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Father's Day Podcast: Why Dads Are So Important

Posted By Sarah Torre On June 18, 2011 @ 1:36 pm In Culture | Comments Disabled

This Father’s Day, take a moment to stop and consider why dads play such an important role in ensuring a children’s well-being and, subsequently, the stability of society.

In a new Heritage in Focus [1], Heritage fellow Ryan Messmore discusses the importance of fathers to strong families and a healthy civil society. Listen to the full podcast, here [1].

For instance, children and teens who experience a good relationship with their fathers are at a decreased risk of suffering from loneliness and emotional anxiety [2]. Likewise, adolescents who are close to their dads are less likely to exhibit anti-social behavior, use illicit drugs [3], or engage in sexual activity [4]. Even if dad isn’t the greatest at dividing fractions or diagramming sentences, a father’s involvement in his child’s life can also positively impact the student’s academic achievement [3].

Married fathers especially can have life-long influences [5] on their children. The economic benefits of having a dad in the house can be profound [6] as parents choosing to tie the knot can decrease a child’s risk of living in poverty by about 80 percent [7].

As Americans reflect on the importance of dad this Father’s Day, individuals and policymakers should recognize the necessary role fathers play in raising the next generation of citizens and safeguarding a strong civil society. National leaders should seek ways to promote the importance of marriage [8] so that more children can grow up in a stable household and experience the unique benefits of a married mother and father.

Listen to Heritage fellow (and father of three) Ryan Messmore discuss the essential role of fathers, here [1].

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