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House and Senate Cloakroom: June 20-24, 2011

Posted By Josh Robbins On June 20, 2011 @ 2:12 am In Ongoing Priorities | Comments Disabled

The House will likely consider four bills this week.  The Patent Reform BIll will come up after being pulled from the floor the previous week.  The House will also take up the Department of Defense Appropriations Bill and the Jobs and Energy Permitting Act.  Finally, the House with either consider a short term extension of the current FAA reauthorization or the conference report of a new FAA reauthorization that was passed in different forms in each house.

Major Floor Action

  • HR 1249 [1] – America Invents Act
  • HR 2219 [2] – Department of Defense Appropriations Act
  • HR 2021 [3] – Jobs and Energy Permitting Act
  • HR 658 [4] – FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act

Major Committee Action:

  • The House Energy and Commerce [5] Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing on “Medicare/Medicaid Dual Eligibles.”
  • The House Ways and Means [6]Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing on the “Social Security Trustees Report.”
  • The House Foreign Affairs [7]Committee will hold a hearing on “Next Steps in Iran and Syria.”
  • The House Energy and Commerce [5] Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing on the “Impact of IPAB on Medicare.”
  • The House Appropriations [8] Subcommittee on Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies will hold a hearing on “Health Care Overhaul Implementation.”
  • The House Energy and Commerce [5] Committee will hold a hearing on the “Impact of Regulations.”

Senate Cloakroom: June 20-24

Analysis: The Senate will return to business on Tuesday, June 21 to vote on the nomination of  Michael Simon to be the US District Judge for the District of Oregon at noon.  From there the Senate will move to the nomination of Leon Panetta to be Secretary of Defense.  Debate on his nomination will begin at 2:15pm and wrap up with a vote at 4:15pm.  The Senate will then attempt to move to a vote on the Economic Development Agency reauthorization.  Should that fail they will move on to the Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act, a bill which would reduce [9] the number of executive branch positions which require confirmation by the Senate.

Major Floor Action

  • S 679 [10] – The Presidential Appointment Efficiency and Streamlining Act
  • S 782 [11] – Economic Development Revitalization Act

Major Committee Action

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