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  • Paul Ryan Schools HHS Secretary on Patient-Centered Medicare Reform

    This morning, the House Budget Committee invited Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius to a hearing on the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), the left’s weapon of choice for tackling Medicare’s $38 trillion in unfunded promises to America’s seniors.

    Both sides of the debate agree that extensive reductions to Medicare’s runaway spending are needed, and have even proposed comparable targets for growth in spending.  The key difference, then lies in who makes the difficult decisions regarding seniors’ health care under the chosen direction for reform: Patients, or bureaucrats?

    Sec. Sebelius argued that IPAB, a board of unelected officials tasked with reducing cost growth in Medicare without congressional approval, would reduce spending by embracing better payment strategies.  This method is vague, at best, and what’s more, has been tried time and again, to no avail.  The truth is that the most likely way the IPAB will enforce Medicare’s new spending cap is through provider payment reductions, reducing seniors’ access to care.  As more providers decline to participate in the Medicare program, seniors will face longer waits for the care they need, experiencing the ugly consequences of top-down rationing of care.

    As Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) pointed out during the hearing, there’s a better way to solve Medicare’s financial crisis and improve the quality of the program for those its serves at the same time—without government rationing, indirect or otherwise.  As he explains,

    “Giving seniors the choice, like we did with Part D, is a better way because what it does at the end of the day is it shows providers that, if you want to succeed, if you want to have business, you gotta outcompete other providers for that beneficiary’s business.  So the nucleus of the program we’re trying to talk about is the patient, the beneficiary, not the IPAB.  And there’s the big difference at the end of the day.  We really believe, because of evidence, and reality, giving seniors more choices, or providers—doctors, providers, insurance companies, to compete against each other for that beneficiary’s business—that works.”

    To hear the rest of what Rep. Ryan had to say to Sec. Sebelius’ defense of the IPAB, check out the video.  Then, visit http://savingthedream.org to read more about Heritage’s vision for patient-centered Medicare reform that builds on the successes of existing consumer-driven models.

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    12 Responses to Paul Ryan Schools HHS Secretary on Patient-Centered Medicare Reform

    1. GirlKansas says:

      Sebelius was my governor in Kansas, and she was worthless. Funny how she was never questioned or critizied by the local media. Of course, the KC Star loves all dimmies. Go figure.

    2. jcj says:

      Paul Ryan makes too much sense. Sebilius will never get it.

    3. VirginiaNick says:

      The Constitution says only Congress has the authority to spend federal money. So Obama's plan is unconstitutional.

    4. JungleCogs says:

      Did you see the, "who do you think you are" look she gave Ryan? Talk about an elitist attitude.

    5. momsene says:

      Why don't they just build the gas chambers now and get it over with. One of the building blocks of Progressivism is the deletion of those considered inconvenient , not worth the time or of questionable value to society.–like the elderly, the chronically ill, the disabled or a significant number of weak children who would need constant care. Everything Obozo does in the health care area shows his devotion to this philosophy–from Obozocre to the government intrusion on the civil rights of families and parents and individuals that they define as incapable of running their own lives.

    6. Karen says:

      Love it! The more Dems/Progressives/Marxists/Socialists talk the more stupid they sound. They need to be run out of our REPUBLICAN government…you know, the one We the People were "guaranteed" in our constitution, Article 4, Section 4: The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a "Republican" Form of Government…"

    7. IWC Portuguese says:

      Sebelius was my governor in Kansas, and she was worthless. Funny how she was never questioned or critizied by the local media. Of course, the KC Star loves all dimmies. Go figure.

    8. shalley says:

      Ryan's brilliance out shines the lefts claim that is knows how to think. Left postures, Ryan deals with reality

    9. George says:

      All that common sense and fact-based logic from Paul Ryan is really going to gum up the works in wASHINGTON!

    10. Jim says:

      All you Fox-Noise fans will hopefully live to regret those Ryan fantasies, altho not if Ryan can help it. He'll make you all suffer and die destitute if he has his way. Why can't you see he's just another Koch-fiend? Sebelius cares for us 98%.

    11. Jim says:

      All you Fox-Noise fans will hopefully live to regret those Ryan fantasies. I had a longer comment but it was censored by this web site so you won't ever be subjected to the truth.

    12. 96321478 says:


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