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  • Monthly Archives: June 2011

    More Americans Using HSAs—Under Threat from Obamacare

    Doctor with a senior patient

    Spending in the U.S. health care system is growing too fast to ignore. Yet, the Patient Protection and Affordable Health Care Act (PPACA), also known as Obamacare, does nothing to “bend the cost curve.” Containing health spending requires engaging consumers in their health care expenditures, and one way to achieve … More

    Transparency Is Dead in Debt Limit Negotiations

    Vice President JOE BIDEN arrives at the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday for a meeting of the bipartisan, bicameral group of Members of Congress to continue work on a legislative framework for comprehensive deficit reduction

    The Washington Post reports that “lawmakers speed up debt-reduction talks.” The headline of that story should read “Lawmakers speed up secret debt-limit talks; details scarce.” Once again, in classic Washington style, these talks are in secret and behind closed doors. Where is the transparency? The White House and congressional leaders … More

    Tales of the Red Tape #14: Old MacDonald’s Commodity Cartel


    Growing an herb (the legal kind) might seem pretty straightforward. Clear soil; plant seeds; water, fertilize, and harvest. Until the government gets involved, that is. Then we have the likes of Marketing Order No. 985 (7 CFR part 985), as amended. Just as with almonds, apricots, avocados, cherries (both sweet … More

    Ailing Chavez Can't Cure Venezuela’s Ills from Cuban Hospital


    In a hospital room in Havana, Hugo Chavez sits in a track suit wanting people to believe that he is fit to lead, unaffected by a recent slippage of health. Yet, reading between the lines, Venezuela’s elected authoritarian is not in the pink. On June 10, Chavez checked into a … More

    Middle-Class Families Struggle to Overcome Regulatory Recession

    Government policies have made life difficult for middle-class families like Thomas and Melissa Clements. Their business in Broussard, LA, has suffered from the Obama administration’s offshore drilling moratorium and subsequent permitorium. Tomorrow morning Thomas is coming to Capitol Hill to talk about his struggles at a congressional hearing. Clements recently … More

    Morning Bell: The Truth About Tax Cuts


    All you are likely to hear about low tax rates from liberals and their echo chamber in the media is that they don’t work—that they fail to gin up economic or job growth. Exhibit A for this preposterous proposition is the

    United States Affirms Military Realignment Plan in Japan


    During bilateral security talks, Washington and Tokyo affirmed their commitment to the 2009 bilateral Guam Agreement, which delineates the planned realignment of U.S. military forces in Japan. The June 21 Security Consultative Talks—comprised of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Minister of Defense Toshimi Kitazawa, and … More

    How the Debt and Economy Are Reshaping Millennials’ Life Choices


    America’s sluggish economy and mounting debt threaten to change the very fabric of our country as young people delay major life changes. New polling released by the upstart Generation Opportunity reveals the dramatic consequences facing America as the Millennials grow older. A staggering 77 percent of Americans age 18–29 say … More

    Daily Notes

    It’s a big day in Washington for domestic and foreign news. This morning the Congressional Budget Office releases its annual Long-Term Budget Outlook. Then in the evening President Obama outlines his Afghanistan withdrawal plan in a primetime address beginning at 8. There are two noteworthy events happening at Heritage today: … More

    EU Should Get Its Own House in Order

    Photo: Newscom

    After three years, British citizen Andrew Symeou has been found not guilty by a Greek jury of fatally attacking another British vacationer on the island of Zante. However, this is no ordinary judicial outcome, for Andrew Symeou has endured injustices far beyond being falsely accused of murder.