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  • A Reoccurring DREAM: Congress Continues to Push Toward Amnesty

    Here we go again. On May 11, Senator Dick Durbin (D–IL) again introduced the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act, or “DREAM” Act (S. 952). The bill allows for illegal immigrants between the ages of 15–35 who attend college or serve in the military for two years to obtain legal permanent resident status.

    The act has been a hotly debated topic for the better part of a decade when the first edition was introduced in the 107th Congress. The text of the legislation has barely changed, but the strategy in which to debate the bill has hit a new low.

    On June 28, Durbin held a subcommittee hearing, and the mood was of much anticipation. Sitting in the audience were many young illegal immigrants who would benefit from the act. These individuals have come to be known as “DREAMers.” But rather than highlighting the need for deliberative debate on this serious topic, Durbin instead turned toward students parading around the hearing in caps and gowns.

    Senator Chuck Grassley (R–IA), however, captured the correct frame of mind of focusing on the issues:

    I agree that diversity has made this country the greatest in the world. We are a nation of immigrants and continue to be an incredibly welcoming nation. But we need to be cautious when considering proposals that incentivize and reward illegal behavior.

    Those in opposition or concerned about the bill questioned many key points of the legislation, including the “waiver clause,” which allows the Secretary of Homeland Security to suspend the requirements for citizenship for “humanitarian purposes or family unity or when it is otherwise in the public interest.” The phrase “otherwise in the public interest” is so vague that it would create an opening for backdoor amnesty at the Administration’s discretion.

    Change is indeed needed to fix America’s broken borders and flawed immigration system, but this bill would do more harm than good. The DREAM Act is not a one-time-cure for the U.S.’s immigration policy; on the contrary, it would likely create a new wave of immigrants flocking to America in hopes of another amnesty. Congress should remain vigilant and act with long-term solutions in mind. It is time to rise above these diversionary tactics and get down to business solving the immigration problem.

    Drew Lacey is currently a member of the Young Leaders Program at The Heritage Foundation. For more information on interning at Heritage, please visit: http://www.heritage.org/about/departments/ylp.cfm

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    16 Responses to A Reoccurring DREAM: Congress Continues to Push Toward Amnesty

    1. American says:

      i think that the law from december 21 2000 should be changed Its time for someting new

    2. Pedro A. says:

      If the country didn't have a LEGAL PRECEDURE for people to come in, I would be in favor of amnesty but the truth is very different. My mother entered the country LEGALLY, years later I received my green card and as such, I entered the country LEGALLY at the age of 14. My mother made the decision to go thru the process as stablished by INS, because she understood that even though it was hard, tedious and time consuming, IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO. But the people who come illegally and would actually bring their children, are people whom simply chose not to go thru the procedure, disobey the law and as such, they shouldn't be rewarded but instead punished. Send them back to their own countries and if they truly wish to be here, they will go thru the process like millions of dreamers worldwide, that are waiting their turn.
      After all, are we a system of law or an anarchist state?

    3. Ben says:

      Why do you call it Amnesty when it takes 13 years to earn citizenship under the Dream Act?? So Immigration should never be fixed? The Dream Act is not made to fix the broken immigration system, CIR is suppose too but we both know that will not happen soon. Lets talk/complain about Immigration but not DO anything about it…Maybe our kids/grandkids can take care of it in the future..

    4. mylife4jesus says:

      As much as I want immigrants here in America, it's true that we cannot allow backdoor illegal activity. We are a nation of immigrants, and so I believe that we should continue in that tradition. BUT, we should not allow millions of people to simply walk across the border and EXPECT to become citizens.

    5. Pedro A. says:

      Ben.. Like I said before, there is a legal way for people to come to the country. People get their visa or green card everyday. People from all over the world, whom placed their application at the American embassy and then go thru the process. Only those whom make the decision that they will not go thru that process, and instead CHOOSE TO BREAK THE LAW, ONLY THOSE WOULD SAY THAT THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN. Of course it'd be broken for them, because they broke the law. It's really that simple.

      Let's say that you were a Millionaire, I cannot break into your house, because you happen to live in a better place than I do. And then demand that I cannot be remove from your house, because I feel like I'm a millionaire, so I demand to receive a title of a piece of your property. That sounds insane, doesn't it?… I could use the excuse of "IN SEARCH OF A BETTER LIFE", in order to break laws that don't accomodate my needs and ambitions, yet that would still make me a criminal, entitle to only one thing… Jail-time. So NO, I CANNOT AGREE WITH ANY THING short of sending these people back to their own countries and then apply at the American Embassy and wait their turn. Just because someone says they feel American, doesn't making them so, specially if they have no respect for our laws. NO EXCUSES!

      • Ben says:

        So baby can break the law? So Kids that find out that they are undocumented when they are 17-18 years old SHOULD go back to a country that they do not know? Blaming the parent wont solve their problem. What do you suggest they do? I have a friend that both of his parents are citizens and a lawyer messed him up, so should he go back to a country that he has not seen since he was 1 and a half years old (he is now 26 years old)???

    6. @Song1964 says:

      The fact that someone says that there is a legal procedure for someone to come into this country only shows their ignorance of the immigration system. If a person wants to become a US citizen, they just cannot apply. It is not as easy as that. You have to be rich or talented or persecuted or…..you cannot just immigrate. Ignorance of what it takes to actually immigrate is what is obvious here…oh and the amount of money it takes to do so…so before one says they should go and stand in line….they should do a little research because Your Ignorance is showing. And what of the Bible commanding Christians to reach out and help those who need it. … and in some cases would have entertained angles unaware.

      • Ben says:

        Thank you for saying that. They do not seem to understand that there is no "line" for the Dreamers to stand on…

    7. PEDRO A. says:

      @Song1964… my mother was not rich, but she was a nurse. And her petition was rejected several times but she kept trying, until she received her legal permission to enter the country. Is it easy… NO. Nevertheless, that's the way it is, as set by THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS. So, if you are poor, it justifies you breaking the laws? specially the laws of a foreign country that hasn't invited you in?… MY GOD! No wonder the American people are getting angrier and angrier with the illegal aliens. I AM A CHRISTIAN, and I attended a Christian School (Southern California College), and I believe in helping those in needs, I always have, but I CANNOT AND I WILL NOT SUPPORT anyone whom break the laws to accomodate their needs and ambitions and then would actually demand to be rewarded. America is not responsible for someone's life, let's say a Mexican citizen or a Dominican person (like me), born someplace else. I think this country has enough problem fullfilling its responsabilities with its own citizens, to also take on the responsability of eveyone else whom force their way into the country illegally.

    8. Steve B says:

      If these kids came to this country illegally, but were unaware of the laws their parents were breaking – and are willing to educate themselves or serve our country – and become Americans, i say God Bless them.

      Matthew 25:40 – 'And the King shall answer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you, Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.'

    9. AABB says:

      @SONG1964 [Ignorance of what it takes to actually immigrate is what is obvious here} Yes, I agree that YOUR IGNORANCE of the immigrations laws is showing. You do not have to be rich or talented or persecuted to immigrate here. You have to pay a minor fee to apply then go from there.

      I know cause my wife immigrated here. Her fee was only $15.00. So before you talk about something that you don't know about do some research. Ahh but then the research will turn up facts that you liberals don't like so you have to ignore them and make up lies.

      The problem is that the democrats are running out of voters and they need the illegal immigrants to vote for
      them. That's what this is truly about getting more democratic voters.

      Check on 'OPERATION WETBACK' started by President Eisenhower. He said that "EVERY AMERICAN WHO WANTS A JOBS SHOULD HAVE A JOB". During his administration he deported appx.13 million illegals and that was the foundation for the start of the booming economy of the 1960's. Unemployment dropped dramatically.

      But the progressives (democrats) realize that they need more and more people depending on the government to vote for them so they can hold on to power.

      We have immigrations laws on the books for over 200 years, enforce them. They worked for us in the past and will work for us again.

    10. Pedro A. says:

      @Song1964… my mother was not rich, she was in fact very poor but she was a nurse and she understood that The U.S.A. would give her and me a better life. So she began the process by applying at the American embassy. Her petition was rejected several times but eventually she was given permission to come in Legally. And years later, I was given the same chance. So please don't call me an ignorant, because I WENT THRU THE PROCESS OF IMMIGRATION, except that my mother undestood the difference between doing things the right way (Legally) vs. doing things the wrong way (illegally). I can assure you, your country has an immigration process that is tougher than ours. If you have a complaint, you should complaint to the president of your country, for not supplying you and your poors a better life, instead of Making U.S.A. responsible for you and the world's poors, i think this country has enough on it's plate, as far as providing for it's own citizens, let alone take over the world's poors that would simply decide that they too deserve to enter this country illegally and then DEMAND TO BE GIVEN A PATH TO CITIZENSHIP…. Absolute insanity.

    11. carol,az says:

      Durbin (Ill ), and Sessions form (Ala ) have unveiled (2) nightmare again.
      Hear OUR message:
      If you come here illegally and also have kids we all will NOT reward you for you choices. Your action as parents are your responsibility. The ACLU and numerous anti-American groups, will try to make us all feel guilty about it.
      How do we explain this dysfunction idea to the legal immigrants already here? Why aren't we helping the thousands of homeless American kids that need our help?
      Certainly you're aware that rewarding illegals students here with our Federal educational programs will be paid for by us. Only no one told you that. Also college programs tuition subsides paid for by us , but no one told you . And POTUS won't pass national E-Verify until he gets what he wants. GOOD JOB EL SENOR YOU MAKE US ALL PROUD BACK HOME IN AMERICA! Why don't you move South of the border and do America a favor.

    12. Bobbie says:

      people who knowing infringe on the rights, freedoms and finances of others through unlawful conduct while using exploitation of their own children to theirs and or their children's benefit, should be jailed and held accountable for violating America's laws and Americans.

      There are the least of the King's brothers and then there are those who take advantage of those that are least to them using harmful ways to everyone including their own children. Acts of contrition could suffice. If parents love their children there'd be no question or trouble. They'd be more than willing to pay the consequences their choices caused.
      To teach is to enforce is to respect is to abide by. The rule of law!

    13. Illegal alien's regardless of race or status whether with child or ill should be deported. America is not a charity for Illegal citizens. Giving them the tools to survive only makes America more desirable to the Immigrants that enter illegally. If we stop supporting them, they will be easier to capture and send back. Also how long until we just tell countries like Mexico who encourage illegal entry of their citizens to control their people or we will take action. Mexico is a wasteland.
      They use illegals to send money back to increase the wealth of their nation. I know many legal Mexican families that send money home to their families in Mexico. You can't control the legal citizens from sending loved one's money. If we keep jobs from illegals than we starve them back to Mexico. Too many Illegals are taking jobs from American's and Congress needs to stop it.

    14. Steve S. says:

      Steve B. is way off the mark. The children of illegals knew full well they were not in this country legally. Please, don't make excuses for lawbreakers. My grandparents had to do it legally. Our immigration system is NOT "broken"…it is ignored! If you are so sympathetic to these trespassers, I challenge you to go to Mexico, and try the same thing. You are in for a rude awakening. Mexico (and other southern countries) created their own problems…let them fix their problems…we have enough of our own. And, to all the other sympathizers who whine about "we need to help these poor people"…I suggest you put actions behind your words: YOU become their "sponser" and take care of them…and pay for ALL their needs, so the rest of us taxpayers don't have to subsidize your beliefs!

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