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  • Human Tragedy Goes On: 80 Illegal Immigrants Kidnapped in Mexico

    Late last week, at least 80 illegal immigrants were abducted from a train by armed gunmen in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz. According to accounts, the train operators “didn’t stop where they usually do.… Instead, they continued on to a remote area where the trains that come from Coatzacoalcos pass by.” There the gunmen were waiting and “went straight—like they already knew—to (the cars in which the) women and children were riding.”

    Sadly, this violence is nothing new. According to Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission, more than 400 kidnappings involving 22,000 individuals likely occur in Mexico each year.

    Along the tracks, criminal gangs often lie in waiting, preying on illegal immigrants where they hop off the train to avoid checkpoints. Other times, train drivers, engineers, and private security guards aboard the trains are complicit, allowing criminal organizations or authorities to board the trains and abduct illegal immigrants.

    Deprived of food, beaten, tied, gagged, even drugged or burned, these immigrants have horrific tales to tell. This human tragedy ultimately demands that something be done. For its part, the United States should seek comprehensive and robust strategies to combat human smuggling, violence, and the huge numbers of illegal aliens seeking to cross our borders.

    Amnesty would only create greater incentives to immigrate illegally, bringing with it a whole new wave of illegal immigrants. Instead the U.S. should look to promote partnerships with nations to combat human smuggling and dismantle trafficking networks, as well as efforts to further justice, law enforcement, and free-market reforms throughout the region. These efforts—coupled with increased interior enforcement within the U.S. and the formation of an organized strategy for manpower, technology, and other resources along the border—will help stem the tide of violence and the flow of illegal immigrants to the United States.

    As the violence and tragedy grows, one thing is certain: It is time to focus on the bigger picture of illegal immigration and avoid the narrow-minded solution of mass amnesty.

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    6 Responses to Human Tragedy Goes On: 80 Illegal Immigrants Kidnapped in Mexico

    1. carol,az says:

      Yes, Jessica all that you have written is true.
      Has anyone ever question the numerous Hispantic ethnic groups livinging in America and the Sp. caucus we all keep hearing about?
      We after all have given them a voice in SP as well as English, right here on your website.
      They don't need to use the translation button.
      What are their doing about this issue for Human Rights?
      Under the Obama leaderships, groups like La Raza funding, tripled.
      Where is this pro militant group, also very anti-American, doing about rescue for families memebers in various areas of S. A. countires and in MX? .
      That would be a different approach on this issue and also expsoe some interesting donation contributers.

    2. martin d says:

      If they were in Mexico, they were only potential illegal immigrants. At the time they were kidnapped, they were neither "illegal," nor immigrants.

    3. roy says:

      What would happen if the US said NO! If you come hear (USA) illeagly we catch and deport you – No Exceptions – No jobs, no free ride – just a quick trip back home — To all illeagles — If they know there is no dangling carrot just deportnment……We just can't afford them, and all the bad things they bring with them!

    4. Laurie Davis says:

      Common sense would tell anyone with a brain that if the leftist Dems force the Dream Act on the American public (whether it be by actual legistation or the Obama alternative of edict) there will once again be a need for 'illegals' (as opposed to the once just legalized) to do work 'that Americans won't do'. What will the large corporate farms and the vineyards do for cheap help? They will look to more illegals crossing the borders, even though they are in great danger of losing their lives.

    5. Bobbie says:

      How sad for America! All we wanted was to share our freedom with the world who DESIRE FREEDOM, respect common sense, civil law and respect the use of their human ability to govern themselves. No religion attached!
      This is where American leadership led ALL of us…
      Stay safe, Carol! EVERYONE!

    6. Ryan says:

      This blog leaves so many huge pieces of information missing such as these immigrants were from Central America – not illegal immigrants who had anything to do with the United States. Secondly, many conservatives disagree with an "enforcement only" approach to tackling immigration. Today, several conservative and libertarian leaders denounced mandatory nationwide E-verify – including former U.S. Representative and Libertarian presidential candidate, Bob Barr.

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