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  • Congress Called to Action on Planned Parenthood

    Planned Parenthood Federation of America has gotten itself into a bunch of trouble this year. It all started with the a series of Live Action videos revealing the willingness of several Planned Parenthood affiliates to clandestinely assist sex-traffickers exploiting minor girls. Now documented misuse of federal health care and family planning funds and other concerns have led multiple states to de-fund the organization entirely.

    Americans United for Life (AUL), a pro-life public interest law and policy group, recently published a scathing report, “The Case for Investigating Planned Parenthood,” which documents Planned Parenthood’s

    • misuse of federal health care and family planning funds,
    • failure to report criminal child sexual abuse,
    • failure to comply with parental involvement laws,
    • assisting those engaged in prostitution and/or sex trafficking,
    • dangerous misuse of the abortion drug RU-486,
    • misinformation about “emergency contraception,”
    • willingness to provide women with inaccurate and misleading information, and
    • willingness to refer women to substandard clinics.

    In the report, AUL calls for a full-scale congressional investigation of the organization, which receives $363 million in tax dollars a year. They argue that American taxpayers have a right to know what they are paying for.

    Planned Parenthood presents itself as an organization that promotes health for women and their families, but as AUL reports, abortion is central to the group’s mission. Abortion made up 97 percent of Planned Parenthood’s work with pregnant women in 2009, an increasingly significant part of the organization’s “clinic income.” Congressional intent is clear that federal funding through Medicaid and Title X of the Public Health Service Act is in no way to be used to support Planned Parenthood’s abortion business. That business shows no sign of becoming rare anytime soon.

    Moreover, the report shows that government funding and the number of abortions Planned Parenthood performs each year have increased at nearly parallel rates.

    AUL also recounts Planned Parenthood’s misuse of federal funding. For example, in 2004 the California Department of Health Services audited the organization for improper billing practices that resulted in a $5.2 million overpayment from the government in just one fiscal year.

    The report concludes that Planned Parenthood “has proven that it is not the defender of women’s rights and health that it holds itself out to be. Rather, substantial evidence suggests Planned Parenthood defends and partners with those who abuse and exploit women.”

    As America falls deeper in debt, government spending must be limited. The Heritage Foundation’s Jennifer Marshall and Katherine Bradley listed subsidies for Planned Parenthood as one of the Dirty Dozen policies that show “a serious disregard for parental rights, human dignity, freedom of conscience, and civil society in American life.” The AUL report is the most comprehensive account yet of how deep that disregard really is.

    Mary Frances Boyle currently is a member of the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/internships-young-leaders/the-heritage-foundation-internship-program

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    22 Responses to Congress Called to Action on Planned Parenthood

    1. azwayne says:

      Is Congrss and voters really this dumb? NO tax payer money for abortions that means stop funding planned parenthood. Does Congress have any brains or just NO guts?

    2. George, CO says:

      No Guts.

      This is one of the reasons why the Republican Party is a laughingstock. They don’t follow through on their promises.

    3. justin mccall says:

      is americans dumb? if i receive a government check for food, housing, heathcare, and living spending,and i still can work for min wage. the money i get from the job is money i can blow buying things i want because the government is paying my bills, everytime i have a kid, government is given me back more money at the end of the year. why would i go out and get a job that pays more money to get off the free government aid? so if planned parenthood is getting money from government the money from others is helping funding abortions! if government wasnt given money, then planned parenthood would do abortions but not as many because of the lack of government funds. huh!

    4. Will says:

      There is nothing normal or acceptable in the sane mind about a healthy woman wanting to kill her unborn child.

      Such is the epidemic of progressivism.

    5. CrawfishsClaw says:

      What about all those people who say abortion was only 3% of PP's business? (Like Petty Wittle Troll at Redwhitebluenews.com)

    6. bdonny1@yahoo.com says:

      Planned Parenthood) Sounds so responsible/ Responsible for so much innocent blood.

    7. @RCMillsJr says:

      Yea!! Let's shut down the largest provider of women's healthcare to poor and low income women. Lets put out of business the largest provider of free and low cost birth control in our country. Lets see that there are a couple million more un wanted pregnancies to low income and poor people. That won't cost the government anything. We must stop these evil people from forcing you to have abortions.

      • ron says:

        Killing babies is not health care. There are many ways to not get pg.

        • @lindaizias says:

          I believe that was the point, albeit sarcastically made, that @rcmillsjr was trying to make. His (?) point as I understood it, was intended to state that PP's mission is primarily to provide low cost birth control and access to women's health care in order to prevent pregnancy, not end it.

    8. sanfran22 says:

      While I am a staunch antiabotion conservative. i believe your facts are wrong. I think Planned Parenthood is the nations largest abortion provider, but it's 3% of it's overall services. I would still cut funding as I don't think tax money should go to such a thing…..

      • @RCMillsJr says:

        97% of the women who come in to PP come in for something other then abortion MOSTLY birth control…Pregnancy prevention…abortion avoidance. All of that low cost-free birth control does more to prevent abortions then all the yelling and protests done by all anti abortion advocates.

        Also tax money is prohibited by law and executive order from being used to provide abortion services. Even this clearly biased article states " increasingly significant part of the organization’s “clinic income.” " Meaning People ,not government pay for any abortions as it provides the clinic with some income.

        The number 1 cause for abortion is economic. By taking free/low cost birth control away from poor/low income women you will only increase the circumstances that lead to abortions. More birth control = less abortions. I am pro choice and want to see abortions eliminated by eliminating the causes. reducing poverty, increasing affordable birth control and sexual education and counseling.All things PP works with.

    9. C Wagner says:

      Here is the real Skinny: When a woman chose to have an abortion on her own dime, It was solely her doing to undo what she did. SHE was responsible for HER action. When did we as citizens become responsible for the lady's night out? When did that become a "MEDICAL PROBLEM" that needs a tax dollar?. Becoming pregnant is a very personal thing, So how do I fit into this very personal decision she made? Truth is folks, we don't fit in ! So why are we paying ? There is another thought on this, whether you believe in God or not. . When we, as an individual have an abortion, it is between ourselves, the abortionist, and our God. If we have killed another human life, God will judge only the individuals involved. If we, as a nation, support this abortion, then that changes things. We will then be judged as a Nation because we are an accomplice to destroying human life by providing funding for the deed. Stop Funding Planned Parenthood.

    10. Bobbie says:

      What a disgusting invasion! Teach responsibility, their costs are their own. Teach abstinence. GIVE BACK WHAT THE GOVERNMENT HAS STOLEN!!!!!!

      Necessary willingness to be responsible to oneself. IT'S CALLED FREEDOM!!

    11. Guest says:

      There is such a thing as contraceptives. Used to be if a single woman kept having children (that she couldn't support) to continue collecting welfare, she was required to get an IUD or have her tubes tied. But the ACLU put a stop to that . In my opinion they are increase the number of unborn children being killed.

      • @RCMillsJr says:

        "There is such a thing as contraceptives." you are right and planned parent hood is the number one distributor of contraceptives.Until you close them down.

        • aggiekat says:

          The last time I bought birth control pills…as a person with no health insurance…they cost me about $70. I used to be able to get them from Planned Parenthood for about $15. But as an underemployed PROFESSIONAL American who has always had a full-time job and health insurance, I found myself in a situation where I simply could not afford birth control. Also, shortly before I lost my job, I had an abnormal annual exam. I was afraid to go to my regular doctor, for fear that something might be horribly wrong, and that it would show up as a pre-existing condition. Under normal circumstances, I could've gone to Planned Parenthood for a followup, but they've had so much funding pulled that the appointment that used to be on a sliding scale and costing $45 is now in the range of $100-150. I didn't do anything but live in fear for almost two years.

          I have gone to Planned Parenthood for years for affordable women's healthcare, even when I had insurance…but now that's been taken away…all because some folks are putting "spin" on the facts and making them out to be something they're NOT. 97% of what they do is provide HEALTHCARE for women…testing for STDs, annual exams, breast cancer screening. I've even had my cholesterol and thyroid tested at the clinic. And I'm tired of people WITH HEALTHCARE trying to get rid of PP…it helps those of us who are less fortunate or who have found ourselves in extraordinarily tough times!! In fact, probably every conservative has a close friend or family member who benefits from PP, and they don't even know it.

          I ended up going through a Canadian pharmacy.

          But conservatives wonder why so many teens are having kids these days? BECAUSE THEY CAN'T AFFORD BIRTH CONTROL, and see it as cheaper and easier to have a kid…especially a kid that will love them…probably because they see their conservative parents as judgmental and condescending. Parents who are just sticking their heads in the sand about their kids having sex…parents that won't have an honest discussion about their bodies.

          I wish you all luck!

    12. saynsumthn says:

      It was not Lila who first exposed Planned Parenthood's selling of abortion to minors and covering for sexual predators, it was Life Dynamics and they have 800 actual audio tapes worth listening to . I am very surprised that AUL did not include this in their call for investigation….read transcripts and listen here http://www.childpredators.com

    13. Laurel says:

      If it were possible for you to make these claims based on citations from unbiased sources, you would have done so. Heck, I'd be happy with "slightly less-obviously-biased" sources compared to relying on a group called "Americans United for Life" on the subject of Planned Parenthood. Ideology aside, you should realize that passing on information from unreliable or heavily slanted sources undermines your credibility.

      Furthermore, you're advocating depriving low-income women of access to affordable contraception, pre-natal care, and various other services that aren't abortion without giving a thought to what would replace it. Not the government's job, you say? I'd feel better funding the sale of birth control pills on a sliding scale than giving handouts to "too big to fail" banks. The health and welfare of women who can't otherwise afford contraception and reproductive care seems a lot closer to "the public good" than most of what our tax dollars pay for.

      Also, on demand, without apology. We can worry about telling women what to do with their sex lives after we figure out how to feed, clothe and house the people who are already alive.

    14. EDK says:

      Considering the latest report about human trafficking in our country and the prostitution of females as young as 8 years old, and the recorded conversations involving members of Planned Parenthood – how can PP claim they are interested in what is best for women? PP supports and provides ways for traffickers to enslave women/girls in a life of forced prostitution. Where is NOW and ACLU coming after PP for this? The poster who commented pregnancy/choice to have an abortion is a personal thing – isn't that what people who are abortion-choice are saying? It's a woman's body, it's a woman's choice, and it should be between the woman and her doctor – well then don't use my tax dollars for your personal, private choice. I've said this before, it isn't a woman's body, but the body of the unborn child (who has a heartbeat at 6 wks – a mass of cells has a heartbeat?) that is impacted. The body of the woman continues, and she goes about her business, but the baby is no more. Tax dollars shouldn't be used for abortions, or they are, then they should also be utilized to promote adoption, which is another choice.

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