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  • Sen. Jeff Sessions Introduces Debt Limit Transparency Measure

    Today, Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) introduced legislation to force seven calendar days of transparency before any debt limit deal is passed by the Senate.

    The measure is in the form of a point of order and reads as follows:

    It shall not be in order in the Senate to proceed to any measure that would increase the statutory limit on the public debt above $14.294 trillion unless that measure has been available on a public website for a full 7 calendar days before consideration on the floor of the Senate.

    If Sessions’ measure were to pass, any closed door deal would have to be shared on a “public website” by July 26th to not violate the proposed new Senate rule.

    Reuters reports that “U.S. President Barack Obama and congressional leaders will meet for the third time in as many days on Tuesday to try to reach a bipartisan deal to increase the fast-approaching U.S. debt limit, a Democratic aide said.”  This meeting will be in secret.  They will not be transparent.  The American people are going to want some time to review any deal before itis considered by their Senators and Representative.

    There has been little to no transparency on the debt limit negotiations to date.  The President had a press conference today, yet a press conference is not enough.  Nobody has released the specific details of what may be in a debt limit deal.  The American people have a right to review any secretly crafted deal between Republican and Democrat leaders.

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    8 Responses to Sen. Jeff Sessions Introduces Debt Limit Transparency Measure

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      In FOIA they have a protective term called "Predecisional content" This can be meeting note where the "most creative" thinking occurs. This is raw content that voters can find offensive and can shed light on the corrupt nature of what goes on with the federal workforce. It is the content where they discus how they will soften the message so their con job can be successful. This is the content that can shed light on the dark corners of regulations, statutes and other work they do. They censor it because they fear they will not have open and productive discussions if the people were privy to these "closed door meetings." What they really fear is that we the voters will know more about the waste, fraud and incompetence authored by the federal workforce. Transparency should include the release of all meeting notes and final work. We need to know who said what and who fought for what. All this material should be posted uncensored. Completely bypass FOIA, and just post the stuff. I applaud this bill – I just wont hold my breath for its passage.

    2. Huapakechi says:

      Negotiating with a liberal is incremental surrender.

    3. Phil says:

      According to the President, the American people are too stupid to understand what the "professional politicians" are doing anyway. We are too busy worrying about keeping our families fed. In the meantime, he wants to be thinking about new programs (larger government, more spending) and the NFL lockout, than talk about budgets and deficits. I don't think he likes the fact that so many of us are not drinking his Kool-Aid.

    4. SouthernLady26 says:

      I think this is a great bill, and hope it will pass.
      I also think anything to do with the American people should be open and not behind closed doors. We the people are who put the Senators in Washington and guess what we can remove them too.
      I believe that everything this non president has done has only been to hurt the USA and to break us to become another 3rd world country.
      It is up to us to put a stop to this crap and let Washington know we are watching and we aren't going to take it anymore. The states have made the first move about the illegals now here this we want our boarders protected at all cost, bring our troops home to do this.

    5. Guest says:

      What is FOIA?

    6. Anita Watson says:

      Please consider, along with huge cuts in spending, closing tax loopholes for wealthy Americans as multi-millionaires should be paying their share of revenue.

      • Bobbie says:

        Anita, I just wanted to say, it's not that the rich in America aren't paying their fair share, it's that the government wants more than their share. The way we're taxed and governed today, we'll barely be able to live free and independent like America stood for.

        I'd like my children to have the opportunity to earn a living, but government is abusing their oath and removing that part of America's independence. The more government controls our freedom and removes our willingness to do for ourselves, the more we'll be left without. I'd rather the rich represent America as inspiration to others and a part of America's freedom not frowned upon by people who don't consider the hard work it takes to gain wealth. When people are influenced by the government to demonize the rich, sends the message it won't exist in the future.

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