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  • Morning Bell: Obama's 'Pants on Fire'

    In a press conference on Wednesday, President Barack Obama promised to boldly go where no President has gone before, taking “unprecedented” steps to cut back the tangle of regulations that are strangling businesses and leading to America’s anemic job growth. It’s certainly a welcome idea, but the only trouble is that despite the President’s claim, his brave new idea isn’t all that unprecedented, and he is, in fact, a big part of the problem.

    Government regulation takes a heavy toll on the economy, tying down businesses and preventing them from growing, expanding and creating new jobs. President Obama’s regulators have played a big role in spitting out more red tape—in just two years, they have imposed close to $40 billion in new regulatory costs.

    Businesses have loudly complained of those regulations (directly to White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley, in fact), so it’s no wonder the President made the following proclamation in a desperate attempt to recast himself as a deregulator:

    What I have done — and this is unprecedented, by the way; no administration has done this before — is I’ve said to each agency, ‘Don’t just look at current regulations or don’t just look at future regulations, regulations that we’re proposing. Let’s go backwards and look at regulations that are already on the books and if they don’t make sense, let’s get rid of them.”

    Oh, if only it were true. PolitiFact.com took a look at the President’s brazen claim and came to the conclusion that it just isn’t true, burning up its “Pants on Fire Truth-O-Meter.”

    PolitiFact writes that on September 30, 1993, President Bill Clinton issued Executive Order 12866 calling for a comprehensive review of regulatory policy, using “language that sounds a lot like Obama’s.” And President George H.W. Bush ordered a moratorium and review of all existing regulations. In fact, a U.S. Government Accountability Office report on July 16, 2007, states, “Every president since President Carter has directed agencies to evaluate or reconsider existing regulations.”

    The Heritage Foundation’s James Gattuso chimed-in on the PolitiFact report, remarking that Clinton’s order “is still in force, making the Obama directive technically redundant.” Or consider liberal economist Dean Baker’s assessment of the President’s “nonsense claim”:

    I would question whether President Obama has done more in re-examining existing regulations than prior presidents, and if he has I would ask why he wasted the resources. Whatever it is called, presidents are always reviewing regulations to eliminate ones that impose unnecessary burdens.”

    That’s not so unprecedented now, is it?

    It’s not the first time, though, that the Obama White House has attempted to spin straw into gold on the red tape issue. Gattuso writes that regulatory “czar” Cass Sunstein attempted to deflect criticism of Obama’s regulatory machine, claiming that President George W. Bush was worse:

    The annual cost of regulations has not increased during the Obama administration. In its last two years, executive agencies in the Bush administration proposed far higher regulatory costs than did those agencies in the Obama administration in our first two years.

    Well, that’s not true, either. Gattuso explains that the Bush Administration, which “was no paragon of regulatory restraint” imposed over $60 billion in new regulatory costs during his two terms in office. But that’s nothing compared to Obama’s record on regulations, Gattuso writes: “In just two years, Obama regulators have imposed close to $40 billion in new costs. It took Bush some six years to reach that level. Obama has done it in two.”

    Eliminating unnecessary regulation is good policy, and with a mountain of new rules imposed in the realm of health care, banking, the Internet and the environment, the President is well advised to stop feeding the regulatory beast. But he would also be well advised not to make bold proclamations that are blatantly false, especially when he bears responsibility for the problems he claims to be solving.

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    66 Responses to Morning Bell: Obama's 'Pants on Fire'

    1. Turner says:

      More like the guy that sang "Pants on the Ground." Now everyone knows Obama has no talent. You can see that he has been given everything he is said to have achieved, and he is drowning in failure. Watch him, if the economy doesn't improve, he will become extremely angry during this election. He will do very desperate things to validate himself, and to stay in office.

      • Steven says:

        You are exactly right stating that this administration, and principally the POTUS, will go to any length to place blame on anyone else even if it comes down to boldface lies! What the U.S. needs at this moment is to stop his forward progress and look for some accountability in his regime!

      • Bud Teed says:

        You are totally correct!!! Our prime concerns should not be with Obama as much as with the "staff" and "advisors" surrounding him. There is absolutely zero leadership qualities in this man. The weakest man to ever be a president of this great nation. Just makes me sick to hear him tell lie after lie after lie!

      • cynta says:

        I totally agree as he is very vindictive and with his control of the mainstream media and the unions he will use them to cut his opponents down. I hope all our republican candidates are up for this and can counter- attack just as hard. We truly have a battle on our hands to get our country back on track.

    2. MrShorty says:

      Let's see if I've got Washingtonspeak down yet? To raise the debt ceiling $2T, Congress must cut at least $2T out of the budget over the next 10 years, painful as that may be. OK, our annual deficit is $1.5T so it would now become $1.3T since we would cut our $200B per year ($200B x 10 yrs = $2T). By my estimate (I'm only an ASU MBA graduate and not of the elite class), we would need to raise the debt ceiling again in about a year and a half. That would be just about in time for the national elections and both parties could claim that they saved the USA from default and the world isn't such a bad place afterall.

    3. Frank says:

      Sadly, Bush would up another big government Progressive loser, but I think he always had the best interests of the USA at heart. Obama is a left wing Progressive loser on steroids, who I believe DOES NOT have the best interests of traditional America at heart. The voting electorate has to begin to identify the Progressives and shun them. But it may be too late to avoid bankruptcy & loss of our God given freedoms before, perhaps, the pendulum swings back the other way & the USA "resets" back to its original intent of a small limited Federal Government, all other powers residing in the States & certain God given rights not to be usurped by either the States or the Federal Government. We also need to end the Federal Reserve (a US Central Bank run by a private banking cartel) & go back to a dual gold/silver money standard (ratio of 1:16, like before the Civil War).

    4. Darl Moore says:

      I think we can look back on the last 29 months and find many such examples from Mr. Obama. Could he possibly be the biggest liar this country has ever had for a president?

    5. Bob C. says:

      I am so weary of posturing, prevaricating politicians, and I don't believe I am alone! But these men and women know how to get elected and re-elected, so the fault must lie (at least in part) with voters. We need a truthful statesman (or stateswoman) who is serious about drastic reform, and we also need voters who are serious about reform.

    6. B.Eric says:

      The most damaging regulation obama had foisted upon the American people is the health care mandate. If it not repealed or struck down by the Supreme Court, Congress will then have the power to force the people to buy anything,or face a fine. The amount of which in then determined by congress. A absurd as it may sound congress will have the power to force everyone to buy 1 carrot or face a fine of 10 million dollars. We will have lost our freedom. I for one will not live in such a country, I have the means to live any where I want. And I will vote with my feet and move to a less hostle country.

    7. Mary......WI says:

      The title of this article says it all….Obama's 'Pants of Fire'! Incompetency? no. Plan to destroy the USA…you bet! I think the American people are beginning to understand Obamas plan. One term!!

    8. Ken Jarvis - Vegas says:

      7 – 1 – 11 FROM – Ken Jarvis – LVKen7@Gmail.com

      When a person Votes GOP they vote AGAINST THE SICK.

    9. raison says:

      Why don't you just call his statements "lies" instead of the softer… "it just isn't true" garbage. The guy blatantly lies. Please say so.

    10. Mark Rodgers says:

      This may seem conspiratorial, but I think that the continuous downturn of the economy is being encouraged by design on the part of Obama. The continuation of his policies will serve only to worsen the economy, hence creating the "crisis" that he and his ilk thirst for. It is the only way that they are able to insert their policies and thereby exert increasing control. I foresee him creating such an economic quagmire as to justify imposing "martial law" thereby placing the final nail in the proverbial coffin. This may seem over-the-top, but I wouldn't put anything past this gang of thieves.

    11. Steve B says:

      Yeah, Obama has been an incrdible burden on businesses. Corporate profits at all time high, the stock markets have doubled in value since the stimulus, GDP is in the 'positive' under Obaam instead of the negative growth it was having when he took over – so absolutey terrible.

    12. Val says:

      True, liar,liar, pants on fire !! Where are the American Flags that all the past Presidents had behind them, when they spoke to the Nation, I don't like this, it really smells stinky to me Why, Where is our beautiful FLAG,when Obama is around. Can Someone please tell me the reasons for this ?????

    13. Perfectlyaged says:

      I can not believe some of the things Obama says that are untrue and he knows he will be proven wrong. I believe he gets this "crap of lies" out for the people's ears and SOME will believe and swear by what he says. Chicago politics is all encompassing…isn't it???

    14. Bonnie says:

      Every time this man opens his mouth, his pants are on fire. Does anybody listen any more? He is already in "desparation" mode and he acts like a kid on the playground when things are not going his way. Oh boy, what a big mistake we made in 2010….

    15. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      You have compared how much and how fast regulatory costs increased under Obama and Bush, but how many regulations did they actually curtail or eliminate? While some may be eliminated, even more are added. When was the last time the federal register actually decreased in size? Each party knows reducing regulation is popular, and its rhetoric gives people the impression that you care and are doing something. It just buys them time and political capital.

      Does it appear that the king's subjects are bowing before the king in this picture? Nevermind, that's the White House press corps and Obama.

    16. Curt Krehbiel says:

      "But he would also be well advised not to make bold proclamations that are blatantly false, especially when he bears responsibility for the problems he claims to be solving."

      As I have noted before, when his lips are moving, he is lying.

    17. Bill says:

      hmmmm, I think Mark Halperin may have been right.

    18. Redfray says:

      Obama only knows how to trot over what someone else has done. He can't make his own foot-steps.

    19. Ben C. says:

      Nice article Mike> I have been in business for forty two years and have experienced regulation creep first hand. My business overhead increases 10-12 percent a year just to meet regulatory requirements. These costs get passed on to consumers. When I hear complaints I respond by telling clients _"complain to government – not me." Rather than building a new building for my business I plan to move into another rental space. I just don't see an advantage in buying for the next ten years. I suspect I am not alone.

    20. Schatko says:

      And the Libs question why we Conservatives don't trust the man. Not only that, but they continue believing his golden-tongued falsehoods, as if prophecy.

    21. Jeanne Stotler says:

      His speech writers need to do more research. BHO is the "LIAR IN CHIEF" he and his staff make up stuff and honestly believe we are niave enough to believe them, sadly there are some people who believe everything coming out of his mouth. While he's busy(has been for 2-1/2 yrs_ campaigning the country is going down the tubes. We need a President who will attend to needed business, not be on AF1 every other day and run up 200 mil a year in tax payer expenses, cavorting all over the globe, playing golf, and trying to convince our enemies how great he is and stepping on the toes and kicking ing the rear our allies. Nov. 2012 is getting closer and we need to keep up the push for ALL conservatives to vote. Don't listen to polls, they can only confuse people and make too many compliant.

    22. Lloyd Scallan says:

      Over and over again, Obama has shown he is not capable of telling the truth, yet the main stream media continued to cover for him. How much more must we take before something is done to get this fruad our of office and stop the media form their outright dishonesty. He was elected because of deliberate lies, deseptions, diversions, and omissions. Obama and his ilk are setting the stage with the same tactics for 2012.

    23. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      Barry O. believes in the entitlement philosophy, subsidized housing, free food & travel…just like many 3rd world dictators. It is what he knew growing up, suppored by Chicago thugs & socialists. What makes you think he would ever begin to tell the truth. It's not that his 'pants are on fire'. It's that his mind is consumed with redistributing OPM…other people's money. Falling in line with the lifer Republicans & Democrats who, year after year suck out hard workers efforts & wealth.

      Any politician who has been in Washington or local government for 10 years+ is a parasite.

    24. Jim Patterson says:

      I recently read a book by John Tobin(?) on Adolf Hitler and it sure seems that we are on our way to fascism. The socialist mechanisn whereby the owners of the factories are private but directed by the government. Prezbo is well on his way to getting us there with new regulations, czars, laws, etc. He has the gall to say things like this and the media,lamestream that it is, won't call him out on it. thanks to the Heritage F. for doing so.

    25. Todd says:

      The simple truth is, Obama is a radical Marxist. His parents taught him that America was the great "imperialist" and that anyone who is successful is "evil" and has only obtained that success through the "exploitation" of another. I find it tragic that a person like this could make it all the way to the White House in this once great nation. We desperately need to restore what this country was founded on.

    26. Timothy Manning says:

      This is just more of the same, the same tricks, the same tactics that both parties use to increase the cost of doing business. What I want to know is who, in the upcoming election will make doing business in this Country MORE PROFITABLE! Until that happens we the people we continue to pay the price!!!

    27. Please excuse my stupidity but why is this not on the news? If any body other than obama had done this that person would have been drawn and quartered. Lets call it like it is. obama is wrong. Call him on it. Put it in the news papers, the radio and the TV. Get the facts to the people so they can see whats going on. I for one do NOT want another 4 years of obamas lies.

    28. Victor Barney, LeHigh Acres, Florida 33971 says:

      What crap! Obama is going to crash the economy. As the weatherman terrorist group out of chicago said in the 60′s said and then he will go to the UN, using Africa, which as 70% of the total countries that make up the UN, but having no veto power until Obama was put in the white house to destroy America! Yes, like his father, he especially hates anglo-saxom men and wants them dead! No? Watch, and it should start by next fall at the latest, if not this fall!

    29. Lew Richards says:

      Look, Obama is a Born Liar, He hates America and Our Heritage, Our Constitution and our Freedoms!!

      We , through our ignorance put our enemy in our Government!! We can change that error in 2012 on Election Day!!! Lets Do It!!

    30. Clearhead says:

      Mike, you left out something: he would also be well advised to stop the incessant, outrageous, and blatantly deceptive LYING "his" administration continuously spews out to his would-be constituency. Although there has been a forceful effort by "pro"gressives during the last few decades to "dumb down" America, it hasn't been even remotely as effective as it was meant to be, and there are still intelligent, patriotic AMERICANS left in this country who can see through this dog and pony show. He would also be well advised to wake up and realize that even though AMERICANS are tolerant and easy going, (sometimes to the extreme), the time is upon us when we have absolutely had ENOUGH of this crap, and will take appropriate action to quell this attempt to destroy us.

    31. toledofan says:

      It's obvious over and over and then over some more that this President and his administration aren't going to do much of anything, except to add whenever possible, to the regulations, law and whatever else they feel they can get away with. Hope about the EPA and the proposed new cafe' standards. It soundsl ike that would decimate the automotive industry and cost about 1.7 million jobs. Does that sound business friendly to you or how about the silver fish issue in California, almost an entire produce industry was wiped out, they think fish are smarter or at least more important than man and the regulations don't even consider the cost or amount once the healthcare bill gets implemented. It'll take five more years at least to just figure out healthcare.

    32. turtlemom3 says:

      I'm not an economist, so I may be talking through my hat. It seems to me that if we can't: reduce SS spending, Medicare spending, Medicaid spending, and Defense spending, then we will be in rather deep dog droppings. How about cutting all the other programs 35% across the board? that includes employees and benefits for everyone. Then cut Congressional salaries and benefits, all Congressional spending on investigations and hearings by 35%. It won't be enough, but it would be some kind of start. O Yeah – make Senators and Congressmen buy their own healthcare insurance from the open market like the rest of us do. And no full-pay retirement. They can save for their own retirement and supplement it a little (a very little) with SS. They don't get any special privileges – no airfare flights that they don't pay for themselves. Put 'em on AirTran or JetBlue or Spirit – or one of the other low-end discount airline companies. Let 'em live the way the rest of us do – like the Founding Fathers envisioned.

    33. Brad - Detroit says:

      What do you expect from the biggest Richard to ever inhabit the White House ?

    34. KLC says:

      It should surprise nobody that Obama makes false claims about his investigatory prowess when it comes to reviewing government regulation. Please, let's start with the review of one, Barak Hussein Obama. Or is it Barry Soetoro? At any rate, Obama is the man in question. He cannot bring forth a credible birth certificate and all records of his life and higher education documentation have been closed to the public. You see, the circus is but a distraction to the real issue and every time that issue is brought forth a new act takes center stage. The real issue is that Obama is constitutionally ineligible to be the US president and the powers that put him in place should be investigated, unmasked and forced out of the shadows from which they operate. By do so we can then return the country back to the people and undo the huge mess in which we find ourselves.

    35. F.D. O'Toole says:

      Problem with regulation…consider all the people hired to enforce the Dodd-Frank morass. Once you hire them, they are vested in their jobs. Worse, they find things to do, which means they start looking over the shoulders of productive citizens seeking problems or illegalities. It's like dropping pebbles into a worker's pants pockets. Eventually, the weight brings him down. No wonder Wall Street is laying off workers.

    36. Bobbie says:

      I don't know if it is with boldness but obama has been going farther than any other president might have went to take control of America. He can blatantly lie and the people that shouldn't be, are brain dead to it.

    37. Kojak says:

      When will people understand. Regan, Bush, Clinton, George W., Obama are all beholden to the billionaires. These politicians are bought and sold by corporations–they are all one in the same. Nothing will change until people understand it's the super rich vs. the rest of us. They have us divided in camps: Liberals vs. Conservatives. This is horseshit. If you're not super rich the corporations AND the government don't care about you. The Tea Party isn't a movement for and by the people, it's funded by billionaires who want you to vote in THEIR interest. The only hope for America is a collapse of this corrupt system and a rebuild from the ground up.

    38. The Farmer says:

      There is no doubt, the man is a pathological liar, a typical trait of the radicals.
      I commend you for your integrity in revealing this problem.
      You know someone did that once before in a joint session of Congress only to be condemned, even though they all knew it was true, by the Democrats and their R.I.N.O. co-conspirators.

      Ken Jarvis, once again inadvertently you touched on the truth a vote for the new GOP candidates most certainly is a vote against the sick (bigoted. looney, left) to be sure; thank you sir for pointing it out!!!

    39. thedrew says:

      The SBA estimated that gove't regulation costs businesses roughly $1.75 Trillion per year. Here's a thought experiment for Obama and Co. Cut that regulation in half. Presto chango, $800 Billion stimulus every year compared to baseline. Or, if it goes into profits, that's $200 Billion in new tax receipts and over 10 years, $2 Trillion less borrowing. But of course, I am a simple person who doesn't understand the need for all these regulations.

    40. Bob Godwin says:

      What would really assist and place the country in the right direction is to have the next two Congresses do nothing on new legislation, except a budget that should inherently reduce each year, and spend their sessions repealing existing legislation.

    41. D. White says:

      HF did not point out that Obama pointedly exempted the Health Care, Banking Regulation and EPA laws and rules from this review process were Bush and Clinton did not make exemptions. Exemptions or waivers = favors in my book. Obama is proving to be our Commander-in-Thief.

    42. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      Why would anyone post a comment…you only post what you want others to see…

    43. MNJ says:

      O has no core – truth, integrity, honesty are traits sorely missing in his character. What a pity for a president and, unfortunately, a disaster for the planet.

    44. Phyllis says:

      He even lied about his daughter's age! She is 12.

    45. Frank says:

      A great interview with a respected investor, Peter Schiff, can be found here:

      I agree with everything he says & he lays the blame of what's happening at the feet of Obama, Congress & the Fed. We are in a depression, not a recession & everything the government is doing is only making the problem worse!

    46. Rick Atkins says:

      For evil to succeed they have to lie. Remember Obama's playbook, "Rules for Radicals" by Saul Alinsky is dedicated to the father of all lies, Lucifer.

    47. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Liar, liar, pants on fire!

    48. Phil says:

      I can't even listen to him anymore. I have to shut him off or change the channel.
      He really thinks we're stupid! The guy lies more smoothly than the devil himself!

    49. carol,az says:

      Impeccable timing heritage foundation.
      Happy 4th of July to you and the rest of America.
      You failed to close the argument .
      Your last sentence should be stated loud and clear.

    50. brenda says:

      well I guess that’s what y’all get for electing a salesman for a president. He is a darn good salesman that loves to spend money he doesn’t we don’t have

    51. Jim Uberti says:

      I don't know if anyone will read this, given that it's a holiday weekend, but I want to throw in my "two cents".
      The national Republican Party needs a game plan since the MSM will NOT portray Obama in a negative light, EVER.
      Yet, there is so much information that the country needs to see and the only way to achieve this , sadly, is through paid advertising.(With the exception of FOX news and the Internet.)
      The game plan has to be coordinated by someone at the national level. Who? I have no idea. But we have good people from the Tea Party and the Republican Right who fear the worst if this man is not stopped.Obama will spend a billion dollars to get re-elected. If he comes up short, Soros will step in.In addition, he has "X" number of votes in his pocket before he starts.(People who rely on gov't hand outs, Federal employees, etc.)
      Is he illegal?? Who knows. But, it should be decided one way or the other. I'm not a conspiracy disciple, but there seems to be an awful lot of smoke.

    52. don moody says:

      Obama has told more recorded lies( audio/vidio) then any person in world history, and if you'll lie, you'll cheat and steal, to cover up thoes lies

    53. JC in KZ says:

      Unprecedented? That would be decreeing a "regulatory guillotine" such as enacted by Ukraine and South Korea, to name a few. The process involves automatic repealing of ALL regulations of agencies or bodies included in the process, which cannot sufficiently justify their rules before a committee.

      A regulatory guillotine can be done very quickly–a matter of months–if the political will exists. That will does not, however, because if it did Obama would already be advocating for deep budget cuts to the federal bureaucracy (which is the second logical step once the number of federal rules is reduced: eliminate redundant paper-pushers).

    54. Danny says:

      Reset: Small, limited government … end to all foreign aid … "social entitlements" … pursue business and commerce with all nations, political entanglements with none.

    55. Danny says:

      From this president, as from all unprincipled, amoral and foolish politicians we can only expect what exudes from their perverse character: lies, deceit and a thirst for power.

    56. Jane says:

      [ Cass Sunstein: "The annual cost of regulations has not increased during the Obama administration. In its last two years, executive agencies in the Bush administration proposed far higher regulatory costs than did those agencies in the Obama administration in our first two years."

      Well, that’s not true, either. Gattuso explains that the Bush Administration, which “was no paragon of regulatory restraint” imposed over $60 billion in new regulatory costs during his two terms in office. But that’s nothing compared to Obama’s record on regulations, Gattuso writes: “In just two years, Obama regulators have imposed close to $40 billion in new costs. It took Bush some six years to reach that level. Obama has done it in two.”]

      So yes, Cass Sunstein was correct. 60 billion-40 billion = 20 billion. Obama spent 20 billions dollars less over the period of times specified by Dr. Sunstein (meaning he saved 20 billion dollars in case that still was unclear)…Is simple math that difficult?

    57. Claire MacRae says:

      Since nothing Obama states appears to be the truth and aside from hurting our economy I can only suggest that business owners get together and form an alliance against his policies and refuse to follow these new regulations. What will he do, put all of them out of business? I don't think so. I would like to see all businesess refuse to follow any regulations or policies sent down by these so called czars.

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