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  • White House Wastes Time Attacking Heritage

    We appreciate that folks at the White House are not having a good day. It started when a liberal commentator on their favorite network called the President a vulgarity, and it has not gotten better. The debt ceiling speech that liberal pundit Chris Matthews fantasized would turn the president into “Give ‘Em Hell, Barry” (Matthews’ words, not ours) has not exactly set the world on fire. Unemployment is still 9.1%, we are no closer to a deal to cut spending and pollster Rasmussen announced that only 21% of Americans strongly approve of the president’s performance, against 39% who strongly disapprove.

    So what do you do if you’re a White House communicator? Well, you go after The Heritage Foundation, of course! Hopefully America will be distracted from economic incompetence.

    The White House took issue with us for pointing out that President Obama’s constant hammering of “corporate jet owners” in yesterday’s speech was not exactly consistent with President Obama’s own failed stimulus bill. What irritated them is that our investigative reporter Lachlan Markay wrote:

    “But the corporate jet tax break to which Obama was referring – called “accelerated depreciation,” and a popular Democratic foil of late – was created by his own stimulus package.

    “Proponents of the tax break lauded it as a means to spur economic activity by encouraging purchases of large manufactured goods (planes). So the president’s statement today – and his call to repeal that tax break generally – is either a tacit admission that the stimulus included projects that did not, in fact, stimulate the economy, or an attempt to “soak the rich” without regard for the policy’s effects on the economy.”

    Not so, said the White House.  The tax break in question was created in 2002 and merely extended by President Obama.

    Actually, it wasn’t the White House that originally made the argument. Communications director Daniel Pfeiffer used his official Twitter channel to direct followers to a blog post written by Media Matters, which he said “corrects @Heritage’s claim that the Dems created the private jet loophole that the GOP refuses to close.”

    That blog post itself was based on yet another blog post written by blogger Matthew Yglesias, who toils for ThinkProgress, which belongs to John Podesta’s Center for American Progress (CAP).

    As a general rule we don’t respond to Media Matters, or anything put out by the folks at CAP. If we did, that’s all we’d ever do. They obsessively write about us every week.  But this time, the White House has chosen to use their political cheerleaders as a source for an official government response. Our hands are tied.

    So, yes, obviously, if we could write it again, we would say “re-authorized” not “created.” To the writer over at Media Matters who said we should issue a “sweeping correction” we recommend switching to decaf. President Obama did create the Stimulus, which did include a tax break for the purchase of private jets. That failed bill only received three Republican congressional votes.

    Our error, which we have corrected on our blog, The Foundry, pales in comparison with what the President is proposing.  As Charles Krauthammer said yesterday,

    “I did the math on this. If you collect the corporate jet tax every year for the next 5,000 years, you will cover one year of the debt that Obama has run up. One year.

    “To put it another way, if you started collecting that tax at the time of John the Baptist and you collected it every year — first in shekels and now in dollars — you wouldn’t be halfway to covering one year of the amount of debt that Obama has run up.”

    Perhaps now, the president will admit that he did sign these tax breaks into law. Or maybe he will address PolitiFact charging him with a “Pants on Fire” lie when he said yesterday that his regulatory review was unprecedented. Or he could explain what he meant when he said everyone should “get to work” since he declined an invitation to meet with Senate Republicans today in lieu of political fundraisers.

    For the American people, it’s time for the White House to lead, and not hide behind others–certainly not behind Media Matters.

    You can follow Mike Gonzalez on Twitter @Gundisalvus

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    20 Responses to White House Wastes Time Attacking Heritage

    1. Bobbie says:

      Chris Mathews babble is cover of his own admitted racism.

      The white house wastes more time holding some beneath the white house, on a level of perfection while the country disintegrates as James Carney suggests "it's not about what NEEDS TO GET DONE, IT'S ABOUT WHAT WILL?????"

      I hate to draw immediate alarm, but this is a serious threat of force!!!!!! If Obama doesn't want to do what NEEDS to get done, he NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED! WE WANT AMERICA BACK!

    2. @BasilManos says:

      No wonder Heritage rocks. They do their homework, like Obama's daughters. It will be nice to have American loving adults in the White House again. The Obarrogance currently in form started to lose traction the day after the inauguration. Now everyone is starting to see that the Emperor has no clothes. He left them at the 18th hole.

      • kathy says:

        Only Obama's daughters don't wait til the night before, to quote the president. I'm sure Heritage doesn't either! There is nothing like using their own words and deeds to prove the point.

    3. Votemout2012 says:

      Heritage better be careful. They are now on the president's enemies list!

    4. JimmyZ says:

      Lecturing the president on what makes sense is a waste of time. He is not operating in good faith, he is purposefully governing against the will of the people.
      The only thing that is going to change this is his being voted out of office. Between now and 2012 we have at least 14 more months of Marxist carnage to endure in the hopes that when the adults return to office we can fix his mess. I believe he will go down as one of the most destructive presidents in the history of our Republc (which may, itself, be history if this clown is re-relected.

    5. AABB says:

      If Obama takes the EPA budget back to its 2008 level; that will save 18 billion over 10 yrs 6 times more than eliminating the corporate jet tax. This shows that Obama is not serious about tackling the debt cause if he was then he would go back to the 2008 budget.

      Obama's true objective is to destroy the US the way it is and change us into a socialistic and Marxist state with him at the top.

    6. Lloyd Scallan says:

      So finally HF recognizes that anyone who does not fully agree with Obama, attack dogs are turned loose to cripple and distroy. This is not new. Obama and his minions have used this Saul Alinsky's tactics since Obama's first took office. I'm glad HF got a taste of what we all have understood from the beginning.

    7. GriperBlade says:

      Yes, it's a terrible thing when the President points out that his critics are flat wrong. Outrage! Outrage!

      • YnotNOW says:

        The only "Outrage" is that there are still some idiots that don't realize that the President is the biggest liar of all.

      • VLF1964 says:

        Why, he ought to be tarred and feathered for correcting his critics! Facts, schmacks! They don't need no stinkin' facts when they've got such fantastical delusions to go with by!

    8. stewartiii says:

      Hot Air: Obamateurism of the Day http://hotair.com/archives/2011/07/01/obamateuris

    9. Wayne Harper says:

      I discovered durning the campaign of 2008 .. that if a pliticians lips are moving there is a 90% chance he/she is lying. The clown in the white house moved that percentage to 100%. I never listen to his speeches, radio shows and if he is on the news … i mute him … He doesn't have a clue what it's like to be an American .. liberal or conservative .. has no clue of being an American. So why should i give my any of my time, my energy, or my individual power to make my own choices. I want to thank all the people that voted for him cuz you'all woke up millions of Americans …

    10. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Heritage Foundation, Americans For Prosperity, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann have all been specifically called out by either Obama, someone in his administration or his supporters. These are effective voices. They do or should wear it as a badge of honor. If you love freedom and the Constitution, rally to them.

    11. bob says:


      They are actually talking about accelerated depreciation that began in 1987. This treats corporate jets and commercial planes differently, and the Obama administration wants them both to be treated identically.

    12. Bobbie says:

      Well, it's what the white house truly shows to do best. Waste time and protect their thin skin while spinning the facts and racking up anything they can imagine to expense on America…

    13. Stirling says:

      Center for American Progress (CAP), and Media Matters get their marching orders from George Soros. So it's not a surprise that anyone like Heritage (which unveils the truth) will be attacked in a Saul Alinsky "Rules for Radicals" manner. The light (of Truth) shall set you free.. 8-)

    14. Lewis says:

      this reply is full of statements that aren't actually responses to the white house's criticism, including:
      the white house communication director shouldn't waste time correcting false statements
      the corporate jet loophole wouldn't raise much money
      snide remarks about CAP
      blah blah

      way down in the middle is an admission of error: "So, yes, obviously, if we could write it again, we would say “re-authorized” not “created.”" why not just cut to the chase and publish this sentence alone?
      so if you admit you were wrong
      also, it wasn't just matt yglesias that called you out. it was on the national journal: http://www.nationaljournal.com/obama-s-taxing-cor

    15. @jrick says:

      Does Heritage really think this is a "waste of time," as Mike's headline says? If so, why is it fanning the flames with a 700-word blog post? Shouldn't Heritage welcome debate from the White House?

    16. Guest says:

      Why not just admit that you thought he was talking about one tax break and he was really talking about another? "My bad" is not a death warrant. You messed up, so just admit the error and move on. Doubling down just makes YOU look pig headed and reactionary.

    17. Ifriends says:

      Someone necessarily assist to make seriously posts I would state. This is the first time I frequented your website page and thus far? I amazed with the analysis you made to make this actual put up amazing. Fantastic process!

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