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  • 100,000 Cribs Face Disposal After Safety Commission Refuses to Extend Deadline

    Retailers have 11 days to sell any cribs that don’t meet the government’s new safety standard. Anything that’s left in stores on June 28 must be trashed.

    At least 100,000 cribs — a figure significantly larger than first anticipated — could be destined for the garbage dump, according to new estimates released yesterday by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Despite the large inventory, the Democrat-controlled CPSC voted 3-to-2 against extending the June 28 deadline.

    Previous figures, reported yesterday on The Foundry, put the number at 20,000 affected cribs. But due to the slow economy, stores have been unable to move the merchandise in the six-month window provided by the government. Without a last-minute intervention, that means the unused cribs will likely face steep markdowns over the next 11 days. Anything left after June 28 cannot be sold to consumers.

    Business have no choice in the matter. Congress mandated the new safety standard even though the cribs in stores were not deemed unsafe or a hazard to children. They haven’t been subject to a recall. They simply don’t meet the latest safety standard set by the government.

    The CSPC was tasked with carrying out the regulation. It met yesterday to determine if the June 28 date should be extended. The agency never conducted a cost-benefit analysis and only recently approached retailers about the size of the non-compliant inventory.

    Yesterday’s CPSC hearing was the first time the 100,000 figure was publicly released. It represents the inventory of just five retailers as of May 31. The names of the companies were not disclosed.

    The commission’s 3-to-2 vote broke down on party lines. Chairman Inez Tenenbaum and commissioners Bob Adler and Thomas Moore voted in favor of preserving the June 28 deadline. Commissioners Nancy Nord and Anne Northup voted to extend it.

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    9 Responses to 100,000 Cribs Face Disposal After Safety Commission Refuses to Extend Deadline

    1. George Colgrove, VA says:

      This is an Obama-nation.

      1) kills financial security of these companies

      2) may kill jobs

      3) will harm retailers who have these in stock

      4) will cause environmental harm as these cribs will load up landfills

      5) will open the doors of a recall which will cause more harm of all the above

      Get government out of our lives. This is not needed. If there is a problem withthese cribs, simply offer the opinion (which this is all this is) and let the customers/businesses make up their own mind.

      I have a Bowflex PowerPro which I am largly happy with. There were two problems with the device that THEY discovered and Bowflex provided me with the repair kits – free of charge automatically. One of which they created a better fix after the first fix which they in turn sent me.

      Companies can fix this on thier own without the harm the federal workforce will cause just to justify their jobs.

      It is time we start treating these federal workers like they treat our ever decreasing number of companies. They are a much greater harm and danger to the future of this country than these cribs would ever be to a baby.

    2. sam says:

      "Rights talk is as malleable as cost benefit, indeed."

    3. ann says:

      Another time something that the needy could use is destroyed instead of giving to those in need. Just like all those cars they killed in the cash for clunkers fiasco instead of donating to those that can't afford a car.

    4. Adriane says:

      Somebody needs to be contacting these stores and companies for last-minute donations to help needy families and crisis pregnancy centers.

    5. Bobby Weisgerber says:

      Wow! How did we ever survive without the CPSC!

    6. carol,az says:

      Ship them back to China OR delivery them to Hiliary and Bill marked Haiti.
      We will further be told by our GOV't," "how good we should feel" while our own counrty continues to fall off a fiscal cliff.

    7. Steve says:

      I went to the local Goodwill store to drop off a slightly used high chair that we had bought for youngest granddaughter. They would not accept it because of "safety recalls" he said. What a bunch of ,,,,,,,,
      How about a safety recall on the CPSC and Obama??

    8. Larry White says:

      "bureaucratic Despotism…. is more dangerous than socialism"
      Let me check the math, one democrat Bureaucrat on the CPSC made the decision to purposely injure baby crib retailers to the tune of 100,000 X$100 (modest guess of wholesale cost)=$10 million in times of serious unemployment and economic stress?
      Entrenchment of liberal / socialist democrats in our government's Agencies – Fed. State and local is truly dangerous!

    9. Bobbie says:

      …sounds like more proof of government incompetence and exactly why there is too much of both! With life are risks. This is a drastic and irrational measure that should not ensue. A crib is a bed for an infant and unless the crib literally attacks the infant, there is no reason for this overreach or reason to undermine personal freedom of choice. A mother's child is the mother's responsibility, not the CSPC's. Defund all government entities who's interference of the private sector consists frivolity! That'll get the economy movin'.

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