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  • EPA Regulations Will Kill Coal, Jobs in Texas

    The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to ensure that everything is bigger in Texas, including the state’s electricity rates and unemployment lines.

    On July 7, the EPA adopted a rule to place even more stringent regulations on sulfur dioxide emissions that could shut down the use of lignite coal in Texas.

    EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson assured Texans that their economy and coal production would be just fine:

    Texas has an ample range of cost-effective emission reduction options for complying with the requirements of this rule without threatening reliability or the continued operation of coal-burning units, including those that burn lignite from local mining operations.

    Kathleen Hartnett White, director of the Armstrong Center for Energy and Environment at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, strongly disagrees. She wrote in the Dallas Morning News (subscription required):

    Retrofitting plants that now use lignite would involve three to four years of engineering, fabrication, boiler re-construction, new rail construction and complex new permits—at multi-billion dollar costs. Texas electric companies recently testified to the Texas Public Utility Commission that the rule may force closure of plants and limited operations of other plants.

    About 11 percent of electricity in Texas comes from lignite coal, and overall, plants in Texas cut sulfur dioxide emissions by 33 percent in the last decade alone. White also points out:

    Directly and indirectly, lignite mining supports 10,000 to 14,000 jobs and is the lifeblood of the local tax base and business in many Texas communities. Lignite contributes $1.3 billion to the state’s economy and $71 million to state revenues.

    When President Obama said electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket as a result of his cap-and-trade system, he also said, “So if someone wants to build a coal power plant, they can, it’s just that it will bankrupt them because they are going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s being emitted.”

    While cap and trade never became law, President Obama is making good on his promise to find other ways to skin the cat. He’s also making good on his promise to bankrupt coal, and he’s destroying jobs in the process.


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    8 Responses to EPA Regulations Will Kill Coal, Jobs in Texas

    1. Jeff, Illinois says:

      What good is a job if the environment in the job can kill you . . ?

      Didn't we just go through this distorted logic in West Virginia . . ?

      • Steve says:

        It's called risk and reward, something the economically illiterate on the left have no concept of. If you take the risk, you get rewarded. If you take a hazardous job, you get hazard pay. Go ask an oil rig worker, or coal miner, or a contractor supporting our troops overseas. They can explain it for you in such a way that even you might understand it.

      • Stan, Delaware says:

        What good is it to try to live a healthy life if you can't afford to eat, and have to live in the street. That doesn't sound any better.

    2. Bill D says:

      I wonder how many Texans are asking "why did we surrender our soverignity, we were an indpendent nation, in order to join the United States?" This administration is not about creating jobs it is about killing them and creating a socialist state.

    3. Bill says:

      What level of these emissions is OK according to the EPA? Where is the science rather than just dubious health claims without substance? I live in West Virginia and we are being forced to close down 4 coal fired plants. This will necessitate AEP buying electricity from Excelon, which strangely is in Illinois. What people here keep talking about is AEP meeting emission requirements by shutting down most plants and then supplying electricity only to their immediate area, leaving the East Coast cities including Washington DC in the dark. That will work wonders for computers, AC in the summer and heating in the winter.

    4. Bobby Weisgerber says:

      Every single job one way or another is hazardous to your health! So, lets just all stay home and sit on our butts and let this fiscally responsible government take care of us!

    5. Carol says:

      Every day Obama admin gives Texas a reason to show why you Don't Mess with Texas. Secede and show the rest of America where the real American spirit is. When Texas secedes, the libs will leave Texas, even more job creators will move in and soon the other States will be begging to sign on with the New American Dream. The libs can all live in their immoral distopia in what is left, killing their unwanted babies, and encouraging one another to pay more taxes to pay for the welfare programs they love so much. Texas will enjoy 20-50% growth rates and soon you will be needing a passport to come visit. Sounds great to me! Hope they have an economic literacy test on their passport application

    6. Taum says:

      If the job in the enviroment doesnt kill you going hungry will, because you won't have a job nor an unemployment check.

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