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  • Morning Bell: America, the Europe of the West?

    Last night, President Barack Obama and U.S. congressional leaders failed to reach agreement on a deal to raise the nation’s debt limit. Meanwhile, it has been more than 800 days since the U.S. Senate passed a budget, liberals in Washington are pushing for higher taxes, unemployment is soaring, the deficit keeps growing, and America is careening toward an economic future as the Europe of the West.

    That’s a future of crippling debt, spending, and permanently high unemployment that some in Congress are trying to avoid. On Saturday, Speaker of the House John Boehner (R–OH) pulled the plug on a debt ceiling increase that would have raised taxes in exchange for reductions in spending. It was the right move. Tax increases are the last thing America needs as it struggles with 9.2 percent unemployment and stagnant job growth.

    But America’s dismal economic reality–and the policy of taxing and spending–are facts of life the Obama Administration would like America to accept, along with their explanation of why growth has been so slow to date.

    On yesterday’s Meet the Press, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner insisted that tax increases are necessary (though he used the code words “raising revenues”) and trotted out a long list of reasons why recovery has been so slow, including high gas prices, terrible weather, local governments making cutbacks, and the Japanese earthquake. What’s more, Geithner said that the President is “being too hard on himself” over America’s frustration with the economy and said that “we don’t have the ability, because of the overhang in housing and the problems in the financial system, to do—to engineer artificially . . . a stronger recovery.”

    In other words, “It’s not our fault, don’t blame us, and get used to it.” The Heritage Foundation’s Mike Franc says that the White House’s defeatist tone likely will likely fall on deaf ears as Americans demand a future of growth, not decline:

    It’s a message of resignation. Yes, it says, we’re doomed for economic decline no matter what, but trust us to manage it more gracefully than anyone else.

    But Americans will likely stand athwart such defeatism and say “Stop!” There is no need, they will say, to tolerate European levels of unemployment. It’s an increasingly easy sell: Jettison the President’s European-style economic policies, and you jettison European-style unemployment.

    The reality is that Americans need not resign themselves to the future that the White House would have them embrace. Flawed policies are holding back the U.S. economy, and there is room to grow if the government gets out of the way. As Heritage’s Bill Beach explains that, “Based on our talents, resources, and capital structure, the economy should be growing now at 4—5 percent. That growth rate would produce over 250,000 jobs per month…enough to reduce the unemployment rate.” But because of big government policies, we’re not realizing those gains.

    Washington can start on the path toward liberating that entrepreneurial capacity by making the right decisions on the debt limit. Higher taxes aren’t the right direction; cutting spending is.

    Heritage’s James Sherk and Rea Hederman write that “Creating a hostile or favorable business climate is a policy choice . . . The tax and regulatory burden is a policy choice made by the government. If America creates a French-style social welfare state that erects barriers to entrepreneurship, then America will also get French levels of unemployment.”

    America doesn’t have to be France. It doesn’t have to carry a European-style debt and tax burden. But the White House and congressional leaders must choose to enact policies that reject a European-style future.

    Quick Hits:

    • The United States will withhold more than one-third of the $2 billion in annual aid to Pakistan’s military following the country’s reduced level of cooperation with the U.S. in recent months.
    • The unemployment rate for veterans who served at any time since September 2001 was 13.3 percent in June, up from 12.1 percent in May.
    • Former First Lady Betty Ford will be laid to rest beside her husband, former President Gerald Ford, on the grounds of the Gerald R. Ford Museum in Grand Rapids, Mich., on Thursday.
    • European Union President Herman Van Rompuy and top EU policy makers will meet today to discuss a second bailout for Greece. Concerns are growing over private-sector involvement in the deal.
    • Do you know the five ways that President Obama tanked the economy? Find out on Foundry.org.
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    53 Responses to Morning Bell: America, the Europe of the West?

    1. Robert says:

      Boehner has already signaled that he will accept a $ 2 to $ 3 trillion increase in the debt limit. Even worse, he has signaled that he will allow bogus, fictional spending cuts "over a ten to twenty year period." The debt limit will be increased. Our only chance for victory is to limit the increase to whatever amount of real, spending reductions will be implemented over the next 12 months. PERIOD. If they can only cut $ 350 million, then the debt limit can be increased by $ 350 million. We need to cut $ 300 billion of wasteful spending – so we should allow a $ 300 billion increase. Tell your Congressmen and Senators.

      • Jim Buzzell says:

        Boehner, in my opinion, is part of the establishment in Washington, also a RINO, he talks a good game, but cannot deliver on what he espouses, simply because he is one of the old boys club of Washington DC If you listen to him carefully you will he talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time; on one hand saying no debt ceiling increase, on the other side, "without" significant deficit reduction, so basically he is say if you agree to significant deficit reductions I will agree to raise the debt ceiling; if there were significant deficit reductions why would raising the debt ceiling even be necessary in the worst case scenario?

      • mike says:

        The less you spend the more you can borrow? Is that logical? Sound cute. What we need to do is pay off the debt , slash spending and start living within our means. The debt ceiling and spending have been going up for a long time and will bankrupt us soon if proper action is not taken.

    2. Rick says:

      The first step tp recovery is to rid this worthless president and his flock of crooked people who put us here. Pelosi,Reid and any politian who has been there for way to many terms. Term limits are another must. Then get people who have had to work for a living not been like the ones in office who are corrupt and use there office to benifit there families. If you raise the limit again a band aid to the mess they have created. Stop cut goverment. Cut taxes and leave the people to grow. This is the worse administration in the history of this country. You put in office a wanabe cewlebrity who made a mess. God help us get him and his flock outt

    3. Ken Jarvis - Vegas says:

      7 – 11 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      The DOW opened DOWN today,
      how can THAT be a GOOD Thing?
      Who does THAT Benefit?

      UNREPORTED GOOD NEWS – “Nearly every private employer in the United States will get a tax cut today with the expiration of a 35-year-old “temporary” unemployment tax of about $14 a year per worker — a 0.2 percent surtax on the first $7,000 of a worker’s wages. Getting rid of it in effect lowers the federal unemployment tax from 0.8 percent to 0.6 percent for most employers”

      This is the Type GOOD NEWS that the HF, WSJ or Fox Doesn’t want YOU to know about.

    4. Frank says:

      "America doesn’t have to be France. It doesn’t have to carry a European-style debt and tax burden. But the White House and congressional leaders must choose to enact policies that reject a European-style future."

      This is EXACTLY correct! But, I fear, we will continue to head in the direction of France & not in the direction our Founding Fathers would want. Obama is a committed European-style Socialist & won't change, as are virtually all Democrats today & many (most?) Republicans. Only Independents, registered but disaffected Democrats & Tea Party Republicans are headed in the right direction. I fear they are still in the minority. But Obama's economic policies are a glaring failure which even sleeping Americans are beginning to wake up to.

      We have a corrupt "crony capitalism" now, not a level field, true capitalism. We have a Big Statism, Unconstitutional Federal Government; not a limited, Constitutional Federal Government. Eventually, the best ideas will win out (low tax, low regulation & limited Federal Government with a level playing field capitalism). This is what the Austrian School of Economics predicts… and I agree with them. It's sad to see our once great nation continue to go down the wrong path under an Un-American President & Congress.

      We are now paying & will continue to pay a very, very high price for our mistakes. We will however, I hope, re-discover the best of our heritage, before it is too late. I believe the best economic & political systems will prevail in a worldwide competition of ideas.

    5. Jeanne Stotler says:

      The goverment including Geithner, have only to look in their own back yard for a start to the solution. Pay raises were granted to BHO's aides who all make ove 80,000 a year and most over 100,000, how about michelle's aides, she has some 20+ where other first Ladies hads2 or 3. Then there is that campaign promise to audit "every line of every department" this has not been done. We have a lot of waste and fraud in all aspects of Federal gov't. I have been saying for a long time that hiring needs to be frozen and early by-outs to those within 18 to 24 mos. of retirement, then fill these jobs from within and inter agency transfers. Roll back Congresses salaries and those of their aides to the 2008 level, if retireees who depend on Soc. Sec. have to make do on 2008 levels Congress should also. Now go after the fraud in Soc. SEc. disability use, those who collect should be made to pay it back, and fraud in both Medicare and Medicaid, confiscate assets from those who commit fraud. Papers print the cases BUT never the outcome.

    6. Donald McGovern says:

      The House should hold the line: no increase in the debt limit; no new taxes.

    7. Jane Horton-Leasman says:

      Seems it has been pretty easy for Obama, Geithner and the rest of that Administration to "engineer" how to give away or throw money away. I cannot stand to listen to him speak, and especially when he can sit in front of a Congressional Committee and lie as well as he does. PRINT, PRINT, PRINT…it is like this bunch is the biggest counterfitting bunch of gangsters in history!!!

    8. Dean says:

      JUST HEARD ON FOX NEWS CHANNEL: Recession is when your neighbor is out of work; Depression is when you are out of work; Recovery is when Obama is out of work.

    9. james nearen says:

      We are over thinking the "complexity" of the unemployment problem. Four things: 1. cut the corporate tax rate (they don't pay taxes anyway); 2. cut the individual tax rate (better still, adopt the flat tax); 3. repeal healthcare reform; and 4. slash public spending. Then, stand back and watch America roar back to life.

    10. Richard says:

      France has universal heath care and college. USA has nothing and is a declining power. Germany just took over as the second largest exporter. Our education system is designed by idiots based on ideology. not knowledge. The Republicans are like HIV , disease that you catch while having fun but kills you in the long run. Worry about the people and less about the party

      • Frank says:

        SO… you want to be more like France & Germany? Not me!
        I'll agree, most Republicans are RINOs, but what about Democrats? They are mostly European-style, big government Socialists… you want to be more like them? Not me!
        Regardless of what you want to call them, where are those Americans who want to return to a small, limited Constitutional form of Federal Government & a REPUBLIC (not mob rule Democracy… or MOBOCRACY… which tends to degenerate into an Oligarchy anyways)? Probably in the Tea Party!
        European-style, big government Socialism will bring a chronic high (15% or so) unemployment, high tax, high regulation, freedom killing, low growth economy. That's NOT what I want or what our Founding Fathers wanted! That's not what the Tea Party wants.

    11. RG Schmidt says:

      And America responds with a resounding, "Yes, by all means, cut federal spending; but not, of course, on me."

    12. matthew says:

      Sadly we've been careening down this road since the beginning of the progressive era, if we don't get off the exit now, we may not make it to the next exit. The tank is outta gas. Common sense people, we cannot afford this.

    13. Jeanne Stotler says:

      Con't. Another source might be to limit the amount of office help, both in Washington and in their home states, that is paid for by Fed. Gov't. Our early members of Congress did not regard this as a full time job and THEY PAID their staff out of their pockets, maybe it's time to return to this since the average time spent in Washington is only a few months, this might force some to actually read the bills and talk to constituents, there won't be 2,000 + pages in a bill. I have to live within my means, why shouldn't the goverment?

    14. Clearhead says:

      Certainly. Continue to outsource our jobs, materials, and intelligence to clinton's 'most favored nations' and we'll attain mr. obama's dream of complete mediocrity of America. Yes, we'll be that non-exceptional 'just another average country' apologized for by our so-called president. Stir from your deep slumber, America. We have an out — it's known as the provisions of what's left of our Republic. But if we neglect what's left now, soon there will be no more left. Kudos to Speaker John Boehner, who is obviously not cowed into SUBMISSION to the motley gang which is trying to destroy us !!

    15. Mike the Bike says:

      Barak Obama and Nancy Pelosi must go. They will not change their attitudes or their policies, so the only thing left for the citizens to do is to vote them out.

    16. Jim Delaney says:

      Simply put, if We the People could but jettison the Marxists infecting the Executive Branch, a recovery could be well underway. The ideologically-driven Obama Administration is not in denial, they are purposefully denying commonsense economic solutions. And their useful idiot supporters in the electorate and their dullard co-conspirators in Congress are their cynical enablers. Off with the heads!

    17. THE SOOTHSAYER says:

      My Man Godfrey (1932) opens with Godfrey and Duke who's sitting on a packing crate.
      GODFREY: "They say things are getting better Duke
      DUKE: "Yea, prosperity just around the corner, I just wish I knew which corner that one or this one!"

      Packing Crate has 24 corners.

      O'BoyToy recently commented "Prosperity just around the corner".

    18. Euro Conservative says:

      The arrogance of this article is appalling. One would expect that the Iraq debacle and the Wall Street collapse taught American neocons a few lessons in humility. Apparently not.

      Mr Brownfield, many European countries has enjoyed faster economic growth than the United States and many (if not most, actually) have lower unemployment rates than the United States. France's unemployment rate today is roughly the same as the US rate. French economy has been growing faster than the US economy over the past two years. Germany's unemployment is now considerably lower than the US unemployment and German economy grows MUCH faster than American economy.

      At the same time, I am sure those dozens of million Americans who lost their jobs and housing would greatly appreciate having the European level of social security which would help them avoid living in tent slums that are mushrooming around the US.

      Your article seems to be born our of your intense frustration about the economic implosion of the United States. But your Euro-bashing is a wrong way of how to approach US economic woes. It belongs to a bygone era.

    19. E Pluribus Unum says:

      S. 1323) passed the Senate 74 to 22 on Thursday July 7, 2011. Below are the names of the 25 Republicans(?) who voted to raise taxes on the people who elected them.

      Alexander (R-TN) Brown (R-MA)Coats (R-IN) Cochran (R-ME) Collins (R-ME) Corker (R-TN)
      Cornyn (R-TX) Graham (R-SC) Grassley (R-IA) Hoeven (R-ND) Hutchison (R-TX) Johanns (R-NE)
      Kirk (R-IL) Kyl (R-AZ) Lugar (R-IN) McCain (R-AZ) McConnell (R-KY) Moran (R-KS) Murkowski (R-AK) Roberts (R-KS) Sessions (R-AL) Shelby (R-AL) Snowe (R-ME) Thune (R-SD) Vitter (R-LA)

      If these 25 Democrat elitists, commonly known as Rinos' had been replaced with Republicans the tally would have been 46 to 47 against. Remember them when you're having macaroni and artificial cheese for Sunday dinner. These impostors can't be trusted, we must replace them, all of them!

      We can't down size government with the Democrat agenda being aided by Republican votes.

      • Linda says:

        Please check out this link to The Hill regarding SB1323.

      • Jim Buzzell says:

        Every one a RINO, not a fiscal conservative in the bunch; even though they would like everyone to believe they are; if anyone can tell us what any of these RINOs have done while in congress, or elsewhere that is remotely fiscally conservative please share it with us.

        We elected Hovene in ND; the best choice without an alternative to keep another Denocrat out of that seat; Hovene, as governor, was a moderate left leaning person while in that office; the only check on him was our fiscally conservative legislature who kept him reined in his two and one/half terms. We simply did not have another to run for Dorgan;s empty seat; hopefully we can do better in 2012 to fill Conrad's seat.

    20. ProfChuck says:

      The Liberal/Progressive element of our government consists of would be intellectual elitists and true believers. Liberal/Progresivism IS a religion. Like all religious zealots they are pathologically incapable of considering the validity of any views or economic models that are at variance with their own. The LP's fall into three basic categories; the would be rulers (despots) that realize that their political ideology is simply a path to power, the useful idiots (mostly academia) that actually believe the concept will work in the real world, and the great unwashed masses that simply want a free ride. Nowhere can a successful application of liberal progressiveism be found, no in the past or in the world today. We face the collapse of civilization if these people prevail.

    21. R. Whittington says:

      If Sen. McConnel had said something like this on Fox Sinday instead if his blustering about not increasin taxes, it would have been a much more effective appearance.

    22. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      "…But the White House and congressional leaders must choose to enact policies that reject a European-style future."

      Just why would the WH do that, when to be "European" is their highest goal?

    23. chatmandu002 says:

      We are at the point of no return. On one side is Big Government Socialism and on the other side Small Government Capitalism. The 2012 election will be the deciding line on which way we go.

    24. carol,az says:

      Fourteen straight months of Schizophrenia in twisted government leadership, to solve all problems heading towards psychotic economic suicide.
      ~ 41 % of our debt is from our Federal Govt that has allowed to morph into, a monster for nonsense programs.
      We have all heard the zoo talk about light bulbs, corporate tax for jets, funding the UN and major rouge government around the worlds.
      There's No disclosure behind close doors sessions that will continue to please lobbyists, back room dealings, and special interests groups.
      This total breakdown to cut the Federal monster and once again, raise the debt ceiling , as described today : "for one more time,." by Obama Gate.
      The continued suppression in the media for real disclosure, the continued blocking for Fed law written about in detail on H.F.site, and very little honest exposure for the truth:
      WE HAVE NO leadership from the Executive Branch, just more zoo talk.
      His press conference was an insult to every American, nothing has changed.

    25. Old Conservative says:


    26. Mary says:

      Why do people always pick on France? Look at Haiti- look at Greece- look at the rest of the world. Keep the doors, of America, closed to perpetual dead beats that are, perpetually, riding off the backs of the hard-earned taxpayers- the backbones of America. These professional deadbeats live as free as free can be- they eat free- they benefit from as many shelters offering as much as possible- they refuse to participate outside their own space- they have free, and better attention, health care wise, than the average American- and, basically, take us for the saps they think we are. On the same note, there are Americans, that proudly admit, living on what they call the 'Government Grid'. They are healthy as a horse- with an attitude to continue on.
      As for taxes- taxes area a nuisance- the government shuns people from wanting to get into the small business circle. People could be providing for themselves, quite comfortably- if the government would back off- let the bulk of their employees go out into the world and provide for themselves. One person should only work for one person- themselves/family. Send the free-loading immigrants back- and, close the doors to the rest of the freeloaders.

    27. wayne says:

      If the American people don't get it yet, I feel sorry for all of us. Even obamas` automatic 40 % voting block that don`t have to pay taxes.

    28. Zubismom says:

      The President has announced he is unwilling to accept a smaller debt package. It is his way paved to European decay or no way. This is beginning to sound like the shot across the bow for default.

    29. Gregory Norton says:

      Timmy almost got it right: "we don't have the ability, because of the overhang in housing and the problems in the financial system, to do—to engineer artificially . . . a stronger recovery." Just too many words. Had the genius (who can't figure out his own taxes) just said "We don't have the ability to engineer a recovery" he'd have got it.

      Discard your masks and capes, Timmy, Obama, et al. Your Keynesian Economic Theory for Heroes (wherein heroes – like yourselves – run the economy better than it can run on its own) has failed ever since it was first tried by Pres. Hoover. Get over yourselves. The American people, in aggregate, are smarter than all the Ivy-League law graduates combined.

    30. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      More than likely this will not be seen because it will not be in full agreement with Heritage philosophy of supporting life-long Republican politicians…But, Boehner will cave, the lifer-Republicans want to protect their re-election, Boehner wants to play more golf with Barry O. and the Republicans will pick a safe, status quo candidate to lose to Obama.
      Remember the definition of politic….poly means many…tick is a blood-sucker. And the American people are suckers for following any organization that keeps promoting a quid pro quo status…
      Good reading Heritage…I know you will not release this…

    31. toledofan says:

      It obvious that Obama and his Democratic colleagues have no idea of how to fix the problems they've created. It's almost pathetic to listen to some of these guys, including Obama, tell the tall tales of woe and the outright lies about the problem. I mean who in their right mind would want to spend another trillion dollars above and beyond what already has been budgeted to do more of the same. It crazy, but, it's all about power and doing whatever it takes to keep it, no matter the consequences to the country. Heritage has produced article after article about how to fix the problem, nothing exotic, just good business and common sense; the point is the Democrats just aren't listening and until they either wake up or are removed from office, nothing will change or at least not for the better.

    32. RedBaker says:

      The Democrats goal is not to save the US from economic ruin. The Democrats mission is to save the welfare-regulatory state which now consumes 61% of GDP – 41% in government spending and 20% in regulation costs. Given the choice between a free-market small-government US, as the Founders established; or socialism, Democrats choose socialism.

      We need a debt deal to drive borrowing to zero within 3 or 4 years, not to trim $4 trillion from projected borrowing of $10 trillion. When interest rates go to 6% (a normal, possible rate) then interest payments will cost $1 trillion per year. That will kill the economy and our government. We must slash government right now and get the economy roaring, and then pay down the debt. No deals to trim the deficit – it must be ELIMINATED quickly, in just a few years.

      To offset government GDP reduction, we must cease the damage of ethanol, ag subsidies, our quagmire tax code, cut regulations in half (save $800 billion per year), and institute actual medical cost reform. Socialism never works, even in America.

    33. Cynthia Steuart says:

      Send this message to John Boehner. He needs to read it to get reinforcement.

    34. David Losey says:

      Everyone keeps talking about getting the economy growing so that we can grow our way out of our debt. Has anyone put forth a mathematical formula that shows how we get out from under $14 trillion worth of debt? I have not seen one. The reason is because it would be staggering if not impossible to comprehend. For instance, in very simple terms. If we were to pay down the debt in 14 years (without compounding the interest) we would need to pay down the principle by $1 trillion each year. What does an economy look like that has an excess of $1 trillion annually? I can't fatham it!

      Okay, how about paying down the debt over 28 years. That's only $500 billion annually. What does the growth rate of an economy have to be to have an excess of $500 billion? I don't know. I cannot fatham it!

      Heritage Foundation–I challenge you to come up with a feasible formula that pays down our debt using realistic numbers.

    35. wuzwealthy says:

      Obama's urging of the bureacracy to cut unneccesary rules and regulations is nothing new. All Presidents in the recent past have done the same thing. The problem is the monkeys are guarding the bananas. Any serious reduction in regulations will reduce the need for regulators (bureaucrats). Ain't gonna happen. It's going to take a leader with the wherewithal to bring in outsiders to make recommendations then actually act on them.

    36. bjoc says:

      Do the 4 trillion and cut the tax expenditures to raise revenue. Your suggestion that those of us over 65 who make over $100,000 should be means tseted is a good one. Soc. Sec. has paid me 3 times what I paid in and gives me $25,000 more than i pay in Fderal taxes. I can be means tested.

    37. Mary says:

      Well, we have leaders who are not leading us the right way. President Obama needs to be ousted along with Timothy Geitner, and the rest of them. Our country is going down hill fast, and while I am a senior citizen who still pays taxes each year, and is seeing my SS going down the tube, with hight health costs, and no COLA, I am more concerned about the younger generation and values that they will have. The schools are leaning towards socialism, and many are not learning the basics of responsibility. Our terrible News Media except for a few is misleading everyone, and praising this Sociialisted President and other leaders. Our conservatives Must stand firm or they won't get elected next time. We cannot aford anymore of these idiots.

    38. Paul says:

      I have been in the financial services industry for over 34 years. When working with clients I can never think of an instance when I recommended borrowing more money to get out of debt. There must be financial restraint. Listening to all of this chatter between the political parties regarding how the USA will default on its debt if we cannot borrow more money makes no sense whatsoever. If we are about to default, how does more debt fix it? Both parties need to come to grips with the fact that this is the money of the American public…not theirs; they answer to us…not us to them; and whether borrowing or raising taxes the end result will be the same…economic malaise and even more crushing debt that we can default on when the next debt limit is reached. Hey Congress…Quit digging the hole, we're in deep enough.

    39. Greg says:

      The president and congressional leaders must choose? Is this not a republic? What say the people? I believe that is now clear. We will have our country back; those who stand in our way will be defeated.

    40. Malcolm Massie says:

      Obama wants cuts in government spending along with increases in taxation on the 'wealthy'. I have a couple of suggestions. First, cut foreign aid dramatically and do NOT mess with Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid/Military Retirement benefits. Take care of American CITIZENS, and let the rest of the world that doesn't care for us go their own way. If the Arabs turn off the oil taps, we can bite the bullet here until our own domestic oil capabilities come on line – but Obama has to ok that. Second, one area Obama has repeatedly singled out as a source of taxation revenue are 'fat cats' travelling in private jets. Well, how about grounding Air Force 1 (and 2 for that matter, why does Michelle have to travel to Africa for crying out loud?) These two aircraft run some $180K per aircraft per flight hour and by my reckoning, Obama has travelled twice as much in his two years in office as President Bush did in 8 years.

    41. Mike says:

      I have dealt with federal and state agencies most of my life and I have no problem saying that you could dismantle most agencies and send half of the federal workforce home and no one would notice. They do NOTHING! While contractors work 16 hour days and lose building jobs because of the permit costs, the county building inspectors drive around in new Ford Super Duty 350 Turbo pickup trucks. Why do they need a PU Truck? Use it or lose it is their explanation. The FAA is absolutly toothless when it come to enforcing air regulations. USFS is bought and sold. etc., are hiring even as the thing they are hired so regulate

    42. Jerry Porter says:

      Surprise! Obama is right on his selected target as in the words of his bum father, "to defeat colonialism around the world, i.e. Wester Europe and the United States of America." He's succeeding grandly, no thanks to Congress, Senate or any other one or allied source. The best alternative is to defeat Obama at the polls in 2012 assuming the damage is not irreparable by then; otherwise, impeachment is sure option, except for outlaw Reid, Shumer, and their henchmen in the Senate. What a lovely time this is! America is great despite Obama and his crooked Czars, appointees, and willy-nilly Republican Party. Ultimate America must win for the sake of liberty and freedom as a beacon light for itself and the World.

    43. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      In a word, yes.

    44. Wayne, La. says:

      I don't think that any of the representatives want to straighten out this country. They just want to punish all the people so that they get get more for themselves. Look at the raises the White House staff received under the current economic climate. We are pretty much on a sinking ship and the white house, congressional leaders and senators are throwing water into the boat to help it sink faster.

    45. Lauren says:

      Of course Speaker Boehner will raise the debt ceiling without any real concessions because the real elephant in the room is the Federal Reserve. When the Treasury Secretary warns of "catastrophic consequenses" if the interest isn't paid on debt, it means the Fed stands to lose money if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats will stand up to the Federal Reserve. Fictiscious debt owed to banking cartels that create money out of thin air payable through the IRS leaves some Americans scratching their heads. Principle < Principle + Interest This is equation the American People and the Heritage Foundation can no longer afford to ignore.

    46. aman says:

      Let's propose killing Obamacare to get the $2T over 10 years,or at least the benefits piece. No one should be too upset since they haven't gotten their free or subsidized insurance yet. It shows the lunacy of him adding another entitlement we can't afford.

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