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  • PODCAST: Heritage 2011 Budget Chart Book

    In a new Heritage in Focus, Heritage research assistant Emily Goff discusses our 2011 Budget Chart Book which shows in vivid detail the severity of America’s spending crisis. Listen to the full interview here.

    In this podcast, Goff offers solutions to prevent us from worsening our fiscal situation. In addition, she tackles other burning questions about today’s budget: What was the most surprising thing she found? Is it true, as the left argues, that taxes must be raised to fix our fiscal situation? And what is contributing most heavily to our current deficit, and how do we fix it? Click here to listen to the answers to these questions and more.

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    One Response to PODCAST: Heritage 2011 Budget Chart Book

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      It does not have to be like this. The federal workforce has grown by nearly a million in less than ten years. The problem is painfully obvious. When you drive here in DC, the problem is painfully obvious. This city and the surroundings are being squeezed to the limits trying to accommodate 100,000's of new federal workers for new federal programs in the last 5 years.

      The growth of government not only has to stop, it has to be reversed. The last time DC was workable was in 2001. We need to get the government at least back to that level – when we were paying off the debt. Since 2001 (in 2011 dollars) the tax revenue has been nearly constant. Spending on the other hand has gone up $1.5 trillion! Instead of reporting the problem, lets start working towards solutions on reducing the size/scope of the federal government.

      When one says this cannot be sustained, that is a futuristic statement. The fact is, this is not BEING sustained. The $1.6 trillion debt is the evidence. This has not been sustained since 2002.

    2. George Colgrove, VA says:

      What I fear out of this government and all those who promote it's size and scope, is that these people would sooner see us reach collapse before letting go of each of their individual golden gooses. It is obvious when you are in DC, that the ruling (government) class is clearly taking advantage of the countries trust. Why public workers are allowed to take home riches that most in the private sector dream of, all the while also having to support these excesses baffles me. We the people get the government we allow! We are creating our own monster and we are allowing it to kill us. We don't need to allow this anymore.

    3. George Colgrove, VA says:

      They use their courts to force their will on us. All these things we allow to be created. They do not need to be there. All we need to say is NO MORE! We see what these people are doing. They are grabbing every las bit of our treasure before we can get in there in 2013. They have 15 months more to grab what they want – and they can. Soon the debt ceiling WILL be raised for their sake – NOT OURS! In this cash alchemy, they will make their riches out of the ashes of this country. Who wins? That will be DC and not US (pun intended). We need to raise our voices louder than ever before. We do not need to raise the ceiling – we have the cash. We need to cut spending. We have hired over 800,000 feds to work against us. We fire them just as easily. We have agreed to tens of thousands of regulations against us. We gan get rid of them just as easily. We have agreed to the most onerous tax system on the planet – we too can get rid of it. It is our country, not DC's. Right now DC has stolen most of it.

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