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  • Americans React to Government's Ban on Crib Sales

    Tuesday’s deadline for retailers to dispose of any unsold cribs has come and gone, but won’t soon be forgotten. Americans are speaking out about the unintended consequences of the government’s regulatory efforts.

    Commissioner Anne Northup of the Consumer Product Safety Commission posted reactions on her blog. Northup and Nancy Nord, a fellow Republican commissioner, sought to extend Tuesday’s deadline when they learned more than 100,000 cribs would need to be trashed. None of the cribs have been deemed unsafe or a hazard to children.

    Despite their pleas, the CPSC’s three Democrats, two of whom were appointed by President Obama, opposed the extension at a June 16 meeting.

    “When you hear that regulations are killing jobs and the economy, here is one example that will never make headlines, but is costing small businesses a fortune,” Northup wrote in the Washington Times. She estimated the cost of the lost inventory at $32 million.

    But you don’t have to take her word for it. Northup shared a few of the reactions she’s received in the wake of Tuesday’s deadline.

    “You can make it illegal to sell cribs and put the proverbial Fear of God into retailers and resellers, but you can’t stop the distribution of these cribs, because they will continue to be passed down through families and around neighborhoods,” wrote Susan from Utah.

    Rafael de Castro, executive director of the National Independent Nursery Furniture Retailers Association, said his industry supports the new safety standard. He just wanted the ability to sell the existing inventory. Even though Congress mandated the new safety standard, the CPSC picked the date.

    “In both sides of the argument presented to the commission on June 16th, retailers had suffered unnecessary harm cause by this implementation plan, all of which could have been avoided if retailers would have been given an opportunity to sell through their inventor,” de Castro said.

    And in New Bedford, MA, Baby Boudoir president Jim Vieira is hoping to save the remaining cribs in stock — if the government get its act together to enables him to retrofit them. He’s hoping for “a miracle to save a number of stores on the brink of bankruptcy.”

    This isn’t the last of you’ll hear of the crib complaints. Daycare centers and hotels are the next target of the CPSC. They have until Dec. 28, 2012, to replace all cribs with new models that meet the government’s current safety standard.

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    13 Responses to Americans React to Government's Ban on Crib Sales

    1. 475Linebaugh says:

      What if Atlas Shrugged?

    2. Randall Goodden says:

      Banning drop-side cribs is an overreaction by the CPSC to a product design issue. A more practical solution would have been to develop mechanical design regulatory standards that addressed the mechanical design and function, as well as the assembly of the parts, eliminating the problems associated with the use of cheap hardware or mis-assembly.

      One of the real problems such actions bring to light, is the total lack of product design and engineering knowledge and background the head(s) of the CPSC have. Ms Tenenbaum’s background involves being South Carolina's State Superintendent of Education, and prior to that being an attorney focused on health and environmental issues, no experience in product design or manufacturing, but now she is calling the shots on product design issues. The individuals running this government agency should have extensive background in product design and development so that when they are faced with technical product issues, such as drop-side cribs, they can guide the industry down a preventive path, and not just ban products from existence.

      Randall Goodden
      President, IPSLP Association

    3. Early says:

      How can one even comment on such idiocy?

    4. FargoVortac says:

      …Until the next (gotta do something to look busy and get our budget raised next year) set of standards comes out.

    5. jimmydxyz says:

      More gov't interference in our lives. Overall there have been very few injuries, and I dare say that it is the parents not paying attention to problems with individual cribs that has caused the problem. Another example of gov't saving us from ourselves. I have raised or taken care of 7 children in drop side cribs and never had a problem. And these were older cribs bought in garage sales.

    6. itsjensk says:

      What? Does Obama have a "friend" in the crib making business? Is there a union that needs work? If they aren't unsafe why are they being destroyed?? It's like destroying the perfectly good used cars during cars for clunkers. Stupid!

      • LitlBits912 says:

        BINGO! hoping for MORE UNION JOBS! – or possibly to send yet another industry off-shore.
        This administration is quickly shredding our Constitution – violating it DAILY and not ONE MEMBER OF CONGRESS has the moral courage to stand up and STOP HIM!
        We have non-elected bureaucrats – all Socialist buddies of this Impostor-in-Chief – who are legislating from their offices. Congress has been made totally irrelevant…and doing NOTHING about it.

        My question is this: IF Congress is allowing that once-esteemed body to become so irrelevant – and they are NOT doing their jobs to stop him, then why do we continue to pay them their outrageous salaries and benefits?
        Make a list of the blatant Constitutional violations of this man and his band of Socialists and you come up with a whole gang of TRAITORS – IMPEACHABLE OFFENSES. And since Congress refuses to stop him, they are 'aiding and abetting' in this and thus are GUILTY of Misprision of Treason…all punishable with the same punishment as treason itself!

    7. @lola101250 says:

      This has to be unconstitutional?!

    8. Jeff, Illinois says:

      Yeah . . how outrageous until it's your baby or your neighbors baby that's killed by a questionable older crib design . . But of course retailers should be able to sell off their remaining stock . . what's a few babies . . given our economic challenges.

      • Doc says:


        Were killing them by the millions before they are even born!

      • LitlBits912 says:

        Let's see – how many years, and how many MILLIONS of babies have used these drop-side cribs over the years? – perhaps those injuries and/or deaths are due to parental neglect: faulty assembly; not properly locking the side in place; throw the baby in the crib and forget him/her!

    9. mfb says:

      perhaps the federal government needs to ban standard mattresses as well. doing a quick search on google indicates more babies are killed or injured while sleeping in adult beds.

    10. cghk says:

      Yes, 30 babies in ten years, 90 million cribs recalled, assume that every crib is used by at least two babies per decade, That's 30 babies out of 180,000,000 that slept safely in these cribs over the last decade. Way overreaction, I will feel completely comfortable keeping my crib for my grandchildren when they visit or lending it to my children for every night yse. Sorry about the few that died, but to change a whole industry because of something that can only be called an extremely rare freak accident… ratio of 1child for every six million sleeping a year or two in a crib. I was not aware that baby furniture makers were particularly unionized, and there is no rule the new cribs have to be made by union workers or in the US. I wonder if this was not pushed by the furniture industry to boost sales. I read that they are expecting a 14% increase in sales of new cribs as a result.

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