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  • Morning Bell: Five Ways Obama Is Circumventing the Legislative Branch

    For all of candidate Barack Obama’s campaign rhetoric promising to respect Congress’s authority to draft the nation’s laws, President Obama has demonstrated a persistent pattern of circumventing the legislative branch via administrative fiat whenever his agenda stalls. And though one of the Obama campaign’s legal advisers cautioned against a President who would “take the law into his own hands and shred it when it’s convenient,” Obama has done just that time and time again.

    The Obama Administration generally employs one of two strategies to legislate without—and often in spite of—congressional action: (1) administrative decree establishing a new federal rule, or (2) a refusal to enforce existing federal law. In five separate policy areas, the President and the federal agencies under his command have spurned congressional authority to achieve Obama’s objectives.

    1. Environmental Regulation: President Obama has made it his mission to impose economy-killing environmental regulations on America in spite of clear congressional opposition. Take the White House–backed cap-and-trade bill, which would have created a market for “carbon credits” that businesses would have to trade in order to emit carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.

    The measure passed the House in 2009 but was defeated in the Senate. Undeterred, the Obama Administration sought to ram its agenda into law without congressional approval. It managed to classify carbon dioxide as a “pollutant” under the Clean Air Act, thereby granting the Environmental Protection Agency the authority to regulate its emission—despite warnings even from Members of Congress who wanted to regulate carbon emissions but recognized the problematic nature of doing so without congressional approval.

    2. Labor Law: Expanding powerful labor unions is another Obama Administration objective. On June 21, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) announced plans to dramatically reduce the time to conduct unionization elections.

    But in 2009, the Senate moved in the opposite direction. It removed the “card check” provision from the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act,” effectively sinking a measure that could have dramatically increased union membership by rescinding workers’ rights to a secret ballot election for union representation.

    The NLRB’s new rule will reduce the length of elections from about six weeks to 10–21 days, thereby limiting employers’ abilities to present their own cases against unionization to workers—and making the formation of a union far more likely. Increased unionization was always card check’s purpose. The NLRB is now attempting to achieve the same goal without Congress’s approval.

    3. Immigration Law: On immigration policy, the Obama Administration has not even waited for congressional action before charting its own legislative course. In May, Democrats reintroduced the DREAM Act—which would provide a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants who came to the United States before they were 16—after the lame-duck Congress failed to pass it late last year.

    But rather than waiting for Congress to act, officials at Obama’s Department of Homeland Security have instructed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and attorneys to exercise “prosecutorial discretion” for illegal immigrants who have attended school in the United States, meaning far fewer such illegal immigrants will be prosecuted and deported. The agency cited a shortage of resources, but the decision amounts to a de facto implementation of the DREAM Act.

    4. Selective Enforcement of Federal Law: Rather than push Congress to repeal federal laws against marijuana use, Obama’s Justice Department decided in 2009 that it would simply stop enforcing those laws. Proposals to legalize marijuana at the federal level consistently fail to win congressional approval, but the Obama Administration decided to implement its agenda in spite of that lack of legislative support.

    The Justice Department again employed this tactic in February when it announced that it would no longer enforce another federal law: the Defense of Marriage Act. The Administration did not agree with the law, so rather than attempting to repeal it via the standard legislative channels, it decided to ignore it.

    5. Regulating the Internet: Obama’s Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided late last year to assume authority over Internet regulation despite a ruling by a federal appeals court explicitly denying the commission that authority. In contradiction of the court’s ruling, the FCC voted 3–2 in December to pass the first-ever federal regulations on Internet traffic. The House has voted to block those regulations, but Obama has pledged to veto any such legislation.

    More Bureaucratic Legislating Ahead: All of these examples demonstrate a striking lack of respect for the role of the legislative branch in American government. Despite paying lip service to Congress’s constitutional role as the sole source of the nation’s laws, the Obama Administration has ignored Congress wherever the people’s representatives have declined to codify his agenda.

    Nor is there any sign of this trend abating. Even now, the President is considering a number of proposals that would advance his legislative agenda without congressional consideration or approval, including re-regulation of campaign finance laws to circumvent a Supreme Court decision and waivers of the No Child Left Behind law in the face of congressional inaction.

    Following the November elections, when President Obama’s party lost control of the House, Obama told America that where he can’t legislate, he will regulate. And that seems to be this Administration’s modus operandi: If Congress refuses to abide by Obama’s agenda, the President’s bureaucratic machine will make its own laws.

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    102 Responses to Morning Bell: Five Ways Obama Is Circumventing the Legislative Branch

    1. Frank says:

      Another one of the many campaign promises Obama has broken: to respect Congress's authority to draft the nation's laws. But the problem also lays at the foot of Congress where they refuse to stand up to Obama.

      The USA has devolved into a monarchy with a "royal court" composed of Congress, multiple "Czars" & the Supreme Court all willing to kiss the Emperor's feet for favors. Left behind are "the rabble", "we the people", the "peasants" & "serfs" who support the royal elites and are held down by one means or the other.

      But the USA has pushed beyond its power limits and is now about to suffer the inevitable logical consequences of collapse & bankruptcy… which just might be what the power elites want anyways in their push for a One World Order.

      It's probably too late, but "we the people" might yet wake up and start to take our voting seriously if supplied by the real facts behind what is going on. The free flow of information via the Internet, might yet bring us back to our senses… but I'm not optimistic!

      • clarence swinney says:

        Where were your when?Clinton to Bush to Obama who fumbled the ball??
        Who Dug the deep hole? Numbers rounded

        Clinton left Bush an 1800B Budget
        Bush Left Obama a 3500 Budget

        Clinton left Bush a 240B Surplus as far as the eye can see
        Bush left Obama 1400B Deficit as far as the eye can see

        Clinton left Bush 5,700B of Debt
        Bush left Obama 11,800B of Debt

        • Ben C., Ann Arbor, MI says:

          Clarence – what you fail to understand is the evolution of the housing disaster. You need to research its beginnings and you will understand the housing boom Clinton enjoyed was an illusion based on greed. The government mandated subprime no income verification program caused the over supply of homes. The bubble had to burst sometime. The well intentioned but misguided programs from the Carter era resulted in what we are experiencing today. You can post your cherry picked “facts” but you are wrong in your conclusions. The problem is that Congress and the White House are digging the hole deeper. Using your logic the next president will have a 14.3 plus trillion dollar deficit inherited from Obama. But you and I get to pick up the tab.

        • Frank says:

          The problem I talked about was, "…the USA devolving into a into a monarchy with a "royal court" composed of Congress, multiple "Czars" & the Supreme Court all willing to kiss the Emperor's feet for favors has been worsening over many years" and that rather than try to help solve the problem, Obama broke his campaign pledge & made it worse than it ever was. Also, our financial situation has gotten critical, but Obama again worsened the problem by spending more money & creating even bigger government. Keynesian economics (spend more in recession) won't work for a nation in our over-borrowed situation & again, only make the problem worse (not my opinion, but experts who discussed the situation in financial newspapers say so). Finally, I see nobody here saying Bush did a great job. So that is a bogus issue. In fact, I think we do have just 1 Party in the USA: the Progressive Party, with 2 branches, both not interested in upholding the Constitution with a small, limited Federal Government.

      • clarence swinney says:

        Part 2 of question where were you?
        Clinton left Bush a 237,000 net new jobs created per month
        Bush left Obama 31,000 lowest since Hoover.

        Clinton left Bush 17 Million Manufacturing Jobs
        Bush left Obama 11 Million Manufacturing Jobs

        Clinton left Bush a 10,800 Dow
        Bush left Obama an 8028 Dow

        Clinton left Bush Peace on Earth Good Will From Most Men
        Bush left Obama Hell on Earth Two disastrous wars. Enmity of 1500 Million Muslims

        Clinton left Bush a President most highly rated of any peacetime President in Asia, Africa, Europe.
        Bush left Obama the most hated President in history
        Bush left Obama an Housing Tsunami and Financial Volcano
        Bush left Obama, in 2008, an 8500B Bail out commitment Yes! 8500 not just 700
        Bush left Obama his Takeover of Fannie/Freddie, AIG, and first bailout of Chrysler
         clarence swinney–political historian–lifeaholics of america burlington nc
        author-Lifeaholic–Life story of Workaholic failure to Lifeaholic success
        Best seller list in haw river nc population 200 and growing
        comments welc

        • gary sheldon says:

          Bush dealt admireably w/9/11
          Bush dealt admireably w/ Katrina
          Bush warned U.S. about Bawny Fwanks and Dodd’s FANNIE/FREDDIE
          things realyy started with the 2006 election of liberal lunatics and the Pelousiites and Reidites
          Now you defend the Chief Marxists extreme multiplication of the trouble??? and have the temerity to blame Bush for all of it. How stupid do you think American patriots are. Bush dealt with real crisis. This chief Marxist and his advisers develop them and double down on failed corrective measures. I will not buy the bloviation about the gulf oil “”CRISIS”". These leftists only made matters worse.

      • Bob Van Deusen says:

        I am afraid you are right on the mark. However, if "we the people" don't start doing something now, we are in for more than an American Revolution, we will soon become the minority populace and will fall victim to our own complacency. This means: we will be stripped of our heritage, history, culture and our American way of life, as we know it. BVD

      • Peggy says:

        You're absolutely right, Frank. And before the 2012 elections, We the People, must DEMAND that photo ID be shown at the polls; otherwise these crooks in the Democrat Party are going to steal the election. That's exactly how that rotten sack of garbage named Harry Reid got reelected. Right now, our election process is no better and no fairer than Cuba's, so we need to get that mess straightened out posthaste.

      • Dan says:

        Who has the balls to begin impeachment proceedings? If they are failing to uphold the laws they were elected to enforce, they should be brought to justice.

      • KC - NM says:

        I agree – how American's vote in 2012 will make the difference from collapse to recovery. We can no longer tollerate the professional politician and the corrupt Washington DC machine in destroying this great country. The problem is partially our biased media services and key individuals in Hollywood who seem to get the wrong messages to Americans. The strategically correct move for recovery is to focus on the middle or majority in America. The Tea Party does this and so do the centralist Republicans and Democrats. The far right and left are out-of-touch with what main stream America needs and wants. It is time for change and time for delivering the truth to America. Obama pushed the "yes we can" process – well yes we can drive change. But this real change will not be pretty but real recovery never is pretty. It takes dedication and real Americans standing up for and demanding the truth and correct action from politicians.

    2. guest says:

      OK, we all know he is circumventing the law. The question is, what is anybody (Congress?) doing about it?

      • Dan says:

        Who has the balls to begin impeachment proceedings? If they are failing to uphold the laws they were elected to enforce

      • Dan says:

        Who has the balls to begin impeachment proceedings? If they are failing to uphold the laws they were elected to enforce

      • Wes says:

        My question also. There is nothing here that most of us don't know already. The question I am asking is what can we do about it? I have sent literally thousands of FAXs to our legislative representive, to the president and to state government representives. I talk about it to my ciecle of friends and to anyone that will listen to me. Most everyone I talk to are opposed to everything this mad man is doing but my efforts have no effect and I don't see anyone with any influence getting any results.

        I see nothing but infighting or confusion among the Republicans which is doing nothing for us.

        So how do we get to the folks that do not understand where the problem is?

        We spend lots of time defining the problem. What can we do toi get some action?


    3. common sense says:

      treat him like that other Chicago dirty politician

    4. Tom Brenkus says:

      Why won't congress act to stop this?

    5. MJA says:

      This doesn't say much for our congress not raising the red flag on this!
      Shouldn't this be an impeachable offense? Do the Republicans think this is ok, so when we finally get the White House back they can do the same thing? Or are they just cowards?

      • SBA says:

        This has been my question for several years, but at the forefront of this administration and congress. Are these constitutional, and how do we stop it? Why is Congress not pursuing the consitutionality, like ignoring a federal judge stating that the Healthcare is unconstitutional, of the preseident's oath of office.

      • Bette Overk says:

        I couldn't agree more….!!!

      • Vansud says:

        Where were you when Bush set the record for "signing statements?" – http://www.nytimes.com/2009/03/10/us/politics/10s

      • Rick 74 says:

        Ah, the "I" word.

        Isn't Impeachment reserved for those instances when the President acts in contravention to the U.S. Constitution and the rules and regulations governing the Executive Branch of the government?

        Oh, never mind. Maybe there will be another intern who …

      • PMB says:

        MJA, I think you hit the nail on the head. Bush drastically increased the reach of Executive power in his two terms, and then handed it to Obama who ran with it. You can bet if the Republicans get it back, they're not going to let go of that big stick.

        We need to clean house. Enough of this "vote for someone who can win" or "vote for people who know the system"; we need men and women of unimpeachable character, who will get back to the Constitution and sound money principles — and NOT try to make us the world's police, alienating everyone else in the process.

        I gave up on the party at large and decided to vote for Ron Paul — because it's not all about him. It's about taking back our country from the lazy, selfish, power-hungry, war-bent hucksters who have been doing their best to put us into indentured servitude.

    6. Robert says:

      Here we go again: big, bad, Obama – Obama is the big, bad wolf. The big meanie is not playing nice. Obama is circumventing Congress? Why shouldn't he? Congress has done NOTHING since the historic, sweeping, "making government smaller" victory Heritage told us about (and Rush) last November. An election that was rendered null and void when John Boehner was elected Speaker of the House. Can we expect 16 more months of these uninspiring, negligent, repetitive articles?

      Funny, the RNC called our home last night and the caller said "will you help us cut spending and make government smaller." I stopped him and said: "that's what you told me last November." He responded: "sir, I understand, I am hearing that from a lot of people – but, we must stick together to defeat [the evil, big, bad] Obama" and I said: "sorry, but I do not want to waste your time anymore."

      • Ramona says:

        I would love to see Mr Markay answer your objections one by one…but hey! What are your specific objections to the five main points he is making in this article?? Are they not true? Sure, Congress is not acting like "one Man" in defeating his Unconstitutional actions…but Congress is 435 "persons"…

      • Nancy says:

        the big sweeping changes you refer to cannot go anywhere at all without the senate agreeing and since big bad Obama's cronies are still running the show there, not much can happen.

    7. Glynnda says:

      Isn't it ironic that he began this conversation because he felt the war in Iraq was illegal. He not only said he would have us out of Iraq by now but he has entered another one…..one where we are attempted to change the leadership of a nation that has not attacked us……the same reason he stated during his brief time as a Senator that we should not enter the war…….how about that?????

      Yet his intention all along was to circumvent the proper methods of enacting legislation by abusing his own authority. This man has little understanding or he just doesn't care about the balance of powers in our nation and why they are so important. He is an activist bent on making changes that contradict our Constitution because he knows inherently that he cannot win a public debate if he expresses his true views and wishes as far as his own desired picture of our nation……


    8. Glynnda says:

      The president is engaging in illegal behavior without question and has done so on more than a few occasions…..I don't understand why Congress isn't going after him. Why do they continue to try to negotiate with an obvious abuser of the executive branch powers. Why don't they just say "enough" and begin defunding, calling out the unions, exploring and making public exactly where TARP money went, etc.?

      If they begin going down this path there is no doubt the president and all his cronies will quickly back down. Why don't they do some serious vetting of all the current czars in the White House and start making this information public. Just put it on their websites and let all the conservative groups get it out there….including Heritage? The time for playing nice is over……

      Let's GO CONGRESS!!!!! Do we want to get him out of office next year or NOT!!!!!


    9. Mike the Bike says:

      The United States government is set up so there will all ways be a 'tug of war " between all three branches of the federal government. If Congress is divided, then that only strengthens the Executive Branch. The final arbiter has always been the Supreme Court. I guess we will just have to live with what we have, until the next election.

    10. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much more? How much longer are we going to sit on our asses and allow this imposter to continue
      to take over this country and our American way of life in the same manner any two-bit, tin-horn dictator in
      a third world country would. These useless fools in Congress are either in on the deal or gutess and too cowardly to stop this madness. This has to be stopped now. It will wait until 2012.

    11. Janet says:

      Congress needs to do its job. Override his vetoes.


    12. Spike says:

      Washington is not about stopping the other party it is about buying votes and spending someone else's money. Republicans are as bad as Democrats because they will not stand on the Capital steps and shout "I can't take it anymore". We the People need to camp out on those same steps until they get the message.

    13. Wanita says:

      Do you all not see that he should have been impeached a good while ago? He is doing nothing but bringing us down, not building us up. And disolving our Constitution a little at a time. Where is Congress, but we know there is big money behind it all. Obama has too many Czar's working behind closed doors. God help us.

      • Dave Connll says:

        Wanita, God helps those who help themselves. We patriots all have to continue writing the press, talk shows, and most of all our poliicians, most ot whom are cowards afraid to fight for us and our country.
        We have to keep the pressure on all of them and make sure we support and elect only dedicated real Tea Party candidates, preferably those who are military veterans.

    14. Donald McGovern says:

      These are five good reasons that President Obama should be a one term President. Congress needs some backbone on these issues.

    15. Bubba Gump says:

      The fascists still have the activist judges in the supreme court in their pocket, any attempts at bringing democracy to the US on the federal level can be overturned by them.

    16. Stirling says:

      This is why Liberal Elites should never be elected president, they think that this country should be run like the UN with total disreguard to the constitution and will of the people.

    17. Julianne says:

      We just had this discussion at work yesterday – only we used the word dictator – for what else do you call an elected leader who ignores the very laws and constitution he swore to uphold and rules by fiat? Our ending question to which we had no ready answer – is why aren't our remaining 2 branches of government – in place for "checks and balances" – doing anything to intervene? What can they legally do to rein him in? Would love to see you address the available solutions to this situation!

    18. Mike, Wichita Falls says:

      Don't forget about the following:

      1) his DOI's ignoring a federal court order overturning the GOM drilling moratorium,
      2) his DOI's ongoing de facto drilling moratorium via delayed or canceled drilling permits in the GOM,
      3) his DHHS's ignoring a federal court order for nearly a month on a cease and desist of Obamacare and
      4) his EPA's baseless issuance of an emergency order against Range Resources in Texas over water-well contamination.

      His supporters long for a government similar to China where "things get done faster". Well, they have it right here in America with this President! All is well, right?

    19. Carol USA says:

      To me all this proves is that Washington is run by a bunch of unic's. While they are all trying to grow new ones they just fall short of a whole set. Common at least act like you have a full set or grow a back bone. Let all those Constitutional lawyers that are there to protect the Constitution earn their salary.

    20. guest says:

      Based on these few comments, most agree what's congress doing about it? Why isn't this at least discussed on Fox News multiple times? The Republican candidates need to use all of these examples during the various campaigns and not be afraid to state the truth about what' really going on behind closed doors!

      • Cindy Coping says:

        Well, Congress defunded the Wildlands initiative started by Ken Salazer. That stopped it. I believe they've stopped some other Executive branch shenanigans simply by specifying that zero dollars will be spent on them in the budget bill. Go to Youcut.com and see more spending cuts proposed by Congress. They stop a lot of illegal activity in the bureaucracies just by defunding it.
        More recently 14 members of Congress sent a letter to EPA reprimanding them for trying to do an end-run around Congress and implement a massive illegal expansion of the Clean Water Act without Congressional approval.

    21. Ron Sakowski says:

      Members of Congress and millions of us at one time or another take an oath to "uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign and domestic." What is the purpose of this oath? In the face of the obvious, why are so many silent? The Socialists (Democrats) will do everything they can to steal the 2012 election. We are confronting the very real prospect of Civil War in this country unless this gets turned around. This outcome is not my wish but my nightmare.

    22. ricp says:

      IF Congress abandoned the Omnibus spending bill format and went back to individual department budgets then such money pits like Commerce, Education, Energy, & the EPA could be cut 60% in one swoop! No discussions, limited hearings and let Harry Reid know he has one choice; pass the budget as presented or let the department go out of business for lack of funds come 01 Oct 2011. Better yet make it a six month budget so said departments have to come back during primary season to make their cases for more money!

      No Sunday talk show appearances by the Speaker, no Hannity or Levin; just plain and simple actions and let the Dems howl all they want.

    23. Dinah L. Garrison says:

      @Tom Brenkus
      I have been asking that question for over a year and never get a reply. I have asked my Senators and Representative. I get nice returns, but still no answer. I have paid attention to our government, but I never worried too much until now. NOW I am actually afraid. All of the checks and balances seem to be so much fluff and hot air. Every time I read a post about this someone is saying, "We have to stand up." How? I've been discussing my concerns with friend and as I said writing to Washington. I just can't understand why Congress would just give away their power and responsibilities.

    24. cejkn says:

      Well shame on Congree and our Speaker. They should be front and center fighting this, but once again our side is too wishy washy.

    25. Jim Kruszynski says:

      It not only stops here. Obama refuses to enforce federal law in the defense of marriage act! Obama declared it unconstitutional! Obama does not have the authority to declare anything unconstitutional, that job is for the Supreme court!!! Not only did he declare it unconstitutional he told his people not to enforce it! This is an impeachable offense!!! WHERE IS CONGRESS? The people we elected doesn't seem much better than the ones we booted out! And there is the Wars powers Act! Congress would not ewven defund this illegal action or impeach him! Once again the congress is giving him a free ride at the peoples expense!!! WAKE UP CONGRESS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE NAD WE NO LONGER HAVE A DEMOCRACY DUE TO YOUR INACTION!!!

    26. Therese says:

      Thank you for all the ways you keep us informed with facts and figures. I have printed this article and will write my Senators and Representative asking them why they are not doing their duty!

    27. John Roane says:

      This is just what Obama said he would do, even before being elected. Look at who he surrounds himself with and long before they were appointed by Obama they supported such actions openly. Now everyone is so surprised? Please, you are all complicit, so don’t wage your finger at the man for doing what he told you he would do in advance.

    28. Dr. H.D. Sinopoli says:

      It would seem that all the reports, letters from Heritage, along with the bloveating of the radio entertainers, Obama is not listening. The lifer Republican & Democrat politicians look to keep their job. They will not challenge Obama because it may create negative publicity…and they might not be re-elected.

      Keep writing and by the way, keep supporting the lifers….

    29. The Farmer says:

      As long as those who have a platform to speak from to the Americans and those who can stop him (Congress , the Court & the Militrary) refuse to acknowledge that he is not one of us, he will continue to consoladate power to where we will not be able to get our country back from him and his team of nation destroyers.

    30. MJF in CT says:

      Congress is afraid to do anything about Mr. Obama because any time you disagree with him, it turns into a racial issue – plain & simple. Of course, if it were a Republican in the White House doing all this, the impeachment would have been over already – race not being a factor, either.

    31. Harry says:

      We are no longer a nation governed by laws. We have become a nation governed by regulations. And those regulations are, for the most part, immune from the courts.

    32. Sue.comsan says:

      How many violations of the Constitution? How many illegal acts? What does it take to lock this guy up? Anyone else would have been impeached or placed under the jail by now.

    33. Richie says:

      They allowed him to do what he wanted from the beginning so he just uses any means he has to go around
      congress. The democrats gave him everything he wanted including two supreme court judges which we
      are stuck with for life. It all boils down to a weak congress that only worries about getting elected and they means raising an absurd amount of money that they work on more than taken care of the country. You just
      wonder if any of them live in the real world. This country is in serious trouble and they let him just work around the constitution . I know other presidents have done some of this before but never like this and. The worst thing is this is about separation of powers which keeps are country from to much power to one body of government nothing to do with which party you are with.

    34. Where is the Alphabet Media on this. If this was George Bush, he would not get away with this at any level without it being at least reported on.

    35. Loren Stieg says:

      A great majority is afraid to speak out for fear they will be labeled 'racist' since our so-called president is BLACK. Look at the past preformance, every time he needs it he plays the race card. He and his family should be physically thrown out of the Whitehouse. He is rude insolent, arrogant, and downright ignorant, yet no-one steps up and says 'enough'. Where have the patroits of this great nation gone????????

    36. Bette says:

      IMPEACH NOW !!!

    37. randydutton says:

      Just think of him as 'Emperor Barry' or 'Caesar Disgustus' and it all makes sense.

    38. James says:

      All Presidents of the United States take an oath to enforce and protect the laws of the United States of America. If any President violates that oath, and refuses and declares to break the law he should be impeached. Can't convict in the Senate? Impeach in the house and bring the empeachment to the public attention, one count at a time to keep them busy defending this president.

    39. kaydell bowles says:

      We have a Congress that is beholden to the campaign contributors and the campaign holders want Socialism and their right to dictate the path of government in the country. Hence their rights have been given to the Legislative branch in the form of executive powers. Those who have been in longer that six years need to be replaced with those who want to restore the principles once had. Those Congressmen that have been the problem can never be the solution.

      George Washington in his farewell address stated the following: "Toward the preservation of your Government and the permanency of your present happy state, it is requisite not only that you steadily discountenance irregular opposition to its acknowledged authority, but also that you resist with the care the spirit of innovation upon its principles, however specious the pretexts. One method of assault may be to effect in the forms of the Constitution alterations which will imparit the energy of the system, and thus to undermine what can not be directly overthrown."

    40. eggsbenedict says:

      I think that all of the politicians have been ignored too long by the American people. With Obama in the White House and his Czars running the show, I am afraid that the genie is out of the bottle and it is going to be very difficult to put the genie back! This president appears to have an agenda that has not really been exposed yet, but his every action seems to be un-american. It seems as though when we wake up in the morning and turn on the news, he again has violated the Constitution in another area and Congress just will not wake up to the fact that he is destroying our economy and our form of government. We are suppose to have three branches of Government so that checks and balances could keep the government under control. We have only one branch of government and its name is Obama. He has mounted a campaign that will raise so much money that votes can be purchased and he will win the next election. It is time for change and I wish 2012 was tomorrow!

    41. Don Herwick says:

      Allone has to do is to revisit the middle ages to understand how it worked then and how it works now. Every kingdom had its city buile in the middle ov a very high walled protection (impeneterable) from the enemy. the enemy was anyone living outsidethe walls. If the slaves (farmers, small businesses, workers families and any others wantedx the kings protection, they (the people) wsere required to move into the walled kingdom and were considered protected and safe freom the evie outside the great walled city. They had to give up their lives of freedom to become the kings slaves and have the great life. so it is tpday.

      • Kelly Crist says:

        Sir, if you are going to publicly comment on things, would you please check your spelling and diction before submitting it so as to not embarrass yourself! This will improve your credibility when making a point.

    42. James says:

      The President of the United States takes an oath to uphold the Constitution and follow and protect the laws the laws of the United States. If he violates this oath, he should be impeached by the House of Representatives and brought to trail in the United States Senate. If the Senate refuses, file a different case violation of the oath. This President must be exposed to constant accountability!

    43. Don DeHoff says:

      Part one of two parts: Morning Bell Editors, well stated–but stating the issue alone does not solve the problem. What will it take to get congress off their behinds and start impeachment and high-crimes action against our President and those with whom he is conspiring, "blood in the streets"? Inaction will all too soon result in our system of government being dismantled and both congress and the courts will lose their jobs (and I suspect those who object, will also lose their heads, as that is the method of the Muslim/Islamic fanatical leaders. Also, we need to get the Democrats on our side of this grave issue. If blanket amnesty is granted, no Democrat in the future will be able to say, (Continued).

    44. Bill says:

      I too do not understand why Congress won't put a stop to this. His flagrant disregard for the law and the Constitution is disgusting. Dosen"t anyone in Congress have the guts to stand up to him. He's just another man not God. _

    45. Mark says:

      The Constitution tasks Congress with the responsibility to fund these activities. Why do they not "zero out" the budgets for the NLRB, FCC, EPA, etc. to get a little more give and take on these issues? Kill the funding for the numerous czars while they are at it.

    46. Judith in Michigan says:

      If members of Congress ignore the criminal activities of the current administration, then they are complicit and quilty of these crimes against The United States, our Constitution and our laws.

      This circumventing of our Congressional processes is nothing more than an attempt to overthrow our Constitutional Republic which, according to the US code (Title 18>Part 1>Chapter 115>Section 2385) if I'm interpreting it correctly, is a criminal offense requiring punishment. Will someone please clarify this?

      We must insist that our GOP candidates for the presidency and every other elected office spell out these offenses loudly and repeatedly. The survival of The United States of America depends on it.

    47. Lloyd Scallan says:

      How much longer are we going to allow this disgrace continue to totally ignore the law of this nation.
      How much longer are we going to allow this Congress do nothing to stop this destruction of our American way of life. It will not wait until 2012. Something must be done now.

    48. Joe says:

      Americans know what is going on. Elitists in Washington have been breaking the backs of "American Taxpayors" for years now. My observation applies to both parties. Let's face reality – Politicians are living the good life at the expense of the American Taxpayor and they ain't gonna give up what they enjoy.

      The Republicans have demonstrated they are spineless. Just look at what Boehner did to the current budget – he pledged $100 billion in cuts and negotiated virtually "no reduction". These folk have become accustomed to negotiating from a position of weakness – that is how they think it ought to be done!

      Why aren't the Republicans talking "impeachment" if what the Heritage foundation claims in this e-mail is factual?

    49. toledofan says:

      Good article and right on the money. It's obvious that not much can be done except for Congress to defund the Czars and eradicate their empires, but, will it happen, probably not soon enough. if we wise up before next year, Obama will be out and some of the problem with him, but, all of this stuff will have to be undone, so, if the Republicans dion't get the majority all bets are off. The media hypocaracy in all of this is at the very least obnoxious at best, I mean can you imagine what would have happened if either Regan or the Bushes did any of this; we all know it would have been the end. With all that is going on, I wonder, why more of the Democrats, themselves, aren't furious? Aren't we all Americans? Oh I forgot, except for California where our own soccer team was treated like outsiders, sounds like I answered my own question.

    50. Bobbie says:

      this has to be impeachable! It's what's right to bring this country back and rebuild her strength and rebuild the strength and dignity of Americans. In his position as he breaths air, Obama and his beliefs are going to continue to circumvent everything America!

      just to mention- until the people of the world are free from their third world leaderships, the American Constitution is as good as gold and people who position themselves to be leaders in America who disrespect and refuse to comply, need impeachment. .

    51. carol,az says:

      "Selective enforcement under Federal Law to circumvent and shed" legal due process is being heard right now in D.C.: ATF's corruption case, "Operation Fast and Furious."

      Senate Judiciary Com. investigation led by Charles Grassley, (R. Iowa) is the most recent example of Govt corruption.
      Some highlights from this case,, ignored by most mass media , is to many of us, from the border states the most important corruption case in America history against Fed. Law enforcement agencies , still being litigated.
      The well formatted plan by ATF, to purchase ~ 2000 American made weapons through straw sales and to resell them to cartel operatives from Mexico.The rationale , "to track the weapons from Mexico back to the cartels." (1)

    52. carol,az says:

      #2- 18 miles inside AZ's border two weapons did walk back . One killed Border Agent, BrainTerry another weapon lay near his body
      AZ describes this corruption action as "Operation Gun Runner."
      This act of planned homicide against our own law enforcement agencies and the duplicity for lies and cover-up by ATF, is slowly being peeled back for the truth.

      W. blower  , ATF , agent Vince Cafalue who bravely spoke-out against the insanity of this plan has been fired from his job after 19 years of service.

      DOJ, E. Holder denied knowledge . POTUS denied knowing about it..
      HLS, J. Nap and ICE, John Morton also denied acknowledgement.

      The Head of ATF, Kenneth Melson has been fired, but refuses to go down quietly taking full blame with the complicity of other agnecies. This part of the case remains to proven.

    53. Kelly Crist says:

      As the above article notes, President Obama attempts to circumvent the balance of powers enumerated in the Constitution. As such, I believe that would be described as a dictator.

    54. carol,az says:

      Selective enforcement has proven in numerous other ways in the border states for the responsibility of over 100 Americans that have been murder this year either on USA soil , or in Mexico.
      All murders are unsolved
      Brain Terry served his country as Marine. as a policeman and a Border Agent.
      The Marine Motto : Semper Fidelis, in Latin for: " Always Faithful "

      Re. The Examiner-Jim Kouri, Oneoldvet.com, AZ news media , Tucson sector, The Couch is right, Juridical Watch.org.

    55. Bill says:

      On point #4, I think Obama's decision to not enforce DOMA is a clearer example.

    56. Victor Barney says:

      I predict "Jacob's trouble" lasting 3 1/2 years will begin by the Feast of Trumpets(war) no later than the year 2012! Watch!

    57. Clearhead, U.S.S.O. says:

      It appears that this so called president has not confined his ‘evolution’ to the advocacy of homosexuality, but also to the total destruction of every other norm and Constitutional maxim which made America what it once was. To refresh your memory, the progression of the birth and demise of governance is: Bondage, Spiritual faith, Courage, Liberty, Abundance, Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy, Dependency, then back to Bondage. (The least of these was Apathy, which passed by like a comet From January, 2009 until about the autumn of that year.) If one honestly looks around now at today’s national environment and attitude, we find ourselves deep within the latter throes of DEPENDENCY, with very little hope under this ‘administration’ of any recourse to anything other than the inevitable return to BONDAGE. From those of us who have witnessed what this great country could be, to those of you who have been indoctrinated otherwise, we hold sincere compassion for you, and be it known that we will NEVER say “die” to the restructuring of America to its former glory, even at this late date. It is obvious that we are in the minority, but we have a weapon not possessed by the regre…I mean ‘PRO’ gressives. That weapon is HOPE. REAL hope — not the kind spewed out during meaningless campaign rhetoric, but the hope that is bolstered by faith and charity.

    58. Cindy Z says:

      There are Constitutional answers to this rebellion…one is DE-FUND him at every turn…pass not budgets…hack his funding to death!!!!! Weanies in Congress need to get tough and stand up against this tyrant and his scuzzy friends!!

    59. Jim Richard says:

      Since Congress refuses to do anything, thank goodness President Obama is trying to move forward on the people's business!

    60. Blair Franconia, NH says:

      Obama doesn't like the legislative process. He wants to rule like a dictator and rule by fiat.

    61. Ron W. Smith says:

      So what's new about either the president or congress? Ever since Harry Truman' s election, I've watched president after president and congress after "do nothing" congress frequently run with the ball without either consulting the other branch or really caring what those in the other branch think. Politics is about the politicians, not about the people. Until the voters reject that and dump those among the candidates who fail them, it's status quo, folks. The Tea Partyers have taught us that it can be done, but as puppets for very big players, Tea Partyers show us every day how short on savvy and vision they are.
      Of the five ways you show us Obama circumventing the legislature, let me pick just one for illustrative purposes. See if this doesn't help substantiate my point about politics being about the politicians and not us. Legislation intending an end to immigration woes was passed in 1986 and left to dry on the vine by the absence of effective follow-up. Why? The cheap labor was desirable, and business interests, political contributions at the ready, lobbied to assure that labor remained available. (The raids on meat processing facilities: why did they come to a screeching halt? Do I need to answer?) That cheap labor remains available today because politicians benefit greatly from allowing the immigration issue to slip by. The clear proof that there's political money at stake is that no legislation has been passed at any level making it illegal to hire illegals. (No jobs, end of illegal immigration problem. No amnesty for those illegals already here and employed, beginning of VERY big moral dilemma.)
      Now back to Obama skirting congress. Why not? Why should he be different from his predecessors when there's no reason to be? He's just addressing the issues as he feels he can and should, for the states took it upon their own to legislate on the immigration issue in the absence of federal action since our elected senators and representatives took it upon themselves for more than 3 decades to abdicate on solving the issue. We're left with this big problem because politics is about the politicians, not about us or the issues needing solution. So, on the issue of immigration, Obama is doing his thing not so much out of pity for the illegals as political savvy–Hispanic Americans vote, and their votes are there to be harvested by the bushel basketful come 2012.
      To talk about what Obama is doing to do end-arounds on the nation's congress is, in my estimation, no help at all except to political agendas. The problem is deeper. Anyone in politics who plays the politics-is-about-the-politicians game should be held responsible–in the case of immigration, the long-tenured people in the House and Senate (like John McCain and Orrin Hatch). This is where we voters come in. Tea-Partyers have skipped this issue entirely in their zeal for the "issues" they've been fed by those silent partners behind their movement. Will they wake up? Will we?

    62. Stevie B says:

      It's funny – you act as if Congress can actually agree on things and get things done. What has been accomplished this year? Besides the House Republcians handing the Democrats a gift with their horrible budget plan? Not much.

      This is a group of people who can't even raise the debt limit, even though most of them know that not raising it would lead to economic catasrophe and would be the end of American's reign as economic super power. Any member who refuses to raise the debt limit needs to be booted out of Congress. These nutjobs actually think we shoudl not raise it, we should not pay our debts.

      And now they are asking for a constitutional balanced budget amendment – one of the worst economic policies ever put forth? a BBA is for cowards who don't want to deal with the problem themselves, but want to constrict future Congresses. They actually want to add a budget process amendment to the Constitution? What a joke.

    63. Bobbie says:

      raising the debt ceiling is only going to increase government control. If you knew what the Constitution is, you'd appreciate a balanced budget to reflect the people's Constitution so government can be checked and in control BY THE PEOPLE GOVERNMENT SERVES!!!!!

    64. LibertyAtStake says:

      Great case for dusting off Article II, Section 4.

      d(^_^)b http://libertyatstake.blogspot.com/
      "Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive"

    65. Scott Stevens says:

      When is Congress and the Supreme Court going to stand up to this tyrant??

    66. Jeanne Stoter says:

      It's called keeping your bread buttered. If you(Congress) enforces the laws that their backers don't like they lose the funding, same with the president, everyones crying,"How come the new guys haven't done anything?" Well it's been 6 mos. and BHO fights them evey inch or 1/4 inch, he signsd executive orders or leaves town or both. In 2010 he spent 200, Million traveling, this includes his entourage and said he wanted to spend less time in WH 2011. In 2010 he spent less than 5 mos in WH, don't know statistics on 2011 yet but I do know it cost $181,757.00 an hour for Air force 1 to fly and he does FLY. Even if the house does pass a bill the Senate is going to sit on it, remeber they are DEMS.

    67. RennyG says:

      The King is here, Hail the King!!!!!! The King will continue to be here after 2012!!!!!
      Everyone knows and sees what this guy is doing and no one can or will do anything about it!!!! Or are afraid!!!!

    68. Cal P. says:

      Congress has been rendered usless by the committees and
      czars they helped establish. Are we going to elect a group to
      the senate in 2012 and keep the house so that the government
      can be held accountable to be of the people, for the people, and
      by the people, and not a solo dingbat and a group of czars?

    69. Kate says:

      "Rather than push Congress to repeal federal laws against marijuana use, Obama’s Justice Department decided in 2009 that it would simply stop enforcing those laws. Proposals to legalize marijuana at the federal level consistently fail to win congressional approval, but the Obama Administration decided to implement its agenda in spite of that lack of legislative support."

      Actually, in 2009, Eric Holder directed federal attorneys to refrain from prosecuting users and suppliers of medical marijuana in states where it is legal (and when the users/suppliers are in compliance with state law).

      However, this has not happened. In fact, the Obama administration has stepped up raids on medical marijuana dispensaries, beyond what the Bush administration did.

      Obama is just as big a drug warrior as any other president, he just likes to pretend otherwise.

    70. ROGER says:

      Our prez is a cunning linguist and is acting right out of the clinton playbook. Such a pathetic population to vote for this guy…

    71. carlo caturano says:

      All the above comments go right to the matter of power.The pres.thinks he got it when he took office on a man date.He has to be told other wise.We have the House now we need the Senate.Lets get the unemployed to work part time.Get the vote out.

    72. Donald DaCosta says:

      Obama's forte is "community organizing;" like all Liberal, Socialist labels, benign and intentionally misleading. He is nothing if not expert at manipulation, making positive but largely false proclamations of noble intent while subversively wheeling and dealing, behind the scenes, Chicago style to circumvent whatever the obstacle to implement his true agenda. That said, this cannot be new news to anyone whose been paying attention which makes it alarming that no one in the Congress is willing to step up, speak the truth, confront BHO and his rebel Csars, expose their nefarious deeds and corrupt motivations to the public at large. Kudos to Heritage but preaching to the choir is not going to make the radical changes necessary.

    73. Dave Boner says:

      Congress is not built to chase 50 Czars doing there own laws! But, obviously now Obama and his administrators have established sufficient examples that intentionally counter the present and recently passed legislation by Congress! Why not start the predatory steps to file impeachment papers. Let a Circuit court decide if Obama's action is intentionally unconstitutional. Next, get rid of the Czars which is what caused the problem in the first place! Even Obama does not have the time to come up with these administrative-delay ideas to by-pass Congress! He appoints them (the Czars) with out any Senatorial approval for obvious reasons! But, it should be obvious to almost any voter that it will be necessary for the Republicans to gain the control of the Senate in 2012! If Congress takes the steps toward impeachment then, the threat might cause some concern. I don't believe Obama can veto impeachment papers!

    74. Dennis Kramer says:

      Desperate people do desperate things.

    75. guest says:

      caution, next step will be to regulate and twist federal election laws in such a way, thereby keeping him in office, effectively making him emperor for life

    76. Cindy Coping says:

      Other Obama end-runs around the law include:
      - The EPA issuing "guidelines" that would expand the Clean Water Act to expand its authority to regulate every drop of water in the nation, something Congress could not pass.
      -Immigration and Customs Enforcement unilaterally defining new immigration laws through selective enforcement.
      -The Forest Service unilaterally deciding which laws to obey and which not. For example, the draft 2011 Forest planning rule elevates radical environmental NGOs to the status of coordination as full partners in land planning while ignoring legal mandates spelled out in FLPMA and NEPA among other laws, to coordinate planning with local governments and not with special interest groups.
      -The Draft Coronado Forest Plan unilaterally changes the entire mission of the Forest in violation of FLPMA, NEPA and above all the Multiple Use and Sustained Yield Act.
      -Ken Salazer attempted to violate the 1964 Wilderness Act (which states only Congress has the authority to create national wilderness areas) by a special rule dictating that as much BLM land as possible would be put into a special wilderness category called "wilderness characteristics preservation", also in violation of the Multiple Use Sustained yield Act.
      -The USDA is trying to implement a revision of the GIPSA rule that is arbitrary, capricious, and imposes new rules that failed as bills on the floor of the Congress.
      -The department of interior was working on a new set of National Monuments, something like 14 new national monuments for the Executive to pass into law without Congressional approval, bypassing public involvement altogether (except for his political cronies in the radical pseudo-conservation NGOs.)
      -The President sent American troops off to war in Libya without talking to Congress first

    77. Felix says:

      How hard would it be to impeach Obama? They did it to Nixon for a few lies about Watergate. Obama has not told the truth since he took office. Let's get it done before it is too late.

    78. Clearhead says:

      How long will you sheep-like scaredy-cat self-centered and greedy U.S. citizens continue to roll over and SUBMIT to the destruction of your Constitution, your way of life, your freedom and your Country? We are perilously — I say PERILOUSLY close to the point of no return, and if we don’t act soon, we are a LOST NATION.

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