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  • VIDEO: Education Spending Made Simple - Are You Getting What You Pay For?

    What if a sports team continued to lose more and more games, even as it continued to spend more money on brand new uniforms, state-of-the-art facilities, and more coaches?

    You would probably begin to wonder whether all the new spending was doing any good.

    Unfortunately, a story like this plays out in America’s public school system. For decades, the federal government has poured more taxpayer dollars into schools, even as the basics like reading and math are neglected.

    In this new video, The Heritage Foundation explains how more spending on education doesn’t mean better results, using the analogy of the Tigers, a local soccer team facing the problem of runaway spending with little to show for it.

    Problems in America’s public schools are often attributed to lack of funding. But per-pupil education spending has tripled since the 1960s, while student performance has flatlined. Taxpayers and parents are investing more and more into a system that is failing to prepare their children for college or the workforce.

    The question is, when it comes to your child’s education, are you getting what you pay for?

    Click here to watch the video and share it with friends.

    Rebekah Sherman is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    7 Responses to VIDEO: Education Spending Made Simple - Are You Getting What You Pay For?

    1. Bobbie says:

      No we aren't getting what we pay for. Money corrupts and so do government unions.

      When someone can step in out of the clear blue and claim children aren't ready for kindergarten with no consideration to the fact that teachers are no longer the quality they once were yet being paid three times as much, is admission of incompetence and abuse of authority to implement tax funded "head start" on top of all the other money

      Basics are severely neglected and socialism takes top priority. This government agenda has to get out. Stop the money going into wasting of the human mind. That's all they're doing! The government is begging for cradle to grave dependency when it's they that are incompetent and dangerous with a definite certainty, government doesn't know better than us as they're taking control of us and our children!.

      • A concerned citizen says:

        Can you please by more specific as to how "teachers are no longer the quality they once were." Perhaps the same could be said for today's parents or the lack thereof. Isn't there evidence in today's homes of the "wasting of the human mind?" I encourage you to focus more of your energy on the home front. Teachers have little or no control over the homes that the students come from. Have you looked into research that shows the correlation between support at home and student success? Why does everyone put the blame on the educators. Will you help make your community's families stronger, please. And by all means, please do it without investing any of our government money. How will you go about doing that? Easier said than done. Good luck.

        • Bobbie says:

          When teachers, over many years, feel no shame in changing students grade average just to get more federal dollars at the even greater expense of youthful minds, is quite the indication they are no longer as qualified, dignified or sincere as they once were able to be trusted.

          We get police, firefighters and American military from government, everything else imposed by government is financial and burdensome including public education. I am a parent with children who were taught in 9th grade what I knew in 6th. I have addressed my complaints that go NOWHERE!!!! something's not right? It's a conflict at home when your child is taught in school, through coercion and manipulation, hatred for a sector AND people with "white skin" of America. Public education has become a socialist regime. Education is improperly graded… although we qualify we take NOTHIGN from government outside what was mentioned. We're obligated by force to tutor our children in the midst of their poorly educated minds, when we can. Our children are catching on with tremendous respect for truth of the American concept totally dismissed from public education.

          Thank you for your encouragement assumed. My energy is used at home and abroad where government has taken over. If educators can't handle children at kindergarten age, they're insincere to their position. Don't force children into "head start to socialism." If people can't do the job, DON'T put it on the tax payers!

    2. Dan Gray says:

      Education is primarily the responsibility of the parents, next the local and state communities and finally the federal government. Parents have been led to abdicate their roles, and have accepted this because it is easier to let somone else do the hard work, and because they have fallen for the false promise of "experts".
      Society has been coarsened and corrupted through mass media and popular culture, so many parents don't even provide good role models. Teachers unions have spread progressive indoctrination, local school boards are either corrupt or tied-up with state and federal regulation, and state and federal bloated programs orchestrate the downfall.

      Parents need to rise up and regain control of their kids and school boards. State and federal programs should exist merely to ensure minimum educational standards of constitutional, historical, scientific and cultural literacy are offered, based on tried and true American vaues, with no economic whip hand to bully with. As rhe family is the basic unit of government, so is the child the father of the man (or woman).

    3. Dan Gray says:

      We homeschooled our daughter through third grade, after which she attended the local public schools, which, at the insistence of the parents in our area, feature a traditional curriculum. She is now 18 and about to enter her second year of college on a full private scholarship. We take no state grants or federal loans, though we qualify for them and could use the financial help, because it is morally wrong to pick the pockets of others for our own gain; without their express consent.

    4. Stirling says:

      Abolish the Department of Education, and all Unions from the Education system.. This would be a great first step.. Privatize everything and let the free market provide the incentive all school children need to compete.

    5. Trying to get the best of education….not the schools

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