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  • A Culture War Against Conservative Women

    Injecting conservative values into the cultural mainstream is a battle, especially for women’s issues in popular, female-geared media like magazines. Liberal ideology has attracted the female presidential vote—and the female magazine—for years. For most of these crusaders and publications, “women’s issues” comes down to one issue: abortion.

    As freshman Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (R–NY) told the Conservative Women’s Network last Thursday, for liberal women, “It’s not about women’s rights; it’s about maintaining and pushing abortion rights.”

    It’s hard to argue with that when the nation’s most popular women’s magazines—Glamour, Marie Claire, Vogue, etc.—all assume their readers to be pro-abortion without question.

    In this month’s Marie Claire [print edition], one page directs readers to a list of congresswomen the magazine deems to be against health care for women. It’s a list of every conservative woman in Congress who voted to defund Planned Parenthood, an organization that receives massive federal funding and manages the largest abortion operation in the country .

    In April, the same magazine published an empathetic interview with Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, who accused the new Congress of “rolling back access to women’s health care at a time when women are more in need than any other moment in my lifetime.”

    The reason the new Congress has focused on Planned Parenthood is because of its growing entanglement with abortion and its involvement with controversies over issues like statutory rape reporting.

    To the liberal feminists in mainstream media, a conservative woman’s opinion can’t possibly be legitimate. Unfortunately, those outlets often carry the loudest megaphones for women’s issues in elections – and seem to have little regard for those who identify as pro-life.

    Buerkle came in close contact with a few members of that outspoken demographic during her campaign in a historically liberal New York district. Outside the office one day, a group of women carrying NOW (National Organization for Women) signs picketed her for participating in the pro-life movement.

    Ideally, a feminist group would be excited to see a woman making political strides in what’s typically been a man’s field. But for these protesters, the ability to kill unborn babies was more important than anything else.

    “I’m a nurse, I’m an attorney, I had six kids, and I’m running for Congress—what else do you want?” said an incredulous Buerkle.

    It’s obvious that Marie Claire, NOW, and other feminist entities are only pro-women when it comes to women who support their radical ideology. They cloak the abortion issue in the mantle of “health care,” but it’s clear the main concern is access to abortion on demand.

    Buerkle noted that conservative women have many stereotypes to overcome since the radical feminist movement is culturally perceived to care most about women. That perception is a mainstream lie that conservatives battle everyday when tackling issues close to their hearts, like health care for women.

    While conservative, pro-life women are focused on the array of health care issues beyond abortion, liberals remain indentured to this one legal ability to choose death for their unborn children. Buerkle said it was telling that the debate in March on a continuing resolution to fund the federal government for the rest of this fiscal year came down to taxpayer funding of abortion. The left is so committed to abortion that they were even willing to halt funds to American troops overseas in order to underwrite its most prominent U.S. provider. This is what conservative women are up against.

    Watch Buerkle’s speech here:

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    47 Responses to A Culture War Against Conservative Women

    1. Christine says:

      Ok, but this article proves the same is true for conservatives. If liberals are focused on abortion rights as a primary health care issue for women, conservatives are equally inordinately focused on eliminating abortion. Planned Parenthood is an exceptional example. Conservatives are willing to eliminate funding for all the good things they do — and poor neighborhoods, they're often the ONLY access to reproductive medicine women have — because of the abortion agenda. Liberals were wiling to deny funding to troops to preserve the right to "kill their unborn babies?" Well, conservatives were willing to deny funding to troops in order to limit access to a medically safe, legal procedure that the Supreme Court has ruled is none of the government's business. Can't have it both ways — if you're going to condemn the other side for being single minded, you have to acknowledge that your side is just as bad.

      • T.F. says:

        Are conservatives just as passionate above saving unborn children as liberals are about the ability to kill them? YES! But there are many other reasons as well. Do you know why Planned Parenthood clinics are so prevailent in "poor" "minority" neighborhoods? It has a bit to do with the completely varifiable fact that it's founder wanted to eliminate minorities and anone with a physical or mental handicap. Why? Because she deemed them inferior and they should not "breed". She initially just wanted to have them all "fixed" like animals. Now about the so called "benefits" of planned parenthood clinics. Just because they hide behind one or two "good" things on their menu doesn't make them a great place to go. They cry out about not being able to give free mamograms if they don't get their federal dollars, did you know that there isn't a single Planned Parenhood clinic that has the capability to give a mamogram? THEY DON'T DO THEM! They don't even refer them! They just tell you to look one up! Not to mention the obsene amount of profit they make, especially for a supposed "nonprofit" charity.

        • T.F. says:

          There's also the issue of thier absolute disreguard for the law. They protect pedophiles, rapists and perpetrators of incest. Did you know that almost (if not all) of the times that a girl is brought in for an abortion due to incest they are brought is by the perpetrator or the perpetrators wife or girlfriend? Guess who they don't turn in? Also, I don't know of a single one that offers free abortions. Interesting how they charge for this Soooo needed procedure. Then there's the whole "safe" issue. Did you know that it's NOT!? It is the most underreported procedure in the most un regulated medical profession. IF of course you're lucky enough to get someone who actually attended medical school. They have found janitors, witch doctors and drops outs preforming these procedures on women.

          • T.F. says:

            More women die from abortion now then they did before 1973. Ironically, before then your typical back alley abortionist was more likely to be an actual doctor. By the way, the statisitc about the thousands of women who died every year before 1973 was made up. The guy admitted to all the false information he fed the news organizations, it was actually less than 50, and for the same reasons they die today. Today it has killed millions of childrens and thousands of women in a so called "safe" way. Then there's the hundreds of thousands of women who have been emotionally devistated by thier abortions. Can you find a few that claim their ok? Of course, but it's never a question asked long term.

            THAT is why we're so passionate. Can you explain why the left are so passionate about killing unborn children and harming countless women in the name of a few extra federal dollars? It might be legal but safe and rare it ain't!

      • Althea says:

        The only problem with that argument is that the "conservative" woman's tax dollars are being used to pay for the "liberal" woman's abortion, and this is NOT fair, ethical, or moral. None of the "liberal" woman's tax dollars are used for the "conservative" woman because she will not have an abortion. How is that equal???

        • SuLa says:

          Well the liberals' tax dollars are being used to keep inmates on death row, so it's even! Yes, death row is more expensive than life imprisonment. My point being…we're all paying for someone else's B.S. and that's never going to change b/c democracy by nature requires it!

    2. Redfray says:

      With the ideology that abortion is more important that anything in this world, it will not bother these women to lose there free country they live in? Because there voting is placing our free nation in jeopardy of losing its social society. A good college class, for these women, would be how the social life changes in the socialist countries, if you could find that class in our American universities.

    3. mylife4jesus says:

      It's crazy that behind all of the liberal rhetoric about health care for women stands only one issue…abortion. And the fact that they are willing to allow so much death (underfunded U.S. troops abroad AND unborn children) makes me wonder how on earth they can sleep at night. :( It's sad that this is how women's rights are portrayed by the media today. Conservative women are seen as insensitive because they do not agree on this one issue.

      • Mike says:

        Underfunded troops. Half of the discretionary budget is earmarked for the military. We've spent well in excess of a trillion dollars on the military over the past ten years.

    4. EzLiving says:

      Why would it be assumed that a conservative woman is anti-abortion? I am a Republican woman and feel we should stay out of the abortion debate. That's a subject for a woman and her doctor! However, I don't feel like I should have to PAY for other people's abortions either. I know a lot of other Republican women who feel the same way I do.

    5. House Divided says:

      This is quality information and a well written article on a growing problem in America. Entire segments of our population are being margainalized for their beliefs. However, as Abe Lincoln said years ago, 'A house divided against itself cannot stand.' He took his quote from The Book of Matthew chapter 12 that says, 'Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.'

      Pandora's box is open.

    6. Bobbie says:

      Conservative women are empowered! That's why all other women are intimidated by them. Other women need government programs to show their empowered which actually shows women to be weak and pathetic and dependent. Three things women truly empowered don't exemplify.

      A woman isn't equally physically fit to fight off an animal of a man who has the controlled mindset to rape her. What's really pathetic is to make it a law in favor of the preditorial, animalistic behavior of less of a man?! WOW! What century are we in?? MR. OBAMA SHOULD EXPRESS CHANGE TO THIS PIECE OF FILTH!??

      To convenience a woman with the amenities of an ABORTION AND CALL IT EMPOWERMENT IS TOTALLY UNDERMINING THE WOMAN!!!!! the man with the seed needs all accountability…hold it to him so he'll think twice before he chooses to lose control maybe he'll come to know what it takes to be a real man?? WOW!

      All minds even the biggest of all men, have the ability to reason. EDUCATE the mindset of the male gender. HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO THEIR UNCIVIL ACTIONS WITH HEAVY CONSEQUENCES! ELIMINATE RAPE so women aren't forced to consider an abortion BECAUSE OF A MAN'S CHOICE TO VIOLATE HER BODY!! BUILD RESPECT and recognition of MANLY responsibilities when actions promote pregnancies and population will be more controlled.

      • Victoria says:

        I don't entirely understand how a woman's inability to fight off her attackers leads you to believe that they should not be allowed to legally have abortions.

        You say that men are the only ones who should be held accountable in terms of sexual matters because they are the ones who rape, but the sad truth of it is that we live in a culture saturated with victim blaming, where women are judged upon what clothes they are wearing and where and what time they choose to walk alone. In addition, as you say, men are thought to not be able to control themselves, which subconsciously implies that men actually cannot be held accountable because they cannot help themselves. This is actually very demeaning to men. Rapists are not "loosing control" of their sexual urges – they are taking control where it is not wanted, and no matter how drastically our culture changes, there will always be men who rape just as there will always be people who murder.

        Also, to suggest that men are the only ones who have agency when it comes to sex as you do is similarly just as demeaning as women. This is WHY women are blamed for rape – because it is assumed that if they do take an interest in sex, they must want it in whatever form and cannot be upset when it is done to them against her well.

        Conservative woman are certainly empowered – because they choose not to make abortion an option for themselves. Women who want abortion as an option, however, will not be empowered in the same way if abortion is once again criminalized. I am not intimidated by conservative women because they are empowered – I am intimidated because they are encroaching upon what I believe are my rights as a woman. I am not saying that I would jump to getting an abortion in any circumstance, but the fact that it is available to me gives me a certain amount of comfort.

    7. Joanne Bamberger says:

      Given the comments I’ve been getting from certain conservative women, it sure seems to me that some of them have declared a culture war on progressive women. And FYI — for progressive women, it’s NOT just about abortion rights. Many conservatives want to push that as their own agenda. As a progressive woman, I respect plenty of conservative opinions, but not the ones that come from women who attack just for the sake of attacking and pushing a hard core ideological agenda. When we can all stop with the sweeping generalizations, then we can make some real headway.

      • Nicole B says:

        "And FYI — for progressive women, it's NOT just about abortion rights."

        What is it about then? I'd really like to understand.

    8. Holly says:

      Only one comment about this. I don't think anyone is "pro-abortion." That is different from "pro-choice."

      • Casey says:

        Except, the 'pro-choice' does not always equal 'choice.' More often, the 'choice' is to abort. When women are actually give more information, when she has a chance to see the fetus as human, when other alternatives are offered, women will also chose life as 'pro-choice.' But the overwhelming political and media agenda is abortion. What is right about ending a life? For all of those 'pro-choice' that support abortion, how many are against the death penalty? Doesn't make much sense. The fetus is truly innocent; while the likelihood an convicted offender is absolutely guilty is near 95%. The entire argument is confusing. While having a child to term, and giving the child to adoption is difficult, what of the lifetime reality of ending an innocent life?

      • Kathryn says:

        That's just mincing words. It's really simple – you either believe that we should have the choice to kill our babies or not.

    9. Guest says:

      I bet an unplanned pregnancy in your 14 year old daughter would suddenly make you pro-choice.

      But seriously, I don't know any conservative or liberal who is "pro-abortion." We aren't encouraging the killing of babies; we want women (and men) to have the ability to choose if they can bring a life into this world. Too many babies are already unwanted. Children grow up bouncing from foster home to foster home. If you aren't ready to have a child, you should be able to make that decision.

      • TheBardess says:

        "I bet an unplanned pregnancy in your 14 year old daughter would suddenly make you pro-choice. "

        No, actually, it wouldn't.

        "we want women (and men) to have the ability to choose if they can bring a life into this world."

        Great. Then how about this- if you don't want a kid, don't climb into bed with a guy/girl. It's not that hard.*

        *Yes, I know that there are tragic and horrible cases where women become pregnant via non-consensual sex. However, such cases (rape and incest) account for less than one percent of abortions. The vast majority of abortions and unwanted children could be avoided if people just learned to keep it in their pants. Unfortunately, in this era of sexual free-for-all, I doubt that will happen any time soon. God forbid we should have to practice restraint or self-control *rolls eyes*

      • guest says:

        if you aren't ready to have a child, you shouldn't be having sex!!!!

    10. Bobbie says:

      To be CONSERVATIVE is EMPOWERMENT! …true to fact!

      Abortion isn't empowering, the inherent respect for women and her purpose, is. TEACH IT in those countries who's male gender is beneath manly and compelled by personal weakness to violate the body of women WHOM ARE PHYSICALLY INCAPABLE OF DEFENDING THEMSELVES! ENFORCE LAWS THAT DETER THE LOWLY TO RAPE! Ignorance to reason is unfit in civil society! Let's clean the whole world of it!

    11. Cody says:

      There is a significant difference between Pro-Abortion and Pro-Choice. I personally find the idea of abortion, unless in cases of rape, or medical emergencies abhorrent, BUT, as a man, that is not my choice to make. i am not the one that has to carry that child for nine months to term. I am not the one who has to go through an immensely painful childbirth. Ultimately, what it comes down to for me, which is what makes me pro-choice, is that I cannot force my own personal morality on others.

      • Ericka Andersen ErickaAndersen says:

        Does this mean that because you are not a mother, you can't condemn one for killing her five year old? Obviously, there are things that are right and wrong in this world. You do not have to be in every single situation to judge it as so.

    12. MAJ says:

      The problem with conservative women who see Planned Parenthood as some kind of abortion-crazed death machine is that they consistently leave out any reference to the stuff PP does that has absolutely nothing to do with abortion– like cancer screenings, birth control, etc. To defund or otherwise cripple PP for the sake of what amounts to a small portion of its business is a crime against women. Real, whole, living human beings, not blastocysts. And as a woman, I find it offensive how conservative women talk about the women who do get abortions; they make them sound like irresponsible, evil harpies without regard to anyone or anything but themselves. In reality, your average woman getting an abortion is young, poor, and scared. I can't imagine what it's like to go through that. We shouldn't be fighting some culture war on already marginalized and scared young girls, rather we should attempt to teach them how to prevent pregnancy to begin with. Conservative support of abstinence 'education' is a great way of ensuring that girls end up in abortion clinics year after year. Where is the focus on prevention as a means to ending the need for that function of Planned Parenthood?

      • Casey says:

        And why does PP need public funding to do routine medical procedures handled by any other clinic, doctor or hospital? Public funding already pays for these procedures in various ways for any woman without medical insurance. PP is about abortion!

      • Robert L from CT says:

        If all PP did was provide free "health care" I'd be happy to let my taxes pay for it. But PP's mission is to provide abortions, first and foremost. For every mammogram (most centers don't have the equipment) they do 20 abortions. Abortion should only be provided free in cases of rape, incest, etc. We tried for years to have a child, laperoscopies, suppositories, injections, X's on the calendar. If we hadn't been finally blessed we would have adopted. So many unwanted children? So why are so many couples spending tens of thousands of dollars importing babies? And there should be a penalty for getting pregnant a second time after having already had an abortion….yes, prison time. Unfair burden on women? That's life….insist he wear a condom. If he won't tell him to walk. Hot for sex? THINK about the consequences. One thing that really "kills" me is how pro-abortionists are anti- death penalty. Go figure!

        • MAJ says:

          I think that one of your biggest problems here is a denial of human nature, i.e. this idea that people will avoid having sex. I never suggested that abortion be used as birth control, and I can't say I know a single pro-choice woman who does feel that way. Nothing is without its consequences, and I agree with you to the extent that people (especially women) must employ prevention methods.
          Prison time? I think that's either a troll-style hyperbole or perhaps you've really divorced yourself from reality completely. Either way, I won't address it.
          People import babies to adopt because the standards in the United States as well as the cost are much higher. Single parents and lower income married couples have a very tough time adopting. This is a shame, and it also needs to be addressed.

    13. Alena says:

      "But for these protesters, the ability to kill unborn babies was more important than anything else." What an uncivil accusation.

    14. Mike says:

      I dream of marrying a Conservative woman!

    15. Gerald Long says:

      I'm not female, but in response to EZLiving not wanting to pay for abortions, what about my right to not want to pay for unwanted and inadequately supported children? I'm just saying I'm not awfully persuaded by your claim that you are victimized. But here's the good news: I believe liberals want to work to prevent as many abortions as they can. Abortion is distasteful to say the least, so no one is "pro-abortion." Also, being male and all, I feel a natural restraint towards telling a woman may or may not do with her body. Mostly because I fear they'll put a beating on me, but also, I really can't share or understand the subjective feelings of bearing children. At the end of the day I, as a male, just don'f feel comfortable telling women they "can't" have an abortion. For more sane reasonable discussion Visit http://crazypoliticos.com

    16. LadyLawyer says:

      I would submit that magazines like Marie Claire, Glamour, and Vogue do not promote women's real interests in ANY respect, never mind politics. Just look at the covers: the focus seems to be brainwashing women into being willing sexual objects and playthings of men. The rest is window dressing.

    17. Gloria Foster says:

      Praise God for all Conservative Christian Women willing to stand up for what's right. There were women Preachers in the Bible and even now to take a strong stand against immoriality and what is right for our families, Country and loving our neighbor as ourselves. I love to see strong women involved in Politicts like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann will speak our and tell it like it is and not be afraid of anyone. Because they put God first in their lives then family. Now we have to keep our country FREE by fighting for what is right. This country is being destroyed by the wrong leaders, someone needs to clean house. We need to vote in the right Senators and Congressmen who feel the same way we do and not compromise with the other side and be talked into doing what is not good for America!

    18. gracieD says:

      Funny how NOW stays silent on the issue of women's rights in Islam. Eerily silent as women are mutilated, beaten, stoned because of an accusation. . .all endorsed and encouraged by the Koran.

      Gotta kill them babies, though.

      • Casey says:

        Amen! The atrocities against women and children, both in Islam countries and in the human trafficking across our border with Mexico receive zero condemnation from the left! Read the research from Heritage. As a law enforcement officer, I investigate the violence against women and children from these groups and others that received considerable support from the left! What is that about!?

    19. yogibear says:

      It seems to me that the Democratic opinion is that people (in general) do not know what is best for them and therefore need the government to take care of them and and their families by dictationg what they should or should not believe because we are just too ignorant to know any better – in contrast, the Republican thought process is that we as a people (in general) know what is best for each of our families and therefore do not need the government to dictate to us how to take care of ourselves and our families and lays the responsibility of raising our families back on our own shoulders…

    20. yogibear says:

      if this is reasonable then why is it reasonable to assume then that we also as Republicans need to tell people what they should and should not do in the case of abortion. I personally believe that this is sin to kill an unborn child. However, my Bible teaches me that sin is sin and there is not one sin more sinful than the next. I can not judge for one person what their choice is but as a tax payer, we should have the right not to put our money toward abortions for those that choose this type of sin. If the tax payers were not being required to pay for the abortions, and more tax breaks were available, the people who want to support abortion, would contribute to organizations that offer it. There will always be sin in the world. What is wrong is forcing Americans to participate in it by funding it out of taxes, that should be illegal because it defies our Christian values.

    21. Bobbie says:

      Joanne,, you're right! It isn't about abortion only!!!! "progressive" women depend on government. That for one is not "progressive." There are trustworthy resources that progressive women don't acknowledge and turn to government dependency, which is not freedom!!! Following the rules and regulations of government just to fund your cause, narrows your individual mind and builds weakness. As long as you have a mind of your own, GOVERNMENT DOES NOT KNOW BEST, NOR DOES GOVERNMENT PROMOTE FREEDOM!!!!! …but they'll fool the vulnerable.

      Conservative women believe all women have brains of our own to figure things out without turning to government, who subliminally promote their own interests through dependency of others. Why would you give government so much authority they can have you dependent on them for your essentials while government goes on strike any time they want leaving you without? Government gets away with anything they want. Private sector is held accountable. Take Care, Joanne! I hope this helps you open you mind to considerations. Any person who thinks they're empowered by government is really cheating themselves…

    22. fish says:

      "Women's health"? I can scarce think of ANYTHING that is more unhealthy for women than abortion…

    23. Bobbie says:

      Victoria, you misinterpret what I wrote in answer to your first question.
      The "attacker" isn't even mentioned regarding planned parenthood when the excuse to abort is rape!!!!! Are you and the government protecting the accountable? Or just excusing the abortion process?

      True but LAME excuse for the rapist! Women being judged by the clothes they wear! OR A PIECE OF SKIN SHOWING???? Sounds to me like you're victimizing the rapist?! Men have the strength to respect without attacking the majority prove it and clothes don't come with a warning label! Very low for a woman to accept that assertion.

      I agree with this part of your reply "In addition, as you say, men are thought to not be able to control themselves, which subconsciously implies that men actually cannot be held accountable because they cannot help themselves." But I was being facetious! I don't give man any excuse to violate a woman!

      I don't know what men are rapists but I know all rapists are men. So if a man is demeaned because of what I wrote, he must be guilty as a rapist. And if a rapist is in control of his acts to rape then ramifications will control his future conduct. And HE CAN PAY THE EXPENSES TO THE RESULTS OF HIS VOLATILE BEHAVIOR! Accountability! continued…

    24. Bobbie says:

      Victoria, Under ciivl law there are penalities for violating someone physically but because a rape can result in pregnancy. harsher punishment applies including public disgust! Civil law also penalizes murderers (except those aborting fetuses.) Are you suggesting murders will be an excusable offense? Sounds like hints of another law?

      I also agree with this part "Rapists are not "loosing control" of their sexual urges – they are taking control where it is not wanted, and no matter how drastically our culture changes, there will always be men who rape just as there will always be people who murder." There woud be civil order if harsh punishment were applied to change the derainged mind-set and hostile behaviors of the frail thinking.

      But this "Also, to suggest that men are the only ones who have agency when it comes to sex as you do is similarly just as demeaning as women. This is WHY women are blamed for rape – because it is assumed that if they do take an interest in sex, they must want it in whatever form and cannot be upset when it is done to them against her well." is very disturbing to me! Terribly immature, uncivil, dangerous reasoning! and more hints.

      I really didn't say anything about "choice" in abortion except avoidiing it. Because someone's choice to "abort" is a personal one and probably not the result of a rape, makes it a personal responsibility of those involved to cover the expenses. same as if you were to give birth. The ones involved are responsible to the costs of their actions. I didn't say anything about your rights to your body. Have all the rights you want, just don't hand your bill to the tax payers!!! Victoria, you misinterpret what I wrote in answer to your first question.

    25. Bobbie says:

      Conservative woman are empowered because of freedom and they don't draw government to their attention. Respectful of independence anyway they live it as long as it isn't depending on government. They Keep their privacy to themselves and cover the costs of their livelihoods! Pretty much common in a free country of independence, but people have come to call it conservative and extreme for government growth and government job security.

      You shouldn't be intimidated by anyone for any reason.

      Pay your own costs to cover your livelihood so you can keep your matters to your choices in your life and NOT make it a part of mine, my families, my friends, my neighbors, my neighborhood (government.)

      Why would your right to an abortion give you a certain amount of comfort? Do you expect to be raped??

      I hope I've explained myself and you are willing to open your mind to what I am saying…

    26. Bobbie says:

      Victoria, I wanted to clarify the understanding of the 2nd comment of the three addressed to you- Under civil law there are penalties for violating someone physically but because a rape can result in pregnancy. harsher punishment applies including public disgust! I'd like to clarify that the public disgust is of the rapist! Not the woman.

    27. Bobbie says:

      Victoria, all women are empowered by freedom. Some have to come to know what it is! They learn freedom by self reliance and resources not related to government!!!

    28. I am a former Republican woman who was pro choice as a Republican and am now a pro-choice Democrat. I did not change parties because of my views on choice but because of my conservative views on fiscal responsibility and progressive views on wars of aggression which I finally realized were not being supported by the Republican party. Bigots lump people into classes and that is not productive to finding solutions. I hope all of you who don't believe in abortion never have one or have a loved one go through what is probably a very painful emotional process. By the same token, I hope any woman who after consultation with her doctor and spiritual adviser finds herself in need of an abortion is able to get one. That's what pro-choice means and the perverted view espoused by the writer of this article is pure propaganda and an attempt to use this very personal issue as a political weapon. Republicans controlled all of Congress, and the Presidency from 2002 t0 2006. During the same time, the conservative Supreme Court installed Bush to his second term as President yet they did not stop abortions. They did not stop them because they can't afford to take this issue out of their propaganda arsenal. The many people who support a complete ban on abortion because of their own religious conviction are actually being used by these propagandists, I can only hope they will eventually wake up to this and start voting for their own economic and personal well being.

    29. Cheryl says:

      Just a note on some of the terminology. I don't think people are 'pro-abortion' just as I don't think anti-abortion advocates are 'anti-choice'. The difference in opinion generally comes from when people believe life occurs whether that's at conception or months after that.

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