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  • Scribecast: DeMint Says Obama Trying to 'Run Out the Clock' on Debt Talks

    In a Thursday interview with Scribe, Sen. Jim DeMint, R-SC, claimed that President Obama has no real intention of striking a deal with Republicans on the debt ceiling. Rather, he said, the talks between congressional leaders and the White House have been efforts to “run out the clock up against his so-called deadline of August the second” in order to paint Republicans as “irresponsible.”

    The president fully intends to wait it out until then, DeMint said, “so that he can have a crisis” – which of course smacks of former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel’s infamous prescription for reform-via-crisis.

    DeMint also discussed other facets of the debt ceiling debate, including the Treasury Department’s plans for averting default in the event that all parties cannot come to an agreement, and the potential that the administration would invoke the 14th Amendment to bypass congressional action.

    “The president has been very alarmist” on the debt limit issue, DeMint said. He reiterated that Republicans would “give the president some increase in the debt limit in return for permanent structural change, and that permanent change is a constitutional requirement that we have to balance our budget.”

    DeMint also took a few minutes to discuss his newly released book, The Great American Awakening: Two Years that Changed America, Washington, and Me, which chronicles the rise of the Tea Party movement, and how it changed DeMint as a Senator and as a person.

    While the book of course has effusive praise for the movement and for other Americans seeking to affect conservative change in Washington, “the whole point of The Great American Awakening,” DeMint said, “is to tell people we’re not finished yet, and that they can make a real difference in 2012.”

    Full audio of the interview in this week’s Scribecast.

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    4 Responses to Scribecast: DeMint Says Obama Trying to 'Run Out the Clock' on Debt Talks

    1. James Judge says:

      Time for an "American Spring"!  Obama is not king, only president.   We must make it clear – if he fails to fulfill the duties of his office we will kick him out in an “American Spring”.  We should start that spring TODAY, before the damage is done.
      The fourteenth amendment says the debts are valid, therefore must be paid. It gives no one authority to create new debt. That authority is given to Congress in the Constitution.
      The President is the chief executive, who has the responsibility to pay those obligations if he has the money. The Treasury is part of his executive branch. In 2010 it took in an average of 180 billion in taxes every month. Since debt service requires only about 20 billion a month, there is plenty of money to meet the debt service. (Any maturing bonds can be rolled over without exceeding the debt limit.)

    2. James Judge says:

      If there is a default on the debt it will be the choice of the President to do so, since he does have the money available and debt service is obviously priority number one. A default will therefore be his responsibility and his alone.
      If some parts of the government have to shut down for lack of money the consequences will be serious, but nothing compared to default on the debt. It's true that our politicians routinely and intentionally choose the worst possible outcome in such situations in order to push an ignorant citizenry to their will (for example in a budget crunch they want to raise taxes, so lay off police and firemen instead of bureaucrats – politics as usual)

    3. James Judge says:

      Our Country is in the balance – we cannot afford to be ignorant now.
      We cannot let Obama play politics as usual, not this time. We must make it absolutely clear to Obama – if he defaults he will be impeached immediately. We should march on Washington now and demand that Speaker Boehner prepare articles of impeachment for prompt use if required.
      In fact, do we not have patriotic lawyers in our midst who are capable of writing the articles so we can present them to the Speaker now?

    4. 411fdicki says:

      Have we even HAD a budget since this president has been in office?

      We know that Obama is now (has been) the KING of liars. If you have ANY doubts, just google it and you will come up with pages of video and txt. The man could not tell the truth if it was on one of his tele-prompters. The "left" is still in love with this clown for some odd reason but there is always HOPE!

      The worlds greatest "flim flam man" needs to go back to his buddies in Chicago.

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