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  • Chicago-Style Politics on Twitter: How the White House Uses Social Media

    President Obama takes questions later today at the first-ever Twitter town hall. This high-profile event is yet another example of the White House’s embrace of social media to communicate directly with Americans

    But behind the scenes, there’s another story unfolding about the Obama administration’s use of Twitter. For some White House staffers, it’s a way to bully critics and promote a liberal agenda. In fact, that’s one employee’s job.

    Jesse Lee is the White House’s director of progressive media and online response. It’s his job to rebut bad news about Obama. Prior to his appointment in May, the White House didn’t have such a position. Neither did any previous administration for that matter.

    Lee has used the $72,500 job to routinely pick a fight with Kevin Eder, a prolific Twitter user who describes himself as a conservative provocateur. Eder is a frequent target, the subject of 15 percent of Lee’s tweets — from an official White House account no less.

    Is this an appropriate use of taxpayer money? And what do former White House officials think of Lee’s activity? Read the full story today at the Daily Caller.

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    11 Responses to Chicago-Style Politics on Twitter: How the White House Uses Social Media

    1. cejkn says:

      Nothing surprises me, the white house is using the tax payers' money as their ATM machine.

      • Wayne Harper says:

        What the HEY!!!!! the clowns in the white house stomp all over the constitution what's a little "hatch act" in the process. I am amaze that the Senate has not brought this clown up on treason or at least for violaton of the oath of office.

    2. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How many time must it be said before the American people realize Obama will not only use every trick in the book, but he has invented new and improved way to lie and deceive the people of this country. It's been repeated over and over again, but is remains the truth. Obama will do and say anything to get his agenda
      passed the American people until it's too late to stop true socialism from consuming this nation.

    3. Guest says:

      It seems to me they are violating the Hatch Act on a regular basis. But what do I know – I'm just a stupid redneck conservative who happens to work for the government.

    4. Eba says:

      So, what is new? This presidency's administration is running a shadow govt behind the scenes with his czars, executive orders, etc. and now, in full view of U.S. Citizens is using tax payer funds to give,thru HUD-no strings attached no repayment necessary, $50,000 aid per underwater house hold buyer, pay this Lee fellow twith his title "director of progressive speech sounds a little Marxist, Socialist, Communistic in tone) Meanwhile, members of Congress, the rational public and media shout "The sky is falling" and do nothing constructive via the Consitutional checks and balances to stop it. NO, I do not think it is a legitimate use of tax payer funds!

    5. Laura says:

      A $72,000 position to prop up Obama's PR, after having the Main stream media in his pocket? Something stinks about this. The way the tax payers hard earned money is being used is disgraceful!

    6. DrJ says:

      Columbia U. – 101

    7. DrJ says:

      I wish you would add "email" to the above methods of spreading the news…

    8. onetimeguest says:

      do you ever say anything?

    9. Lynne says:

      This is the first I'd learned of this position: $72,500 a year for a spoiled brat position? People need to be aware of such foolishness.
      Is Obama paranoid as well as narcissistic and evil?

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