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  • Obama's NLRB Pushes "Snap Elections" for Union Gain

    Obama’s National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) has been aggressively reinterpreting the law to foist unions on workers—whether they want them or not. The Board famously filed charges against Boeing for creating jobs at a nonunion plant in South Carolina. Today the Board announced its most aggressive move yet: snap elections.

    Currently the NLRB takes between five and six weeks to conduct unionizing elections. Under the procedures the Board just proposed that time would fall to between 10 and 21 days.

    Employers usually have no idea that unions have begun an organizing drive until the union files for an election. By that point the union has spent months selling workers on the value of unionizing. It is during the election campaign that employers get to respond.

    Snap elections short-circuit employers’ ability to make their case. If the election takes place in a matter of days workers will base their decision (largely) on information received from the union. This does not benefit workers.

    Union organizers do not impartially advocate workers’ best interests. They are salesmen. They get paid to persuade workers to become dues-paying union members. Unions may legally use any number of misleading tactics to win worker support. Some organizers rely on aggressive sales tactics such as “SPIN selling.” SPIN stands for Situation, Problem, Implication, and Need payoff–the four emotional states through which organizers lead employees in order to secure a signed union-authorization card. Through it organizers persuade workers that a union will solve their problems at work—whether or not a union could actually help. Unions also train organizers to avoid the potential downsides to unionization, like strike histories or dues increases.

    Employees only get the full story when they hear from management. Employers are the ones who explain that unions often do not achieve their promised wage increases but always take 1-2 percent of wages in dues. Employers point out patterns of union corruption and clauses in union constitutions that levy stiff fines against workers who stray from union rules. Employers tell workers what the union organizers do not.

    Unions want to stop that from happening. They want workers to hear a one-sided sales pitch and then vote, with as little time as possible to change their minds. That will do wonders for union membership, but hardly serves workers’ interests. Workers need time to hear from management, and to discuss the consequences of organizing with one another.

    Workers’ deserve the right to hear from both sides and have time for reflection. The NLRB’s proposed rule directly attacks their right to make an informed choice. It is the latest example of the Administration putting unions’ institutional interests above the rights of workers.

    Congress should step up for workers’ rights. When Congress funds the NLRB this year it should include a rider preventing the agency from spending any money to conduct elections in anything less than five weeks. Employees have the right to an informed choice.

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    12 Responses to Obama's NLRB Pushes "Snap Elections" for Union Gain

    1. treasuregem says:

      Obama, yet once again, sticking his nose where it does NOT belong! Unions are attempting to financially destroy our country with their need for greed and Obama kills jobs with far too many regulations and 'green' agenda.

    2. SKIPPY says:

      The NLRB action is a sure sign of:

      - Unions' influence on the current administration,
      - Corruption within the current administration,
      -Degradation of workers' rights,
      - Disregard for the peoples' opinions,
      - Corruption in the Campaign fund raising process
      -the influence of special interests, in this case unions, on administration policy simply because they are a big campaign cash cow,
      - etc, etc,etc.

      The NLRB management and lawyers need to be fired and investigations begun into any possible illegal actions taken by the instigators of this and other corrupt or unethical actions taken by this agency.

      Is the term "corrupt" accurate? or should it include shades of Chicago politics or simple Mafia type thuggery?

      • Lynn says:

        Damn straight! I would like to clean house…Socialism is corrupt by nature. Chicago politics and Mafia in USA is spelled Czars n Obama. Which is why they want a weak Military …not in my America!

    3. One_of_the_bunch says:

      There was a day (not in recent tyimes) when unions were beneficial to the average worker who needed a coordinated effort to get better working conditions and a livable pay. But, after WW II, the labor unions became an entity unto themselves and, just like the politicians, created a career promoting environment where they could have influence and get rich at the same time. Workers who educate themselves as to union philosophy and goals will resist much of the union activity of today. The NLRB was meant to be an impartial group respecting the right sof workeers and promoting their welfare. Oops! Another effort gone corrupt.

    4. Clearhead says:

      First — The NLRB is not "OBAMA'S NLRB", it is supposed to be AMERICA'S NLRB. In the final analysis ALL "government" boards, committees, bureaus, entities of any kind are technically AMERICA'S !! AMERICA means you and me, folks. It doesn't mean any ONE in government or any GROUP in government. Any ONE, or GROUP who tries to usurp one of these entities is guilty of TREASON because they are attempting to unravel the fabric of our COUNTRY for their OWN GAIN, and the population be damned !!

    5. Clearhead says:

      Second — The people in "government" jobs were ALL hired by us in one way or another, to WORK FOR US and do OUR bidding, not theirs. Now, they are ultimately trying to organize their sorry selves into a "UNION" so that even though we still pay their salary, eventually WE will do THEIR bidding. Another act of TREASON in that they are trying to forcefully destroy our Constitutional freedom from the bottom up. Fortunately, we don't have to grant them tenure, and we can FIRE THEM through the electoral process. The only concern now is whether or not we have been "DUMBED DOWN" to the extent that we no longer think for ourselves, but believe all the trash that the media attributes to our "leaders".

    6. Clearhead says:

      Third — "What goes around comes around" The present administration with its destructive nature and agenda will in the end ITSELF be destroyed. This principle is borne out by thousands of years of history. WE as AMERICANS have two options: (1) If WE wake up, stand up, and use our God given MINDS, determination and skills, this cancerous regime can be destroyed before our beloved COUNTRY is destroyed. and (2) If we continue dozing, roll over on our cots and SUBMIT our minds, detrermination and skills to what we are TOLD to think, feel, and do, this regime will still be destroyed, but so will WE — AND AMERICA. Our choice, folks. What'll it be?

    7. Beverly A. Thornton says:

      If the congress had any smarts they would just stop funding the NLRB. That's how

      Thomas Jefferson got rid of some judges, just eliminated the funding.

    8. James R Jones says:

      Good points Clearhead.
      We must NOT accept a RINO or GOP loyalist for our next President!
      Unfortunately the media is already and the early primary states will do their best to ensure we get exactly that, a RINO or GOP insider (e.g. Romney, Pawlenty, Huntsman, Gingrich, Miller, Perry or Brown).

      We must elect a 'real' conservative who understands and agrres with OUR Constuitution.
      Examples include: Cain, King, West, and Bachman.

    9. RennyG says:

      What the hell is this government comming to?????
      Glen Beck was right on with his comments about the "ALINSKY THEORY!!"
      We better be on our knees because we the people have no other place for protection. No one is standing up for us?? Renny

    10. Cal P. says:

      After what we have seen in Wisconsin, if we let unions get more power we will be at their mercy
      and elections won't matter anymore.We know how European communism/socialism is foritfied only by violent unions. It will lead to U.N. lead one-world government, which will be the worst disaster the U.S. or the world will ever know. So if you believe that this is a defining moment, start now to organize to get control of the Senate and keep control of the House, and elect a president that will reverse this mess. And James R. Jones above is correct about picking a real conservative President, and the Tea Party will help everyone, Dems, Repubs, and Independents, do that. I am for America first, and I will do what I can to help. Fighting government unions is the fight just after the Health Care is rejected. The Unions are the Socialists tool of enforcement. Let your neighbors know that, and tell the cops, firemen, and teachers who are siding with the commies to wake up, and help us. Tell private unions to wake up to the fact that the
      government unions are an enemy to the state, and to help reject them.

    11. hilf says:

      History doesn't exist in the liberal mind: That the Steelworkers' Union, with their months-long vacations, all but killed American steel production is overlooked. That Card Check is the opposite of what the unions preached years ago.
      Regarding the latter, unions fought for secret ballots way back in the '50s and '60s when companies punished workers who wished to organize. Now that the unions have absolute power in many industries, and especially including governments, they strangely seek open ballots in order to punish workers who might oppose unionization. In the upcoming 2012 election, these are facts that must be emphasized over and over in order to educate the voting public about the truth.

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