as would the Healthcare Bill. Our Nation is drowning with too much government controls..stop these games. Thank you and stand firm.

    6. Jim says:

      I am concerned about the proposed balanced budget amendment. The only good thing I see in it is the limit to the Federal Government's spending. The problems I see are numerous. For one, the plan tries to make you feel good that a 2/3 majority of Congress will be required to raise taxes, thus forcing cuts to be made instead. This is overly optimistic, in my opinion, because I think you will have an easier time getting a 2/3 majority to raise taxes than getting a simple majority to agree on what to cut.

    7. Jack Lloyd says:

      I wonder why the Republican leadership never mentions GE and former chairman J Immelt. GE earns a great profit, but pays no taxes, and Obama keeps talking about making profitable corporations pay their share. I want the Republicans to hold the White House and democrats feet to the fire. It is time for strength and endurance on the part of those who love America.

      • Peggy Brittain says:

        AND, don't forget that Obama appointed Immelt to be his jobs czar. This is the same Immelt who drove NBC into the ground and laid off 20,000 employees at GE to send those same jobs overseas. OUR GE lightbulbs now say "made in Mexico" or "made in China". Oh yes, Immelt is the perfect jobs czar to get our economy going again. LOL

    8. CHRISTOPHER says:

      I am a "senior" Citizen, (USMC Vet 1968-75, Capt. Regular Commission). Barack is not my Commander-in-Chief nor does he represent my interests in any manner. I do not approve of the proposed legislation and support the stated position of the Republican position whole-heartedly!!!!!!!!!!

    9. Where is the budget Mr. President? Where have you spent the trillions of dollars, Mr. President?

      Without a budget we should not give this President and this Congress one more penny. They have wasted trillions of dollars. I like the cut, cap and balance approach. Of course they don't want this. They just want to keep spending and not be accountable the American people!

    10. Barbara Lowe says:

      I believe we should stop more spending, cap the debt ceiling, and budget what we have. I do not believe we need to amend the constitution again. Just let the congress do what they have to do. The more we amend the constitution, the less power it has. It tells us how we can impeach a president that does not comply with the will of the people. Let us do that instead of amending to keep a non compliant president in office.

    11. Richard says:

      Go Obama!!! Evebn a majority of Republican feel tax increases are in order.

    12. George Parson says:

      Republicans were sent to Washington to cut spending and derail the Obama,Pelosi,Reid runaway train.
      Woe unto them if they fail to do so!

    13. Terry Stone says:

      The Cut, Cap, and Balance Bill needs to be passed by the House and action by the Senate and President on it is not their responsibility. If the needed cuts are obtained in an organized way, that's fine. If they are obtained in a disorganized way by failing to meet the August 2 date, that's fine too.

    14. Rich Hanson says:

      Maybe it'd get more traction if it was labeled "Cut The Crap and Balance the Budget" plan.

      • Steven says:


        In the current environment where everyone is chasing after the cliche'd soundbite, I doubt anyone would want to have their names attached to such a brash title, but I personally love it! :)

    15. KHALL says:

      Enough – Restore/Remove the Bush Tax Cuts Raise the income tax on 250k Single 350k Couple. Raise the debt ceiling and get serious on budget cuts now not this 10 year stuff. Cut the illegal alien costs and re-call and close all military personal and facilities that are overseas now, close all Embassies and stop all foreign aid now.

      • Todd says:

        Isolationism is what lead to World War II. Do we want to repeat that history. Mistakes of the past do not make any better sense or a good course of action today as they did 80 years ago.

    16. snydrhrry says:

      I have to say, reluctantly, that Obama knows that the U.S. cannot continue to spend trillions, increasing the debt ceiling as if it were only a suggestion, not a law. I am convinced that he, and his advisers, known and unknown, (e.g. Soros),know that at some point we WILL be like Greece or Ireland in or on the edge of national bankruptcy, with a national debt equaling or exceeding the GDP, and that huge interest payments will consume so much of the budget that not only his favorite cuts in Defense, but other vital areas will suffer large cuts, (e.g. Medicare), as well.
      They know all this, and they are using it to advance the agenda to create a United States with a weak Defense Department and a weak, austere economy, continuing high unemployment, shortages, if not rationing of energy. China will become the sole Superpower and behave accordingly. (But a Democrat controlled government will continue to enjoy high salaries and benefits and pensions).

    17. Steve Cafaro says:

      It's so sad that the aruments between liberals and conservatiives, Republicans and Democrats transcend the needs of America. Neither party has it right and the divide grows more severe as years of conflict has resulted in the dysfunctional economy and political system we have today.

      A major first step is to restore the tens of millions of jobs, thousands of factories and the complete industries that have been outsuurced to foreign countries. This exodus of oppotunity has left America with a structural unemployment problem, lackluster economic growth, a rising national deficit compounded by a 40 year unbroken string of trade deficits, and the sad rhetoic of both parties who are either totally naive of economic principals or are simply corrupted beyond redemption.

      This approach is simplistic and wise leaders would quickly agree that it is imperative for the USA to be able to provide for her needs if our Country is to survive as a free, independent and sovereign Nation. Stop the manipulations and spin —- America needs to go back to work NOW!

    18. Bobbie says:

      With the democrats deliberate scare tactics ask specifically "why?" why they suggest what they claim certain? They shoot out the fear, clueless to corrections. We, as living independently and barely free, are threatened by government costs stretched beyond the government's constitutional duties. What are they doing to increase freedom and independence to those that aren't that continue to weigh down the freedoms of this country? What are they doing for the willingness of mankind to do for themselves???? America cannot evolve into socialism it wasn't the intent of the founders to build the people of a country strong, free and independent, then weaken it to socialism!!!!!! Obama isn't protecting us, he's protecting himself and his own, building his strength with our money!

      Cut the social crap charities fulfill and everything that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ALL AMERICA AS A WHOLE!!!!!! The constitution must be preserved and interpreted correctly. Proper governing does that through conduct. We want government controlled and constitutionally!! Otherwise the government is in full force, working against us!!!!!!!

      • Robert says:

        Great post, Bobbie. That is precisely what millions of Americans voted for last November. Only, Nothing has been done. And now, people only want to talk about big, bad obama (who is a worthless puppet) – instead of the perpetual, lying republicans that have wasted our time, our votes and our trust.

    19. Jim Seavey says:

      I think ypou folks are absolutley correct in all aspects of the 'budget' so called crisis. Obama and his 'cronies' do not want to hear any truth accept the ones that keep them in totoal control of everything. If they are allowed to continue unchecked, I am afraid they will get more than they everwanted from us 'ignorant, less tahn them'underlings. Keep up the great work!

    20. Curt Krehbiel says:

      Legislation that permits raising the debt ceiling should be coupled with legislation that forbids future borrowing and provides a plan to retire the national debt. It is insane to continue in perpetuity using 40 percent of the governments income from taxes just to pay interest on the debt with no provision for reducing the debt.

    21. Craig Brougher says:

      The issue is NOT new taxes or the debt limit, or even a balanced budget. It should be a BUDGET!

      How do you start on any of those things without first a working budget? How do you justify raising the ceiling when you don't even have a working, authorized budget? Where are you conservatives coming from? The DEMOCRATS have purposely refused to pass a budget so they cannot be held accountable, legally, and then they gave Obama a book of blank checks.

      I don't think any commentators yet have even figured out their plan, because they haven't mentioned it, and neither have you! yet.

    22. Double Ace says:

      What's new? The liberals on Capital Hill are always shooting down anything that is good for the nation. They are clearly the enemy of the United States, and the US Constitution. When will America wake up, realize they are the enemy, and treat them accordingly? My guess is they won't. This is why the liberals push the politically correct agenda. It is a way of keeping the public in line.

    23. Mike says:

      With Regan proving deficits didn't matter and a decades worth of job creation due to the Bush tax cuts, there shouldn't be much worry about debt now should there?

      Starting with the largest section of the US budget (the military portion that was passed with a $17,000,000,000 increase 2 weeks ago with little discussion) would be a better place to start if you wanted a truly conservative approach to fiscal responsibility, when is the Heritage Foundation going to mention how military spending needs to be addressed?

    24. Guest says:

      The only control Obama wants is to tax and spend us to the poor house. Perhaps people forget his background was a community organizer – organizing people to make their lives better with other people's money. For decades many people have considered the government coffers to be a bottomless money supply. Our liberals refuse to believe they've sucking the well dry.

    25. Lloyd says:

      Should the White House Blog open their site to comments they might learn just how far off base they are.

    26. Dean says:

      V.P. Biden voted for a balanced budget in 1997 and has now changed his mind. Pres. Obama voted against raising the debt ceiling when he was a senator and now wants to raise it. Funny how politicians change their minds to accomodate their ideologies rather than the good of the country. Both of these politicians along with many more have been in office way too long.

      • Alex says:

        You're right, it is funny how politicians change their minds to accommodate their ideologies: all current GOP Congressional leaders voted for 4 debt ceiling increases under Pres. Bush.

    27. Dennis says:

      The obstructionist is the President. He wants everything his way or no way at all. I'm tired of the President's inability to do what is right for this country. He is against everything the majority of people in this country want. It is my sincere hope he is voted out of office because the next president will have to clean up the mess he is creating and will leave behind.

      • Alex says:

        How can you say that? President Obama has offered tons of concessions during these negotiations – $3 trillion in cuts, raising the Social Security age to 67, allowing means-testing for Medicare to name a few. Your comment would definitely earn a "pants on fire" rating from Politifact.

    28. Ron W. Smith says:

      Is there any doubt that politics is about the politicians, not about tackling and solving America's most pressing problems? With the debt ceiling looming, something will happen on that issue. That's for sure. Our paid-to-stall politicos in Washington have successfully evaded problems like the drugs and guns one that has plagued us for decades and, now, plagues Mexico thanks to our druggies and our guns. Illegal immigration has also been a decades-long fiasco thanks to those same politicos caving to interests in the U.S. that benefit from the cheap, readily available labor. And then there are all those other problems like out-of-control health care costs, an overly complicated IRS code, decaying infrastructure, and so on. They go unsolved, but further stalling on the debt ceiling won't happen–the old deadline at hand rule at work.
      Life is complicated for our Senators and Representatives, for they should face issues and must face fund-raising for the current election cycle. Can both be done at the same time? Of course. Will it be easy? Of course not. The two things that will get done are (1) meeting the debt deadline and (2) raising money for the next political campaign. The things that won't get done? You've got it–solving the usually deferred problems, the ones decades old thanks to decades in office congresspeople. They know what politics is about. It's about them and not the nation's problems.

    29. Donald Thorin says:

      We see the hand writing on the wall. The President and liberal Senate have rejected all efforts to free this nation from total bankruptcy. Their constant rejections and responses only expresses their original agenda, bankrupt the United States to impart , some will call it national socialization, it goes much deeper the that, it is the overthrow of democratic republican governance and appointment of a permanent leader with absolute powers. Obama's appointment of czars and justices that do not relate the "Declaration of Independence" to the Constitution should be of great concern to all United States citizens and a red flag to their intentions.

    30. Alvin Holst says:

      Sounds like the same rationale that caused the problem in the first place. Spending out of control and cutting taxes for the wealthiest were not desirable actions that would lead to a balanced budget. The surplus left from the Clinton years was spent and this was the solution, not to balance the budget but give those who could, an opportunity make more money. Coupled with a disregard for oversight from regulatory agencies we had a banking industry out of control. The approach of government oversight from 2001-2009 reminds me of adolescents revolting against parental control. The corporate world exists because of government action and corporations are therefore to be guided by government. I agree with Rich Hanson, "Cut the Crap and Balance the Budget".

    31. Lloyd Scallan says:

      It's all right their in front of us. Prooof that this imposter sitting in the White House is delibertly attempting to collaspe this nation's economical system. This has been Obama's objective from the very beginning when he wanted to "transform" America. What he did not say is he wanted to transform this nation to socialism.

    32. M Evans says:

      Liberals are opposed to a balanced budget for one fundamental reason: They can no longer hide their agenda and lust for power by trans-generational taxation through borrowing. Ultimately, these politicians must be held accountable today, for the decisions they make today. They know that American voters will be faced with two choices. Either the voter will consent to an ever growing impersonal and arbitrary bureaucracy by allowing higher taxation, or the voter will force lower spending which will thereby strip power away from that bureaucracy, and by default place that power back where it belongs, in the hands of the states and the people. The latter is both the greatest virtue of the Republic as founded, and a statist's worst enemy.

    33. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I have to live with in my budget, I don't have a mortgage to pay BUT I do have utilities, medical supplement Ins and a couple of other monthly bills. When my SS check comes I pay my medicare supplement and utiliteis, then the 2 other monthly bills, then and only then I decide how much I can spend on charities and other misc. plus food. It does not make sense to charge groceries as you have long eaten them and the Int. makes it a stupid act, yet our Gov't. does just that then they LIE, I have yet to hear a DEM say how much is taken in each and every month through payroll deduction of JUST the Income tax, then there is a separate deduction for FICA and another for Medicare. According to Hannity there is enough each month to meet all our bills(military, security,SS and medicre) and that is the interest on our debt. The Gov't should meet these first then use the rest to pay down the debt. NO MORE borrowing, no tax increase to anyone who makes under 500,000 a year, 250,000 is not as much, in todays economy, as it sounds. Go for a flat tax.

    34. Dan W Rykard says:

      Why not redo the tax structure to a flat tax and everyone pays the same percentage no matter if you make 500$ or 5 million dollars every one pays no loop holes so Exxon mobile.Shell. and the other large companies will pay theirs fair share of taxes. You have people who pay no taxes but because of unearn income they get money back, or be like Disney World and buy some cows and get a farm write off.
      The middle class has shrunk to the point they can not keep our Nation running any longer there are not as many middle-income to pay taxes anymore to keep our Nation going.

    35. brenda says:

      with our house set to hand obama his wish on a silver platter allowing HIM to raise the debt ceiling at will, I have totally lost faith in our government as it stands. I am truly afraid for our future and our children's future we are going to have a dictator in Washington and the house and congress put him there

    36. Martin Kohlbry says:

      Why isn't this on the eveniong news? (We all know the answer — we're not doing our job or the general public would know this stuff.

    37. Frank says:

      Frankly, I don't support this present "Cut, Cap & Balance Plan" for 2 reasons: it cuts only $118 B this year (a trivial amount compared to an approximate $1,500 B deficit & a virtual "cave in" to liberal demands for more spending this year) and does not hope to balance the budget for many years to come. By that time, our total Federal debt will be way over $20 Trillion !!

      Better to 'bite the bullet" now & REFUSE TO INCREASE THE DEBT CEILING & not postpone the problem for later. We are already in virtual default now, by printing up trillions of new dollars out of thin air & devaluing our currency so as to pay back our debt in devalued dollars. The only thing: we are in a slow default, not an abrupt & legal default now. Better to go into legal default now, go into (in effect) a "bankruptcy court" with a total overhaul of our debt & Federal spending limits that are sustainable in the future, rather than pretending we will somehow avoid default & continue on our present course. The US Dollar will cease being the world's reserve currency. At the same time, we can end the corrupt, failed Federal Reserve & go back to a new US Dollar backed by a dual gold/silver standard while phasing out the worthless "fiat money" Federal Reserve Notes!

      • Robert says:

        Frank, while I would back you up on the no increase part, no one is talking about cutting $ 1.5 trillion this fiscal year. The only plan that comes within the same galaxy is Rand Paul's $500 billion plan (which does not touch social security or medicare). So, you must really be ticked off at the lying republicans and their gutless $350 million cuts from the spending resolutions. So far, only six republicans in the House and maybe seven in the Senate have showed the stomach for a real fight.

    38. Bette Campbell says:

      I am all for the Cut, Cap and Balance. However, all the powers that be mention trillions in cuts, but no where do we see how they plan to do this. Why not show some nerve and revise Ryan's plan into a new GOP plan and go out and explain it to the people in sort of a "Ross Perot" style that they can visualize and understand.

    39. Dick Griffiths says:

      If the President vetoes the GOP plan then he owns the debt crisis lock, stock and barrel!

    40. randy guthrie says:

      I agree with Cut, Cap and balance but isn't it an exercise in futility? the senate won't approve it and if they do, Obama will veto it. Why waste time talking about it?

      • @victoria_29 says:

        I think there is a chance the senate will approve it. Yes, I know that Dems control Senate-however MANY of them are up for re-election & while Obama may be delusional about how people feel my guess is they are not. I think Dem Senators (except totally crazy ones like Reid) would vote for it, so that in 2012 they could say see i didn't party line vote, I really put country ahead of party.

    41. Doug says:

      I think that the Republicans need to make it very clear that there are no plans that they are proposing which would change Medicare for the current Beneficiaries. They are proposing changes for future Beneficiaries that would ensure that there is a Medicare Program to change.

    42. azwayne says:

      Do Republicans have the brains to get PR, the cuts we heard of have nothing to do with Medicare and Social Security but liberals keep plastering the media, scaring seniors and uneducated voters. $111 billion in cuts is nothing to brag about.

    43. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      It’s not only the liberals & socialist Obama that scare me. It’s the thought of paying for any additional golf lessons for Boehner and the rest of the lifer-politicians that really frightens me. We keep listening to this crap that one group is different from the other group…they both are sucking this country dry. Voting for legislation they do not have to participate in, increasing salaries for not doing anything constructive. life-long pensions for social loafing.

      Heritage…do you really think supporting the group of lifers will make a difference. Next year, next week you’ll be promoting another great crisis that you’ll need to solicite money to change the course of the world.

    44. Dean says:

      Nancy Pelosi called this CCB proposal a political stunt. PELOSI IS THE POLITICAL STUNT.

    45. Rick says:

      It makes me so discouraged to think you work pay into a system and then to have corrupt lieing politians take it away. Why would they care if they loose ss they just give themselves a raise or better yet do more corrupt dealings. But we the ppl suffer. Look at New York. The thruway was a toll road and at one point suppose to be free of tolls but no since our leaders again lied and misussed our funds continue to pay tolls to carry the workers who do nothing all day and wait for snow only to collect overtime doing that. Why should we believe anything from washington. More so with this so called president who has no clue what’s going on. The thought of another 4 years with him will surely put us into total poverty. If only the people had a say seeing as when you write to any of them you get some intern who sends out form letters. But if your the unions or a big block then the corruption begins. Bottom line our govermebt is the last thing I would use to teach the generations to come. They spend beyond there means. They lie. They cheat and they only care about there re 0election. God have mercy on the ppl and the blank with the ppl whp hold public office

    46. Gary George says:

      Instead of threatening to hold back Social Security checks and checks to our Military, why don't we start by holding back checks to our Senators and Representatives and follow up with all the government employees that are so necessary to the running of this country?

    47. Bob Sampson says:

      FIRST start with cutting the "FAT" out of federal (state and local) government(s) and make them more efficient. SECOND: Everyone has to be accountable for his / her actions. Everyone needs to take RESPONSIBILITY for what he /she does or choses not to doand needs to RESPECT all persons. We may not agree, BUT were are all Americans. WE MUST BECOME A TEAM. THIRD: As an Economist, we need to go back to basics and create manufacturing jobs in the USA which is the catalyst for growth in employment. FOURTH: Change the legal system to make Lawyers / Attorneys accountable for their actions. "POLICE THE LAWYERS."

    48. Don DeHoff says:

      I agree that a Constitutional Amendment(s) is (are) necessary. However, we must proceed with great caution as every anti-American nut , Islamists, socialists and liberal will be attempting to add their garbage. There will also be a lot of good recommendations but we must keep the volume down to manageable numbers, else nothing will get done. And, yes we will have liberal attempts to saturate the process to prevent the process from working. We must all agree to limit the issues that are to be proposed, else, the process will fail. Also each and every single issue amendment should stand on its own and be voted up or down, without reference to any other proposed amendment.

    49. RedBaker says:

      The House should simply pass the budget they believe is appropriate, and let the Senate and the President take it or leave it. The Founders wrote the Constitution giving the power to originate the budget, and all money bills, in the House. Use that power. Act like patriots for a change.

    50. Andrew Colon says:

      I endorse the plan to 'cut, cap and balance' the budget; however, it appears that the message is not resonating to the general public. The president has the 'bully' pulpit and his scare tactics seem to be working. What can the republicans and conservative democrats do to persuade the public that this is the correct course of action?

    51. The Farmer says:

      The USA is like a big bus speeding down a four lane highway, with four steering wheels each with rows of seats stretched directly behind that wheel. It is headed into a cloud bank that shrouds a cliff directly ahead of the left lane, a wall center left lane, a lake right center lane, and a very rough road back to where it came from in the right lane. The folks in the seats behind the left steering wheel are having fun they are yelling "faster", however they are have ejectors on their seats and they are about to pull them. Those in the center left are wearing blind folds and are yelling "study as we go", and adding fuel. Those in the center right seats are blind and they are yelling "compromise", because they are rich and hope they can swim to safety. Those in the right seats are begging, saying, slow down, turn right; it will be tough but maybe everyone will make it to safety", few however will hear them untime.

    52. Curt Krehbiel says:

      Legislation that permits raising the debt ceiling should be coupled with legislation that forbids future borrowing and provides a plan to retire the national debt. It is insane to continue in perpetuity using 40 percent of the governments income from taxes just to pay interest on the debt with no provision for reducing the debt.

    53. Jim Delaney says:

      There's no reasoning with Marxist/Progressive ideologues. If we haven't learned that, then the Republic deserves to be dismantled. Come what may, the GOP should NOT compromise the future of our Republic. If they do, they are the Progressives' quislings. Nothing more. And they should be primaried out of public trust.

    54. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I have not heard one word from BHO or any member of either House about cutting their pay bACK TO 2008 levels. SS recipiants have not had an increase in 2 years, in this same period Congress has had 2, also BHO has all his csars, and wifey has her 28 assts. Another thing, eliminate all jobs created since 2008, offer by out to anyone eligble to retire in the next 18-24 mos. NO NEW HIRES, only inter agency transfers. Where is the audit of all Goverment agencies?? And last but not least ask BHO how much of our money he has spent going on Air Force 1 or Marine 1, he's in the air more than in the WH. Do these things and thenlook for others.

    55. Alex says:

      No one negotiating (Boehner, Cantor, McConnell included) wants the US to default. They all want to see the debt ceiling rise before August 2.

      The negotiations aren't about the debt ceiling being raised or not; they are about the GOP trying to gain as many concessions as possible by threatening the President with the possibility of default. This option has backfired on them though because the President cornered them with more cuts than they had proposed, but these cuts came in addition to revenue increases, which they cannot vote for due to Grover Norquist.

      So now they are retreating to a situation where they are going to let the debt ceiling rise with no concessions whatsoever, but the upside is that the GOP can make it look like they are not responsible for the increase.

      These people know that very bad things will happen if the US defaults.

      Long-term fiscal responsibility is a noble goal and should be pursued. But in the short term, the economy will literally fall apart if the government just stops spending altogether on August 3. So an increase in the ceiling is necessary to avoid that from happening.

    56. Steve H says:

      The 'Cut, Cap, and Balance' Act is a fanatic right vision of America. The ultra-conservative Republican Study Committee plan, which many Repubs thought was too far to the right and voted against it, does not balance the budget into the 2020s. The Ryan plan, which Republicans are getting hammered over, doesn't balance the budget until the 2030s. This insane bill would balance the budget in 2021 – all from spending cuts. There would be very few Republicans left in Congress if this became law – because Americans would see the cuts needed would be massive to Medicare, medicaid, Social Security, and other programs to provide basic assistance. Do you all not see how the Repubs in Congress have the lowest of all approval ratings? Well Below Obama and Congressional Dems? Americans overwhelmingly support having the wealthiest americans chip in their share with higher tax rates (rates that have been cut over 50% in last 3 decades). Thanks to these far right fanatics in Congress, the Dems have a chance to take the House back. And to those who think Repubs have a chance at the WH in 2012, keep dreaming.

    57. Peggy Brittain says:

      Having read these comments, I can only come to the conclusion that many here did not understand what Obama meant when he campaigned on Hope, Change and the Transformation of America. He meant he Hoped to Change and Transform America into a copy of Venezuela and his buddy Chavez.

      Maybe it is time to stop hearing only the razzle and dazzle of campaign speeches or having knee jerk reactions by "throwing the bums out". Look what we got in 2006; Pelosi in charge.

    58. Violet says:

      Quite honestly I think the right will cave, taxes will be raised, the spending will double if not triple by the next election and Obama will be voted back in because he will make the same promises to the same people who voted for him before. They will believe him again and so we will all get a dictator.

    59. Pingback: Soluciones conservadoras, ataques presidenciales | Heritage Libertad

    60. Robert says:

      I honestly could care less what Obama and Pelosi say, they are who they are – and they have a very strong base to draw from. I do care when people on my team lie to me – as the repubs have done for the last 25 years. Every other fall they march out with their "making government smaller, taking our country back BS" but they do nothing. Tell me, if we get stuck with some plebe like Romney, Perry or Pawlenty – what will change?

    61. K. Coykendall says:

      I listened with great interest this afternoon on the telephone dialogue when Sean Hannity was a guest. He answered one lady's question as to "what can we do" except vote. My comment is this: President Obama has said that we all need to sacrifice. "We" the people ARE sacrificing. My question is why are not our elected representatives and senators sacrificing?? They continue to get their salaries and benefits and retirement benefits regardless. I am for term limits on both the House and Senate, not paying them when they are not in session, not paying them when they do not attend sessions, and no benefits when they leave. I am also for repealing the 17th Amendment so that senators will be appointed by their states as originally intened.

      • Alex says:

        Obama saying "we all need to sacrifice" = the people are sacrificing so the government needs to as well. He's NOT saying "the people need to sacrifice more." That is taking Obama out of context.

    62. rick says:

      fyi – Nancy P. is NOT the speaker anymore

    63. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      When in trouble, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.

    64. Dottie says:

      If our president didn't take so many vacations and his wifw didn't take over twenty people on her trips . We would be better off. Any one working should pay taxes.

    65. Alex_Votocracy says:

      Regardless of the gang of six, the cut, cap and balance bill will never go through. The real question is can the current state of Washington, Republicans v. Democrats, Democrats v. Republicans actually agree in the debt ceiling? Or is America in trouble regardless? Regardless, each side needs to come to a consensus to better the Americans people. Weigh in on our polls. Share where you stand. http://bit.ly/Votocracy 

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