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  • Morning Bell: Beware Obama's Backdoor Amnesty Dream

    Fireworks broke the darkness of the sky over Washington last night in a choreographed dance of light that paid tribute to our nation’s independence. It was a breathtaking display marking America’s birth of freedom–a sight to behold, a sight to remember.

    Last week, another choreographed display befell Washington as more than 200 illegal immigrants were welcomed into the U.S. Capitol as props for Senator Dick Durbin’s (D–IL) immigration reform show. It was a scene designed to tug at the heartstrings and garner support for his pet project, the DREAM Act, a bill that would allow for illegal immigrants between the ages of 15 and 35 who attend college or serve in the military for two years to obtain legal permanent resident status.

    From the halls of Congress, those individuals traveled to the gates of the White House, where they “complained that [President Barack] Obama had supported immigration reform with words and not deeds,” as Fox News reports. They hoped to pressure the President to bring about immigration reform in the Land of the Free. But behind the curtains, at stage left, Obama’s U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is already at work enacting provisions of the DREAM Act by executive fiat, despite the fact that the Senate rejected the bill last year by a vote of 55–41.

    In a memo from ICE, the department’s agents–who are charged with enforcing the country’s immigration laws–will be empowered to pursue or dismiss immigration cases against broad categories of illegal aliens who would have benefited from the legislation—without the DREAM Act even becoming law. The agency’s rationale? It has limited resources and therefore must exercise prosecutorial discretion where it sees fits. From the memo:

    Because the agency is confronted with more administrative violations than its resources can address, the agency must regularly exercise “prosecutorial discretion” if it is to prioritize its efforts.

    Coincidentally or conveniently, (pick your adverb), ICE’s prosecutorial discretion leads it to adopt enforcement parameters that bring about the same ends as the DREAM Act. Agents are to make enforcement decisions based on “the person’s length of presence in the United States,” “if the alien came to the United States as a young child,” “the person’s pursuit of education in the United States,” and “whether the person, or the person’s immediate relative, has served in the U.S. military,” among other factors.

    U.S. Senator David Vitter (R–LA) criticized the DREAM Act, ICE’s directive, and the Obama Administration’s attempt to circumvent the will of Congress by way of rogue administrative action:

    The DREAM Act is a cover for the Obama administration’s amnesty agenda . . . The administration has now taken their amnesty push to new levels by attempting to give DHS officials the ability to grant amnesty. Granting amnesty by administrative fiat on an overwhelmingly unpopular policy like the DREAM Act would be a slap in the face to the American taxpayers, and especially to legal immigrants.

    Over the weekend, pundits also weighed in on the bill on ABC News’s This Week and later in The Sunday Greenroom. Former chancellor of D.C. Public Schools Michelle Rhee expressed hope that the DREAM Act have a future, while Washington Post columnist George Will said that, though it might be an option down the road ”The first thing you have to do is secure the border.” But those policy solutions require legislative action, emanating from Congress as the Constitution requires.

    When it comes to enacting his agenda, the legislative process is not something that registers on President Obama’s radar. From the environment to the Internet, civil rights to labor laws, the President has built an administrative bypass around Article I of the Constitution, leaping over the separation of powers and casting aside the founding directive that “All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States.” Now he’s bringing that tactic to our nation’s immigration laws, as well.

    Our immigration policy, without question, is in need of reform. Amnesty, though, is not the only option—whether it is granted by Congress or surreptitiously awarded by way of Obama’s administrative rule. As Heritage’s Jena Baker McNeill writes, there are other ways to solve America’s immigration problem, and doing nothing is not a strategy. Securing the border, enforcing immigration laws and emphasizing legal immigration are among the incremental reforms that Congress should adopt in working to solve the problem.

    Freedom is a powerful thing, and Lady Liberty welcomes immigrants to our nation for a reason. Ours is a land of opportunity, built on the sweat and toil of those who have come from other lands to build better lives for themselves. America’s doors should be open to immigrants—as the law provides.

    But those laws should not be cast aside lightly to be trod on for the President’s personal agenda. America’s Founders devised a Constitution rooted in a separation of powers and designed to ensure that no one branch of government usurps the power of another. We celebrate that genius on Independence Day, and the President should respect it from the day he is sworn in until the day he leaves office.

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    108 Responses to Morning Bell: Beware Obama's Backdoor Amnesty Dream

    1. Bog says:

      If the Congress wants to remain relevant, impeachment procedures are an option. Our country is on an unsustainable path and we are fighting for our very existence. Fundamentally changing us to communist lite is the President's goal. This is accomplished by creating crisis after crisis and using the opportunity to cure in a communist manner. God, capitalism & independent freedoms made us great. Hopefully, God will help us survive this current onslaught.

    2. Coynetc says:

      I never hear an answer to what can be done about the Executive branch using Executive fiat to get around Congress. What can be done to stop this? What are the options? That is something the Heritage Foundation should put some of its great thinkers behind, as it appears Congress is impotent in dealing with this. They may need some help.

      • Marilyn Burrows says:

        I agree. There's not one congressman/woman who is willing to take on this administration's usurping of our constitution or question his eligibility. Where are the George Washington's of our day?

      • Bonnie says:

        Next is raising the debit ceiling by executive order. Your right, Congress will be extinct sooner than we think and then who will be our voice in making decisions that effect us all. We will have the executive branch and judicial branch without any legislative input. Obama will decide everything.

      • Milton Host says:

        This element should never again be permitted to hold power, nor to themselves out as champions of "the process." Time and again they show that what the left cannot achieve at the ballot box or through legislative action it is all too ready to achieve through executive or judicial chicanery.

    3. Jim Delaney says:

      Openly hostile to our immigration laws, admitted law breakers, and they're welcomed into the bosom of Congress!!!! Insulting and outrageous!!! It's surreal, incredible, like a bad fictional novel, and, yet, it's really happening before I very eyes!!!

      Public trust, integrity and adherence to constittutional principles and the rule of law are dead. What is a law-abiding US Citizen to do? Obsequiously roll over yet once again?

      Our Republic and its Constitution are barely recognizable tatters. Progressives are dangerously close to bringing down the entire American dream of constitutional governance. And while most of us myopically and apathetically plod on with our sorry lives, our Founders roll over in their graves and those of us Americans who genuinely care about this Republic become increasingly incendiary. At some point, it's going to hit the fan and all bets are off.

    4. Alex says:

      Is it really fair to say the Senate "rejected the bill last year by a vote of 55-41" when it was 55 Senators in favor and 41 opposed?

      • mcrich says:

        Yes, if you understand how congress works. Our forefathers created a system designed to implement change slowly. The Senate requires 60 votes to ensure that bills are not easily passed. In todays world of 'I want it NOW!', it helps avoid needless and/or bills that are not beneficial to the whole country.

        • Alex says:

          I understand how filibustering works. I was commenting on the misleading phrasing of the article, which in its lack of clarity implies that 55 Senators were against the bill.

    5. Robert says:

      Congress (the House of Representatives) usurps itself. Harry Reid, Obama's bulldog, presides over the Senate and stands ready to tear into anyone that tries to stop any of Obama's agenda. Yet, Harry Reid is bored because the pixie dancer in charge of the House does nothing. Here is another "big, bad, mean Obama" article that insults our wits. Of course, Obama is going to continue ramming his agenda down our throats – he has NO opposition.

    6. Roban28 says:

      Impeach President Obama for violating the Constitution he swore to defend! I'm sure that Heritage research can come up with enough examples of the articles and amendments that he has bypassed in his quest toward creating his American socialist dream.

      • @CatOnSunday says:

        Funny, he's following the constitution more closely than Congress. Congress has power to make war, but the President alone has the power to control armed forces – with or without congress by constitutional standards. Presidential discretion is part of the job. If the President even feels a law is unconstitutional, he doesn't have to enforce it unless Congress takes it to SCOTUS. Presidents since Thomas Jefferson have been etching out what Presidential powers are, and so far, nothing is unconstitutional. It just pisses off the do nothing 112th congress. They might beet the 80th for laziness!

    7. justdoit says:

      I don't get it. We send our troops half way around the world to suppress any chance of being attacked by our enemies and then open our borders to anyone willing to risk entering our country.

      • Richard says:

        yea, that makes sense. What makes me wonder about all of our leaders is even George W didn't have a problem with the illegals from Mexico……would he have had a problem with illegals from Iran? Look, common sense says secure the borders. We need a couple of divisions of Marines on our border with Mexico and enforce the borders. Period. We don't need to discuss it for the next 5 years to make a decision! All we ever do is talk. This is so blatantly obvious is stupid. Secure the friggin border!

    8. charleslabounty says:

      ICE and amnesty,
      NRLB end run on card check,
      EPA stopping drilling,
      obamaCare single payer system,

      "mmmmmm …………………………….. mmmmmm ……………………. mmmmmmm"
      Yup — we got the "change" and now there is no "HOPE" !!!!!

      • Robert says:

        So, who are you mad at? The hope and change was election 2008. Election 2010 was about "taking our country back," "making government smaller," and a host of other lies. The Rockefeller repubs are worse than the obama socialists. When the RINO pukes elected boo-hoo Boehner Speaker they knew exactly what they were doing – NOTHING!

    9. justdoit says:

      Surely, this dream act has nothing to do with the upcoming election!

    10. toledofan says:

      This is another glaring example, the Dream Act, of the Presidents willingness to thumb his nose at the Constitution and the laws of the land. I was amazed that there were illegals giving testimony without fear of being arrested or deported and thought why do we even have any laws regarding immigration, what's the point? I mean it's clear that we aren't going to make a real effort to enforce the current laws or, for that matter, protect the border, so, again, it's a free-for-all. But, the laws do exist and the President needs to start doing his job and start protecting the border and the citizens of the U.S.A. I'd say that Congress needs to do it's job, as well, and challenge Obama, but, as long as the Democratic band of thieves is in charge, we'll get what we don't deserve.

      • RJP says:

        Interestingly, the devastation of influx of immigrants has been recorded in history. As described in Collapse, there was a large American Indian civilization in the midwest centuries ago. When drought affected many, they moved to the city seeking work and relief. The civilization collapsed under the weight. Notable historians have described the large role that illegal immigration played in the decline and eventual fall of the Roman empire. Politicians think primarily about themselves (and this is why our founders set up such a system of checks and balances) and think in the very short term, rather than what is good for the most over time. If we were to copy their problem solving approach, nobody would go on to college, let alone bother finishing high school.

    11. Zeek says:

      Two years in the military — if they qualify and serve honorably — sure.

      Two years in college? Hell, no.

      • Caregvr says:

        Right on!!!!

      • ThomNJ says:

        I am a bit tired of the government using the military as a proving ground for thier ideas – so I don't agree that miltary service for such a relatively short duration should be rewarded with citizenship. Maybe 5 years, at least.

        And I agree, two years in college – hell no.

      • GRBW says:

        I agree with service in the military, as well. However, I'm not sure that two years is enough. Some people wait for much longer that two years to enter legally.

      • Guest says:

        I think they need to go back and serve 2 years in the Mexican Military, they need their help right now!

    12. charleslabounty says:

      ICE doing their own amnesty program,
      NLRB changing the rules to allow a card check only rule,
      EPA stopping drilling and shutting down coal mines,
      obamaCare forcing a single payer system,

      "mmmmmm…………. mmmmmm……….. mmmmmm"
      Yup — we got the "change" and now there is "No Hope" !!

    13. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Can't we Americans see what is happening to our nation of laws and fairness. Obama is and has
      by-passed our Congress, our Constitution, and our way of law. This fraud has become this country's
      first dictator. Almost every person effected by the "Dream Act" will become a Democrat voter. Obama knows it and his minions in Congress know it. We know it as well yet we are doing nothing to stop it.

    14. Jeanne Stotler says:

      I could not afford to send my kids to college, they went on their own, taking years to complete as they could not afford to take a full load as money was scarce, Now the POTUS wants to give a break to illegals on the backs of us that worked hard only to see our properties lose value, family members lose jobs, taxes, food and gas increase, I say NO to the DREAM act. This POTUS is a very aragant person, he's telling us, the taxpayers, that it's going to be his way or else. He should be inpeached but with his buddy Reid in the Senate, I know this won't happen, a full investigation needs to bemade into all aspects, there are blatant disregards for the law and he needs to be charged, if Nixon was a crook, What is OBAMA, he's an out and out gangster.

    15. Leland says:

      ICE should have been at the event with buses to haul away the illegals and to slap handcuffs on Senator Durbin for aiding and abetting.

    16. ThomNJ says:

      "Because the agency is confronted with more administrative violations than its resources can address, the agency must regularly exercise "prosecutorial discretion" if it is to prioritize its efforts." – Well, let's see – if you already have the illegal in you custody, then HANDLE the person by deporting them. One at a time or in bunches if need be. No one is expecting you to somehow round up and deport millions of them all at once. It is interesting that here we are, years later, and the SAME old lame arguments are being used, but NONE of the proper steps to fight the problem have been enacted. Put the US military on the border and seal it. Cut off all financial aid and welfare to illegals. Stop treating them like special guests with in-state tuition and such and treat them like the interlopers they are. Don't rent to them. Don't give them drivers licenses. Cut off the jobs. Punish employers who willfully hire them. Prosecute the outfits that smuggle them in for construction jobs, etc. Stop abusing our Constitution and giving those born here of illegal alien parents citizenship. It really is pretty darn simple. It is called "enforce the law".

    17. ThomNJ says:

      Another thing that is tiresome is the old saw, "Our immigration policy, without question, is in need of reform." Really, then how come we almost never see an article describing just what is wrong with it? The last time I recall seeing an inclusive article was several years back. So few people know the actual issues, that the catch phrase that "the system is broken" has become a cliche.

      Another tiresome issue (for me, at least)? The amnesty lovers need to stop treating us that oppose them as racists. It is a numbers game, and we do want some immigrants. We want law-abiding folks. We want those who want to be competitive and successful. We want those that can contribute more than they take. We want those who are educated and can start contributing from day one. We want those who aren't bringing in another dozen relatives who won't be contributing to the welfare of the country. We want those who want to make AMERICA greater. And finally we want those who want to be AMERICANS and not residents whose loyalties and identities lie elsewhere.

    18. Steve Weber says:

      I hope that others will become aware of what a group in MD. did with a petitioning effort to place a law of the same nature on the ballot in the stat of MD for the people to respond to rather than a small group of people who are convinced they know what is best for the people. I helped to gather petitions signatures for this effort and was overwhelmed at the response by the people of what is considered one of the most liberal states that this kind of behavior by our elected officials is out of touch with the people.
      Steve Weber

    19. still fed up says:

      My "Dream" is to round them all up, and deport them back to their homelands!!! Think of the savings to the welfare dept. , schools and businesses. No more English as a second language. No more instructions in any language other than English, no more welfare to illegals. Millions of $$$$ in savings to the country, no–probably billions!!! No more long waits in emergeny rooms, anyone who goes knows that at least half the people there are illegals, with Medicaid!!!

    20. Robert Ivy says:

      What part of illegal is not undocumented? Why is illegal not understood?
      Just because you circumvented the law doesn't mean it is legitimate or legal.

    21. Mike the Bike says:

      The President must not of paid attention to his studies when he was in Civics class. The President is head of the Executive Branch. His job is to faithfully execute the laws as passed by Congress, not make up his own law as he goes along! From the way he operates, I would say that his "hero President" must be Andrew Jackson. BTW the "Dream Act" sounds more like a nightmare to me. Since the time of the Berlin Wall, I have been telling people,"I would rather live in a country where everybody else is trying to sneak in, than in a country where everybody is trying to sneak out".

    22. Joe says:

      We know what this is all about. It's just yet another Democratic vote buying scheme to keep the anointed one in the White House for another disastrous term!

      • RogCol says:

        Remember the old Roger Miller song? "Voters for sale or rent"

      • Pat from Texas says:

        The United States cannot take another disastrous term with this man in charge. He is on the verge of ruining everything that is great about America. He will do anything to get elected so he can finish us off. What he doesn't understand is.:we have seen the enemy, we now know their strategy and we will fight to extinction to keep him and his ilk out of our government

    23. Pete says:

      Why wait until 2012 ?? Impeach Obama NOW !!!

    24. AD-RtR/OS! says:

      Perhaps it is time for the relevant committee chairmen on The Hill to remind the leadership at ICE/DHS that since The Congress soundly rejected the DREAM Act, it's implementation – in whole or in part – would be a slap in the face of that Congress, and the concept of Separation of Powers, and that Congress will use their "prosecutorial discretion" in determining the funding of ICE/DHS.

    25. Norm LA says:

      Obama violates the laws anytime he wants to. The very latest proof of that is he continues to fund ACORN. But this great country and I am glad to have been born here, has not through several presidents, enforced existing Immigration laws. And since Kennedy McCain, how many have illegally cross the border ? The laws were not enforced, many have come into the country and many have worked here and raised families over the years. Either enforce current law or shut up. Or have those who entered illegally come forward, give them temp status, like those who apply for citizenship, determine if they committed crimes and then put them on the list for citizenship. For the future, seal the borders and enforce the laws consistently.

      • carol,az says:

        Sounds good Norm in L.A as long as CA continues to pick-up the tab.
        Seems like; your State of the Union also agrees with you. We do pick them up on our border. Many of them are former convicted illegals with outstanding warrants and priors from CA. MS-13 gang members and a very high % are sex offenders wanted in every state in the US., from CA.
        Remember that Federal finger print data base program called, "Safe Communities " your top Sheriff Hennessey refuses to utilize, and went screaming to the press; that's it's against the law , using the Sanctuary race card as an excuse. Maybe you would "care to share" with Sheriff Hennessey that, the program works, we use it all the time here . Could save some lives in CA.

    26. Frank Gianino says:

      The fact that admitted violators o the law can walk with impunity the halls of the legislative branch, with out fear of arrest, should dispel and doubt that we are no longer a nation of laws.

    27. Jay says:

      When the "President has built an administrative bypass around Article I of the Constitution, leaping over the separation of powers" and casting aside the founding directive that "All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States" by means of executive fiat, and just implementing legislation not in existence (e.g. DREAM ACT), what recourse or options are available to put the genie back in the bottle?

    28. David Burnham says:

      Seems like we have to abide by the laws the Governement enacts – but they don't.
      How long can we continue this inequity before people start rebelling and we have anarchy?
      What happened to our Constitution and "by the people for the people"
      I am an immigrant – I came here the legal way – have 2 Masters' degrees and 15 years of experience in my profession. Haven't taken a dime in welfare – paid federal, state, social security and property taxes for the past 22 years.
      I see the decline of this Great Country and want to weep!

    29. George Fuller says:

      Until 1986 the USA had never had a mass amnesty…..Then an amnesty was granted for 2.5 million migrant farm workers with the promise there would never be another amnesty……



    30. Steve S. says:

      The illegal DREAM Act is nothing but a NIGHTMARE for American citizens and our country! I think the majority of Americans are behind defeating this amnesty for law breakers, once and for all. It should be a topic and platform for the GOP presidential hopefuls. Once again, Obama circumnavigates the judicial branch, to further his unfair and illegal agenda upon the citizens of this country. Congress and the Senate need to become VERY vocal on this…or, we will know, which side they really are on! I do NOT want my country to look like Europe!

    31. RogCol says:

      Congress? We don't need no stinking Congress!

    32. Sadie D. says:

      Listen to part of this quote from Cicero – and much the same can be said of our current president and his associates: "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within…..For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face adn their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer restist. A murder is less to fear."
      This should SCARE everyone who cares deeply about this country and our ORIGINAL values!

    33. Sadie D. says:

      Listen to this quote by Cicero — it should SCARE YOU!!! There were brilliant people even years ago who could discern wrong conduct!!

      "A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murder is less to fear"

    34. Allen Finkenaur says:

      Do they realize how many jobs are being taken by these illegals. These are not just harvesting produce but real jobs – cleaning houses – painting -papering – repairing autos -etc. etc etcl.

    35. B. Smith says:

      While I'm sure it's admirable that these people have gotten jobs, gone to college, and have family members serving in the military. They are still here "illegally". I still cannot fathom why some of the laws of this country the current administration choose to enforce and then blatantly disregard others. We are a nation of immigrants. But what do you say to the millions of people who came here legally. It's as if you say to them we don't respect your hard work and dilligence in becoming a citizen.

      Also I continue to see our border agents who are overwhelmed and outgunned being killed by lawless people coming across the border. We choose not to secure our borders but to put at risk the law enforcement and citizens of our own country.

      We tried Amnesty years ago and all we got was an lawless unguarded border. With over 20 million more illegal immigrants to show for it. If we grant amnesty this time then in 20 years will we have 40 million more illegals? When does this end? When will we choose to enforce the law rather then ignore it?

    36. Todd says:

      Once again Obama shows his true colors – a socialist intent on destroying this country. Will all true Americans stand up and send a strong and clear message in November 2012? I pray that it will happen.

    37. Chris Wilkes says:

      NO one calls this guy on anything he or the democrats do WHY is this, are they ALL above the law. Somebody better wake up,if we will have any chance of saving this great country!!

    38. Mike Prunty says:

      Impeach Obama? Sure. But let's impeach (vote out) the Republicans for being the worthless, spineless bums for doing noting about it. Whether they have the votes or not, they don't even open their mouths! They won't carry out their own so-called agenda, so they go along with much of Obama's via silence.

      The more time goes by, the less opposed to the idea of a third party I become. For those who stubbornly oppose this, then let me put it this way: I support the rising of the Tea Party (or some united conservative entity) to become the "new" SECOND party. It would, of course, have to be a process, and not an event. The Republican party is committing a slow but certain suicide. The "free open political market place" is demanding a true counter force to the conspicuously treasonous Democrats. There is an overwhelming demand out here with no supply. This situation is being artificially held in place. But soon, the damn is going to break, and the GOP will pay the ultimate price. Sooner or later, the powerful "marketplace" will get what it wants, or there will be revolution. I don't know what that revolution will look like, but all Hell is going to break loose, and it won't be pretty.

    39. ann / st. johns, fl says:

      This President does everything against our Constitution. Obama ignores our Congress n Senate and what the American people want. Nixon got impeached and here this president went into Libya without asking Congress n Senate. No More Spending but the Democracts n Administration doesn’t know that word. They are pushing USA over the cliff.

    40. Clearhead says:

      Totally disgusting. (And that's being charitable) By the way, Ken Jarvis, cat got your tongue again?

    41. kaydell bowles says:

      We the people of America are to blame for the present condition. WE want for something for nothing; cheap labor at any cost; entitlements to provide for our needs so we can spend on our wants; education that has allowed history to be re-written; the judical system used as a pawn for the rights and enttitlements; and voting for those who promise more of the same. Our finger as we point to the cause/causes only to have three point back to self. We the people need men and women that are statesment and not politicans; we need honest and principled people and not politicans where the end justify the means. This will only happen when we honestly address the problems we now have.

    42. Judith in Michigan says:

      The rhetoric of what Congress should do, what the President should do, abiding by The Constitution and laws is all well and good, but does not accomplish a darn thing.
      What must be done first is to put a stop to this willful murder of The United States of America. Congress MUST step up and force it to be stopped. They have the tools to do it. Do they have the courage?

      Durbin and his like-minded associates are a national disgrace, but doubt if they care very much. Power and control is the name of the game in DC.

      With an election just over the horizon, expect a full-bore assault on what’s left of our laws so the hard left can remain in power, no matter what the citizens say.

    43. Bonnie says:

      The next executive order coming our way is raising the debit ceiling. Again Obama is contemplating using an executive order to by pass Congress. Doesn't Congress realize that they will soon be extinct and we will have a dictatorand his Czars. Talk about losing jobs, 100 Senators and 435 Representatives on the street.

    44. Myra Bushnell says:

      So, did the president issue an executive order for Mr. Morton to issue an administrative fiat? Or did he just kind of mention to Mr. Morton that it would be a good move? Since the Morton memo specifically refers to items that were in the "rejected" DREAM Act, isn't it requiring ICE to act illegally? The memo isn't clarifying legislation, it IS legislating. Does the Disclaimer at the end of the memo make it all hunkydory, i.e., we can't really do what we say we're going to do because "there is no right to the favorable exercise of discretion by the agency," so if we take the actions we say we will, we can be overruled? Can't Congress DO SOMETHING about this? I understand the entire concept of "executive order" and "administrative fiat" is debatable, but from my reading it seems that Congress should have the most influence. In this particular case withholding funding would, of course, be cutting off one's nose…, but can't they write legislation to countermand this memo?

    45. Nelson Whipple says:

      The President and others have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution and the law. Some like the President and the Attorney General have stated publically that they will not be faithfull to their promoses.
      That is quite enough grounds for impeachment. Why is no action being taken?

      • Katie says:

        Dear Nelson Whipple,

        Please give us an example where the President has publicly stated he will not uphold the Constitution or our nations laws?

    46. and2therepublic says:

      "There is no good government but what is republican. That the only valuable part of the British constitution is so; for the true idea of a republic is "an empire of laws, and not of men."

      John Adams – Thoughts on Government – 1776.

      "Remember democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide."

      John Adams – letter to John Taylor – April 15, 1814.

      It appears that our republic is becoming more like a democracy every day. This progress began with the passage of the 17th ammendment. In order to restore the rule of law and the republican form of government as established by the founders through the Constitution, the 17th ammendment must be repealed. This would be a good start in the restoration process.

      "The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty, and the destiny of the republican model of government, are justly considered deeply, perhaps as finally, staked on the experiment entrusted to the hands of the American people."

      George Washington – First Inaugural Address – April 30, 1789.

    47. Ron W. Smith says:

      Illegal immigration is a problem long out of control. The legislation passed in 1986 to control the problem was conveniently disregarded by law enforcement, members of Congress, employers, and, of course, illegals. Now, as a result, we're stuck with deciding what should long ago have been decided on and the decision will involve millions of immigrants. What a shame.
      Since bait and switch is involved, we have to be careful. Immigrants came here in great numbers illegally because they received employment after arriving. That and a better life was the purpose of their risking life and limb to get here. No jobs available, end of illegal immigration. No penalties for employers who willingly employed Hispanics without a careful check of legal papers is as much a part of the problem as the illegals who have no documentation. Any solution to the problem of illegals in the U.S. must deal with employers and illegals.
      Then there's the BIG problem of what to do with the long-time members of Congress who were in on the 1986 legislation and, ever since, have been in position to stop illegal immigration in its tracks but chose not to for all these 25 years. Do not settle for anything but mea culpa from folks like Orrin Hatch, Mitch Mcconnell, John McCain, and a host of their long-tenured comrades in the House and Senate. And do not hesitate to implicate those business interests which lobbied furiously to let illegal immigration go because the cheap labor was desired. (Remember the Swift raids that, after an early frenzy of deportations, were never again pursued broadly among business known for hiring illegals?)
      I said bait and switch: freely available jobs, now the threat of deportation. The word "amnesty" strikes fear in the hearts of some apparently. How about the words "inhumane," "immoral," and perhaps worse if the illegals go and those who benefited through cheap labor in business are left untouched, and those in Congress who were (and are) complicit avoid any punishment at all?
      Quite a dilemma, Mr. and Mrs. America.

    48. michael pope says:

      this is not a dream it is a nightmare this is what you get when you elect a proffeser who has never worked a day in his life and he thinks the world should be perfect

    49. gringo says:

      By leaving our borders open and non-enforcement of existing federal law, we have allowed so many illegals and their anchor babies to remain here that the federal government has given up on deportation as an option. A quick glance at the problems in Arizona, Texas, and California will give anyone a glimpse of the future if the tide of illegals is not stopped soon.

    50. Mr. Potter says:

      It's for the "children" — ages 15 through 35???
      And where does it say in the Constitution that I can break into your house, decide it's more comfortable than going back to my house, eat your food, draw on your accounts, make you pay to educate my children and then have your moral betters in Washington tell you that it's really your fault and that you should welcome me with open arms because of all the diversity I bring to your poor benighted monocultural household?

    51. Joe says:

      These politicians seek seats of power not for the betterment of society, just themslves. They rule out of spite for the people who oppose them, they seek to curry favor from those who would enrich them for sponsoring illegitimate laws. They invent laws by 'decrees', a genuine 'Constitution' is defined by and governed in accordance with laws,which, unlike decrees, must be universal. A democracy governed by decrees is not a Constitution, it's oligarchic.This government we have now was created by adding oligarchic elements and removing democratic principles.

    52. Retired Lady says:

      During the US/Mexico FIFA Soccer match held in the Rose Bowl, the team that was booed the most was the US team! The people doing the booing, while wearing sombreros, were hispanic. Comments ranged from: "I didn't come here willingly" to "my heart belongs to Mexico!" Isn't it interesting that these are the people Obama wants to grant amnesty! And also during Durbin's circus event, he claimed one of these "fine people" could even be President of the Us!

    53. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      The immigration problem did not occur overnight…the Republican lifers and the Democratic lifers in Congress, along with politically minded 'weak' presidents prepared the way for Obama and the socialists…Heritage supports life-long politicians – and now attempts to be surprised when the king of the socialist presidents looks to lock-in more dumboes…to get him re-elected…

      It's a game…keep playing

    54. skgausa says:

      To me this looks like treason – to allow God knows who in there with our military, maybe the enemy, is purely and simply treason. I don't know how bad Clinton and now Obama has harmed our military but only fools or the enemy would sit by and subject our military to these outrages they have had to undergo.

    55. Julianne Nienaber says:

      I couldn't agree more with this article. President Obama continues to disrespect our Constitution and the will of the American people in many ways — not just this one. That is why it is imperative that he not be reelected!
      Julanne in Florida

    56. Glynnda says:

      Heritage, can't we do something about his behavior? It is certainly evident that Congress will not or cannot. What do we do about this? Do we begin barraging the justice department with demands that the prez be brought up on charges? What is the path here? We certainly have not been taught enough by our public school educators to know which direction to go from here….teach us please


    57. Mary says:

      Let me get this straight. They are overwhelmed with enforcing laws regarding secure borders but they have time to furnish Mexican drug dealers with guns they cannot track. Abolish the ability of various bureaucratic department heads to make law. That is not what America is about. Nor is it about a president and attorney general circumventing the law or refusing to enforce those that do not meet their approval. We are not trying to separate families. Send the children home with their parents. Problem solved.

    58. carol,az says:

      Thank You Mike for correctly including numerous examples, " to block laws for backdoor amnesty," already taking palce on our borders and in every court in America blocked by the clan bears.
      The primal instinct by evolving primal man managed to posture in, an upright position and learned how to, protect their yourng.
      This clan bear refuses to protect Americnas and wants to further include, "all who have broken the laws" and and also force us to pay for it.
      The U.S. Constitution : Article 2, sections 2,3,4. includes reasoning based on treason.
      My last comments were sencored when I spoke about this impeachable offense.

    59. The Farmer says:

      Both Presidents after the 2nd wwar and the Korean war sent the illegals back home, and each time there were about as many as there is today. If President Reagan was as good as we like to think he was, he would have done likewise.
      President Bush, a smart nice guy for sure, but lacking, like all lefthanders I've ever met, in "wisdom"!
      But now we have a big problem America! Now we have an illegal lefthander as President!!
      The only remidy is to impeach him!!!

    60. Emmett says:

      It is too bad that senator Durbin did not have as much compassion for the minority school xchildren of Washington, DC, as he apparently does for the children of illegals. He was responsible for de-funding the scholarship program which would allow these children to escape the failed DC public schools!

      What a hypocrite!

    61. sally says:

      This is an outrage to those of us who came to this country legally. I served in the military for 5 years and still had to apply for student loans in order to finish my degree. I also had to pay over $1000.00 to become a citizen. I have been working since I was 15 and would not change a thi
      ng. Now is this program going to pay my student loan and reimburse me for my citizenship? Did not think so, stop the hand holding and allowing illegals to destroy the greatest country I have had the opportunity to serve and defend.

    62. KC - New Mexico says:

      First – I do not trust anything that Obama and his Czars come up with for any group in this country or for any illegal alien group. The DREAM idea is a joke and does not address the real issues on immigration. Instead, this country needs a progressive system that allows an illegal alien to obtain a work VISA and then to pay taxes on earnings. Only those without a criminal record would get the VISA. Those with criminal records need to be deported. For those going to school and getting a government funded education, they should also have a VISA and be required to work to pay back the loan. Once these folks have proven themselves, they need to go through the normal naturalization process just like the rest of the immigrants did before them.

    63. Frank says:

      The 200 illegals should have been arrested & deported as soon as they showed up at either Congress or the White House. Our Constitution continues to be trashed & our laws ignored when convenient.

    64. RCB says:

      In reference to immigration, I believe that if this nation and those leaders so inclined, really cared about immigrants, and the needs of those law breakers that entered illegally, then we would work with countries that represent the preponderance of them (Mexico) to create programs in their native country to help them escape poverty. For the cost of educating one illegal immigrant in the US, I have to believe you could fund an entire classroom in Mexico. Let them learn in their native language, with the support of extended families and with most of the support paid by their country of nationality. We could help there at a pittance of the cost of what illegal immigrants cost us in the US.
      We would then enforce our borders, and only allow legal immigrants to enter. Perhaps those that got their education, learned english and would enhance our workforce and society.
      This approach would likely be way more beneficial to a larger number of people in need at a much lower cost. In other words, help those entering illegally to have another option to improve their situation without leaving their country.

    65. Basia says:

      We are no longer a constitutional republic. For the first time in our history, we now have a radical marxist dictator in charge no different than Chavez or Quaddafi. And unless Congress has the courage to impeach him which I see NO movement toward, the imperial Obama has a year and a half to shred the rest of the Constitution, wipe his backside with it and wreak serious damage to this country. If he wins re-election, our country is dead. It's all part of a bigger Soros plan to destroy our nation as it was founded. We the people, the Constitution and Congress have become irrelevant to Obama. He does as he pleases with no one calling him out on his dictatorship.

    66. JimRock says:

      why were they not arrested? Entering secure Federal Building while being fugitives of the law?

    67. S Rubicon says:

      Many will say, after Obama is out of office, investigating is a waste of money. However< I suspect this time around investigations are not only needed, they are required. Barack Obama has circumvented the constitution & the rule of law. He has an open disdain for our constitution & a desire to see it be reformed into a document that suspiciously resembles the old Soviet constitution. It too listed all the things government was supposed to do for the citizens. It only enabled the power brokers to do more "TO" Soviet citizens & again, I suspect that is the real goal of President Obama.
      Regardless, the abuses of office, the ignoring congressional authority & responsibility, amounts to ignoring the constitution. The Executive branch does not have the authorities Obama exercised. That is a crime.
      Will he be re-elected. Only if the courts once again protect him. If Americans have no standing to question his eligibility, then he may get re-elected. Of course that will mean, what the people have to say will mean nothing.

    68. D. White says:

      And we have and education crisis much of which is due to trying to educate the children of illegals.
      For every one who succeeds and graduates from high school you have at least ten who are sucking up our remedial and behavioral resources. Visit any alternative high school in the Western US and see who the students are.

    69. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      The DREAM Act will be a nightmare. Rep. Luis Gutierrez, (D-IL), wants Obama to do it by executive order. God
      help us!

    70. Estaban58 says:

      I am retired from the Army. Service in the US Armed forces has been a path to US Citizen status for a long time. I served with a British citizen who was drafted even though he was not a U. S. Citizen. He was here on a valid Visa, but he was not a citizen. So, citizens of other countries here on valid visas could be drafted in the 1960s. I do not know the policy since the draft was ended. Resident aliens could be drafted into the US Army, I see no reason they should not be able to use honorable service in our Army as a path to citizenship. You should not characterize service in the U.S. Military as a negative path to Citizenship. As for the other things mentioned in your article I agree that questionable or convicted felons should have no easy path to U.S. citizenship. Last, I am really very tired of hearing of President Obama's circumventing the U. S. Constitution. If he is doing these things, then someone should bring a bill of impeachment, so it can be voted up or down. For me, I am campaigning for the candidate I believe should replace this president.

    71. Donald J. DaCosta says:

      "the President should respect it from the day he is sworn in until the day he leaves office." Why doesn't this read "the President must respect it" and why are not these overt attempt to circumvent the Constitution grounds for impeachment??

    72. Katie says:

      May I remind the "Heritage" Society of their own policy, below? Incivility on this website is constantly tolerated. Perhaps it doesn't serve your rightwing purposes to stop the incivility you claim to reject?

    73. Don DeHoff says:

      Part 1 of 2 parts: We as a nation need to fall back and regroup. There is nothing wrong with being a good Democrat or Republican, but we all need to be first, Americans. If blanket amnesty is granted, most of "them" will feel obligated to vote for the party that gave them their "free pass to the promised land". The resulting huge increase in the number of voting Democrats will destroy our party system that has worked, in spite of itself, to make this country the greatest, most free and civilized social experiment in the history of the world. End Part 1.

    74. Carol says:

      This seems like another area where the president refuses to uphold the law of the land. When laws are broken, the president ignores it and allows his dept heads to by-pass them, why can’t he be held in contempt for refusal to uphold the legal laws? Does the fact that he swore an oath to uphold the laws mean nothing? Is this an impeachable offense?

    75. Eliza says:

      I have come to the conclusion that we have a government full of Communists/Marxists/Atheists/radicals that are led by BHO!!!!!!!!!!!! For the life of me, I can't understand why there is NO ONE that will protect our Constitution and freedom. There is NO ONE that will stand up and say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!! As I just read in other comments, BHO won't uphold our Constitution that he swore on the Bible that he would – for heavens sake, doesn't anyone have the "guts" to hold his feet to the fire. START IMPEACHMENT NOW – WE CANNOT WAIT TIL 20l2. We are a country of Laws, but no one sees fit to uphold them ! Where is our Justice system – oh yes, they are under B HO's control and his Czars !!
      Well, WE THE PEOPLE must stand up and demand to take our beloved country back !!!!!!

    76. Richard says:

      The number 1 statement Mr Obama made in his campaign days was "…..we will fundamentally change the United States of America…." – a statement that sent a chill up my spine. Who did people think he was? Did they think he loved our country? I knew he didn't – he wanted to change it. Very simple and very obvious. We all react to every issue this administration has attempted to legislate – some of which it has. I have seen nothing but distortion and blatant lies regarding things like "what's in the Health Care Bill", securing the border, etc. I question weather Mr Obama actually made the decision to get Bin Laden or if (as I heard) Leon Panetta made it.

      Sarah Palin made an incredible statement during the last presidential campaign. Something like…."The office of President is not the place for personal growth and development…". In other words, you'd better be an adult when you enter that office – not someone unsure of where he/she stands when it comes to the very real issues facing our country these days. I think Mr Obama needs to reflect on that one and bow out of office due to his incompetency.

    77. Wayne, La says:

      I wouldn't call this country that free anymore. There is more legislation then an entire encyclopedia would hold for a thousand or more years. I just hope people will see through this facade of a dictatorship. It is all for the purpose of getting one reelected in 2012. Maybe congress could put together a pass an immigration reform act before this side stepping attempts become fact. A five or ten year waiting period for all illegals would be one necessary factor for legalization.

    78. mj hillery says:

      Giving illegal persons (no, not immigrants, they don't deserve that title) amnesty is an offense against all those who waited to come here legally. What kind of citizens do tese lawbreakers make? Certainly not ones to honor and respect the laws of the United States or any of the 50 states.


    79. Protect America says:

      One tour of duty is 4 years, not 2 years. American soldiers are going to War Zones 2, 3 or more times.

    80. Brittanicus says:

      Senator Sessions states: New DREAM Act is Worse than Before

      Senator Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), who serves on the Senate Judiciary Committee, has issued a statement highlighting 10 things Americans need to know about the newly introduced DREAM Act. On Tuesday, the Senate Immigration Subcommittee held its first ever hearing on the DREAM Act, but few Senators were in attendance because of conflicts with other committee meetings and votes on the Senate floor. Learn about the lies being published in the Liberal oriented press and that DREAM ACT is just part of a stealth Amnesty, which the open border heretics are trying to pass on the unaware public.

      Bombard Senate phone switchboard—202-224–3121 and House—202-225–3121, and inform them you will not be manipulated into another clandestine Amnesty, disguised as the DREAM ACT.

      In the release, Sen. Sessions said that the bill "would offer amnesty to over 2 million illegal aliens" and according to the Congressional Budget Office would add "more than $5 billion to the federal deficit". 1. The DREAM Act Is NOT Limited to Children 2. The DREAM Act Will Be Funded On the Backs Of Hard-Working, Law-Abiding Americans. 3. The DREAM Act Provides a Safe Harbor for Any Alien, Including Criminals, From Being Removed or Deported If They Simply Submit An Application. . Certain Inadmissible Aliens and ALL Deportable Aliens, Including Those From High-Risk Regions, Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DREAM Act. 5. Certain Criminal Aliens—Including Drunk Drivers—Will Be Eligible For Amnesty Under The DREAM Act. 6. Conservative Estimates Suggest That At Least 2.1 Million Illegal Aliens Will Be Eligible For the DREAM Act Amnesty; In Reality, We Have No Idea How Many Illegal Aliens Will Apply.

      7. The DREAM Act Does Not Require That an Illegal Alien Finish Any Type of Degree (Vocational, Two-Year, or Bachelor’s Degree) As a Condition of Amnesty. 8. The DREAM Act Does Not Require That an Illegal Alien Complete Military Service As a Condition For Amnesty, and There Is Already a Legal Process in Place For Illegal Aliens to Obtain U.S. Citizenship Through Military Service. 9. Despite Their Current Illegal Status, DREAM Act Aliens Will Be Given All the Rights That Legal Immigrants Receive—Including the Legal Right To Sponsor Their Parents and Extended Family Members For Immigration. 10. Current Illegal Aliens Will Get Federal Student Loans, Federal Work Study Programs, and Other Forms of Federal Financial Aid. This urgent information should be read by every American, who realize that illegal immigration is become out-of-control. For serious statistics, the true costs and the lies and propaganda from the Obama Administration go to http://www.NumbersUSA.com website.

      If you haven't already done so, join your local TEA PARTY, as thousand of disfranchised Americans. This is possible the last chance to halt another mass amnesty or as the Liberal Democrats like to call it Immigration Reform. According to the Commerce Dept there are eight million foreign nationals with jobs, which should be in the hands of 13 million US workers.

      In a report recently by CBS News there are some disturbing statistics that millions of Black Americans are living with depression-era unemployment rates. Blacks are not the only ones hurting, while 8 million illegal aliens have jobs. Unemployment rates are high among almost every class of worker, especially among Citizens, permanent residence, of Blacks, Hispanics, and teenagers. So why is Left side in Congress, using their power to give passage to the Dream Act, that will snowball into family members gaining residence through CHAIN MIGRATION and even more financial problems? The truth is irrefutable, that our schools are overcrowded with illegal alien children, including a law that says anybody who crosses the border, flies in by plane or enters by ship must be given health care, no matter they are uninsured. These are mandated laws that have been approved by Liberal Judges. These are laws forced on taxpayers and individual States such as Arizona, Alabama, Georgia that are fighting back as every American State is suffocating under the relentless streams of illegal—ECONOMIC—aliens, coming here to pilfer the Federal and state treasuries.

      • Macabrera says:

        This was really informative thank you for posting it. I really like to be involved in government! I'm researching a project for my college English class and I have chosen to use "Back door Amnesty" great subject and a big issue that I don't believe the candidates are really focusing on! Maybe they should especially because it effects me so very much, living on a border city with Mexico!

    81. DelawareBob says:

      The DREAM Act is amnesty, and that is why I was always against the DREAM Act, but, I’ll give in to the DREAM Act under two conditions. First, the parents who bought their illegal alien children here illegally MUST be deported. Second, the parents can NEVER return to this country and the student can NEVER sponsor them or any other family member that would start a chain migration. The student will start the DREAM Act as soon as the parents are deported. This, I believe, is a good compromise. The students will be rewarded for something that was not their fault and the parents will pay for their crime of entering this country illegally and putting their child in this position. If you do not like this compromise, then the parents can just take their children back to the country from which they came. AGREE? If not, let all of them pack their bags and get the hell out of this country. They DO NOT belong here.

      Illegal immigration is a cancer, it has to be eradicated not tolerated.

    82. carol,az says:

      Who's really coming to America?
      Under reported to America, are the new out-breaks for diseases eradicated for decades in America.
      Chages Disease found in S. A and Central America already killed ~ 100,000 to 500,000 people. It slowly destroys the heart and other internal organs. Dengue Fever , leprosy, and out beaks of Whooping Cough and dysentery are all being treated in American hospitals, Malaria eradicated 60 years ago, and Hepatitis, A-E all here. One of the largest held secrets on this issue is the increased of Tuberculosis. Half of all cases reported in the States, are from CA. That would also include a shopping list of Venereal diseases.
      re.The Coach is Right: July 05,2011.

    83. ROSE PA says:

      One way to stop illegal immigration is to stop all free entitlements that is afforded to all american citiZens
      to go to any illegal citizen. NO CITIZENSHIP, NO BENEFITS.

    84. GraceE.Pratti Staten Island, NY says:

      Grace/ says

      Do as Ex Mayor Koch of New York give illegal’s ammesty on one condition they come forward and be finger printed and be able to be track down and pay taxes like everyone else, if not return to there homeland.

    85. frances minkowitz says:

      To the Heritage Foundation. I believe that the US ought to – Lower the debt ceiling, Lower taxes, with NO increase in "revenues" from covert tax increases; Also, the US ought to Pay off the federal debts by NOT taking on new spending, Cut back federal wage raises as in the white house, Cut back federal expenses in general. closing departments of the government, for starters. DOES THE PRES HAVE THE CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO CRASH THIS COUNTRY WITH MASSIVE SPENDING? I cannot become a member of Heritage because I hear that Heritage supports a rise in the debt ceiling at this time.

    86. Jackson says:

      Never mind that the horses are already out of the barn – let's just throw all the doors open and "Let 'em in" as Paul McCartney would say. Illegal squatters are decimating our country and the only ones supporting them are the socialist lefties who desperately need them t remain in power. Most all of us must produce docs to prove citizenship to get a job – it's called an I-9 form. How the devil can this be that millions slip through the net like so many fingerling fish? Stop This Madness, Now.

    87. Richardf Ahern says:

      President Obama idea on the Dream Act is stricley Political. All branches of government have taken and end around the Constitution for years. The rule of law has been ignored. RESTORE LEGISLATIVE INTEGRITY: GERMANE DEBATE AND AMENDMENT. Our Constitutional Republic must be restored if we are to survive.

    88. Macabrera says:

      I feel bad for some of these illegal immigrants. It is not there fault they were brought as children into the US made it their homes and now have to leave. They were minors and some of them have served in the Military and gone to College, why can't we at least help them? This is a big issue in my town, because I live right next to the border of Mexico. I'm not in agreement for Amnesty, but something has to be done!

    89. F.hill says:

      What in the world have you been reading? This country has been going nuts since we had the nixon's, and most definitely (the bushes) in office, or wasn't you paying attention then. Social Security gets monies borrowed from it and never paid back, but the people on social security have to pay by not receiving cost of living increases, since 2009; these are the monies we worked for and paid into the system. If you retire today you will no longer receive your SS check on the first or third of the month, it will depend on your date of birth; I discovered this in 2002, birthday falls on the 9th, you will receive your check every second Wednesday. Does not matter what state you live in. It was not left up to the citizens to vote for or against, it was done. If you don't believe go it the to SS website ot call and ask the question.

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