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  • Monthly Archives: June 2011

    The Supremes Chill Global "Warming" Alarmists

    United States Supreme Court

    Common sense prevailed this morning when the Supreme Court dismissed a frivolous and novel global “warming” lawsuit. If you are a radical environmentalist, you know you are in trouble when a unanimous court rules against you and the opinion is written by none other than Ruth Bader Ginsburg, one of … More

    Federal Reserve Bank Presidents: Washington is Killing Business


    Want to know why the economy is still dragging along with stagnant growth and 9.1 percent unemployment? Travel back in time over the past 18 months and listen to what some Federal Reserve Bank presidents predicted would result from the Obama Administration’s public policy path. In short, they come to … More

    Taxpayer-Funded Program Puts Criminals on America's Streets

    Photo: Newscom

    At a time when the White House and Congress debate solutions for the country’s mounting debt, the Department of Justice is preparing to dole out millions for a taxpayer-subsidized program that puts violent criminals, like Chandra Levy’s killer, on the streets of American cities. States and localities have until mid-July … More

    Welcome to Scribe, Think Tank Journalism


    Today’s launch of the redesigned Foundry also brings with it exciting changes for the Center for Media and Public Policy, Heritage’s investigative reporting operation. More than a year after refocusing our mission on journalism, we now have a prominent place to showcase that work. Welcome to Scribe, a blog that … More

    Morning Bell: Welcome to the New Foundry.org

    Welcome to the new Foundry.org! Today, The Heritage Foundation is excited to re-launch The Foundry, the foremost conservative blog for public policy news. It was only 18 months ago that we introduced you to our former Foundry design. Since then, Washington policy debates have grown even more critical, and so … More

    House and Senate Cloakroom: June 20-24, 2011


    The House will likely consider four bills this week.  The Patent Reform BIll will come up after being pulled from the floor the previous week.  The House will also take up the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill and the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act.  Finally, the House with either consider … More

    Father's Day Podcast: Why Dads Are So Important


    This Father’s Day, take a moment to stop and consider why dads play such an important role in ensuring a children’s well-being and, subsequently, the stability of society. In a new Heritage in Focus, Heritage fellow Ryan Messmore discusses the importance of fathers to strong families and a healthy civil society. … More

    New Al-Qaeda Leader, but the Game Remains the Same


    Al-Qaeda officially has a new leader in Egyptian Ayman al-Zawahiri, the man who long served as Osama bin Laden’s number two in command. But does that have any impact on America? Heritage’s James Carafano says “Not much, actually.” Threats against America remain unchanged: First off, al-Qaeda is still determined to … More

    Wisconsin Unions Lose First Round, Win Luck of the Draw in the Second


    Wisconsin unions seem to have lucked out with the federal judge assigned to their latest lawsuit trying to stop the state’s new collective bargaining law for state employees.  The Wisconsin Education Association, the AFL-CIO, the Wisconsin State Employees Union, and other unions that have been violently and belligerently protesting the … More

    Shocking Study Results Reveal Moral Imperative to Fix Medicaid


    This week, The New York Times highlighted a study on Medicaid, the federal–state partnership to provide health care to the poor and disabled, and its failure to offer enrolled children access to care. The researchers used a “secret shopper” technique to see how many specialists in Cook County, Illinois, turned … More